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Welcome to our big red lentil soup test 2022. Here we present all the red lentil soups we have tested. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet. We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best red lentil soup for you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should be aware of when buying red lentil soup.


  • Red lentil soup is good for anyone who wants to eat well but lacks the time or inclination to cook. It is a quick go-to for a balanced and healthy meal.
  • Red lentil soup comes in canned or fresh form. It also often differs in ingredients. Most products are vegan or vegetarian, others contain meat.
  • So, depending on your taste, you can choose a red lentil soup with or without meat. Because of its long shelf life, preserved red lentil soup is particularly suitable for people who want to plan their meals as little in advance as possible.

The best Red lentil soup: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying red lentil soup

Why should you buy red lentil soup?

Red lentil soup is a hearty filling dish that tastes good to young and old. Everyone is short of time to prepare a nutritious lunch or dinner. Whether you’re watching your diet or just looking for a tasty meal, ready-made soup can be a quick lifesaver.

Red lentil soup is a warming, hearty dish. Depending on your own preference, you can choose the type of soup. For example, this one is garnished with chicken, peppers and spinach. (Image source: / Nick Karvounis)

Whether red lentil soup with or without meat, fish, vegetables or coconut milk, it can be varied to suit all tastes. Maybe you prefer an Indian version, or maybe you’d rather try a Thai one. There are no limits to the refinement of the red lentil soup. A classic red lentil soup usually consists of lentils, water and spices. You could refine it with a dollop of sour cream, spinach or chicken strips and anything else your heart desires. Who doesn’t know it? Often you come home after a long day at work, university or school and just want something good to eat quickly. A healthier and faster option to the classic frozen pizza or pasta with pesto is clearly red lentil soup.

What are the nutritional values of red lentil soup?

The nutritional values of red lentil soup of course always depend on the ingredients of the respective product. However, the most important ingredient is usually the red lentils themselves, which are bursting with healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you like to exercise or work out often, you should definitely try red lentil soup. Only 100g of cooked red lentils contain ~25g of protein, which is more than 100g of chicken breast. At the same time, the protein in the red lentil soup keeps you full for a long time.

The red lentils in the soup are full of essential vitamins and nutrients. The protein contained in the red lentils satisfies your hunger and keeps you pleasantly full.

The high fibre content also plays a significant role in satiety. It also makes your blood level rise slowly and steadily and provides you with energy for hours. This way you can avoid falling into an afternoon slump. Furthermore, red lentils – and thus also red lentil soup – are characterised by a high iron content. Iron plays an important role in the transport of oxygen in the blood, which is why you should make sure you get enough of this trace element. Incidentally, iron is better absorbed when eaten together with vitamin C-rich foods. Other important minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Red lentils also contain many B vitamins, which are important for the functioning of the nervous system.

Who is red lentil soup suitable for?

In general, red lentil soup is suitable for everyone from young to old. However, the dish is particularly valuable for a few groups of people. For women during pregnancy, red lentil soup is recommended mainly because of the high iron content of the small legumes. This is because expectant mothers have a greater need for iron.

Women can benefit from the ingredients of red lentil soup especially during their menstruation. The reason for this is the high iron content of the lentils.

For diabetics, red lentil soup can also be a great meal. Because red lentils contain so much fibre, they provide a slow rise in blood sugar levels. However, if you buy red lentil soup, pay attention to the rest of the ingredients. For babies, many recommend foods with red lentils only after the first year of life. Others from the 8th or 9th month. The reason for this is that pulses are somewhat harder to digest. So with little ones, red lentil soup should be handled with care. If red lentils tend to cause flatulence, you can also try seasoning the red lentil soup with a little caraway or coriander. This increases digestibility. Chewing thoroughly always helps too!

Where can I buy red lentil soup?

Whether at your favourite retailer or online – you can buy lentil soup in many places these days. We have found ready-made red lentil soups at some supermarkets, such as Rewe, Edeka or Kaufland. Alnatura and DM also offer the soups under their own brands. On the internet, you can also quickly find them on Amazon.

What are the advantages of bought red lentil soup?

Buying one or two jars or even a stock of red lentil soup has several advantages. The biggest is that you get something tasty and nutritious on your plate quickly.

Red lentil soup can be stored at home for months and quickly reheated on a whim.

A big plus is that buying red lentil soup saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to worry about buying all the necessary ingredients and having them ready at home. Nor do you have to spend time chopping vegetables or cooking the lentils. Simply put as much of the soup as you like into a pot or microwave and heat it briefly. Another advantage is the long shelf life of preserved red lentil soup, i.e. in jars or tins. Depending on the manufacturer, this can be several months or years. So you don’t have to plan far in advance, but can simply reach into the store cupboard to heat up red lentil soup as the mood takes you. Even if you’re just not a fan of cooking but still want to try something new, you may find a new friend in red lentil soup. There are probably few equally good dishes that require so little cooking. And if you do like to cook and create your own dishes, but don’t want to spend so much time in the kitchen, you can refine the purchased red lentil soup yourself. You can spice up the soup with a few extra ingredients to suit your own taste.

How much does red lentil soup cost?

Depending on which red lentil soup you choose, the price can vary. Normally the price is between 2€ and 3€, but it can sometimes cost as much as 7€ or even 12.50€. To make things easier to understand, we have provided a table with a range of different red lentil soups.
Brand Price Quantity
Alnatura 2,29€ 375ml
DM 2,80€ 380ml
Erasco 1,99€ 390ml
Eismann 6,98€ 500g
Bodylove 2,99€ 230ml
Reishunger 13,99€ 2-4 persons
Wünsch dir Mahl 12,49€ 650g
Natur Pur 1,79€ 100g

Further below, under point 1.4.2 Price in the buying criteria, we have adapted this table so that you can see the price of the respective soups per 100ml or 100g and thus compare them better.

What alternatives are there to red lentil soup?

If for some reason you prefer not to have red lentil soup, there are a few alternatives. Lentils can easily be replaced with another type of legume or even omitted. For example, you could use products that contain another type of lentil instead of red lentils, such as yellow lentils, green lentils or mountain lentils. The taste and nutrients remain similar. You can also often find lentil stew in supermarkets. This usually consists not of red lentils but of brown lentils and often some kind of meat, such as bacon, sausages or pork.

Red lentil soup is a very tasty dish for many. However, if you don’t like red lentils so much, you can easily replace them with other legumes, such as chickpeas. (Image source: / Gesina Kunkel)

If you want to avoid lentils altogether, you could replace them with another type of legume. This can also give you nutritional values similar to red lentil soup. Red beans, giant beans or chickpeas also contain many important vitamins and minerals and there are now some ready-made dishes with them. Another option is to choose a ready-made vegetable soup. This is available in a wide range of varieties and can also be quickly heated up and adapted to your own taste with just a few ingredients.

Decision: What types of red lentil soup are there and which is the right one for you?

If you want to buy a red lentil soup, you can distinguish between different products:

  • Fresh red lentil soup
  • Preserved red lentil soup
  • Cooked red lentil soup
  • Vegetarian / vegan red lentil soup
  • Red lentil soup with meat

All of the product types mentioned have a number of advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide which type of red lentil soup you personally prefer.

Fresh red lentil soup

Fresh red lentil soup is the kind you often find in the refrigerated section of a shop. As the title suggests, it is relatively freshly prepared, which has some advantages but also disadvantages. Because it is not preserved and the ingredients are quite fresh, it contains more vitamins than the preserved version. However, this also means a shorter shelf life, because fresh red lentil soup can often only be kept for a few days or weeks.

  • Freshly prepared dish
  • Contains more vitamins as a result
  • Often healthier than the preserved
  • Shorter shelf life
  • Storage in the fridge
  • More unstable packaging

Also, it is often sold in plastic containers, which can crack more easily than if the soup were packaged in glass or tin cans.

Preserved red lentil soup

Preserved red lentil soup, unlike the fresh variety, does not need to be stored in a cool place. Manufacturers offer it either in glass containers or in tins and the shelf life is often equivalent to 1-2 years, which is a definite advantage. This type of red lentil soup can easily be prepared spontaneously. In contrast to fresh red lentil soup, however, the preserved one contains fewer vitamins. Many preserved soups are sold in glass containers, but some are also sold in tins.

  • Long shelf life
  • Does not need to be refrigerated
  • Less to plan ahead
  • Not fresh
  • Less vitamins
  • Canned foods are fraught with health and environmental problems

Canned food is viewed critically because substances such as tin or BPA can leach into the food. In addition, a lot of energy is needed to produce a can. What’s more, they can hardly be reused.

Red lentil soup as a cooking package

If you like to cook, but don’t want to spend so much time planning/preparing, a cooking package could be just the thing for you. There are variants where you get a box with the individual ingredients that you can mix together according to the recipe. Or you can get a ready-made cooking mix that you only have to prepare in boiling water. So with a cooking pack, you can cook for yourself but still be quicker in the kitchen. It also encourages you to try new recipes and maybe discover a new favourite food for yourself.

  • Involves more cooking
  • Less effort than cooking yourself
  • Lets you try new recipes
  • Involves more time in the kitchen
  • Fresh ingredients need to be used up quickly
  • You need to plan ahead more

If cooking is not your thing, the longer time in the kitchen is probably more of a disadvantage for you. You also have to be careful to use ingredients quickly so they don’t spoil. So you should plan when you can make the soup.

Vegetarian / vegan red lentil soup

If you want to go vegetarian or vegan, you have a big advantage with red lentil soup: most products are vegan or vegetarian because they contain dairy products. And even if your family or friends like to eat meat, they will probably still enjoy the soup. Giving up meat more often is becoming more and more trendy. And there is a good reason for this, because meat production leads to high greenhouse gas emissions and requires huge amounts of water. So if you give up meat, you can make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

  • Tastes good to vegans and meat eaters
  • Supports the trend towards less meat
  • More environmentally friendly than versions with meat
  • Free of cholesterol
  • You have to give up meat

Foods that are free of animal products also contain no cholesterol. Too much cholesterol can be dangerous for your health, so you should keep your intake of cholesterol low.

Red lentil soup with meat

Absolute meat lovers may find red lentil soup with chicken, sausages etc. more to their liking. Here, too, the pros and cons can be weighed up. One advantage is that you get more different flavours in red lentil soup with different meat products. The traditional lentil stew, you may still know from your grandma, usually also contains some kind of meat, such as mock, bacon or sausages.

  • Contains meat
  • The taste is more varied
  • More similar to the classic lentil stew
  • Smaller product range
  • Worse for the environment
  • Often unhealthier alternatives

However, pork, bacon or sausages are all foods that are not exactly healthy or are often even called harmful to health. And the more meat in the lentil soup, the less room there is for the red lentils themselves or valuable vegetables.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate red lentil soups.

We will now show you which aspects you can use to choose the best red lentil soup for you from the many products available. The criteria we have used for comparison are as follows:

  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Method of preparation
  • Shelf life

Below we explain what lies behind each criterion.


If it is important to you to know what exactly is in the red lentil soup, the list of ingredients could be a significant purchase criterion for you. We have already mentioned above that there can be some differences in the types of products. Most red lentil soups are suitable for vegans, but sometimes they contain dairy products and are therefore vegetarian. Others contain meat. If you value fresh ingredients, a fresh red lentil soup might be preferable to a preserved one. In addition, there are soups with coconut milk, with vegetables, Indian style or traditional. It depends on your taste and diet which ingredients you choose. Even if it is important to you to buy red lentil soup with organically grown ingredients, you will find what you are looking for.


Although red lentil soup often consists of similar ingredients, the different products can vary greatly in price.

Brand Price Quantity
Alnatura 0,61€ 100ml
DM 0,74€ 100ml
Erasco 0,51€ 100ml
Eismann 1,40€ 100g
Bodylove 1,30€ 100ml
Reishunger 7,00€-3,50€ 1 portion
Wünsch dir Mahl 1,92€ 100g
Natur Pur 1,79€ 100g

Most of these ready meals cost 2€-4€, but for premium versions the price can shoot up a bit. The most expensive ready-made product we found was 12.49€. We have already listed a few prices above. At first glance, it can still be difficult to compare the prices, as the dishes have different quantities.


When it comes to quantity, the question is for how many people you want to prepare the red lentil soup. As you can see in the table above, there are several different quantities. To make it easier for you to know how much red lentil soup is enough for how many servings, we have created another table.

Quantity Servings
up to 400g 1-2
500g-650g 2-3
Cooking box 2-4

If you’re just looking for something to eat for yourself, the smaller options will probably be enough. But if you want friends, flatmates or family to eat with you, it’s better to go for a larger box.

If you’d rather buy a smaller portion but aren’t sure if it’s enough, you could serve bread or rice with the soup. This way, less lentil soup is enough for more meals.

If you plan to eat the red lentil soup for several days, it might be a good idea to buy a larger packet.

Method of preparation

The method of preparation depends mainly on how much time you have and how much of a cook you are. Most of the products on offer only need to be heated up once for a short time. This requires very little effort.

The finished red lentil soup can be refined to your own taste in no time at all. One of the many possibilities is to add vegetables such as carrots or herbs such as thyme. (Image source: / Le Creuset)

With a cooking package, on the other hand, you have all the ingredients nicely prepared and portioned in front of you, but you still have to allow for a little more time in the kitchen. But if you like to cook, this could be just the thing for you.

Shelf life

The different products also differ in terms of shelf life. As already mentioned with the product types, some are freshly prepared, while others are preserved. This means that the expiry date of red lentil soup varies greatly. If you don’t care about the shelf life and want to buy red lentil soup for next week, a fresh red lentil soup from the refrigerated section could be exactly what you are looking for. If you prefer to have red lentil soup on hand at home for unforeseeable emergencies or to have a tasty meal on hand at the spur of the moment, a canned option may have more advantages for you. Once you have bought the red lentil soup in a jar or can, you can reheat it whenever you feel like it over the next few years.

Interesting facts about red lentil soup

Where do red lentils grow?

By now you know all there is to know about red lentil soup. But where do the little legumes actually come from? The answer is: from almost everywhere! If you like Indian food, you will have noticed that many dishes are made with lentils. This is no coincidence, because about half of all lentils harvested come from India. But lentils are actually grown all over the world. Countries like Algeria, Chile, Russia, Turkey and the USA are among the producers. There are also some lentil growers in Europe. Most European lentils come from Spain, but they are also produced in Germany.

How can you refine red lentil soup?

Red lentil soup itself usually has a strong, hearty flavour. If you still miss something, you can easily spice it up yourself. There are no limits to your creativity. For example, you can serve it with bread and fresh coriander or cumin. The flavour of healthy ginger also goes very well with red lentil soup. Another option is to add one or two vegetables of your choice. How about potatoes, carrots or spinach? If you are still lacking some animal protein, you can simply add some chicken strips. You might also like red lentil soup with minced meat or sausages. Or you can add a dollop of sour cream / yoghurt to give it a fresh touch.

Recipes for red lentil soup

Have you got a taste for it now? If you prefer to save a little money and like to cook, you could also make your own red lentil soup. Whether in the Thermomix, low-carb or for a more traditional style. You’re sure to find a recipe that suits you.

Image source: / nik