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Back pain is known to be a widespread disease. Many Germans suffer from it at least once in their lives. No wonder that it is important for people to sit more comfortably in order to avoid back pain as much as possible. A recliner is a pleasant seating option. In some, you can not only sit comfortably, but also sleep or get a massage after a long day. To find the right recliner for your needs, we have compared different models in this article.


  • Recliners are a comfortable way to sit and lie down.
  • There are recliners for outdoor use as well as for the home.
  • Electric recliners also have massage functions.

The Best Recliner: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for recliners

So that you don’t lose the overview, we have compiled a list of the most important criteria for buying a recliner. This way you won’t forget any key criteria when making your purchase decision:

Now we explain what you should look for in the individual criteria so that you can make a well-considered purchase decision.


Recliners can be made of different materials. Often, artificial leather or polyester is used for recliners that are intended for the living room or indoors. Good padding and an ergonomic backrest are important for high seating and reclining comfort. If the backrest is adjustable, it is all the better. Recliners that are intended for outdoor use should be made of material that is as weather-resistant as possible. For example, PE rattan is more durable than traditional rattan. Therefore, you should know where you want to place your recliner before you buy it.

Load capacity

Before you buy a recliner, you should check how many kilograms it can support. After all, you want to keep your recliner for a long time and not get hurt if it breaks apart. Normally, most recliners can support at least up to 100 kg. The manufacturer usually states this information in the product description. With recliners that are foldable or collapsible, you should make absolutely sure that you have assembled them correctly. Otherwise they will not be able to withstand the specified maximum load or they will fall apart immediately.


Normally, the manufacturer gives the overall dimensions of the recliner, as this is important information about the product. That is, the height, width and length of the recliner are given. Sometimes you will also find more detailed measurements, for example, how long the recliner is when the backrest or footrest is tilted. Here it depends on your personal needs how big the recliner should be. If your space for the recliner is limited, you should also pay attention to how long the recliner is in its longest position, if it is adjustable.


The weight of recliners can vary greatly. It depends mainly on the material and the dimensions of the recliner how much it weighs in the end. On average, you can say that a recliner weighs around 30 kg. The versions for the garden and terrace usually weigh less, because you want to be able to store and move them easily. If you want to get a recliner for your home, you should move it with your friends if possible and not alone, as this would otherwise not be good for your back.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about recliners answered in detail

In this section we explain the most frequently asked questions about recliners so that you are well informed when buying a recliner.

Who is a recliner suitable for?

In principle, a recliner is suitable for anyone who likes to sit comfortably. This applies mainly to older people, as they often have problems with their backs and therefore prefer to sit softly. But you can also get a recliner if you just want to read a book or watch TV in comfort.

What types of recliners are there?

There are many different types of recliners. Basically, they can be divided into two groups. Firstly, the recliners for outdoor use, i.e. garden and terrace, and then the recliners for your home. They differ mainly in their material, size and additional functions.


If you have a comfortable seat, you can relax better. (Image source: Andrea Piacquadio/ Pexels)

For example, you don’t put an electric recliner outside. You won’t watch TV as comfortably in the evening in a wooden recliner for the garden as you would in a well-upholstered one made of artificial leather.

What does a recliner cost?

The price of a recliner usually depends on the material, the functions and the brand. Therefore, the price range goes from cheap to expensive. The following table should give you information about the possible prices of a recliner:

Price range Available products
Low-priced 30 – 70 € mainly simple recliners for the garden
Medium-priced 70 – 200 € simple recliners made of fabric, possibly with adjustable backrest
High-priced from 200 € electric recliners

As you can see, there are different price ranges for which you can buy a recliner. If you are looking for a solid recliner, it is best to go for the middle price range.

How do you cover a recliner?

In principle, you can reupholster a recliner just like a normal armchair. You can’t do this with every type of recliner. It is best to use a fabric recliner that can be taken apart. When you have disassembled the recliner, you can either pull the new fabric over the old one or pull the old fabric off first. If you want to remove the old fabric first, you have to loosen the staples or undo the seam and pull the fabric off. Then, using a stapler for furniture and fabric, fasten the new fabric to the place where the old fabric was fastened. You may also have to sew up a few places by hand. Make sure that nothing slips and that the fabric is taut and smooth. Finally, you just have to put the chair back together.

What are the alternatives to a recliner?

An alternative to a recliner is, of course, the simple armchair. Compared to a recliner, an armchair usually cannot be adjusted and usually does not have a footrest. But it is also well upholstered and comfortable. Moreover, armchairs are not intended for outdoor use, but basically for the living room. A rocking chair is also an alternative to a recliner. With some newer models of a rocking chair, you can even adjust the footrest. Nevertheless, rocking chairs are often not so well upholstered and not suitable for reclining.


Recliners are a cosy seating and lounging option for the home or garden. They are more than enough for one person and offer relaxation after a long day with various additional functions, such as a massage function, extra side pockets or a foldable table. The mostly ergonomic backrest is especially good for people with back pain. Recliners come in different versions, so you can find the right one for you. When making a purchase decision, personal preferences and the price play an overriding role.

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