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Welcome to our big rope access ladder test 2022. Here we present all the rope access ladders we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web. We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best rope pull ladder for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a rope pull ladder.


  • For repair work as well as for construction or gardening work, a rope ladder is the best support that guarantees safety and stability.
  • Thanks to the variable adjustment options, you can extend the rope ladder rung by rung up to a working height of 18 metres.
  • Most of the rope ladders are made of plain design. If desired, it is even possible to equip the ladder with spare or additional parts to provide more stability.

The Best Rope Ladder: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a rope-operated ladder

When working in high areas, strict safety is required. For this reason, it is advisable not only to buy a ladder that promises stability, but also ensures safety and reliability. A rope-operated ladder is therefore the right choice, which ensures you a firm footing and is also particularly versatile.


You want to reach high? A ladder with innovative rope pull technology and automatic hooks makes it possible.
(Image source: – @HannahRavenwit)

What is a rope pull ladder?

A rope pull ladder is a type of extension ladder that can be extended by means of a rope pull mechanism. It is particularly suitable for repairs that are carried out on high work areas. In addition, the ladder is also intended for use in construction as well as craft areas.

Due to the variable adjustment possibilities, the height of the ladder can be adjusted by means of so-called rope pulls. According to the height, the rope pull ladder can be adjusted as desired. It consists of individual elements that can be slid into each other and are connected by a rope guide. This rope guide ensures that the desired working height is reached when the ladder is extended.

A rope-operated ladder is also easy and comfortable to use and guarantees safe ascent to any working height. The rope ladder is leaned against a stable wall. Safe climbing is fulfilled by drop-in hooks that are rusted in at automatic intervals. This prevents parts of the ladder from slipping.

In addition, the rope ladder can easily be used as a single ladder. Due to the robust and solid aluminium material, it can withstand a corresponding weight of approx. 150 kg.

What are the advantages of a rope pull ladder compared to a classic extension ladder?

A rope pull ladder is largely similar to an extension ladder. The only difference is the rope system. It is a rope that runs over a pulley and thus allows the ladder to be pulled up and extended for further heights. The rope pull mechanism requires little effort and therefore the height adjustment is practical and flawless.

In contrast to an extension ladder, a rope pull ladder has a special lifting mechanism. It can be varied depending on the model and the number of rungs and is also an optimal construction site helper when high working areas are involved.

Furthermore, a rope pull ladder scores not only in its extension possibilities, but also technology, safety and stability. The purchase of a rope ladder also has the advantage that it can be easily stowed away, as it takes up less space than an extension ladder.

What sizes and models of rope ladders are available?

When working at heights, safety is an absolute priority. The rope pull ladder is mostly manufactured in two versions. We distinguish between a two-part and a three-part rope-operated ladder.

It doesn’t matter what tasks you have ahead of you, whether it’s new construction, renovation or interior work, with a rope pull ladder you are excellently equipped.

Most rope-operated ladders also score points for their quality and variable adjustment options. A two-part rope-operated ladder allows you to work at heights of up to 15 metres. The three-part one, on the other hand, can be extended up to 17 metres. Of course, the number of rungs and the weight vary between the two versions.

Most of the time, rope-operated ladders come in plain designs and colours, e.g. silver. However, depending on the manufacturer, there are also models that are produced in a reddish colour design.

In the following, we have compiled the possible sizes for each model:

Two-part rope-operated ladder

Rungs 2&#215 14 2&#215 15 2&#215 16 2&#215 17 2&#215 18 2&#215 19 2&#215 20 2&#215 21 2&#215 24
Working height ca. 8,5 m ca. 9 m ca. 9,5 m ca. 10 m ca. 10,5 m ca. 11 m ca. 12 m ca. 12,5 m ca. 13 m

Three-part rope pull ladder

Rungs 3&#215 16 3&#215 18 3&#215 20 3&#215 22 3&#215 24
Working height approx. 12 m approx. 13 m approx. 15 m approx. 16 m approx. 18 m

What does a rope ladder cost?

If you are considering a rope pull ladder, you should find out explicitly about it before you buy it, as the price is usually a bit high. The price varies depending on the model and manufacturer. However, depending on the number of rungs and the design, most rope-operated ladders can be purchased for as little as €300.

We would then like to give you a brief overview of the average price of the respective models:

two-part rope-operated ladder three-part rope-operated ladder
approx. 300€ – 1,500€ approx. 800€ – 2,500€

Decision: What types of rope ladders are there and which is the right one for you?

Are you planning a repair on your house and need a safe and stable frame for it? Then the rope pull ladder is an ideal construction site helper when it comes to crafts work at a high level.

In this decision section, you can read about the type of rope ladder you need for your work and the features of the different versions.

We distinguish here between two versions:

  • two-part rope-operated ladder
  • three-part rope-operated ladder

What is a two-part rope-operated ladder and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

A two-part rope-operated ladder consists of two ladders that lie next to each other. Depending on the working height, the ladder can be extended as required by means of a so-called rope pull before climbing. Despite their somewhat massive design, rope-operated ladders are compact and allow easy operation. They also take up little space because of the innovative folding. The only disadvantage of most rope ladder models is that you cannot disassemble them.

  • Extension up to 15 metres
  • stable, resistant and safe
  • easy extension by rope pull
  • easy to store
  • cannot be used as individual ladder parts

What is a three-part rope-operated ladder and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Three-part rope-operated ladders are extension ladders that consist of three parts. It offers an extension of up to approx. 17 metres. Despite the multiple extension of the ladder, stability and safety are guaranteed. Because of the non-slip crossbar and rubber feet, you will definitely reach the desired working height.

  • Extension up to 17 metres
  • stable, resistant and safe
  • easy extension by rope pull
  • heavy and solid
  • cannot be used as individual ladder sections

Purchase criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate rope-operated ladders

In the following, we will show you which factors you can use to decide between the many possible rope-operated ladders.

The purchase criteria with the help of which you can compare the rope pull ladders with each other include:

Colour and design

The colour and design of the rope ladder usually depends on the manufacturer. They are typically available for purchase in plain ladder designs.

However, if you are looking for a special eye-catcher, the rope pull ladder can also be purchased in the colour, e.g. red. You can also customise your rope pull ladder according to your wishes. All you need is the colour you want, which you can apply as you like.


With a rope ladder you can not only climb high, but it should also guarantee you a particularly firm hold when working. Most rope ladders are made of aluminium. These models offer the best safety when climbing to high places.

To extend the rope ladder, the ladder is equipped with rubber rollers. This ensures a quick and easy extension.

Of course, rope ladders are also available in plastic material. Although they promise a firm hold, they still differ in terms of extension. Both aluminium and plastic guarantee long-lasting use.

Dimensions and weight

The rope-operated ladders are mostly made of aluminium and therefore have a higher weight. Not necessarily! Because the weight is mostly kept within limits, as the 11-metre ladders can also weigh less than 45 kg.

Safety first! In that case, it is not particularly bad if equipment weighs more. Because without ballast, proper safety is not guaranteed.


Do not use the top two steps as a standing surface!

As already mentioned, rope ladders have an appealing weight. Despite the leaning, the walls are not damaged because many models are equipped with rubberised rollers. These castors allow the rope-operated ladder to glide easily over the leaning surface when the height is adjusted.

Number of rungs

A rope-operated ladder allows you to extend the ladder rungs by rungs, so that you can always reach the working height that suits you best.

The number of rungs on a rope-operated ladder varies, of course, depending on the model. This is because it depends on whether it is a two-part or a three-part rope-operated ladder. Two-piece rope-operated ladders have a number of rungs ranging from 14 to 24. While a three-section ladder is made of 16 to 24 rungs.

Finally, with little effort you can go from a short ladder to a long ladder where you are guaranteed to reach your desired working height. The only step is to pull the attached rope and extend the ladder.


With the innovative rope pull technology, the ladder is extended from rung to rung.
(Image source: – @mkunsplash84)

Special features

We have briefly listed the other special features of a rope-operated ladder here:

  • many models have a tilt angle indicator
  • Steps have extra deep grooves to ensure you have a good grip when climbing up
  • some models have an additional crossbar for high stability
  • Wall rollers

Facts worth knowing about the topic of rope-operated ladders

In this trivia section, we would like to answer the most typical and frequently asked questions about rope-operated ladders.

Here we explain how to operate a rope-operated ladder and what you need to bear in mind. You will also find out whether you can buy spare parts or additional accessories for a rope-operated ladder.

How do I operate a rope-operated ladder and what should I look out for?

When purchasing a rope-operated ladder, it is particularly advisable to familiarise yourself with the operating instructions in order to avoid injuries.

You can also download the operating instructions online from any rope ladder manufacturer’s website.

To begin with, it is important to check that the rope ladder is complete and in good condition. After that, the ladder must be placed in the correct position. Next, lean the rope ladder against a flat and solid surface, e.g. any building wall. It is particularly important that the ladder is secured before use, as it cannot be repositioned after climbing.


To prevent the rope ladder from slipping when working, it is advisable to place the ladder at an angle of inclination of 1:4 and to make sure that it is placed on a level as well as stable surface. (Image source: – Pixabay)

Next, we have briefly summarised other important facts regarding the use of rope ladders:

  • wear suitable footwear
  • the maximum load capacity of the respective type of rope-operated ladder must not be exceeded
  • use the rope-operated ladder for light work that is performed in a short period of time
  • use ladders that are not live when working under electrical voltage
  • Objects used when climbing the rope-operated ladder should be easy to handle and not heavy

Caution advised! To avoid the risk of injury, the ladder should be properly held when lowering it. For this reason, hold on to the rungs at the side so that the continuing ladder can slide down without any problems.

Are there any spare parts or accessories to buy for the rope ladder?

Be it repair or further extension options, there are not only spare parts but also additional accessories to rope access ladders that can be found in the ladder accessories section. This can even extend the ladder if desired, such as buying hoes and clamps to complete the rope pull ladder.

For example, an additional truss can be purchased as an accessory. Different models of traverse can increase stability and better safety. The traverse can be easily attached to the rope ladder and can even be used with any ladder. It is also possible to replace the rungs of your rope ladder or to buy additional rope holders as a set.

Depending on the manufacturer, spare parts or accessories can easily be found online or at the responsible dealer. For expert advice, it is best to contact customer service or ask a member of staff in the shop.

Can I also rent or hire a rope access ladder?

Are you looking for a rope ladder and don’t want to buy it? Then you can rent it. Various online dealers offer this service, just check online. You can rent the rope pull ladder for both commercial and private use.

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