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If you plan on doing physical training to lose weight, have fun or lead a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to stay well hydrated and nourished. That’s why shakers have become an essential part of the most peoples daily fitness routine. Do you know what they are? Read on and you’ll see how this fitness accessory will make a difference to you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re a professional athlete, hydration and nutrition are essential for your health whilst exercising. In a shaker you can store protein, water, milk or whatever is most useful for your workout routine. There are many types of bottles made from different materials, so choosing isn’t easy. Want to find out a little more? Read on.


  • A good shaker is key to use before, during and after your physical activity to ensure you are always well nourished and hydrated.
  • There are shakers made of different materials, such as plastic, stainless steel or even glass. While the most common shakers are plastic, you must ensure that these types are free of toxic substances harmful to your health, especially BPA (bisphenol A).
  • Today, brands offer shakers with all kinds of accessories, such as funnels, strainers, mixing balls and measurement indicators. You can choose a combination of accessories that best fits your profile.

The best shaker: Our Picks

Training, eating well and hydration are all equally important to lead a healthy lifestyle. No matter how many hours per week you devote to your physical activity, a shaker will help give you all those extra doses of energy you need to improve your overall fitness. We’ve made a careful selection so you can choose the best products on the market. Let’s get into it!

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about shakers

Incorporating shakers into your training routine could be the big step you need to take to lead a healthier lifestyle. But the criteria for choosing the best shaker is not always clear. The following section will answer the most common questions among users to make sure you buy a quality shaker.

shaker and gym

You must make sure that any plastic shakers you buy are free of BPA.
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What is a Shaker exactly?

A shaker, protein shaker or mixing cup is a container, usually made of plastic, designed to conveniently mix food supplements with water or milk. The goal is to develop a nutritional drink to consume when working out or doing physical exercise. With this in mind, shakers are generally practical, light and easy to carry.

Shakers are shaped like a tall glass or bottle, which is the space usually reserved for the liquid, such as milk or water. It is also common for shakers to include a separate compartment to store dietary supplements. The latest models also include accessories such as strainers, funnels or mixing balls, to achieve a smooth, lump-free shake.

It is essential that the container you buy is completely airtight to avoid spillage.

How do I use a shaker correctly?

Most shakers are designed with 2 compartments; the main cup is for liquids and the extra compartment is for the food supplements, such as proteins or powders. The idea is to integrate everything together to achieve a smooth, delicious shake. The steps to make a shake are:

  • Pour in the liquid you’re going to drink into the main compartment. Usually it is water, but for a protein shake, milk is recommended, as it facilitates absorption in the body.
  • Add the food supplement such as protein powder that you want to consume.
  • Use, if it is included, the mixing ball, the strainer or the filter, in order to properly eliminate possible lumps in the shake.
  • Close the container securely and shake for several seconds.

Shakers usually have measurements engraved on the sides to calculate the proportions of liquids and supplements. It is advisable to carefully read the labels of each product to know what are the suitable portions for consumption. If you have any doubts, it’s best to consult a doctor.

Why are shakers necessary for physical training?

Protein shakes or fruit shakes are essential because they provide us with the energy and nutrients we lose during physical activity. They also help us to stay hydrated and avoid the risk of fainting. Protein also helps us to gain muscle mass while training in a gym or while running.

Christian RocchiFounder of Bondi Protein Co (BPC)
“Protein is a powerful packet of energy made up of a number of amino acids essential for muscle growth and proper hormone, reproductive and cognitive function”.

What ingredients or supplements can be mixed in a shaker?

The liquid that we mostly include in a shaker is water, since it is what combines well with most of the ingredients. The second most common ingredient is milk, which combines particularly well with protein supplements and is absorbed very well by the body. Usually, the liquid completely fills the cup of the shaker.

As for dietary supplements, the most common supplement to mix with water or milk is protein, which can come in capsules or powder. Fruits, creatine capsules, nuts, peanut butter, cinnamon or yogurt are also commonly mixed into shakes. If the products are not natural, it is best to consult a professional to know what proportions are safe to consume.

shaker and dumbells

Shakers usually have measurements engraved on the sides to calculate the proportions of liquids and supplements. (Source: Lecic: 38674579/

Can shakers have any health risks?

In the past, some plastic shakers contained bisphenol A, better known by its acronym BPA. This substance was found to be highly toxic to the body because it was carcinogenic. It is very important to check that you buy those containers that clearly express that they are BPA free or do not contain other harmful chemical compounds, such as phthalate.

Beyond this precaution, shakers should not pose a health risk, as long as you clean them well after each use. As previously explained, attention should be paid to the dietary supplements that you decide to mix, as you may have a prior health condition that may require special care. An example is the relationship between proteins and the kidneys.

Simone AustinDietitian at Hawthorn Football Club
“If you’re making a protein shake, add milk for calcium and electrolytes and fruit for fibre, vitamins and minerals”.

How do you clean a shaker so it doesn’t smell?

It is completely normal for shakers to accumulate dirt and bad odours, since you’ll use it when playing sport or put milk in it. The best way to keep your shaker clean is to wash it immediately with water and detergent to remove the debris such as excess protein powder or fruit from the bottom and sides of the container.

If you are away from home and do not have washing detergent, add a little water inside the shaker and mix it around well to remove as much residual shake as possible. Then, when you get home you can give it a good clean with hot water and detergent. If the material of the shaker allows it, the shaker can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

What’s the best material for a Shaker?

Plastic shakers clearly the most predominate in the market, although shakers can also be found in stainless steel. As for the former, it is important to note the difference between the common plastic, the poorer quality plastic and reinforced plastic. The following table explains the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Advantages Disadvantages
Common plastic Lightweight and portable May contain BPA or other toxic substances

In general, they are not biodegradable

They can give off an odour over time

BPA-free plastic They are lightweight and portable
They do not contain toxic substances

They’re tough

They do not give off odours

In general, they are not biodegradable
Stainless steel They are very resistant

They keep temperatures better, both hot and cold

They don’t contain BPA

They’re heavy

In general, they are not very easy to hold due to their surface

What are the benefits of drinking shakes while doing sports?

Shakers with protein often bring the great benefits when combined with strong physical exercise. Some of the benefits of protein shakes include:

  • They provide many essential amino acids, necessary to maintain and repair muscle tissue.
  • Stimulate muscle protein synthesis after physical activity.
  • For endurance activities, they help reduce muscle mass.
  • They provide an additional energy source, which in turn helps muscle recovery.
  • They allow athletes to maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which also aids muscle recovery.

At what time of training is it recommended to consume a protein shake?

It is useful to know the effects that a protein shake has according to the time you consume them. Generally protein shakes are beneficial in any point during physical activity, as shown in the table below:

Time of intake Effect
Before training Ensures more intense and energetic activity
During training Ensures more muscle gain, less fat accumulation and less stiffness after your session
After training Helps muscle regeneration and energy recovery

Shopping Criteria

If you’re going to buy a shaker to prepare nutritious shakes, it’s important that you consider a couple of important aspects. To make sure you don’t regret your purchase, we’ve compiled a list of the most important criteria to consider before buying. There are certain standards that every good shaker should meet. Here is the criteria we recommend for you:

Locking system

Leaks are so annoying and can ruin your day. No one likes to go out training only to open the fitness bag to find that your shaker has leaked all over your clothes. It is essential that the container you buy is completely airtight. For this you must check how effective the system of the cap or plug is.

guy with his shaker

Shakes are suitable for any type of physical activity.
(Source: Aleksey Mnogosmyslov: 48713474/

Strength and material

Although the vast majority of shakers are made of plastic, there are different degrees of robustness. You should keep in mind that reinforced plastic is much more resistant than the typical one used for disposable bottles. Also keep in mind that you will use your shaker when training and moving a lot, so they must be able to withstand impacts or being dropped.

Extra compartments

The basic shakers usually only have space for the liquid, basically meaning it is like a drink bottle. To really make a difference, it is important to buy a model that includes extra compartments for your protein, capsules, fruits, or other supplements to allow you to achieve a more nutritious, moisturising blend.

Mixing mechanism

Naturally, a shaker should not fail in its main function: to properly mix the ingredients inside it. A good mixing mechanism is what makes the difference between a nice smooth shake and a shake full of yucky lumps. With this in mind, the shaker accessories, such as the mixing ball are a very important factors to consider before making your purchase.

shaker and supplements

A good shaker should have easily removable parts so that all corners can be easily cleaned.
(Source: Alexander Alexeev: 55153187/

BPA free

As mentioned earlier, you must make sure that any plastic shakers that you buy are 100% BPA-free. This substance is highly toxic to the body and can cause cancer. Although there are almost no products on the market that contain BPA, if you do not see that the product explicitly states that it is BPA free, it is better not to risk buying it just in case.


Capacity is such an important aspect to consider when buying a shaker. At the moment, shaker capacity usually ranges between 400ml to 500ml. It is also important to take into account the different supplements that you are going to mix in the container. For example, if you only want to mix water and juices, a smaller capacity will be fine. However, if you want to mix Whey protein, fruit, water and milk, it will be better to choose a bigger shaker.

When the capacity of the shaker exceeds 700 ml, its use becomes far less practical. If you want to take your shaker to the gym and beat the mixture easily, the best option is a 400 ml container.

shaker and protein

Plastic shakers clearly dominate in the market, although they can also be found in stainless steel.
(Source: Serezniy: 38051657/

Easy to clean

Although it may seem trivial, a good shaker should have easily removable parts so that it can be easily cleaned. Therefore, pay close attention to the structure and materials before you buy to ensure it has an easy removable lid. If it says that it is dishwasher safe, that is a major bonus.


Not all shakers are suitable to nourish and hydrate us properly during sport or physical activity. If you want one to become your new fitness accessory, you must pay close attention to the material they are made of, the compartments they include and their accessories. Only a well-made shaker will help provide nutritional benefits.

When it comes to protein shakes or other supplements that you want to make, it is important to be clear on the proportion of the supplement to liquid. You must also make sure that the plastic material of the shaker is 100% BPA free. With a well designed shaker, your daily fitness routine will definitely change for the better.

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