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The raclette grill allows you to prepare food easily and quickly, and everyone can be their own chef. The classic raclette oven and table grill became the raclette grill. With such a device, you can grill as well as melt cheese. In our large raclette grill test 2023, we took a closer look at various devices. Our aim is to help you find the right raclette grill. In our test, we paid special attention to the grill plate. We analysed and compared stone plates, metal plates and combined plates. You will find detailed information in the following sections. After you have read through everything, it should be easy for you to buy such a device.


  • The raclette grill enables quick and easy preparation of a wide variety of dishes that can be eaten at the same time. You can decide for yourself how much cheese, meat, fish or vegetables you want to eat. In addition to the dishes already mentioned, certain grill surfaces are also equipped for the preparation of mini pizzas or pancakes.
  • Raclette grills come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. The material of the grill plate is the main distinguishing feature between the appliances; a distinction should be made between stone plates and metal plates.
  • On stone plates, the heat is distributed evenly, which is why it is easier to prepare other dishes on them. Metal plates heat up faster than stone plates, so food can be eaten more quickly. However, there are also models that combine both plates.

The Best Raclette Grill: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for raclette grills

When it comes to raclette grills, there is a wide range of possible products to choose from. In order to make your decision easier, you will find the following important features to guide you. The criteria you can use to compare raclette grills include:

In the following, we will show you in detail what is important in each of the criteria.


The performance of a raclette grill is especially important with regard to the culinary dining experience. It doesn’t matter whether you use the oven, the grill surface or both at the same time. In any case, the power ensures fast and efficient preparation. When buying a raclette grill, make sure that it has a power of at least 1200 watts. The grill surface must reach a high temperature in order to roast meat, fish or vegetables; less powerful models take much longer to do this. A power lower than 1200 watts is not recommended, as otherwise the quality of the food will be impaired in addition to long waiting times. The size of the grill surface should also be taken into account. The more surface area the grill has, the more power is needed to bring the appliance to the right temperature. For this reason, it is worth investing in a powerful appliance with 1500 watts or more, especially for larger appliances.


The size of the raclette grill is a key purchase criterion. It is not worth buying a raclette grill for 8 or more people if you do not even need that many pans. Therefore, first ask yourself how many people you would like to spend an evening with on a raclette grill. Then you can make your decision. There are many different raclette grills, most of which have a capacity of 2 to 12 pans. The most commonly sold are those with 8 pans. But not only the number of pans is an indication of the size of the raclette grill. The grill plate is also important. The more surface area it has, the more food can be grilled on it, but at the same time more energy has to be used to heat everything up.

Material of the grill plate

The material of the grill surface is a very important purchase criterion. With most appliances, a distinction is made between a stone and a metal plate. Both types offer advantages and disadvantages, which we will analyse in more detail in a later section.

In contrast to metal griddles, stone griddles take much longer to heat up completely.

Natural stone takes a long time to reach the desired temperature, but it also offers an even distribution of heat. In addition, the heat is stored for a long time on stone slabs. For this reason, other things such as mini pizzas or pancakes can also be prepared well on stone plates. Metal plates, on the other hand, reach the desired temperature very quickly and therefore also consume less electricity than stone plates. On the other hand, the heat distribution of metal plates is usually not felt over the entire plate. Often, metal plates also have a non-stick coating. Another extra are reversible plates, which already have circular templates for crêpes, for example. Conversely, stone plates are heavier and more difficult to clean than metal plates. If you can’t decide between the two, you also have the option of buying a mixed model with combined plates. In this case, one half of the grill surface consists of a metal plate and the other half of a natural stone.


The shape of a raclette grill plays an important role primarily in terms of appearance. From oval to square to circular models, everything is included. Not only the appearance, but also the eating experience is influenced. The longer a raclette grill is in width, the easier it is for visitors to get to it. On the other hand, it also takes longer for the entire surface to heat up. Square models are longer, so it is usually easier for everyone to get to the appliance. On the other hand, it takes more time to heat all the corners. With circular appliances, the heat distribution is better regulated because everything is more compact, but access to the raclette grill can be more difficult. Oval raclette grills are a combination of the previous two. Unlike circular models, they are more elongated, but are still more compact than square models and can therefore distribute the heat more evenly. Therefore, decide for yourself which shape you find visually more attractive and which best suits your desired use.

Temperature control

As mentioned earlier, the power and therefore the wattage play an important role when choosing a raclette grill. There are many appliances that have a temperature control where you can manually set the temperature of the grill.

A temperature control makes it possible to specifically influence waiting times and the dining experience.

The control allows you to decide for yourself how fast or how slowly the grill should heat up. It is therefore particularly important to pay attention to this criterion when buying a raclette grill. Keep in mind that raclette grills with a stone plate always take longer to heat up. With a temperature control, you can still decide how hot the stone should get. With metal plates, you can reduce the heating time if you want to take more time to eat. There is no question that certain dishes should be less hot than others. For this reason, temperature control not only affects the amount of time it takes, but also the quality of the food. You can decide for yourself how hot you want the grill to be so that your meat is cooked the way you prefer. It would also be important for the appliance to have an on/off button so you don’t have to pull the plug right away.


When it comes to the coating, you should specifically make sure that both the grill plate and the pans have a non-stick coating. This makes cleaning the materials much easier.

Make sure that your raclette grill and accessories are made of high-quality components.

The coating also provides a certain level of safety, as the appliance is equipped and finished in such a way that the risk of injury remains low. A firm stand, a heat-resistant housing or heat-insulating handles on the pans are decisive criteria that should be taken into account especially with regard to safety.


The weight of a raclette grill plays a role in that it is advantageous for cleaning if the grill plates are lighter. Metal plates are lighter than stone plates and therefore easier to clean. The weight of a device can vary greatly depending on its size. The larger a raclette grill is, the more weight it has. Conventional raclette grills usually weigh between 1 and 10 kilograms.

Price-performance ratio

The more additional functions your raclette grill has, the more expensive it will be.

It is worth investing in a more expensive, more powerful model. On the one hand, this improves the quality of the food, and on the other hand, it increases the longevity of the raclette grill.

If the raclette grill also has both a metal and a stone plate, this is an important decision factor in terms of heating time and enjoyment and truly offers added value.

Decision: What types of raclette grills are there and which is the right one for me?

There are basically two types of product that you can choose between when buying a raclette grill:

Product type Advantages Disadvantages
Stone grill plate even heat distribution, long heat retention long heating process, more power consumption, heavier than metal plates
Metal grill plate fast heating process, less power consumption, lighter than stone plates, non-stick coating plate does not heat up evenly, poorer grill quality

In the next sections we will go into more detail about the respective plates.


Stone grill plate

The stone plate is usually made of a natural stone, which can also be found in ovens, among other things. Thanks to the even heat distribution, stone plates can also be used to prepare other dishes such as mini pizzas or other pastries by placing them in the raclette pan. This offers an additional variation to the previous recipes, which mainly contain fish, meat or vegetables. The stone plate basically has the function of a hot stone. Although it takes considerably more time and energy to heat up completely, it serves as a hot stone for a long time afterwards.

  • Even heat distribution over the entire grilling surface
  • high grilling quality
  • long heat storage
  • natural raw material
  • heavier than a metal plate
  • long waiting times until the plate is heated up
  • needs more time to cool down
  • more electricity consumption
  • more cost-intensive than metal plates

A stone plate heats up completely and retains the heat gained for a very long time. It gives off heat evenly over a longer period of time and can still be used after the appliance has been switched off. However, it takes a correspondingly long time for it to cool down. But the heat is not only evenly distributed on the grill surface because of the stone plate; the pans also benefit from this. Since the stone heats up completely, this also affects the pans below the stone plate. This means that slight differences in temperature can also be compensated for there by the even distribution of heat.


Metal grill plate

A metal grill plate is the more common variant in everyday life. In most cases, this is because it is additionally provided with a non-stick coating to facilitate the removal of food. The metal plate takes much less time to heat up. Especially for impatient people, this point is of enormous importance.

  • fast heating time
  • usually has a non-stick coating
  • quick cooling
  • less power consumption
  • cheaper than stone plates
  • uneven heat distribution
  • often poorer grill quality than stone plates

The metal plate is also ideal as an entry-level model. It is usually easier to handle and is less likely to break if it should fall over. After the meal, the appliance can be quickly stowed away again without much waiting time, as the plate cools down quickly. In addition, metal plates are often reversible and have prefabricated shapes on the back, for example to make crêpes.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about raclette grills answered in detail

In the following guide, we would like to answer the most important questions about raclette grills. After reading the guide, you will know everything you need to know about raclette grills.

Who is a raclette grill suitable for?

A raclette grill is suitable for everyone. No matter whether you want to prepare meat, fish or vegetables in addition to cheese, everything is possible with the raclette grill. A raclette grill not only offers culinary variety, but also a relaxed evening. With raclette, not much preparation is needed and you can spend relaxing evenings with family or friends. Since everyone can decide for themselves how much and what they want to eat, the host is also relieved.

Raclette Grill-1

With a raclette grill, you can eat several dishes at the same time. The most common dishes are cheese, meat and vegetables.
(Image source: veve / pixabay)

Nowadays, raclette grills are becoming increasingly important for family celebrations, such as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, where the cosy get-together is a good alternative for everyone.

What should I look for when buying a raclette grill?

When buying a raclette grill, you should pay particular attention to the material of the grill plate, its size and its performance. The material of the grill plate has a decisive influence on the grilling experience. A distinction should be made between stone plates and metal plates.

  • Stone plates: With stone plates, it is important that the appliance has a high wattage or power. Since the entire grill plate is heated evenly, the appliance needs more time and energy to reach this point. The size of the griddle, or rather its surface area, also influences the heating process. The more surface area a stone plate has, the more electricity it requires.
  • Metal plates: In contrast to stone plates, metal plates heat up much faster. They are particularly worthwhile for those who want to avoid long waiting times.
  • Mixed form: Another plate that is becoming increasingly popular is the mixed form. Here, a stone plate and a metal plate are joined and combined. In this case, both advantages can be used. However, both plates are ready for use after the same amount of time, which can lead to delays.

To show you in more detail how a raclette grill works and what you can do with it, we have selected a suitable video.

What size raclette grill should I buy?

When buying a raclette grill, the number of pans and the size of the grill plate play an important role. It is important to determine in advance for how many people the raclette grill will be used. Then you can decide how big the raclette grill should be. For example, if you live in a large household and often have friends and relatives over, a larger raclette grill with 8 or more pans is suitable. On the other hand, if you live alone, a raclette grill for 2 people is recommended. The rule of thumb is that one pan serves one person. However, it is important to remember that this rule can be overturned. Several pans can be used for each person. This is up to each person.

How many watts should a raclette grill have?

The power, or wattage, is related to waiting times and the quality of the food. If it is important to you that the cheese and meat are quickly ready and well cooked, then it is worth investing in a device with a higher wattage. In any case, your raclette grill should have at least 1200 watts, as the grill plate in particular requires a high level of heat, which can hardly be achieved with a low wattage. Another advantage is the temperature control on the appliance itself. This allows you to manually regulate how quickly the cheese should melt or the meat should roast.

How much does a raclette grill cost?

The price can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. Many raclette grills also have additional accessories, which justifiably pushes the price up even higher. However, raclette grills usually range in price from 30 to 200 euros.
Type Price
Stone plates approx. 40 – 150 euros
Metal plates approx. 30 – 100 euros
Mixing plates approx. 60 – 200 euros

Stone slabs tend to be more expensive, mainly because of the high-quality materials used. Metal slabs are available for as little as 30 euros. However, they often have additional extras, such as reversible panels, and can therefore vary greatly in price. Mixing plates are a combination of the two previous models and are therefore more expensive, as they offer the advantages of both plates.

What are the alternatives to a raclette grill?

A raclette grill basically combines elements of a grill and an oven. So if you only want to take advantage of one of the two functions, there are several variants for this. We have described them in detail in the table below.
Alternative Description
Table-top grill A table-top grill is nothing more than a hot plate. With this variant, a distinction can also be made between a metal plate and a stone plate. Unlike the raclette grill, there is no oven function here. This model can therefore only be used for grilling.
Raclette oven The raclette oven is the most traditional variant. Compared to newer models, only the cheese can be melted in such a device. A raclette oven is circular and closed and therefore does not offer a grill option.
Raclette-fondue combination A newer variant, which specialises in both cheese and grilling, is the raclette-fondue combination. This combines a raclette grill with a fondue machine. As with newer models, the raclette pans are placed underneath the heating coil. Above the heating coil is the grill plate, which is also equipped with a fondue pot. The main focus here is certainly on the cheese, as the surface area of the griddle is much smaller because of the fondue pot.

All devices certainly have their advantages over the others. Nevertheless, the raclette grill convinces with its variety. Even if you don’t like cheese yourself, for example, the raclette grill offers added value for family and friends. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves what to put on the raclette grill.

How do I prepare the raclette grill correctly?

You do not need to prepare a metal plate, thanks to its fast heating time. Most metal plates have a non-stick coating, so there is no need for oil. If your appliance is not coated, it is sufficient to coat the plate with a little oil to prevent it from burning. In the following video, you can take a closer look at how raclette works and what you need for it. For stone plates, it is recommended to heat the plate in the oven beforehand. This will reduce the waiting time for your guests, as stone plates are only ready for use after about 30 minutes. It is also worth brushing it with oil before use, as it does not have a non-stick coating and the meat could otherwise burn.

What accessories do I need for a raclette grill?

The additional equipment for the raclette grill is to a certain extent a matter of taste. To give you an overview, we have compiled a small list of the most important accessories:

  1. Pans: What must not be missing under any circumstances are pans, these are usually already included with the purchase of a raclette grill. Make sure that they have a robust non-stick coating so that they are easier to clean.
  2. Scraper: A scraper made of wood or plastic is primarily used to remove the cheese from the pans. This can be used to slide the cheese onto your plate or to remove cheese residue during cleaning.
  3. Trivets for pans: Some appliances come with a pan rest already built in. Since the pan is very hot, it should not be placed on the table when you take a break. In this case, it is worth having a trivet for pans ready.

Raclette Grill-2

Important accessories for the raclette grill are certainly pans, scrapers and coasters. Trays help to arrange the various dishes in an easily accessible way.
(Image source: congerdesign / pixabay)

Everything else, like matching cutlery, plates or bowls is up to you. You are free to decide how many you want and how big they should be.

How do I clean a raclette grill?

The coating plays a decisive role in cleaning a raclette grill. The better the coating, the easier it is to clean. Therefore, when buying your raclette grill and the corresponding accessories, make sure that they have a non-stick coating.

  1. First of all, you should try to remove any dirt and burnt-on residue with a paper towel immediately after use.
  2. In a second step, the used parts should be placed in warm water for a few minutes, so that the remaining residues begin to dissolve.
  3. Afterwards, the remaining residues can be removed with a scraper or your hands. Be careful not to scratch anything in the process. It is also recommended that the raclette grill has a removable and dishwasher-safe grill surface.
  4. Finally, the parts can be cleaned either in the dishwasher or by hand. Please follow the instructions for your raclette grill.

Which fat/oil should I use for a raclette grill?

When using a raclette grill, it does not really matter which fat or oil is used.

Raclette Grill-3

To prevent the grill surface from burning, the plate should be greased before use. Burnt residue can later be dissolved in warm water.
(Image source: planet_fox / pixabay)

Simple oil, such as olive oil or rapeseed oil, is nevertheless particularly suitable. It is best to apply this to the grill surface with a brush.

Image source: foodandmore/