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Welcome to this new instalment of Monederosmart! Who can say no to a new pair of trainers? The answer is very simple and even more so because they are one of women’s favourite accessories. It’s a real mystery why you can never have enough trainers in your wardrobe.

We know that this accessory can make all the difference in a look or outfit. In addition to complementing the outfit, women love to highlight the trainers to make them the central focus of the outfit. To achieve this, it is necessary not only to know how to use them in the right way, but also to know how to buy them in the right way.

On this occasion, we want to help you to make the choice and the purchase of the trainers that you like so much a complete success. For that, in this article, we break down important information that you should consider about them, as well as all their variants, styles, how you can use them and in which occasions you can get the most out of them.


  • Trainers are designed primarily to protect the foot and provide safety and comfort when walking. Over time, models have been designed to highlight the different styles and looks of each person. Trainers are made of light and flexible materials that mould to the foot.
  • There are different types of trainers that are specifically designed for a specific purpose. Among them you can find flat, platform, heeled and a hybrid of platform and heel. All of them can be worn on different occasions and each one brings different benefits to your look.
  • It is very important that before purchasing a new pair of trainers you consider factors that can help you make a smart purchase. Because of the type of product it is, trainers should meet certain points that make them ideal for you and your needs. Here we tell you which ones.

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Buying guide: What you need to know about shoes

Trainers are a product that is used very frequently and although they are not used every day, they suffer considerable wear and tear. That is why it is important to have the necessary tools to acquire a quality product that, despite its constant use, is durable. We want to help you!

For every special occasion there is a special pair of shoes. (Photo: Amanda Vick /

What are slippers and what are their advantages?

Slippers is the common name for women’s footwear. They are a product designed firstly for foot protection and comfort. And secondly to complement the outfit, either by combining them or, thanks to the immense variety that exists in shapes and colours, to highlight them. Most of them are made of a lightweight, soft material that moulds to the foot. The lighter they are, the more comfortable they can be.

One of their common and attractive features is that they increase height by means of the heel. The heel often defines what kind of use they can be used for and on what occasions they are suitable.

  • They are versatile
  • There is a lot of variety
  • They are available in any colour
  • Their price range is very wide
  • They help define style
  • They are easy to find
  • They can be uncomfortable
  • It is difficult to find very small or very large sizes
  • The heel hurts the spine and knees
  • Walking in heels can be difficult
  • Wearing heels can cause swelling in the foot

Flat, platform, heeled or platform heeled shoes. – What should you pay attention to?

Trainers have different variants that define the use they can have and that meet the specific needs of each woman. Each one of them has characteristics that distinguish them and make them unique. Below we explain them to you.

  • Flat. The flat shoes, better known as flats, ballerinas or low shoes, as its name says, is a shoe whose sole has no height. Some flat shoes have a sole with a maximum heel height of 1 cm that serves only to give firmness to the shoe. The sole of this type of shoe is made of rubber and is soft and flexible. There are models that can even be rolled up so that they can be stored in a bag and do not take up space. This type of shoes are very comfortable and provide a correct posture to the body, besides walking is much safer. The great advantage of this type of shoes is that there is a huge variety of models and styles, so they can be used for all kinds of occasions. There are delicate and simple models that you can wear to formal events or to go to work, and others that are more casual and fun, suitable for informal occasions.
  • With a platform. Although these were invented many years ago for functional purposes, nowadays this type of shoe has a purely aesthetic purpose. This type of footwear has two main functions: to give height and not to lose comfort. The type of platform is uniform so that the position of the foot is equivalent to wearing flats. Without a doubt, the fashion of platforms is back and that is why you can find them in a great variety of styles such as dress shoes, espadrilles, sandals and oxford shoes. Thanks to this it is possible to wear them for many casual/formal occasions.
  • Heeled. Every woman has at least one pair of high heels. The heel slims the figure because it lengthens the legs and gives the appearance of a slimmer figure. This type of shoe is ideal for all kinds of occasions, especially those that require formal and elegant attire. The heel can vary from 2 cm to 15 cm or more. The difference is not only in the height but also in the shape and this directly impacts on the comfort of the shoe. More on this below.

Only the colour makes them different and unique.(Geralt /

To wear high heels it is necessary to know how to walk with them, because part of complementing an outfit is first of all to feel comfortable and confident when walking. We recommend that for your safety, if you are not very skilled at using them, practice at home first.

With heel and platform. This footwear is a combination as you can see and has two purposes. The first is to have the possibility of increasing the height of the heel, as the foot has an ergonomic limit and could not walk safely with a very high heel. The second is to provide more comfort and safety for walking in high heels. The platform is a rigid support that helps to have more stability in the shoe and in the foot. This type of shoe is ideal for a casual/formal or formal look and if you are short in stature they are the best option for you.

Flat With platform With heel Platform with heel
Comfort Very high Very high Low – High Medium – High
Height No more than 1 cm From 1 cm to 10 cm From 2 cm to 15 cm 8 cm to 15 cm
Risk of falling Low Low – Medium Medium – High Medium – High
Use Casual and Formal Occasions Casual Occasions Casual, Formal and Dressy Occasions Casual and Formal Occasions

Purchasing criteria

Although trainers are a necessary product to dress in the right way, buying them is not that simple. There are a few things to consider that can make the difference between buying the right pair of shoes and buying a poor quality pair that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Pay attention to the following points.


For many people, buying brand-name shoes is paramount. In reality, what a brand can offer is quality, but above all prestige. You should be aware that the brand determines the price of the product and even if it has the same characteristics and qualities as others, it can be much more expensive.

Premium and luxury shoe brands offer exclusive models that you will not easily find elsewhere. In addition, when you buy these shoes, you are buying a guarantee that the product is not only of the highest quality but that it will last for a very long time.


There is an infinite variety of shoes for women and to segment them they are classified into different styles. Each one allows you to take advantage of the shoes in different ways and believe it or not, they all have their own unique characteristics.

  • Ballerinas. This is another name for flats. It is one of the most varied shoe styles. Some have a rounded toe, square toe or pointed toe. This type of shoe is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. They are commonly used to complement the outfit, rather than to highlight it.
  • Loafers. This type of low shoe was inspired by the masculine style, which is why they have this touch. The instep part is long and they do not have a neckline. Unlike moccasins, they are made in one piece. Loafers can be worn on casual or formal casual occasions and can be the star of the outfit.
  • Slippers. These low shoes are very similar to moccasins and loafers. Their difference is that the instep is not so long, so there is a slight cleavage. Slippers come from the idea of making slippers shoes to go out. Nowadays there are models that even add fur or “plush” to accentuate the slipper effect. Therefore, it is not necessary to produce much of an outfit either, as they are an eye-catcher on their own.
  • Oxford. This style of shoes also comes from the male model and like them they can be of different types; plain (without ornaments), legate (they have stitching on the seams), semi-brogue (they have stitching on the seams and on the toe) or full-brogue (they have stitching and drawings on the toe and on the wings). The big difference to the men’s version is that for women you can find them in almost any colour and even with a platform to make them high shoes. They are perfect to make them the central focus of your outfit and you can use them in casual and casual-formal occasions.
  • Loafers. Moccasins can be confused with loafers, but these shoes are made with several pieces. In addition, it is very common for their seams to be visible. This type of shoes are casual and can complement your outfit very well.
  • Espadrilles. For a totally casual, light and fresh look, these are the ideal shoes. They are characterised by the fact that their sole is made of hemp or esparto grass interwoven with natural fibres. You can find them in flat presentations, although with a minimum height of 1.5 cm, platform with a height of up to 8 cm or even with a continuous heel. They can also be of closed or open design.
  • Sandals. Sandals are perfect for hot days, however they are not suitable for formal occasions. Some models are even for use at home. They can be flat, with a platform or with a high heel. They are designed to be very comfortable.
  • Clogs. These slippers have a very definite design. It is a shoe whose sole and heel are made of wood and the upper part is made of leather and in many occasions they have studs. This makes them a bit heavy, although the thick heel makes them very comfortable.
  • Sneakers. Although sports shoes were designed to perform well during exercise, nowadays there are sports shoes that have an aesthetic purpose, rather than for physical activity. The idea is to maintain a relaxed and comfortable look with a casual outfit.


The height of the heel determines the inclination and support that the foot will have when wearing shoes. It is therefore important to consider that the shoes you buy are of a height that you are comfortable walking in. This way you will feel confident. There are 3 types of heels and these are:

  • Low heel. The heel of these shoes is no higher than 4 cm. This height is perfect to maintain formality, elegance but above all comfort. They are ideal for going to work.
  • Medium heel. This type of heel does not exceed 7 cm in height. It is actually a quite comfortable height and there is much more variety of models from this height.
  • High heel. If you are one of those who love to grow and master heels when walking. This type of heel with a height of more than 8 cm is ideal for you. The range of high heels is from 8 to 15 cm (the most common) and there is a wide variety of models with high heels.

Heel shape

Heels are defined secondly by their shape. It is very important to consider this aspect, as your stability, safety and comfort depend on it. In the following we explain the different heel shapes that you can find in shoes.

  • Stiletto or stiletto heel. This type of heel is more than 9 cm high, so they are somewhat difficult to wear. Their tapered shape makes them very slender.
  • Kitten. This is a smaller version of the stiletto. It is also a stiletto heel but it is no higher than 3 or 4 cm. This version is very formal but much more comfortable.
  • Cone. This heel is literally shaped like an inverted cone. It can be medium and high heels. They are not as formal as stilettos but they are much more comfortable because the support area of the heel is bigger.
  • Square. One of the most comfortable heels without a doubt. Its shape allows both the heel and the shoe to have a good support area. This type of heel is much more casual and can be low, medium or high heel.
  • Cuban. This shape is a hybrid between the cone heel and the square heel. That is, the upper part (where the heel rests) is thicker than the bottom part that touches the ground, however the latter is only approx. 1 cm narrower.
  • Wedge heel. Undoubtedly the most comfortable heel there is. As it is a heel that covers the whole foot, from the heel to the toe, it is extremely comfortable. It helps to maintain the stability of the foot during use. It can be very low to very high heels.


While it is difficult not to know what size shoe you are, you should consider that many times sizes vary between brands. It is very important that if you use trainers, especially high heels, you use the right size for your feet, otherwise when you walk you will make the famous “chancleo”.

This increases the risk of tripping, falling and spraining your ankle. On the other hand, if you wear shoes that are too small in size, you can cause skin injuries such as sores or blisters and even bone injuries.

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