Last updated: 16/10/2022

Samsonite backpacks are one of the most outstanding accessories of this well-known luggage brand. They are characterised by their innovative, comfortable and functional designs and excellent quality. When Jesse Shwayder founded the company in 1910, he sold his luggage products to the wealthy few who had the privilege of travelling. His exclusive clientele was very demanding and demanding, so the manufacturer was forced to create unique, state-of-the-art models. Although today Samsonite is a much more popular company, its products still undergo strict quality controls before being put on the market. Here we will tell you which are the best-selling models, what features they have, and where you can get them, so you can choose the perfect backpack for you.


  • Samsonite backpacks are characterised by their beautiful and innovative designs, their versatility and functionality, their comfortable formats, their high resistance and excellent quality, among other features that make this product unique in the market.
  • There is a wide variety and assortment of Samsonite backpacks, among which the models Samsonite Guardit Laptop, Samsonite Vectura and Samsonite Paradiver Light stand out. These variants differ from each other mainly in their formats, styles, sizes and uses.
  • When buying a Samsonite backpack, it is important that you take into account certain factors, such as their different materials, designs and sizes, among other relevant aspects that you should pay attention to.

Best Samsonite Backpack: Our Picks

Buying Guide

The main purpose of this buying guide is to provide you with information about the product you are interested in buying. That’s why we’ll tell you about the most important features of Samsonite backpacks, including their advantages and those aspects that are not so beneficial.

Samsonite backpacks are known for their excellent quality, durability and versatility. (Photo: Jaromír Chalabala /

What are Samsonite backpacks and what are their advantages?

Samsonite backpacks are some of the products of this well-known American luggage brand founded in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder. These accessories stand out for their revolutionary and innovative designs, manufactured with top quality materials. One of the great peculiarities of Samsonite backpacks, like the rest of the products of this emblematic firm, is their versatility, since they adapt to the needs of each era, always creating practical, functional and comfortable models. Samsonite is characterized by its rigorousness when testing the resistance of its materials, which go through very strict controls; that is why these backpacks are extremely strong and durable. Quality, design and functionality” are the pillars of this emblematic firm.

  • Highly resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Top quality materials
  • Innovative designs
  • Practical and functional
  • High prices

Samsonite Guardit Laptop backpack, Samsonite Vectura or Samsonite Paradiver Light – what should you look out for?

Samsonite backpacks stand out for their versatile and functional designs. Here are the three most popular models, so that you can compare them and choose the one that suits you best, depending on your preferences and needs. Samsonite Guardit Laptop. This backpack, which is one of the most classic and traditional, has several compartments and exterior pockets designed to store electronic devices and sunglasses. In addition, it has a specific space for storing laptops. This excellent product, which is available in several sizes, stands out for its storage capacity and clever compartment layout. The best choice if you need to store a lot of things and don’t want to carry an excessively large backpack. Samsonite Vectura. This backpack, usually available in S and M sizes, is characterised by its delicate and elegant design, ideal to take to the office or on business trips. It also has a large central compartment for storing larger electronic devices. If you are looking for a durable, premium quality, comfortable, practical and functional backpack that you can take to more formal places at the same time, Samsonite Ventura is a great option. It also has ergonomic straps and back, and excellent finishes. Samsonite Paradiver Light. This fantastic backpack from Samsonite has zipped compartments and a front pocket for quick access to items. It also has a padded central organiser for storing tablets and laptops and a netted pocket for storing cables or other items. If you are looking for a sporty or casual, lightweight and comfortable backpack to use every day or to take on trips, this is the best option, as it is extremely lightweight, has an ergonomic format and padded shoulder straps with a chest strap to prevent slipping. Plus, it has an innovative design and comes in eye-catching colours.

Guardit Laptop Vectura Paradiver Light
Design Classic, delicate Elegant, formal Sporty
Materials Polyester and neoprene handle Polyester with polyurethane Polyester with protective Teflon
Height S (29 cm), M (31 cm) and L (32 cm) S (31.5 cm) M (33.5 cm) 40 cm (one size)
Colours Black and grey (with red zip) Black, grey and navy blue Yellow, white, various shades of blue
Structure Soft Semi-rigid Soft
Main features Large storage capacity Stylish, comfortable and functional design Lightweight, ergonomic. Variety of colours

Are there other types of Samsonite backpacks?

Samsonite backpacks can be divided into different types depending on their particular features; for example, there are models with and without laptop compartments. Below, we will detail their specific functions. Regular backpacks. If there’s one thing that characterises Samsonite backpacks, it’s their innovative designs, which is why most models come with compartments for storing laptops of different sizes. However, there are also regular backpacks without these compartments. That’s not to say that they don’t have divisions to store smaller devices such as mobile phones, flash drives or tablets. The reality is that there is no one model that is better than another, but rather different options adapted to different needs, as not everyone has a laptop or needs to carry it around. With compartments for laptops. In this case you will find a wide variety of models with compartments of different sizes, according to the size of your laptop (as well as other electronic devices). Keep in mind that this accessory adds considerable extra weight, so the backpack should be sturdy. You can find Samsonite backpacks with compartments to store laptops up to 14.6″, up to 15.6″ or larger than 5.6″, so you have several options to choose from depending on your computer and how you will use it. Don’t forget that these details add to the cost of the backpack.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of Samsonite backpacks

In this final section of the article, we will discuss the most important factors to consider when buying a Samsonite backpack. This information will help you choose the right product for you according to your style and specific needs.

  • Materials
  • Designs
  • Sizes
  • Important features


One of the main characteristics of Samsonite backpacks is their quality and resistance, and this is largely due to the raw materials they are made of. Below, we will mention the most common materials used in the manufacture of these products. Polyester. The material par excellence of Samsonite backpacks is polyester, a synthetic fibre that is often mixed with other fibres, such as nylon. It is characterised by its resistance, impermeability and smooth and soft texture to the touch. This fabric is perfect for those who are looking for a practical, beautiful and durable backpack, which does not wrinkle and can be adapted to different uses. Polyester is a very versatile raw material that combines with both classic and more formal or sporty styles. Neoprene. Neoprene is the brand name for the polymer and is characterised by its flexibility and strength. Many of Samsonite’s backpack models have handles made of this material, precisely because of its flexibility, strength and durability. If you are looking for a backpack that can withstand a lot of weight, withstand extreme temperatures and never lose its shape, we recommend that you choose models with handles made of neoprene, one of the most modern and advanced materials in the textile industry.


Samsonite backpacks have extremely new and innovative designs, adapted to different uses and styles. Below, we will mention the characteristics of the different designs of this product so that you can choose the one that is most suitable for you. Executive. Samsonite executive backpacks stand out for their slim, delicate and elegant style, and for their more formal colours, generally black or grey. They are perfect for taking to the office or on business trips, and come in a range of sizes. Casual. Samsonite’s casual backpacks are more relaxed and are suitable for everyday activities, such as going to school, work (unless you have to be very formal), going to the club, etc., depending on the specific models. They usually come in a variety of colours of different intensity. Sporty. There are several models of Samsonite backpacks with sporty designs, which are characterised by their ergonomic format that moulds perfectly to the body. They are usually used for tourist or adventure trips, as they are very light, comfortable, practical and functional. School bags. Although Samsonite does not specialise in children’s or school backpacks, you will also find options in this category. They don’t usually have children’s designs per se, but they do have classic formats with more eye-catching colours, such as turquoise, pink, purple, etc.


In the market you can find different sizes of Samsonite backpacks classified by sizes S, M and L, as well as one size or standard size. Here we will mention the measurements of each of these size classifications so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. S. S (small) sizes of Samsonite backpacks typically measure approximately 20-22cm x 28-30cm x 37-39cm and weigh around 500g. They are ideal for carrying light everyday items such as a mobile phone, keys, wallet, tablet, coat, etc. and carrying them comfortably from one place to another. M. The M (medium) sizes of these backpacks measure 20.8 to 21 cm x 29 to 31 x 40 to 42.9 cm, approximately, and weigh around 600 to 700g. As you can see, the size difference is not very significant compared to the S backpacks, but it does allow you to store more stuff, especially larger laptops. L. Samsonite L size backpacks are the largest backpacks, and are designed to hold considerably more items, including large laptops. They measure approximately 20-22 x 30-34 x 45-49cm, weigh just over a kilo, and are ideal for travel.

Important features

In addition to the quality and resistance of the backpack, it is important that you take into account other important aspects of this product. Below, we will discuss which elements you should not lose sight of at the time of purchase. Wheels. In the market you will find Samsonite backpacks with or without wheels. The first option is very practical, comfortable and functional if you travel or carry a lot of weight, but perhaps not too useful if you use it only to store a few things or light items. On the other hand, wheeled backpacks usually have an extendable handle that goes inside and takes up part of the storage space, so there’s no point in sacrificing internal space if you don’t plan to drag it around. Compartments. Samsonite backpacks are characterized by having many compartments of different sizes to store all kinds of objects, which is really very useful, convenient and practical, but you should keep in mind that they are deep to optimize space. Another important point is that the size of the compartments should match the type of accessories you want to store, as it is not only about the pockets being large, but also that they fit your needs. There are compartments for tablets, notebooks, chargers, cables, keys, water bottles, etc. Closures. Closures are very important when choosing a backpack, and they are also one of the strong points of the Samsonite brand, since most of the models have several zips to open and close more easily. There are models of Samsonite backpacks with internal closures that have a security system as a padlock to protect your belongings, which is very beneficial. They are also sturdy, so you can slide them around without the risk of them getting stuck or broken. (Featured image photo: maridav /