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See well and be happy not to suffer from the sun’s rays, without a doubt, sunglasses are one of the best inventions ever created. They relax your eyesight, help correct problems and, let’s be honest, they fit many people like a glove. In this opportunity we will bring you the best information about one of the most recognized brands: Ray Ban.

When you are looking for the best product reviews think of our platform, because at ReviewBox we have the best for you. Relevant details, comparison with other brands, pros and cons as well as buying factors. But that’s not all, because we will answer the most frequently asked questions from users.

The most important facts

  • Who doesn’t know a pair of Ray Ban glasses? The brand that managed to introduce the Aviator and Wayferer models to the world, achieving maximum sun protection even in the most extreme conditions. This is, without a doubt, one of the best brands in sunglasses or vision glasses.
  • Maui Jim, Oakley, Serengeti, Hawkers and Prada, all incredible brands and all are direct competitors of Ray Ban eyewear. However, Ray Ban knows how to hold its own with its variety of models, high durability, quality and impeccable design.
  • If you’re fed up with choosing the wrong glasses, with our buying criteria section you’ll know that the three most important aspects of buying glasses are: The shape of your face, the model you buy and of course, the materials that provide the quality and durability.

The best Ray Ban glasses: Our picks

Buying Guide

Keep an eye on the screen if you want to know every last detail about Ray Ban lenses and that’s with our cool buying guide. Here you can get the answers to the most important questions about this product.

Keep your eyes protected with Ray Ban sunglasses. (Photo: langstrup / 123RF)

How to identify original Ray Ban sunglasses?

It is very easy to find counterfeits of popular sunglasses, so it is important that you know how to identify genuine Ray Ban sunglasses. There are several ways to do it, one of them is by weight and size, the materials of the originals are quality and therefore heavier. In addition, they have the name “Ray-Ban” engraved on the lenses.

Engraved name, model number, logo, is what distinguishes them

On the frame or body of Ray Ban lenses you will find their name engraved, as well as the model number. Even the bridge has the Ray-Ban logo! When you buy a pair of Ray-Ban glasses, you’ll get a liner and a cleaning cloth, as well as a set of perfectly translated guides.

What is the difference between Ray Ban lenses and other brands?

Ray Ban glasses have always been known for being one of the best in the market. Even though this brand competes with the big brands such as Oakley, Serengeti, Maui Jim, Prada and Hawkers, it manages to make great sales due to its wide variety of models, its protection technology and its resistance.

While the others offer a sporty or sport-leaning look, Ray Ban stays classic with a modern twist, making them perfect for any look or activity. They’re also not as exuberant as Prada or Serengeti. If you want something sober, elegant and with urban touches Ray Ban is the brand for you.

Ray Ban Other brands
Models Aviator, Wayferer, New Wayferer and Club Master Aviator, sport, Wayferer, designer
Lens customization Full customization Oakley only (halfway)
Price (Children’s models not included) Minimum 2,000 MXN Minimum 1,600 MXN

How to clean Ray Ban lenses?

We all want our Ray Ban lenses to be clean all the time, but that’s impossible. Our recommendation is to use a microfibre tissue, like the one you get when you buy them. If the stain is very strong you should use lukewarm water and blot it with a cloth or cotton cloth. And please, never try to clean the lenses with a chemical.

“If the stain is very strong you should use lukewarm water and blot it with a cloth or cotton cloth. And please, never try to clean the lenses with a chemical.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ray Ban lenses?

Ray Ban lenses not only set a milestone with their excellent design, but also with their Aviator and Wayfarer models, which made them a distinctive brand. The former combines all the style and protection of aviator glasses, minimalist and modern. While the latter gives you an unforgettable retro look.

This brand’s polarized lenses have UV4000 protection, which protects your eyes from 99 to 100%, a great variety in the colours of their glasses to provide maximum comfort to its users. As well as high quality and high resistance materials such as metal, acetate and nylon. In addition, you can create 100% customised lenses.

  • Retro, modern and minimalist designs
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Most polarized models
  • You can customize your lenses
  • High quality materials
  • No sport models
  • Their cases are not sturdy
  • Stepping on them can break them
  • High price

Fun facts: what you didn’t know about Ray Ban lenses

It’s nice to be able to know every last detail about brands that have been with us since our very birth or a large part of our lives. In this section we’ll tell you some fun facts about Ray Ban eyewear.

Does Ray Ban make children’s glasses?

Yes, Ray Ban has factories in China that produce children’s glasses and more affordable ones. Kids can enjoy the famous Aviator model with coloured lenses, as well as the Erika, Wings, Clubmaster Junior and other cartoon models. Vision glasses are also available for children.

What is the warranty on Ray Ban lenses, and how can I make it valid?

The company Luxottica, which is the manufacturer of the Ray Ban brand, offers its customers a 24-month warranty against manufacturing defects. To make this warranty valid, you must go to the shop where you purchased the product, within 2 years from the day you purchased the product, with your proof of purchase and the product.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of Ray Ban lenses

It’s so sad to buy a pair of glasses and end up regretting it because they’re not what you expected or they don’t look as good on you. Don’t worry, with our shopping criteria you’ll have things to look out for before you buy Ray Ban. This will guarantee you a desirable purchase. Rock that look!

  • Face shape
  • Collections
  • Manufacturing materials

Face shape

Many times we buy a type of glasses because we like the shape, we like the style or the design, but the truth is that not always that model is the right one for us. To buy your Ray Ban lenses the first thing you should look at is your face and which styles of this brand would suit you.

Round face. If the features of your face are wide and oval, both in the cheekbones and in the forehead and jaw you should choose Ray Ban lenses, whether sunglasses or eyeglasses, to go with it. In this case choose round or rectangular lenses such as the Oval, New Wayferer or Justin collections.

Oval face. People with oval faces, i.e. with wide cheekbones, a narrower forehead and a smaller chin should wear square or round Ray Ban. If they are eyeglasses we recommend the New Wayferer, the Round, the Wayferer, the ClubMaster and the Nina.

Triangle face. Triangle or heart-shaped faces are those whose widest part is the forehead and which get narrower and narrower until they reach the chin. If you have a precious triangular face, you’ll want to get round or square Ray Ban lenses like the Wayferer, NewWayferer, Justin, and Timeless.

Square face. Faces with pronounced cheekbones, foreheads and jawlines are just as narrow as those with square faces. Best for this type of face are round or rectangular Ray Ban lenses like the New Wayferer, Justin, Aviator and Oval.


Ray Ban is one of the brands with the largest number of models on the market, and if that’s not enough, you can customize your own lens based on the example of other designs. Another fundamental factor before acquiring these glasses is to know each of their collections and models.

Aviator. Ray Ban’s star collection is the aviator, in fact they were the first brand to make these lenses for the United States aviation. A collection that is replicated by other brands without the same success. Within this classic and elegant collection you will find the Classic, EVOLVE, OLYMPIAN RELOADED and more.

Wayferer and New Wayferer. Retro never goes out of fashion, just ask your friend the Hipster. With that vintage vibe Ray Ban introduced the Wayferer model that revolutionized the world, along with the Aviator. If you like minimalism and the past, this collection is for you. While the New Wayferer are similar, just a little cropped.

Clubmaster and Erika. Did someone say style? With oval shapes the Clubmaster and the Erika collection are coming to make a statement. Ray Ban Clubmaster lenses bring all the sophistication, while Erika brings a fashionable vibe. The Classic, the Color mix, the RB4274, the Folding and the Clubround are some of the highlights.

Justin, Round and Timeless. If you are looking for hybrid collections between the models we saw above and other risky designs that don’t look like Ray Ban, but are, you have the Justin, Round and Timeless collections with models like the RB2180V, the Oval, the RB5228 and others. They are very commercial lenses for all tastes.

Manufacturing materials

The manufacturing materials of the lenses are those characteristics that make them of good quality and great durability. As you would expect from such an important brand, Ray Ban has manufacturing materials that are highly esteemed in the market, which you should be aware of before purchasing any product.

Metal. When we talk about mental and Ray Ban lenses the first thing that crosses our mind is the beautiful design of the Aviator with temples or rods made of stainless metal, thin, and in different colours. Metal is an expensive, but durable material that gives a distinctive touch to any product.

Acetate. Acetate is another of the most common materials used in Ray Ban eyewear. Collections such as Wayferer and NewWayferer, as well as Justin, use acetate to give life to their frames. It is a cheaper material than metal and can be used in larger quantities, making the lenses more robust.

Nylon. A very recurrent material in the Erika and Round collections, it is not as resistant as the previous ones but it can last for many years with proper care. If you want affordable Ray Ban lenses, buy a pair with a nylon frame and give them the care they deserve, you won’t regret it.

Lenses. The lenses are the protagonist in all glasses, whether to see better or to protect us from the sun. Ray Ban offers prescription and polarized lenses with 4000 UV protection. Thanks to research and technology, they managed to come up with G-15 lenses that guarantee better contrast, reduce fatigue and eliminate reflections.

(Featured Image Photo: Kamil Macniak / 123RF)