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A safety harness is a device that attaches to the anchor point and then wraps around your body. It has an attachment for each leg, as well as one in front of you. The idea behind it is that if something goes wrong with your rappel (the rope breaks), you will be held by the harness until help arrives or someone can come down and rescue you from above.

Safety Harness: Bestsellers and current offers in the UK

The best safety harness in the UK: Our selection

Spartan Restraint Kit: A must-have for safety

The Spartan Restraint Kit is a must-have for any safety-conscious individual. It includes a 1-point spartan harness, a fixed length lanyard, and a jsp woven draw-string bag. The harness is made of 100% polyester and conforms to EN 361: 2002 standards. The lanyard is also made of 100% polyester and conforms to EN 354: 2010 standards. The kit comes with everything you need to safely secure yourself in any situation.

The Perfect Safety Harness

Looking for a reliable and comfortable safety harness? Look no further than our 100% saftey harness. Made with high load bearing alloy steel buckles, this harness is designed to keep you safe at all times. The ergonomic design distributes pressure evenly, keeping you comfortable while climbing. The chest and waist circumference are adjustable, making it easy to find the perfect fit. This professional rock climbing harness also features detachable buckles for easy on and off. Perfect for mountaineering, tree climbing, indoor climbing, fire rescue and more.

The Perfect Safety Harness for Your Next Climb

Looking for a safety harness that will keep you safe and comfortable while climbing? Look no further than our 100% saftey height safety harness. Made with high load bearing alloy steel, this buckle will not fall off, and all connections and webbing are very sturdy with reinforced ends. The ergonomic design distributes pressure to keep you comfortable while climbing, and the chest and waist circumference is adjustable to fit most body types. This professional rock climbing harness also features easy-to-use buckles that make putting on or taking off the harness more easily. Plus, the detachable buckles make it easy to adjust the straps to your desired tightness. Perfect for mountaineering, tree climbing, indoor climbing, rock climbing, outward band activities, fire rescue missions or working on higher levels.

2200kg Waist Safety Lanyard

This product is a waist safety lanyard that is adjustable to fit most adults. It has a high load-bearing capacity of 2200kg and comes with a side tool bag for easy access to equipment. The high-strength polyester webbing is resistant to abrasion and load-bearing, making it ideal for work protection in ships, construction operations, vertical space operations, etc.

Safety Harness: Frequently asked questions

What types of Safety Harness are there and what determines a good product?

There are two types of safety harnesses, the full body and waist belt. The full body is a more secure option as it encompasses your entire upper torso while the waist belt only covers your lower back area. Each type has its own pros and cons so you should consider what works best for you before making a purchase.

A good safety harness should be comfortable, easy to put on and take off. It should have a quick release buckle that is easily accessible in an emergency situation. The straps must not rub against the skin or cause chafing when worn for long periods of time. Finally, it needs to fit properly so as not to restrict movement while climbing or working at heights above ground level (AGL).

Who should use a Safety Harness?

Anyone who is working at height, or in a situation where they could fall. This includes people using ladders and scaffolding, window cleaners, roofers etc. It can also be used by anyone that needs to work on the outside of buildings such as painters and decorators.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Safety Harness?

The first thing you should consider is the weight capacity. This will tell you how much your harness can hold, and if it’s enough for what you need to do. If a person weighs more than that amount, they could be in danger of being injured or killed when using this product. You also want to make sure there are no sharp edges on any part of the harness because these can cause injury as well. Another important factor is whether or not it has been tested by an independent labratory such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) so that users know their safety isn’t at risk while wearing this device during work activities like climbing ladders and scaffolding jobs where falls are possible without proper equipment protection from falling objects which may result in serious injuries including death due to impact with hard surfaces below them resulting in severe head trauma leading to instant fatality even before reaching ground level.

You need to look out for the following things when you are comparing a Safety Harness. First, make sure that it is made of high-quality material and has been tested by experts in this field. Second, check if there are any extra features such as straps or buckles so that you can adjust its size according to your body type. Thirdly, see if it comes with an instruction manual which will help you understand how to use the harness properly without any hassle at all.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Safety Harness?


Safety harnesses are designed to keep you safe while working at height. They are used in a variety of situations, including construction sites and industrial settings where there is a risk of falling from heights. The most common type is the full body harness which covers your whole torso and legs, but they can also be worn around just one part of the body such as an arm or leg for specific tasks like climbing ladders or scaffolding.


They are bulky, uncomfortable and can be difficult to put on.

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