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Hot drinks such as coffee, cappuccino, espresso or tea, are part of everyday life for most people. Whether they are enjoyed in a nice café or at home, the pleasure is always even greater when they are served in the appropriate tableware. Saucers are particularly important here because they protect the base from heat damage and stains.

There are many saucers available, which differ in size, material and design. In the following article, we would like to help you with your purchase decision and present our favourite saucers. We also explain what you need to look out for when buying a saucer.


  • Saucers are small plates on which you can place hot drinks.
  • Size and material are particularly important when deciding what to buy.
  • You can buy saucers for as little as one euro. For a higher-quality model, you can expect to pay over ten euros.

The Best Saucer: Our Picks

Here we have put together a small collection of the editors’ favourites. Of course, we have included all the most important buying criteria and have a model for every taste, so that you too can find your dream saucer!

Buying and evaluation criteria for saucers

As you can see, there are all kinds of saucers. That’s why we have listed the most important buying criteria here to make your decision easier.

Detailed descriptions of the individual criteria follow, so that you really know what is important.


The diameter is particularly important to consider because it is decisive for which cup the saucer fits. This size generally varies between 10 cm and 16 cm. If you do not order your saucers directly in a set with cups, you must pay particular attention to this.

If you want a saucer for cappuccino cups or tea cups, you should therefore go for a larger saucer, whereas a smaller diameter would be advantageous for an espresso cup. Apart from that, it is of course also a question of aesthetics how you want the cup and saucer to relate to each other.


There is also plenty of choice when it comes to materials. From classic porcelain to the finest ceramics and saucers made of glass, you can find everything online. It is important to consider the occasion for which the saucers are intended.

For everyday use, saucers made of porcelain or ceramic would be suitable, as they are usually dishwasher safe. Somewhat more stylish are offers made of glass, bamboo, mirrored saucers or the currently very trendy material slate. These are suitable for special occasions such as family celebrations or when you are receiving guests.

Dishwasher safe

If you don’t want to make life difficult for yourself, you should find out whether the saucers are dishwasher-safe before you buy them.

As mentioned above, this is usually the case with ceramic and porcelain, but here too you should look carefully before buying. In the case of higher-quality items, it could be that they are hand-painted and are therefore only suitable for washing by hand.

You should also look carefully at glass saucers. Bamboo, mirror and slate saucers are generally not suitable for the dishwasher.

Microwave suitability

Similar to dishwasher suitability, the suitability of saucers for the microwave is a question of everyday suitability. Anyone who wants to quickly heat up a hot drink in the microwave in the morning does not want to experience any unpleasant surprises. That’s why it’s important to include this criterion in your purchase decision.

As with dishwasher suitability, ceramics and porcelain are microwave-safe in principle, but there are exceptions here too. Other materials such as glass are usually not, so you should bear this in mind when buying.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about saucers answered in detail

Now that we have gone into the most important buying criteria, here is a small FAQ. Here we answer the most important questions about saucers.

Why do I need a saucer?

The saucer is an important part of every tea or coffee set, as it ensures that nothing burns into the base due to the heat of the drinks.

Apart from that, saucers prevent some of the contents of the cup from spilling over onto the place setting, which can lead to unsightly discolouration. This can easily happen with coffee or tea, as you usually stir them before drinking.

What types of saucers are there?

The types of saucers differ in size and diameter and in the type of cup they are designed for. In addition, of course, design and material play an important role. There are particularly unusual saucers with special patterns or quite plain white ceramic saucers.


Coasters made of bamboo are not only trendy but also sustainable. However, they have the disadvantage that they should not be cleaned in the dishwasher. (Image source: Georgina198/ 123rf)

You should always make your purchase decision with the occasion for which you want to use the saucers in mind. In addition, of course, tastes differ and the saucer design must appeal to you personally.

For which types of cups are saucers suitable?

Depending on the diameter of the saucer, there is a saucer for every type of cup. There are special saucers for cappuccino or coffee cups or espresso cups.

If you buy the cup and saucer directly as a set, the design will also match, but in many cases this is not necessary. Matching saucers can also be found for unusual cup sizes such as jumbo cups.


Every household needs a set of saucers, as they protect tables and other surfaces. Apart from that, they belong to every proper table setting and can be a real eye-catcher!

The options here range widely from different sizes to the most diverse materials and designs. The most important factors for the purchase decision are the size and that they are suitable for the occasion for which they are bought.

If you are looking for something suitable for everyday use, simple items will usually suffice. If you want to make an impression on your guests, you will discover how many wonderful designer pieces there are online.

(Cover photo: Mariia Ploshikhina/ 123rf)