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Would you be surprised if you knew that scrapbooking isn’t just for the little ones in the house? Imagine how much fun it is to liven up our most precious memories with the help of simple or sophisticated embellishments to suit your tastes. Today you’ll find out everything you need to know about this technique for personalising photos. Scrapbooking is fun.

But more than that, this craft that includes drawings and text, is capable of awakening the creative qualities of any person. We all have important photos and memories that we treasure. We encourage you to learn more about this decorative trend and take part in its novel practice. It’s important to us that you make a successful purchase. That’s why in our edition about scrapbooking you will have access to classified information that will help you choose among the best options on the online market. Take note of every detail and keep an eye on how to create your own scrapbook.


  • Scrapbooking means scrapbooking. It is a technique for creating photo albums using decorative elements such as stickers, patterned paper and corner pieces. It can also be applied to any type of notebook using various embellishments.
  • Nowadays you will find two types of scrapbooking: traditional and digital. Each of them has characteristics that make them attractive to a specific audience, depending on their lifestyle. Let’s see, which of these trends do you identify with?
  • We will explain in detail what factors you should analyse before buying your scrapbook, such as: hardness of the cover, style of the sheets, decorative elements and the proportions of the horizontal, vertical or square format.

The best Scrapbook: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about scrapbooking

There is a wide variety of scrapbook notebooks on the market, which probably makes you feel confused when choosing a particular one. We invite you to clear your doubts with this buying guide, created for you to make your decision based on the most relevant aspects of the product.

Having good craft tools is always important. (Photo: rawpixel /

What is scrapbooking?

It is a craft technique that involves creating and decorating albums, notebooks and books with the aim of bringing to life our most precious memories, such as photos, images and cut-outs. The idea is that each scrapbook page tells a story about a particular theme.

What are the advantages of a scrapbook?

The most attractive thing about this innovative trend is that it puts a person’s creativity to the test. You decide the themes, eye-catching elements and the way you organise the artwork in conjunction with the text. The end result? A work of art that represents you and your memories of the past and present. For some, it is a relaxing pastime.

Others use it as a method of preserving family history and it is even considered a form of teaching in the classroom. So, at a glance, the benefits of scrapbooking are extensive and apply to a variety of everyday environments.

  • Stimulates creativity
  • Encourages concentration
  • Promotes sensory stimulation
  • Relaxing
  • Ideal for children
  • Limited subject matter
  • Low quality papers and materials
  • Digital version disconnects you from reality
  • Expensive craft
  • Requires knowledge of editing software

Traditional or digital scrapbooking – what to look out for?

As the years go by, this decoration technique is changing, with the aim of integrating more people into its practice. We know that in today’s world our lifestyle has a decisive influence on the activities we carry out, that is why you should choose the type of scrapbook that suits your needs.

  • Traditional. We are referring to regular scrapbooking. The one in which you use cut-outs, decorated papers, ribbons, buttons, flower petals and stickers to immortalise your photographic memories. In addition, you have other tools such as scissors, glue, paper and, of course, a notebook. This type of scrapbook has practical applications in people’s lives. It is an excellent option to liven up the recreational activities of any social group. Therefore, it not only strengthens bonds of fraternity, but also contributes to relaxation and the development of creativity.
  • Digital. Due to our hectic lifestyles, the creators of scrapbooking have made innovative arrangements in the technique. How? Now anyone can decorate their photo albums with just a couple of clicks from their computer. It is a very economical option, as you don’t have to invest in the purchase of materials. On the internet you will find thousands of free resources to bring your project to life. On the other hand, there are websites specially dedicated to online scrapbooking. However, to get the results you expect, it is advisable to have knowledge of design and image editing programmes.
Traditional Digital
Price Moderate-High Low-Free
Technology No Yes
Accessories Yes No
Decorative Elements Physical Online
Experience Manual Web

Buying criteria

If you want to collect and store your memories in a place where you can enjoy them, then you need to buy the best scrapbook. To help you with this task, we have selected valuable information on each of the buying criteria that you should evaluate before making your choice.

Photo embellishments

Your photo story will be more entertaining if you embellish it with different accessories. You can be sure that with them you will enjoy a distinguished and unique collection, because no one else will have a style like yours. Below, you will find out which are the 2 most sought after accessories. Choose the right one for you according to your personality.

  • Stickers. Also known as stickers or decals. They are images or letters printed on a sheet with adhesive on the back. If you want to add creative, cute and irreverent elements to your scrapbook photos, stickers are just what you need.
  • Corner stickers. As their name suggests, they are accessories that protect and decorate the corners of your photos, as they can get damaged inside the scrapbook. To prevent them from deteriorating over time, be sure to put corner protectors on them. Your memories will thank you for it.

Keep your memories in an original photo album. (Photo: Engin_Akyurt/Pixabay)


The inside of your scrapbook is just as important as the outside, as this is where you will place all your clippings or photographs. Let’s say it’s your canvas. The idea is to build a collage in perfect harmony with what you want to convey. Choose the alternative with which you feel identified.

  • White sheets. This is the classic paper and combines perfectly with any creative idea you want to apply. If you want to give your scrapbook a sober and formal look, then look for one with this type of paper, which is also characterised by its resistance, as it doesn’t tear so easily.
  • Printed sheets. These are pages printed with different decorative elements, such as shapes and colours, just to name a few. Ideal if you want to play with nuances within your scrapbook and break the monotony of a book with white pages. Just make sure you put together a perfect combination.
  • Double-sided sheets. Excellent for arranging different shapes, colours and textures. That way you will have a dynamic environment to work in. Highly recommended to convey a particular theme and save money, as you can use both sides of the paper, unlike other materials where you have to cut and paste.

Format and proportions

When it comes to proportions, you have different options to buy. Take into consideration your tastes, how you will feel most comfortable handling it and something even more important: the place where you are going to store your scrapbook. With this in mind, making your choice will be easier.

  • Square. 30 x 30 cm is the conventional size for a scrapbook and one of the most recommended, due to its proportions. You can use it to record special moments, such as weddings and birthdays.
  • Horizontal. Given its characteristics, it works for presenting a timeline, such as the growth of the youngest members of your family. It is usually 34 cm long x 25 cm high.
  • Vertical. The recommended design if you like long books more than wide ones. It measures 30 cm high x 25 cm long and is essential for photos taken with vertical framing, because you will be able to appreciate them in a more natural way.

Various materials for scrapbooking. (Photo: Olegdudko/123RF)


One of the criteria that you should evaluate very well before choosing a scrapbook is its cover. Depending on the type it will be more resistant, a bit heavier and also more expensive. However, it helps to preserve your photos and clippings.

  • Soft. The most commonly used is cardboard, mainly because of its low cost. Although it is not rigid, it does not deteriorate in a short time. We recommend this option for an occasional scrapbook, in which you don’t want to invest a lot, but this doesn’t mean working with a flimsy and not very durable material.
  • Padded. It is made using cardboard and a delicate portion of foam rubber. Highly recommended if you want to add a pleasant and different feel to your scrapbook, which will surely last in the memory of whoever opens it. It makes a wonderful and delicate gift for a special person.
  • Durable. It is made of bookbinding cardboard, which is used in the most luxurious notebooks. Obviously, the price is higher compared to other styles, but it’s worth the investment. The hard cover is perfect if you want your scrapbook to be better preserved and resistant, both inside and outside.

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