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Comfort is essential when sleeping. To achieve this, you need a good mattress, a good pillow and, of course, excellent pyjamas. We will tell you about this garment that cannot be missing in your wardrobe and why it has become a necessary item to rest.

This garment originated in the Ottoman Empire, but has since had contributions from both the Persians and the English. They were created with the intention of protecting people from the cold during the frigid winter nights, but were later adopted for regular use.


  • Pyjamas are the result of a combination of cultures thanks to the exports of the English. In this article you can find out more about its history, its types, designs and even how it went from being a simple sleeping garment to becoming a fashion item.
  • There are two obvious divisions regarding the types of pyjamas: one-piece or complete pyjamas and two-piece pyjamas. Each one responds to different needs and occasions, which the consumer will have to take into account in order to choose the one that best suits the situation.
  • In addition to the above points, we will also talk about the factors that distinguish pyjamas. From their types, sizes and the materials they are made of. Each of these will help you form a more informed buying criteria.

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It is extremely important to know the characteristic factors of pyjamas, so that you can make a better decision. Therefore, we have selected some of the most important ones for you to take into account before making your choice.

Pyjamas have become the symbol of comfort. (Photo: lightfieldstudios /

What is the origin of pyjamas?

Pyjamas originated in the Ottoman Empire, but the Persians popularised their use. In the beginning this garment consisted only of comfortable and loose-fitting trousers called “pae jama” or “legwear”. However, its characteristic design was devised in India, and little by little the countries that adopted pyjamas added their own particular touch.

England popularised pyjamas in the 17th century, making changes to the design. It was not until 1870 that it was introduced to the West, specifically as a men’s garment. From the 20th century onwards, its use became standardised among women, thanks to Chanel’s designs.

  • Comfortable
  • Skin-friendly materials
  • Multiple designs
  • Protection from the cold
  • Some materials cause allergies
  • Cannot be worn everywhere
  • High cost
  • Requires special washing

Pyjamas: Complete or Sets – What should you pay attention to?

We can divide the types of pyjamas into two: Complete or Separate. Each type will not only respond to the particular tastes of each wearer, but also to specific times as well as types of weather. Below, we will explain briefly what each one consists of.

Complete. The complete pyjama is a single piece. Generally, rompers are the most popular, however, we can also find kimonos and even nightgowns. They are perfect for cold climates, as well as to save space in our wardrobe and are the most comfortable, as they eliminate most seams or elastic bands.

Ensemble. This type is the most common. It consists of two separate pieces: the top part; T-shirt or shirt, and the bottom part; shorts or trousers. They are perfect for warm nights or for all those who are looking for a larger pyjama catalogue, as well as, some models offer the possibility of adjusting them to our measurements.

Full Complete Set
Types Overalls and nightdresses Shorts, trousers and shirts
Torso length From 83 cm to full length From 50cm to 70 cm
Number of pieces One piece Two or more pieces

Why should we wear pyjamas?

It seems like a fairly obvious and easy question to answer, but there is one detail that is more important than comfort: Hygiene. As we all know, the skin renews itself every 2 to 4 weeks, so our resting place is plagued with dead tissue.

Pyjamas help us to maintain a higher level of hygiene. So our sleepwear represents a personal care that we must take into account. Pyjamas, in turn, prevent reverse contamination. In other words, it protects our bed from bacteria that have impregnated us throughout the day.

Are pyjamas fashion items?

Although it may not seem like it, pyjamas have made inroads into the world of fashion since the 20th century. Designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel appropriated the loose-fitting design of trousers, and after several combinations, she managed to conceptualise a style that not only reflected comfort, but also haute couture.

The concept became popular as a way of dressing, not only at home, but even at the beach. It achieved a reputation that made its presence felt in 1932, as an advertisement in Vogue magazine. Because of this, women’s pyjamas began a rise in the fashion world.

Are all pyjamas unisex?

Nowadays we can find models for both sexes, whether they are one-piece or two-piece pyjamas. However, thanks to the abundance of options, designs, but above all to the needs of each public, we will find pyjamas made specifically for each one.

Although we must also highlight that they are not only limited to this classification, as the market is very wide. There are pyjamas for babies; made with special fabrics to avoid chafing, medical pyjamas which seek to maintain constant hygiene and even pyjamas for our pets.

Pyjamas have adapted over time to every audience and specific need, from fashion to comfort and health. (Photo: Leah Kelley /

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of pyjamas

To begin to close this article, here are some factors that will help you distinguish between one pair of pyjamas and another. From the material, to the type or even the size, these will be elements that you should take into account before making a purchase decision.

  • Material
  • Type
  • Size
  • Complements


Your comfort depends not only on the design, but also on the type of material used to make your pyjamas. From cotton to the softest silk, every material is important when it comes to your sleep. Below, we’ll tell you about some of the most popular ones on the market.

Cotton. This is the perfect pyjama if you’re looking for a soft, yet cool fabric. It can be machine washed or hand washed. A hardwearing material that not only gives you excellent comfort, but also the durability of a garment that stands the test of time and the most extreme conditions.

Silk. Silk pyjamas are one of the most delicate, but also the most stylish. We recommend this option if you are looking to give a special touch to your person, even at bedtime. It is an extremely fresh material, but it requires special care.

Satin. We recommend these pyjamas if you are looking for elegance, but the resistance of a cotton garment. The satin offers us an intimate design, extremely elegant and that will impact anyone who has the fortune to see us with it.

Flannel. This is the option for all of us who suffer from the cold at night. Flannel pyjamas combine the comfort of the best pyjamas with a greater resistance to any type of situation or product. But its main characteristic is the warmth it provides us with between its threads.

Velvet. Finally, velvet pyjamas are perfect for those who are looking for a different sensation. They are warm, soft and very sensitive. They offer a very peculiar texture, in which we can get lost for hours, enjoying the characteristic quality of this material.


We can find different types of pyjamas for sale, which vary depending on the number of pieces. There are complete pyjamas such as rompers or nightdresses, which contrast significantly with two-piece pyjamas such as shorts with t-shirt, sleep shirts and trousers, although both meet their objective: comfort.

Ensemble. This is one of the most popular options, especially for men. It is a set that includes two separate pieces, the top part; shirt or t-shirt and the bottom part; shorts or trousers. We recommend this option if you are looking for a design that resembles the one you are used to in your casual clothes.

Nightgown. It consists of a single elongated piece, which usually reaches above the knees. It is ideal for all those who are looking for a practical, fresh option that highlights the original comfort of the first pyjama designs.

Mameluke. A one-piece pyjama that has become a favourite among young people because of its designs. This garment is ideal for those looking to have fun and add a unique touch to their nightwear. They are perfect for sleepovers or even theme parties.

Individual pieces. If you are just looking for simplicity, comfort and an economical price, this is the option for you. The Individual pieces offer you the possibility of putting together the pyjamas that best suit your tastes, you only have to choose which pieces, which designs and which brands.

Did you know that… It was not until 1920 that pyjamas began to be used in the West, as a garment for home activities?


Although pyjamas are a fairly loose-fitting and comfortable garment, we must pay attention to the sizes; considered by the width of the chest. Generally, most of these classifications are a few centimetres larger than the same size of a regular garment, such as trousers or t-shirts.

S. This is the perfect size for people with a slim and petite build. In women we can find a width of up to 96 centimetres and in men of 110 centimetres. The measurements may vary depending on the type of pyjamas you buy.

M. The medium size offers a wide cut, but generally maintains the shape of the body. They are perfect for medium builds or average heights. We can find this size from 100 centimetres in chest width for ladies and 112 for men.

L. This size is ideal for people who exceed the average height of their place of origin. We usually find this size with a bust width equivalent to 104 centimetres in women’s models and 114 in men’s garments.

XL. It is the top of the sizes of many models and brands, although it is possible to find extensions of it. It starts, for women, from 108 centimetres wide in the chest area and 116 centimetres for men. These pyjamas are perfect for very large or wide bodies and complexions.

We can complement our pyjamas with accessories such as slippers or even masks. (Photo: rawpixel/


The complements will allow us to give a special touch to our pyjamas. We have selected the three main ones, those that fulfil a function, which not only responds to the style, but to elevate the sleeping experience to the next level. At the same time, you can find those with designs or fabrics that will match your pyjamas.

Slippers. These accessories will cover an area that most pyjamas have neglected: the feet. They are perfect to use after a long day, when our shoes have given their all and it’s time for our feet to have the rest they deserve.

Bathrobe. This item will help protect us even more from the cold. We recommend a dressing gown if you are looking for extra protection and to prevent you from exposing your pyjamas directly to the elements. It is the extra warmth that silk or light cotton pyjamas often need.

Mask. Last but not least, we could not miss this additional item that will help us not to interrupt our sleep. It is perfect for those who are looking for a complete rest, without interference caused by the undesirable rays of light that our curtains do not manage to cover.

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