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Samsung brand refrigerators advertise their products with headlines such as “Frozen icebox? Old news” or “This look won’t leave anyone cold”. In keeping with this, the quality standards of the manufacturer Samsung are more than just very high. It is also a fact that there is fierce competition between the giants of the electronics industry in the refrigerator market. However, the company from South Korea has proven its adaptability.

We wanted to help you find the right fridge for you with our Samsung fridge review 2023. We have tested the special features of the TVs for you and listed the corresponding advantages and disadvantages. We hope that we can support you in your purchase decision so that you do not make a wrong purchase.


  • Samsung was founded in South Korea in 1938. It is currently one of the most famous brands in the electronics industry.
  • The main distinction is between a built-in refrigerator, a floor-standing refrigerator and a side-by-side refrigerator. Accordingly, they differ in performance and price class. Built-in and side-by-side refrigerators are built into the kitchen unit.
  • It is a fact that there are differentiated purchase criteria such as design and capacity for customers. Of course, the criteria can also be listed according to priority.

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Samsung refrigerator

What makes Samsung fridges different from others?

You should be familiar with the Samsung brand. The company is in fierce competition with the likes of Apple and other manufacturers in the telecommunications industry. However, the global Samsung brand has also proven itself among refrigerator manufacturers.

The company was founded in 1938 in South Korea and today employs an incredible 500,000 people. The term Samsung means “three stars”, as the number three is considered a lucky number in South Korea. The Samsung brand is the pride of Koreans in the electronics industry.

It is probably known to everyone that the Samsung brand is probably the ultimate in the electronics industry. After all, there is a wide and varied range of technical products. Samsung is not only a big player in the mobile phone and television industry, the company also convinces with very future-oriented refrigerators.

What price range are Samsung refrigerators in?

It should be mentioned at the beginning of this section that the price is completely dependent on the model and equipment. Accordingly, the purchase price can vary greatly. It is difficult to pigeonhole Samsung because they offer a very wide range of products. Nevertheless, most refrigerators are in the higher quality and price range.

Consequently, upright fridges start at a price of around 370€. Accordingly, there are also Samsung side-by-side refrigerators that can cost up to 3000€.

Type price range
Floor-standing refrigerator approx. 370€ to 1000€
Built-in refrigerator approx. 450€ to 2300€
Side-by-Side refrigerator approx. 1700€ to 3000€

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung refrigerators?

You must be aware that buying a Samsung refrigerator can be considered a luxury product. After all, the company is established on the market and stands out more than positively on several levels.

Accordingly, Samsung offers a large number of different refrigerators, so that everyone will find a model that meets their expectations. Consequently, you learned in the previous chapter that Samsung refrigerators are not very cheap.

After all, everyone knows the saying that quality has its price. Of course, you don’t have to be a superstar to buy a Samsung fridge without many features. Even the cheaper versions are already ideal everyday heroes.

  • High quality and technology built in
  • Famous brand
  • Wide range of fridges/products
  • Higher prices than average
  • No features and extras for a low purchase price
  • No cooperation with other companies

Where can I buy spare parts and accessories for Samsung refrigerators?

You can always order spare parts on the official Samsung site. Of course, you can make your life easier and avoid ordering the wrong part if you give the model name and number. Accordingly, the spare part will not disappoint you.

Since Samsung is more than just a well-known company, many online portals offer spare parts and accessories. Even a site such as offers some spare parts. Finally, you can also try your luck in various DIY shops, specialist shops or electrical shops. After all, they also sell Samsung products, so you are very likely to find the product you want.

You are more likely to find spare parts on the internet than in the shops.

What other products does the famous Samsung brand offer?

As you know, Samsung offers more than just refrigerators. The Samsung company is mainly known in the telecommunication industry, so it competes with Apple and co. However, the South Korean company also covers the entire household sector. If you are a fan of Samsung products, you can equip your entire home with them.

The established company offers e.g. tumble dryers, washing machines, ovens, TVs, soundbars and mobile phones. The list of offers could be even longer. However, the company has received various awards and prizes in the mobile phone and television sector. This refers to positive reviews by Stiftung and Wartentest.

You get a 10-year guarantee on larger products such as side-by-side refrigerators. That is anything but a matter of course!

Decision: What types of Samsung fridges are there and which is the right one for you?

What is a Samsung upright fridge and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A freezer can also be called a single refrigerator or a simple refrigerator. It is a fact that such a refrigerator should be present in every kitchen. After all, it is part of the basic equipment of a kitchen.

Accordingly, Samsung offers floor-standing refrigerators with the latest technology, which should fit into any interior. Of course, you are free to choose whether you want to place your bottles and cans in the side compartment or on the shelf.

These refrigerators are also available in combination with a freezer. This way you get a separate freezer compartment in addition to your Samsung fridge. In most cases this is smaller, but it can also be just as large.

Furthermore, you can store various foods for a long period of time so that you can always offer your guests the finest ice cream.

  • Perfect for single households
  • fridge and freezer combined in one appliance
  • Satisfies most needs
  • No or small freezer compartment
  • May not fit in your kitchen
  • Difficult to clean behind the fridge

What is a Samsung built-in refrigerator and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Samsung built-in refrigerators have excellent technology and are a cooling system that can be perfectly integrated into your kitchen counter. Self-explanatory, such refrigerators are also called built-in refrigerators.

Samsung Kühlschrank-1

You can also freeze fruit in the freezer compartment so that it will keep longer.
(Image source: / Louis Hansel)

It is recommended to buy a built-in refrigerator if you also have a built-in kitchen, so that there is of course some space for your refrigerator. Refrigerators can be installed in this space, so the look of your entire kitchen doesn’t look patched up.

It should look as if the entire kitchen is made of one piece. After all, this variant not only takes up little space, it also prevents dirt and dust from accumulating behind or around the fridge.

Accordingly, you must also be aware that Samsung offers a very wide range of built-in refrigerators. Of course, they have different sizes, equipment and features. Of course, the probability is very high that you will find the model of your choice.

Furthermore, you should know that installing a built-in refrigerator is anything but easy. You have to install and fit it so that it fits perfectly into your kitchen unit. In contrast, it is of course much easier to “install” a floor-standing fridge. Of course, if you can call it that. Consequently, the price of a built-in refrigerator is also very high and it is not possible to reposition the appliance.

  • Perfect look of the kitchen
  • Saves space
  • No dust and dirt behind and around the fridge
  • Installation usually requires a specialist
  • Very high purchase price
  • Not flexible

What is a Samsung side-by-side refrigerator and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Side-by-side refrigerators offer the most storage space in the range of different refrigerators. In addition, they are also built with a very high level of technology, so the operation is first class.

A side-by-side refrigerator means that two refrigerators are positioned next to each other. This luxury allows you to decide for yourself whether you want to have the freezer next to the normal refrigerator. This means that you can also use the entire level as a normal refrigeration area. This way, you can easily store the entire week’s shopping for the family.

The disadvantages are clearly that, like a built-in refrigerator, it cannot be used flexibly. However, you should also be aware that the purchase price is not suitable for everyone. A refrigerator like this can cost a small fortune.

  • High quality and built-in technology
  • Perfect for families
  • Can be combined with freezer compartment
  • Very high purchase price
  • Not flexible
  • Not particularly environmentally friendly, as it requires more energy

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and rate Samsung fridges


Nowadays, refrigerators are also objects of art.

Of course, the look of the fridge also plays a very important role. After all, we are talking about an appliance that can be up to 2.15 cm long.

Furthermore, it should also be mentioned that floor-standing refrigerators play a more important role visually than built-in refrigerators. Why? Built-in refrigerators are perfectly integrated into the kitchen unit, so they don’t stand out much, so they don’t really have to prove themselves. With a floor-standing refrigerator, it’s exactly the opposite.

Accordingly, Samsung refrigerators are more or less visual works of art. They have a very modern design and are usually silver in colour. It should give the impression that a block of stainless steel has been polished into a refrigerator and the best and latest technology has been installed.

Despite this, the appliances look very down-to-earth. This design strategy is also known from other brands. This makes the refrigerator look very noble and modern at the same time.

Energy efficiency

Of course, environmental friendliness is also an important issue for Samsung. The Samsung company naturally strives for a good image to the outside world. Accordingly, the refrigerators are fitted with the latest technology. The latest technology also means that the appliances are very environmentally friendly.

By saving electricity and energy, you also lighten your wallet. After all, it will pay off in the electricity bill at the latest. Some Samsung models have the Plus X Award. This is an award given to appliances that have very good energy efficiency.

Size and capacity

Now, before buying a fridge, you should know what size and capacity you need. The size of the fridge is classically given as depth, width and height (D x W x H). The capacity is indicated with litres.

Of course, the available space plays a key role here. This space will ultimately determine whether it will be a built-in or a floor-standing refrigerator. However, you must be aware that with a free-standing refrigerator there must be a certain distance to the wall.

After all, the capacity of your Samsung fridge determines how many food items it can hold. Of course, it also depends on how many people live in your household. For a large family, a mini fridge will probably not be enough. Usually, a family consumes more than a single person.


Now it’s clear to you that Samsung fridges offer more than just food storage. There are also very simple features like ice cube dispensing. However, the luxury models not only offer app control, they also have an integrated tablet on the door of the appliance.

It is understandable that most will not need these extras, because many want to use a refrigerator as just a refrigerator.

Samsung Kühlschrank-2

Your beer will be more than comfortable in Samsung fridges!
(Image source: / Catalin Apostol)

However, there is a trend towards technical comfort. For example, a food cam function exists in some models. It means that three cameras inside the fridge show you the food on your mobile device.

There are also models that have a tablet on the outside of the door. You can watch your favourite programmes or look at your holiday photos while cooking.

Image source: Białasiewicz/