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Are you planning a big or small trip soon? Then you definitely need the right suitcase to store your luggage and transport it as comfortably as possible. If you’re currently on the lookout, there’s one name you can’t avoid: Samsonite – the world’s largest manufacturer of suitcases.

Our Samsonite suitcase test 2023 shows you what makes Samsonite suitcases special and what advantages and disadvantages individual models have. We give you information about which types of suitcases Samsonite sells and which criteria you should consider when buying. With the help of our test, you can find out which Samsonite suitcase is the right one for you.

The most important facts

  • Samsonite attaches great importance to the quality of their suitcases, which is why they always test and check their suitcases according to the latest standards and are always keen to develop them further.
  • If you want to buy a suitcase from Samsonite, you can choose between two product groups. These are suitcases with two wheels (Upright) and suitcases with four wheels (Spinner).
  • The outer shell, colour and design, size, weight and, above all, the very unusual additional functions offered by Samsonite are further important criteria that should help you to choose the right suitcase.

The best Samsonite Suitcase: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Samsonite suitcase

What makes Samsonite suitcases different from other manufacturers?

Samsonite is proud of their “Made in Europe” label, because with it they promise products with:

  • Outstanding quality
  • High safety standards
  • Short transport distances
  • Fair working conditions for employees

The quality of their products is of particular importance to Samsonite, which is why they always test and check their suitcases according to the current standards and are always keen to develop them further.

Samsonite Koffer-1

If you travel a lot by plane, your suitcase has to meet special requirements. It should be as light as possible, have the right dimensions, but also be comfortable to transport.
(Image source: / free-Photos)

But the company is also concerned about fair and sustainable production. Therefore, they produce in Europe to avoid long transport routes and to ensure fair working conditions for the employees.

Are Samsonite suitcases often on sale or in an outlet?

Quality has its price. Samsonite has a great price-performance ratio, but of course everyone is happy when they find a bargain and save a few euros.

BUT BEWARE! Because Samsonite is a very popular brand, scammers try to profit from it. The most common form of fraud on the internet is phishing, where they try to get hold of confidential information such as credit card details. Samsonite therefore warns against fake posts or websites that appear to offer great discounts.

Be sure to shop only on verified, official websites and online shops. Don’t give out credit card information recklessly.

BUT, there is also good news. Official online retailers also offer discounts on Samsonite suitcases every now and then. You can also always find remaining stock among the offers in the Samsonite online shop.

Samsonite is also represented in several outlet centres, for example in Roermond, Metzingen, Neumünster or Wertheim. Perhaps you will find the right model there.

Are spare parts and accessories available for Samsonite suitcases?

Even with the best quality, something can get damaged and you might need a spare part for your suitcase? Often it is the wheels that break due to the high load and need to be replaced.

Samsonite has a special service for this on their website. Find the support there to order a replacement part. Make sure you have the product code ready, you can find it on the warranty card or on a label inside the case.

If you can’t find spare parts for older models, you can of course look for compatible parts from other manufacturers.

Samsonite offers a wide range of accessories. From cosmetic cases to purses and umbrellas, you’ll find everything you need. You can find the right accessories in most online shops. Most of them can be conveniently added to your suitcase or ordered later.

Decision: What types of Samsonite suitcases are there and which is the right one for you?

If you want to buy a Samsonite suitcase, you can choose between two different models. Namely between:

  • Suitcase with two wheels / pull / upright
  • Suitcase with four wheels / push / spinner

In the next section we will show you how they differ and what advantages and disadvantages they have.

Did you know that a sketch of a suitcase with wheels was first published in 1850?

It was in a so-called “Handbook for Foot Travellers”. It was not until 122 years later, in 1972, that the vice-president of United States Luggage, Bernard Sadow, received a patent for the manufacture of a “rolling luggage”. In the same year, the Delsey company launched its first product called the “Trolley”. It was a hard-shell rolling suitcase.

What are Samsonite suitcases with two wheels and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Suitcases with two wheels are also called upright or pull suitcases. Their two wheels are attached to the bottom of the back of the suitcase. If you want to move the suitcase, you have to tilt it slightly and then pull it. Pushing is difficult, moving sideways is unfortunately not possible at all.

Pulling suitcases has many advantages. If you expect many stumbling blocks on your trip, e.g. kerbs, stairs or cobblestones, a two-wheel suitcase is better for you, because they are easier to move on uneven surfaces. The wheels are relatively large and therefore more robust and suitable for almost any surface.

Another advantage: when you put the suitcase down, it doesn’t roll away so quickly, because it can only be moved in a tilted position. This is very practical, especially on buses and trains or on a sloping road, because the upright can simply be put down – the four-wheel suitcase has to be held constantly.

Suitcases with two wheels are also more robust and stable than the spinner’s double wheels, which are prone to failure. They are usually installed lower down in the suitcase, so they cannot be destroyed so quickly by external influences, for example when being loaded onto a plane.

  • Pulling is a habit
  • Can be moved better on rough terrain
  • Can be put down better because they don’t roll away
  • Can’t be destroyed as quickly
  • Get into a lurch quickly
  • Are not very space-saving
  • Are not very manoeuvrable

The disadvantages of the suitcase with two wheels are that they are unfortunately not very manoeuvrable and therefore not very space-saving. In addition, they quickly start to lurch due to the tilted position.

What are Samsonite suitcases with four wheels and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Suitcases with four wheels are also called sliding suitcases or spinners because their wheels can rotate 360 degrees. The wheels are attached to all four corners of the bottom. They are usually double wheels that can be turned in any direction.

The biggest advantage of the spinner is its manoeuvrability. You can push it, but you can also pull it, next to you, in front of you, behind you, long or narrow side first and you don’t have to tilt it for that. This makes it very space-saving and perfect for pushing it through narrow aisles on trains or planes.

The fact that you don’t have to tilt the suitcase when moving it also has the advantage that the weight does not rest on the handle and you can comfortably push the entire weight in front of you.

  • Much more manoeuvrable
  • Do not need to be tilted
  • Save space
  • Not easy to push on uneven floors
  • Castors not as stable
  • Easier to damage

Unfortunately, the manoeuvrability of the case loses out to stability. This is a disadvantage of four-wheel suitcases. In addition, they are not so easy to move on uneven terrain. It has to be carried over stairs and held permanently on buses and trains.

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate Samsonite suitcases based on these factors

Outer shell

The outer shell is a very important purchase criterion. There are hard and soft shell cases. Depending on the material, there are different advantages and disadvantages. You should therefore weigh up what is most suitable for you.

Soft-sided suitcases are made of nylon fabric. They are lighter than hard-shell suitcases. So you can pack more for a flight. Soft-sided suitcases are more flexible and often have an expansion gusset, which gives you extra storage space in the suitcase.

Disadvantages of soft shells are: They are not very water-repellent and are difficult to clean. Also, the contents of your suitcase may get crushed quickly. If you are planning to travel with fragile contents, a hard shell is certainly recommended.

Hard shell cases are made of aluminium, polyporphylene, polycarbonate, Curv or ABS. Their great advantage is that they are very robust. The hard, inflexible shell protects the objects inside the case well. Clothes can also not crease so quickly this way.

The disadvantage of hard shells is that they are much heavier than fabric models and often have no extras, such as small outside pockets.

Colour / design

A close look at the colour and design is also important. After all, the suitcase will be your travel companion. So make sure you like the colour and design. But don’t forget the purely practical aspects, such as recognition value. We all know the problem at the baggage carousel and the question: “Is that really my suitcase? A bright orange can therefore also be a good decision.

Samsonite Koffer-2

The more gaudy and eye-catching the design, the easier it is to recognise your suitcase at the baggage carousel. Take this into account when buying your suitcase.
(Image source: / efraimstochter)

Samsonite offers many different suitcase designs and colours. Besides the classics in black, grey and blue, Samsonite also has many unusual designs, such as Disney and Barbie patterns, metallic red or statement inscriptions.

To make sure you can identify your suitcase at the airport, the Samsonite online shop offers a great service: you can personalise your suitcase. On selected models you can order an engraving on the handle or an embossing with your initials, for example. This makes your suitcase truly unique.


The size of the suitcase is a fundamental criterion when deciding on a suitable suitcase model. Samsonite suitcases are available in many different sizes. From small cabin luggage to extra large ones. Depending on the length of your trip, different sizes are recommended.

Cabin luggage Medium Large Extra large
Length of trip: approx. 2 days Length of trip: approx. 7 days Length of trip: approx. 2 weeks Length of trip: more than 2 weeks
Volume: 20 – 49 L Volume: 50 – 69 L Volume: 70 – 89 L Volume: 90 – 119 L

At Samsonite you will find hand luggage under the name cabin luggage. That’s a good description, because when you fly, make sure that the dimensions of your suitcase comply with the specifications of the airline you’re flying with. Even if you check in your suitcase, it must not exceed certain dimensions.


When flying, the lighter the suitcase, the more you can pack. Since the total weight of the suitcase is weighed before departure, it is even better if it is nice and light.

This makes the weight of the suitcase an important purchase criterion. Not only when flying. Even if you have to carry or pull or push the suitcase over longer distances, every gram counts and literally makes your journey easier.

Samsonite has an extra-light series. It is called “Lite-Box”. They are made of woven polypropylene and are among the lightest and at the same time most resistant suitcases in their class, because they are hard shells.

Features and accessories

The suitcases from Samsonite already have many convenient features included, such as expansion folds, step-adjustable telescopic rod, integrated combination lock, cross-body strap, divider panel and mesh pocket.

On top of that, Samsonite has thought even further and integrated additional functions into the suitcases:

  • Power bank: Need to charge your smartphone on the go? No problem with the integrated power bank plus charging cable.
  • Bluetooth Tracker: This smart device uses Bluetooth to find your suitcase. It tracks where your luggage is in the immediate vicinity. So you no longer have to worry about losing sight of it.
  • Integrated USB port: Want to charge a device that’s outside your suitcase? Then the integrated USB port is great. You can simply put your tablet in the case and quickly charge your mobile phone at the same time.

Do you think these extras are great? When buying a suitcase, make sure you know which extras are included in the model you want.

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