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A round hairbrush not only detangles the hair, but also becomes an important styling utensil in combination with a hairdryer. Especially if you want more volume in your hair, using a round brush is the best measure. Long, fine hair looks fuller after styling with a round brush. Short hairstyles, such as the bob, also get a great bounce.

As diverse as our hairstyles and hair textures are, so extensive is the selection of round brushes. They are available in ceramic, wood and aluminium. Mostly, the round brushes are equipped with plastic bristles or natural boar bristles. Each material has particular advantages, but can also have a negative effect on certain hair types. To help you find the best round hairbrush for you, we have compared all the advantages and disadvantages in our round hairbrush test 2023.


  • A round hairbrush serves as a styling and care utensil. It can be used in many ways and, above all, it creates volume.
  • To shape the hair, a round hairbrush is used together with a hairdryer. The hot air gives the hairstyle a particularly firm hold and keeps it perfectly in place all day.
  • The round brush should be matched to the length and structure of the hair. The most common round brush models are made of wood, aluminium or ceramic. They are available with boar bristles or plastic bristles.

The Best Round Brushes: Our Choices

Circular brushes: buying and evaluation criteria

To find out which round hairbrush suits you best, you will find the most important criteria below.

A short description of the criteria will make it easier for you to compare them and make a purchase decision.


The material of the brush body is decisive for the handling, weight and durability of a wheel brush. Wood, aluminium and ceramic are the most commonly used materials for round brushes.

  • Woodenround brushes are light, gentle on the hair and easy to use. Wood is a natural, sturdy material that makes a hairbrush a long-lasting styling tool. Wooden round brushes are often made with boar bristles and offered as natural brushes .
  • Aluminium round brush es are thermoactive. This means that they quickly wick away moisture. The hair dries faster and you save time when styling.
  • Ceramic round brush es have a positive effect on the hair structure and make the hair shine. They store the heat from the hairdryer and transfer it evenly to the hair. The air holes in a ceramic brush also ensure that the hair dries quickly.


The most common types of bristles for round hair brushes are boar bristles and plastic bristles. Both types of bristles have special advantages.

When buying a round brush, make sure to choose bristles according to your hair type.

If you have oily hair, choose a boar bristle round brush. This distributes the grease throughout the hair, leaving it with a beautiful shine. Moreover, boar bristles are gentle on the scalp and natural.

Plastic bristles are especially suitable for thick, long hair. A round brush with plastic bristles detangles the hair very well and thus enables quick styling without any problems.


When choosing the diameter of a round brush, it all depends on how long your hair is and which hairstyle you want to style with the brush.

  • Large diameter 55 to 80 mm: For long hair and/or volume.
  • Medium diameter 25 to 55 mm: For medium length hair.
  • Small diameter 12 to 25 mm: For short hair and/or curls.

For beginners, we recommend a round brush set with hairbrushes of different diameters. This way you can try it out first.


The weight determines how comfortable the handling of a round hairbrush is. Again, it is important to consider what you want to achieve with the brush. For example, to style curls, the round brush should stay on your head for a while. Of course, a light brush is needed for this.

The material of the round brush is decisive. Wood is the lightest, ceramic the heaviest and aluminium is in between, depending on the model.

Hairstylists always have to bring their styling tools to the job. They also work a lot with the hairbrushes, which quickly becomes exhausting with heavy round brushes. Lightweight round brushes make it easier to lug around and use on the hair.

Round brush: Frequently asked questions and answers

Below you will find relevant questions about the round brush. We answer these questions with the most important details to give you the best possible overview.

What is a round brush?

A round brush is a hairbrush with a cylindrically shaped brush head. It serves as a styling and care utensil for the hair or beard and is versatile.

To bring the hair into shape, a round brush is used together with a hairdryer. The hot air gives the hairstyles a particularly firm hold. If you use high-quality styling products when styling, your hair will sit perfectly all day long.


Curly hair looks lively. The curls are set off by skilful styling. (Image source: Tim Mossholder / unsplash)

For the sake of your hair, when buying a round brush you should pay attention to the material of the brush body and bristles. On the other hand, pay special attention to the workmanship and quality of the product.

What types of round brushes are there?

We all have different heads of hair: straight long hair, short curls, shoulder-length frizzy hair and many more variations. That is why the market offers a huge selection of round hairbrushes, where all seekers will find what they are looking for.

We have illustrated the most common types of round brushes in a table. The listed advantages and disadvantages inform you specifically about the properties and use of the different brushes.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Wooden round brush Lightweight, stable and durable, in combination with boar bristles a natural product, Gentle on the hair Dries the hair slowly, Tangles easily in the hair
Aluminium round brush Is thermoactive, Dries the hair quickly Overheats easily
Ceramic round brush Adds shine to hair, Is thermoactive, Dries hair quickly, Delivers heat evenly to hair Heavy weight
Round brush with ionic technology Has an anti-static effect, Adds shine and smoothness to hair, Dries hair quickly The technology is controversial

You have already learned a lot about wooden round brushes, aluminium brushes and ceramic brushes from our material description. Compared to conventional types of round brushes, round brushes with ionic technology have not been on the market for very long.

These ionising round brushes make the hair particularly smooth and shiny. Due to the ion technology, the round brush releases negative particles to the hair and thus has an antistatic effect. It also splits the water droplets on the hair, which evaporate immediately. The hair dries faster this way.

What does a round brush cost?

The round brush is used both privately and professionally in hair salons or by hair stylists. The price range varies from 3 to 120 euros, depending on the manufacturer and model.

Type price range
Wooden round brush approx. 4 to 120 euros
Aluminium round brush approx. 3 to 70 euros
Ceramic round brush approx. 4 to 70 euros
Round brush with ion technology approx. 9 to 120 euros

When making your purchase decision, be sure to consider the quality of the round hairbrush. If you opt for high-quality materials and optimal workmanship, you will be able to use the round brush for longer. This is not only a more sustainable purchase, but may even be cheaper than buying a second hairbrush after a short time.


When blow-drying, the hair is pulled through the bristles. This gives them their incomparable curl. (Image source: Engin Aykurt / unsplash)

What are the alternatives to a round brush?

To achieve the best styling results, the combination of a round brush and a hairdryer is best. An electric air brush that combines this can produce similarly good results. However, according to our research, other methods with alternative styling tools do not really come close to the styling results of the round brush and hairdryer.

Type Description
Electric warm air brush Is a hairdryer and round brush in one and makes styling easier.
Paddle brush Has a large rectangular brush head on which the bristles are spaced further apart. It is suitable for long and/or thick hair.
Skeleton brush Suitable for blow-drying hair as the hair dries quickly due to the holey structure of the brush head.

An electric air brush simplifies hairdressing because you only have to use one hairdressing utensil instead of two. This is especially helpful if you are not yet experienced in styling.

The concept and shape of the paddle brush and the skeleton brush make them suitable for combing and, in some cases, straightening hair. However, they do not have the full range of usability that a round brush is capable of.

Are there round brushes that are gentle on the hair?

Do you have dry, brittle hair and/or an irritated scalp? Then go for a round brush with boar bristles. These are particularly gentle on the hair and scalp due to their many properties.

  • A round wooden brush with boar bristles gently promotes blood circulation to the scalp by applying gentle pressure at the hairline. The hair root is stimulated.
  • Dandruff, dust and dirt particles are combed out by the dense bristles.
  • The round brush draws the sebum of the hair roots evenly into the hair lengths, where it forms a protective layer around each individual hair.
  • The wooden brush body does not overheat the hair.

To do your hair some additional good, refrain from the excessive use of styling products. Hair treatments or rich conditioners, on the other hand, provide your hair with valuable substances.

What hairstyles can I style with a round brush?

A round hairbrush can be used in many ways for styling. There is a round brush for every type of hair. The heat of the hairdryer makes the styled hairstyle particularly durable.

For fine and weak hair, a round brush effectively adds volume.

You can add volume to your hair with a round brush with a large diameter. Place individual strands of hair on the brush and pull the hair slightly through the bristles. Keep the brush at the roots. Apply heat to the hairline with the hairdryer and let the strand cool on the round brush.

For curls, use one or more small round brushes. Wrap individual strands of hair on the round brush and heat them with the hairdryer. Let the coiled hair cool on the brush and then carefully remove the round brush.

To style wavy hair, follow the instructions for curls, but use a round brush with a large diameter.


A round brush is also ideal for straightening. It gives the hair a great shine. (Image source: Tasiia Shestopal / unsplash)

To straighten your hair, pull a round brush with a large diameter through your hair from the roots to the tips. Slowly guide the hairdryer along with the brush from above.

Which round brush is suitable for which hair texture?

Fortunately, the choice of round brushes is enormous. In order not to damage your hair, you need a round brush that is exactly suited to your hair. This will give you the best styling results.

Hair type Suitable brush
Frizzy or curly hair Round brush with plastic bristles without knobs.
Brittle, fine hair round brush with ionic technology
Oily hair round brush with boar bristles
Thick hair round brush with large diameter and long bristles

If you have an irritated scalp, it is best to use a round hairbrush with boar bristles.

If you have curly, thick hair, we advise you not to use a boar bristle round brush as it tangles easily in the hair.

How do I clean a round brush?

Dirt, dust, dandruff and styling product residue will build up on any round brush after just a few weeks. For hygienic use of your round brush, you should clean it regularly. Otherwise your hair will look greasy after combing and will be weighed down by the dirt.

Use a brush comb or cleaner to remove hair from your round brush. Then wash the brush with hair shampoo, shower gel or soap. Make sure that you only use mild products for this. The brush should be completely dry before the next use.


A round brush is perfect for giving your hair a long-lasting shape. Hairstyles such as curls, waves, smooth straight hair or volume at the roots can be effortlessly styled with a high-quality round hairbrush. A beard should also be groomed, for which a round brush is also suitable.

The selection of round brushes is huge. They come in all kinds of variations, so there is something for every hair type. Particularly gentle on the hair are ionising ceramic brushes and natural wooden round brushes with boar bristles. Be aware of your hair structure and styling requirements, then the purchase decision will be easier.

Picture: 123rf / parilovv