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Today we will talk about the retro fridge, which in addition to serving as mini fridge and bring much more convenience and comfort to your day to day, still serves as an object of decoration.

The fridge in Retro style refers to the refrigerators of the 50s, ie, have the strong colours, stylized handles, rounded edges and appearance of being an object that has crossed time.

However, the vintage style is only in appearance, because these models have very technological features such as mini freezer, shelves, container for cans and bottles, fruit drawer and more.


  • The minibar is an appliance with reduced dimensions, which is often found in other spaces of the house than the kitchen, such as the bedroom or the living room.
  • In addition to the concern with the functionality of this appliance, manufacturers also pay attention to the visual aspect, so they invest in different designs. The vintage style is one of the most sought after.
  • In the minibar you can store the most varied types of food and beverages. This appliance can acclimatize, cool, freeze or even heat what is inside.

The Best Retro Frigde: Our Picks

Now that we’ve talked a bit about some general minibar features, let’s present the best models. These appliances have in common the fact that they both bet on the retro / vintage design. Check out the best retro refrigerator models on the market:

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best retro fridge

Having a minibar at home or at the office is a guarantee of comfort. Many people who live in a two-story house, buy a minibar for the bedroom so they don’t have to go to the kitchen – which is usually downstairs – to drink water. And the retro fridge can bring even more style to the environment.

Now that we’ve presented you with a ranking of the best retro-style minibar models available on the market, let’s talk a little more about the advantages and disadvantages of the product, how much it costs and where to buy it.

Imagem de um frigobar aberto com vários tipos de bebidas dentro.

The minibar has the operation and parts very similar to the conventional refrigerator. (Source: Cesarharor0 / Pixabay)

What is a retro fridge and where to use it?

The minibar is an appliance that has the operation very similar to the refrigerator, but has smaller dimensions and for this reason is used as an additional household appliance.

Most models have the same internal structure and parts as a refrigerator. It is common to see minibars with shelves, food drawer, rapid cooling compartment, freezer and compartments for cans and bottles in the door.

This appliance has a thermostat and can be used for cooling, freezing or air-conditioning drinks and food. The temperature can vary between 0°C and 5°C. The models that have a compartment for freezing food and drinks can reach up to -6°C.

Some models also have an acclimatization function, ideal for wines. There are appliances with heating function too, and the temperature can reach 85ºC.

Even with the temperature variations promoted by the thermostat, the refrigerator is a very economical appliance.

The power of these appliances is around 100 watts, and they can be found in versions 127 or 220 volts. In other words, these appliances consume little electricity.

The refrigerator has a storage capacity of 45 to 146 litres. The size varies from 60 cm to almost 90 cm high, 50 cm wide and 52 cm deep.

In addition to the convenience it brings to the day, by storing drinks and food within reach, the minibar can also serve as an object of decoration, because the brands invest a lot in the design of the piece.

As it is a small object, the minibar is discreet and can be placed in any corner of the house. Other options are to place it under tables or desks, in the dining room or even embedded in a piece of furniture or a shelf.

What are the advantages of the retro refrigerator?

The minibar is a very useful appliance in several situations and spaces. You can use it as an auxiliary appliance to your refrigerator or as the only option if you live alone.

It is also advantageous to have a minibar in commercial spaces, either for internal use or to offer comfort and convenience to your customers or patients.

You can also buy a minibar to leave in your beach or country house, or even in your leisure area. If all the space in your house is compromised or if your house has two floors, the fridge will also help.

Finally, this mini fridge is useful to leave in elderly people’s rooms. That way, they won’t have to get out of bed if they want something to drink or eat. This will minimise the risk of accidents.

Below, check out a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of having a mini fridge at home or at your workplace:

  • Similar to a refrigerator in the way it works and parts
  • Because of its size, the minibar can be placed anywhere in the house
  • Low energy consumption
  • Refined design, it serves as a decoration object
  • If you are going to place the minibar in the bedroom, make sure it does not emit noise
  • High cost

What is the difference between one minibar and another?

Some features change from one minibar model to another, the main one being the capacity in litres, which can vary from 45 to 146 litres. The features and number of parts may also change.

Another detail, although it may seem irrelevant, is whether or not the model has internal lighting.

The choice of a retro minibar model varies according to your needs.

A model very similar to the minibar is the portable mini refrigerator. It is much smaller than a minibar and can hold between 4 and 10 litres. Some models are for individual use and can only freeze a small can or bottle.

This model is portable and has several types of power supply. There are traditional devices that work when they are plugged in, others use a USB cable to work.

Retro refrigerator Mini fridge portable
Capacity From 45 to 146 litres From 4 to 10 litres
Portable The refrigerator is not for portable use Portable model
Energy supply Works connected to the outlet Works connected to the outlet or USB cable
Functions It climatizes, cools and freezes food and drinks Maintains the temperature of a food or drink and heats

Buying Criteria: Factors to Compare with Retro Frigate Barriers

Although there is little variety of retro style fridge models, appliances with this design are a little different from each other. When choosing yours, pay attention to the following details:

  • Dimensions
  • Internal space
  • Design
  • Finishes


Currently, only three brands manufacture retro-style minibars. The capacity in litres is 76, 105 and 121 litres.

Because of the capacity in litres, the sizes also vary from 80 to 99 cm high, 48 to 54 cm wide and 51 to 62 cm deep. The weight stays around 30 kilos.

This is an important issue to be analyzed and you can start by thinking in which environment it will be placed and how many people the minibar will serve. If it is for a couple in the bedroom, the smaller model with less capacity is sufficient.

If it is to be placed in the office, for example, it is worth investing in a retro fridge with a capacity of 121 litres.

Imagem de homem encostado em frigobar amarelo.

Check the capacity of the fridge before you buy it. (Source: Roman Stetsyk / 123RF)

Internal space

The differentiators of a fridge refer to the parts inside the appliance. Increasingly, minibar models resemble conventional refrigerators and have several interesting parts that help in the organization of the internal space.

Choose models with shelves, fast cooling drawer, freezer, compartments for cans and bottles and drawer for fruits and vegetables. These models, despite being more expensive, are much more practical.

Again, ask yourself. What do you want to store in your fridge? You may need more or less shelves, and having all these questions well defined before the purchase, helps you in buying the perfect retro fridge model.


As you’ve seen, retro/ vintage style fridges take their inspiration from the classic fridge models of the 1950s.

The ends are rounded, the feet are toothpick-shaped, the handle is metal and most models are red. But today there is a wide range of colours.

One of the models cited in the ranking is part of a line of minibars in retro style so there are several colour options. Another model cited can also be found with other prints, as the North American or English flag.


It may seem like a detail, but pay attention to the finishing of the retro style minibar. Notice if the handle is painted or made of metal. As well as the feet of your mini refrigerator.

Pay attention to the painting of the model you chose, if it is of quality. Because it is a high investment, notice the details of the piece makes all the difference to the durability of the product.

(Source of image: Disclosure / Brastemp)