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It’s not uncommon for outdoor enthusiasts to be attracted to a remote control helicopter, regardless of their age, as it’s a toy that provides entertainment for young and old alike. Read on and see what we have to say about this device.

It is similar to a conventional helicopter. However, in order to fly it needs a driver to control it remotely, using a rechargeable remote control. It rises, descends, and stays in a certain position. Thus, these small versions are designed to provide fun and creative experiences.

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  • A helicopter of this style is an unmanned light vehicle that is operated using a remote control. It uses the rotary force provided by the rotor attached to its propellers to lift itself. In addition to this, a wide variety of styles and designs are available today.
  • What type of pilot are you? To find out which helicopter you need, you should ask yourself this question. We will explain everything about helicopters for beginners and hobby pilots later on. This will make it easier for you to make the right purchase.
  • Rotors, accessories, size and protection. These are the purchase criteria that we will discuss in the last section of this text dedicated to remote control helicopters. Please take the time to look at each of the factors we have selected.

The Best Remote Control Helicopter: Our Picks

Buying guide

From now on you will find information about the qualities of these remote-controlled toys. Pay attention to the small details of vital importance to consolidate the most convenient purchase according to your desires. Get ready to enjoy the entertainment guaranteed by these technological devices.

They all take off and land vertically. (Photo: Robzor/

What is a remote-controlled helicopter and what are its advantages?

It is a toy craft consisting mainly of two propellers. One is located at the top centre, while the other is inserted in the tail. The combination of the two allows it to take off, fly and land in a stable manner, according to the commands issued by the driver with a rechargeable remote control.

Thanks to technological advances, it is now designed to move in different directions and even hover in the air. However, the functions vary from one model to another. In all cases, however, it is recommended to use them from the age of 8 years onwards, in order to avoid accidents in young children.

Whether your child, you, or both of you play with it, the idea of having one at home brings new thrills to entertainment. The best part? This aircraft doesn’t need a runway, so you can use it indoors or outdoors, testing your creativity with flying autonomy.

  • Excellent play alternative
  • Stimulates outdoor recreation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to operate by remote control
  • Sold at affordable prices
  • Ideal size and weight for soaring
  • Short flight time
  • Limited battery capacity
  • Dangerous propellers for eyes and fingers
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Short flight distances

Remote control helicopters for beginners or hobbyists – what should you look out for?

Although these machines have become popular as toys for children, over the years manufacturers have invested in making more advanced models. In the following we will explain the peculiarities that characterise both variables. Knowing their specifications will have a decisive influence on your final decision.

Beginners. Traditionally, they are the most sold in toy shops. Why? Well, they are designed for anyone who is just starting out in the handling of these remote-controlled ships. They come with several basic components such as a horizontal motor, tail rotor, propellers, and a few spare parts.

We can’t lose sight of the fact that they look very similar to full-size helicopters. However, it differs when it comes to the colours that are printed on the toy. This makes it an eye-catching piece of equipment for children. As for the materials, we can say that it is made of aluminium and drop-resistant plastic.

Amateurs. These are craft created for more experienced pilots. That is to say, teenagers or adults, whose hobby is to fly remote control helicopters on a recurring basis. They are equipped with self-stabilisers, simple handling system, firm structure against the wind, and shock absorption.

In addition, they come with integrated commands that facilitate height, turn and speed control. Some even have the ability to manoeuvre, record and take photographs by installing a camera. Other accessories can be added to these types of vehicles and they can be controlled from a mobile phone.

Beginners Amateurs
Flying age From 8 years old From 14 years old
Accessories No Yes
Handling Remote control Remote control, mobile phone
Use Occasional entertainment Hobby
Protection Shock Shock and wind

How much does a remote control helicopter cost?

Variable helicopters for beginners with a central rotor are sold for amounts ranging from GBP 10 to GBP 60. This is considering that the price varies according to flight capability, length and availability of spare parts. Helicopters with two side rotors are priced at GBP 15 – GBP 40.

Aircraft designed for hobbyists are more expensive. For example, those with crash and wind protection systems are available from GBP 30 – GBP 60. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for one that you can operate from your mobile phone and fit additional accessories, you can expect to pay between GBP 60 – GBP 140.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to buy and rate different models of remote control helicopters

Over time, they have innovated in the creation of new and better helicopters whose characteristics are adapted to the most demanding tastes. For this reason, we invite you to take a closer look at the buying factors listed here. Analysing them will help you to compare the qualities of each one, in order to choose the one that suits you best.

  • Rotors
  • Accessories
  • Size
  • Protection


We refer to the part that allows the rotation of the propellers in charge of providing lift and stability in forward or reverse flights. We suggest you check how many rotors the model you wish to purchase has, as this will influence its performance in terms of power and thrust.

Two. You will be able to identify them because they are located on the central shaft and tail. Choose a traditional model with these characteristics if you are just starting to use the toy or if you want to give it as a gift to a youngster between eight and thirteen years old. Keep in mind that being a simple model ensures an average performance.

Four. If you want a helicopter with advanced technology, we recommend you take home one with two additional rotors. Check that they are located on the sides, one on each side of the door. Both beginners and amateurs can use it for outdoor flying practice.

They are ideal for children, teenagers and adults. (Photo: Robzor/


The helicopter does not work on its own, as it requires certain accessories to be able to fly. Sometimes they are sold together with the equipment, but sometimes you have to buy them separately. In either case, identify what they are so that you have the necessary accessories on hand to activate it.

Remote control. You need an item like this to turn on, turn off and fly your aircraft. Check if it is included in the purchase. If not, our suggestion is that you look for it separately, either from the same brand or with universal features. In the latter case, check if it will fit your device.

Batteries. Helicopter and remote control must have batteries. Please note that depending on their specifications they may require 1, 2 or 4 rechargeable lithium batteries. In most cases they are not included with the product, so it is best to carry them separately and have some extra.


Not all vehicle sizes are suitable for all people’s needs. For example, it is difficult for a child to manoeuvre a very large aircraft. That said, we advise you to select the toy taking into consideration its dimensions. Take a look at the following and decide what is most suitable.

Small. It’s between 12 and 25 cm long. Want to give a small one as a gift? Bring a vessel with these dimensions to make it easier for them to interact with the device. For example, you will be able to teach them to hold it in their hands in a simple way. On the other hand, remember that these designs can only be manoeuvred indoors.

Medium. They are perfect to start practicing outdoors, either under the supervision of beginners or amateurs, as their length is estimated from 25 to 50 cm. Choose one with these qualities for your own entertainment or as a gift for a teenager from the age of 14.

Large. It meets this specification when its length exceeds 50 cm. Do you want to buy a toy aircraft for adults? This is the best option, as it has enough room to add extra accessories. Besides, when you hold it in your hands you will see that it will be perfectly adapted to your ability to hold it.


All come with a protection system included. However, this varies depending on the qualities of the product. To give you a clearer idea, we will explain below in which situations you should opt for a particular type of vehicle with specific fenders.

Anti-impact. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you carry a sturdy toy with fall protection. Check the product specifications to see if the manufacturer assures you that it complies with this guarantee, because even if it hits the ground it will not suffer significant damage such as dents.

Windproof. Check that it is made to reduce wind resistance, by means of a plastic structure to regulate the passage of air. You will see this in the description provided by the seller. If you are a fan of flying such aircraft, buying one with this feature is the best option.

(Featured image photo: Robzor/