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Salad is probably one of the best and healthiest side dishes that can complement and enrich your meal. Alternatively, salads are a wonderful dish in their own right. The portioning, as well as the mixing of the salad, can sometimes prove to be a bit of a challenge.

This is where the salad servers come into play. Usually consisting of a salad fork and salad spoon, or also as tongs, such a set makes it easier for you to put together ordinary as well as extraordinary salads. In this guide, we will tell you why and, above all, which salad servers you should have in your kitchen.


  • Special cutlery, which includes salad servers, makes it easier to handle food. It will make the preparation and serving of salad much more successful.
  • Salad servers are available in many materials. What counts here is that the material also has an influence on the ergonomics of the handle, the price, but also the sustainability of your product.
  • Salad servers made of wood or stainless steel are currently particularly popular and recommended. The former is particularly convincing due to its appealing appearance as well as good and sustainable workmanship, while the latter has proven to be particularly robust and easy to clean.

The best Salad Servers: Our Picks

In this section you will find a diverse selection of our favourites in the Salad Servers category. These will help you to simplify your decision and find the ideal salad servers for you.

Buying and evaluation criteria for salad servers

In order to find the perfect salad servers for you, we have put together some buying criteria that you should pay particular attention to before making your decision. These criteria should accompany you in your personal comparison to make your choice easier.

The most important criteria for us are the following:

In the following section we will briefly explain these to you in more detail.


The material your future salad servers are made of is probably one of the most important purchase criteria. The most common materials include:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic

Salad servers made of wood are currently among the most popular, as a certain cosiness is associated with this raw material. Products are available in a wide variety of wood types, each of which has its own unique charm. From cherry wood to olive wood to bamboo – wooden salad servers are in great demand and are ideal for your purposes.

Salad servers made of metal, such as stainless steel, silver or copper, are particularly in demand because of their durability. They are very robust and are sold by larger brands in particular.

Plastic salad servers are alternatively an inexpensive variant that usually goes down just as well with consumers. For this reason, they are available in many designs. However, before buying salad servers made of plastic, make sure that they are well made.


The length of the salad servers usually varies between 11 and 35 cm. It should be noted that different sizes of the same item are often offered. It is recommended that your ideal salad servers are slightly longer than the size of your salad bowl. This will make stirring the salad particularly easy.

Handle ergonomics

The ergonomic grip is very important, because you don’t want the cutlery to slip out of your hand every time you use it, or to get your hands sore during prolonged use.

The material is the main factor contributing to good or poor ergonomics – wooden salad servers in particular stand out positively in this respect.

Salad servers with handles that are additionally covered by a rubber band, for example, also have good ergonomics. Bare stainless steel salad cutlery scores comparatively worse in this category.


Sustainability is becoming more and more important in everyday life in all situations, so you should also pay attention to environmentally friendly processing when buying your products and objects.

Salad servers made of wood are particularly suitable for this purpose. If sustainability also plays a major role in your household, you should keep your hands off products made of plastic.


The design of your future salad servers may not seem to be one of the most important criteria at first, but you will be surprised at the playful options that are now available.

From salad servers in special shapes, such as a guitar, to engraved or decorated handles in the form of floats – creativity has long since reached salad servers at this point.

The joy of colour is not written in small letters in the salad servers market either. This diversity even gives you the opportunity to buy salad servers as gifts for family or friends.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about salad servers answered in detail

In the following section, we have compiled the most important questions and their answers on the topic of “salad servers”. This should give you an even better insight into the topic and help you to decide which salad servers to buy.

Why do you need salad servers?

The main purpose of salad servers is to allow you to quickly and easily transfer salad from a large bowl to your own plate, or to smaller bowls. However, this should also be quite feasible with conventional cutlery.

Nevertheless, in reality it looks different. In particular, putting the salad on the plate with the dressing or sauce used is usually not guaranteed with normal cutlery. Careful mixing of a salad is also far more effective with the use of salad servers.


With the right salad servers, serving is a piece of cake. (Image source: unsplash / S O C I A L C U T)

Serving salad on a plate is much easier and cleaner with salad servers than with your usual cutlery, thanks to a more targeted packing of the desired amount.

The prongs and the special shape that salad servers have are the reason for this. So it remains to say that as a salad lover, you should not do without salad servers, as they are a very practical everyday helper.

Which material is particularly suitable for salad servers?

We have already told you a few things about salad servers in the previous section. Of course, an appealing design and material is often a question of your own wishes and ideas.

Nevertheless, we would like to recommend that you choose a wooden salad servers set. By doing so, you will not only be doing yourself a favour, but also the environment. The type of wood you choose can be left up to you without hesitation.

How much do salad servers cost?

The price of salad servers depends mainly on the material and workmanship. In general, however, the price range is small. The following table should give you an overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (1 – 5 €) often cheap and even environmentally harmful workmanship, not durable
Medium-priced (6 – 15 €) good products made of robust materials, mostly wood or stainless steel, suitable for everyday use
High-priced (15 €) often sets consisting of bowl + salad servers, salad servers in eye-catching/unusual designs

It is noticeable that special designs, which in themselves do not contribute to the function of the salad servers, are considerably more expensive. For this reason, you should really only choose such a model if the look is more important to you than the functionality.

What types of salad servers are there?

Salad servers usually consist of a salad spoon and a salad fork. Some models are also available in combination with a matching salad bowl. An alternative in terms of appearance and function is salad servers that consist of salad tongs, which are particularly suitable for gripping.

How do you clean salad servers?

The care of your future salad servers turns out to be very simple in most cases. However, make sure you check the material your cutlery is made of and whether you are made aware of any special care instructions.

Models made of stainless steel are usually dishwasher-safe. Of course, this does not apply to wooden products. However, it is sufficient to wash them by hand with warm water and some mild detergent.


Kitchen utensils are offered in very large quantities, whereby it is not unusual that one often loses sight of the really essential items. Is salad servers really one of the things you shouldn’t be without in your home kitchen? In our opinion: Yes.

Of course, this is not true if you hardly ever prepare salads. Otherwise, it is definitely worth buying salad servers, as they make preparation, mixing and, above all, serving much easier. Since salad servers are also, in most cases, a very inexpensive purchase, you will not regret this purchase in any case.

(Cover photo: unsplash / Mak)