Last updated: 16/10/2022

We will present useful information for people who need to buy the product and don’t know the best way to compare models on the market. When it comes to Ratchet Wrenches, tightening should be only on the screw and not in your pocket. For this reason it is worth learning how to buy models with less costs and more benefits. The types of ratchet wrenches, the advantages or disadvantages of this tool and the average price. All these are just some of the teachings you have when reading the words of the buying guide.


  • Ratchet wrenches have different levels of extensions and teeth to work with specific screw sizes.
  • You can buy the product individually or in sets with several units to use for different levels of extensions.
  • It is possible to work with the Ratchet Wrench without removing the tool from the thread or screw.

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The Best Ratchet: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Have you ever had the experience of trying to unscrew a bolt that seems to be stuck in the engine? It is important to have a ratchet wrench on hand to make these tricky jobs easier. Ladies and gentlemen, read the special advice to learn how to buy ratchet wrenches more safely, selecting the best offers according to your type of work.

Um homem usando a chave catraca para parafusar um parafuso grande em um bloco de metal.

Working with screws on the construction site is easier when you use a ratchet wrench (Source: WikiImages/ Pixabay)

What is a ratchet wrench?

Ideal for tightening or unscrewing screws, the ratchet wrench is a versatile product present in pipe or simple wrench format. The differential of this product is that it allows you to work without removing the wrench from the bolt, generating more comfort and speed in services. The Ratchet Wrench is suitable for services with hexagonal head screws.

How to use a Ratchet Wrench?

Usage is simple. You must use a ratchet wrench that corresponds to the size of the nut or bolt to be handled. You need to fit the larger part of the tool onto the bolt. After making sure that everything is fitted perfectly, move the tool sideways.

What are the advantages of a Ratchet?

It’s a relief to think that with little physical effort you can put in or take out even the toughest screws. Many mechanics use the Ratchet Wrench to perform most of the tapping movements, leaving the final part to be tapped with other tools, such as a torque wrench, for example. There is no universal ratchet wrench, only one unit cannot work with the most different screw sizes. Another bad point is that the versions of the best brands cost higher prices. In the table note the advantages and disadvantages:

  • Does not need electric power to work
  • Ideal for making adjustments
  • Does not require batteries or batteries
  • Screws and unscrews
  • Screws without the need to remove the tool from the screw
  • Streamlines threading services
  • Use does not require much strength
  • Does not work on all screws
  • You need to use the right tool according to the size of threads or screws
  • Higher prices on quality brands

What is the best screwdriver?

To tighten screws or threads there are 3 versions of wrenches. Let us know a little more about each model for you to understand which tool you should choose to perform your professional activities.

Ratchet Wrench

The Ratchet Wrench is indicated for working without much physical effort, only fitting the tool to the screw and moving it with extreme ease. Offering high comfort to users, Ratchet Wrenches speed up screwing services, performing most of the movements to fasten or loosen screws and nuts.

Uma chave catraca de aço em cima de uma mesa

Stainless Steel Ratchet Wrench (Source: webandi/ Pixabay)

Common Spanner

With the common tightening wrench you work by removing the tool from the bolt or nut, which requires a lot of force in the initial movements to remove stuck objects. They are inexpensive and readily available on the market. You must choose a common torque wrench that is the exact size of the screws being handled.

Diversas chaves comuns de aperto reunidas em grupo

Common wrenches for tightening screws or nuts (Image Caption: ID 41330/ Pixabay)

Wheel wrench

The wheel wrench has a cross shape and is used to remove nuts or bolts from car wheels. This production is useful in ensuring firmness in screwing. Depending on the condition of the nut you need to use less or more force to handle the accessory. This is why this option is not very easy to use. Take a look at the table to better understand the differences between the wrenches:

Ratchet Wrench Common Spanner Wheel Wrench
Force employed in the use Low High High
Prices Medium Low Medium
Comfort High Medium Medium
Type of work Speed up threading service Varied Putting on or removing wheel bolts
Ease of use Yes No No
Weight Light Medium Heavy

Purchase criteria: How to compare ratchet wrench models

Did you know that without much effort you can quickly find some worthwhile promotions? To become a real comparison machine for ratchet switches on the market, we recommend that you consider the top 5 comparative criteria when looking for the ideal model:

Learn more about each criterion:


You can find two different versions of ratchet wrenches. Each one best fits your work habits.

  • Ratchet Wrench: In this version you can change the type of ratchet using only one tool (just replace the pipe). Generally brands provide several options of pipes in the ratchet kit, which can also be purchased separately.
  • Common Ratchet: In this case, to change the ratchet type it is necessary to use a new tool. In some versions, it is possible to work on both sides of the model. Common Ratchet Wrenches cost less and sometimes have one side consisting of a single spanner.

Understand more about ratchet types by checking this table:

Ratchet Wrench Common Ratchet Wrench
Practicality More Less
Resistance Less More
Prices More expensive Cheaper


Sometimes you realize that you have to work with a certain amount of effort and you think: “This ratchet wrench does not have the quality”. In most cases this happens not because the product is bad, but because it is being used in the wrong way. In general, standard ratchet wrenches come with two types of extensions: 5-inch and 10-inch. However, some jobs require other numbering in inches – keep an eye out.

Desenho de 4 chaves de catraca comuns

The standard ratchet spanner can be used on both sides (Image Caption: OpenClipart-Vectors/ Pixabay)


Most common ratchet wrenches have a silver hue that corresponds to steel. In these cases the ratchet part has a tough black coating. When buying the ratchet wrench with pipe you can choose more shade options. If your workshop does not have very good lighting you can take light-colored versions, so it is easy to identify the tool.


If you intend to work with many sizes of hexagonal nuts and bolts it is worth purchasing a kit that has several versions of Ratchet Wrenches. But, who already has the kit and just needs to replace a unit or add extra options has more benefits when buying by unit.


The Ratchet Wrench is only good when it is made of alloyed steel with chrome vanadium. This composition is the main trend in the best models worldwide. To understand if a Ratchet Wrench has quality materials, check if the composition complies with the strict DIN 1711-1 standard. (Featured image source: webandi/ Pixabay)