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We know that you can’t always play videogames in your living room and that many times you find yourself on the street wanting to advance a story or a mission and it’s simply impossible. Or rather, it was impossible, thanks to the existence of a very powerful handheld console in the famous PSP.

Do you work away from home without access to video games? Do you travel a lot and can’t carry a conventional console around the world? Or maybe you don’t have a console and want to buy one to play wherever you are? Whatever the reason, we’ll explain what you need to know about the PSP.


  • The PlayStation Portable or also known as PSP is a portable console made by the PlayStation company whose main feature is the ease of being able to play video games anywhere without the need for a fixed television and a console connected to a power supply.
  • There are several types of PlayStation Portable, among them are the classic PSP, the PSP Go which is an improved version of the PSP and finally the PS Vita which is the latest model of PlayStation’s portable consoles. As of today, the console is discontinued and no more products are produced.
  • If you want to buy a PSP it is very important that you take into consideration the following factors, such as: the model and year of release of the PSP, the type and capacity of storage, the type of screen, the way of using the games and the backwards compatibility between consoles.

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We will now go on to explain what the PlayStation Portable or better known as PSP is and how it works. It is important that you understand this information, many times purchases are made without knowing how the products work and we end up being dissatisfied with our purchase. Having said that, let’s take a look at what the PSP is.

The PSP is a great way to spend that afternoon at the office when you’ve finished your work. (Photo: Microstockasia/ 123rf)

What is a PlayStation Portable (PSP)?

The PSP, or PlayStation Portable, is a console used to play video games and view multimedia material on various playback platforms. It is designed with a screen no larger than 25 cm and has commands integrated into the base, making it easy to carry and transport from one place to another.

The PSP also belongs to the PlayStation company (hence the name PlayStation Portable) and has had some success with users thanks to the ease with which video games can be played. It is considered one of the best portable consoles according to Amazon reviews with a wide range of video games available.

What are the advantages of the PSP?

The main advantage the PSP gives you is access to PlayStation exclusive games and even PSP exclusive games. Titles such as Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories, God of War Ghosts of Sparta, Final Fantasy VII and Daxter are just a few examples of the most popular titles on the console.

Another advantage of this handheld console is just how easy it is to take it anywhere and play games virtually anywhere. One problem with fixed consoles is the limitation of playing games in places other than a television, and the PSP certainly breaks that barrier. Plus, you don’t need the internet to play multiple titles.

  • Ease of portability
  • Freedom to play games anywhere
  • Play games without internet
  • Access to PlayStation and PSP exclusive games
  • Difficulty in finding new models
  • Low resolution compared to new consoles
  • Limited storage compared to other consoles

PSP, PSP GO or PS VITA – what should you pay attention to?

There are different types of PSP, some with more technology than others, but all sharing the same essential feature, portability. Since 2005 there have been three main PSPs, the classic PlayStation Portable, the PSP Go and its successor, the PS Vita. But what are the differences between them? Let’s get to it.

PlayStation Portable (PSP): The first generation PSP had a profound impact on the industry. This handheld console has the ability to play video games via UMD disc reader which could run with and without internet. Nowadays it is almost impossible to get a new model due to the year of release.

PSP Go:The successor console to the PlayStation Portable was the PSP Go and with it came new games, a lighter product and, above all, the digitalisation of information. This makes it easier to use because instead of having to buy physical games, you only need the internet to download them and you are playing.

PS Vita: The last generation of PlayStation Portable was the PS Vita and this meant big changes in image quality and storage of the console. In addition, it includes accessories such as front and rear cameras, touchpad and motion detection. Undoubtedly, a very complete console that also has great games.

PlayStation Portable PSP Go PS Vita
Display 4.3 inches 3.8 inches 5 inches
Resolution 480 x 272 pixels 480 x 272 pixels 960 x 544 pixels
Dimensions 190 x 100 128 x 165 182 x 83
Year of release 2005 2009 2012
Camera No No Yes

PSP A discontinued console?

While many of us may be fans of this console, it doesn’t mean that we will have easy access to it, let alone new models, especially since as of 2019, it is discontinued. This is an important thing to consider for two reasons: Game availability and obsolescence.

Availability of games: The main reason to buy a console is to be able to play video games and although you can play multimedia content, it is the games that are the important feature. Being discontinued, the PSP can only offer games developed during its lifetime, so forget about getting the new FIFA.

Obsolescence: Sadly, like any gadget, the PlayStation Portable also suffers from obsolescence. What do we mean by this? At some point both the software and the hardware of the device will become unusable. With technological advancement, such obsolescence has potentially accelerated and the PSP is a case in point.

How much does a PSP cost?

Alright, now that you know what a PlayStation Portable is you need to know how much it will cost to buy yours. First of all, remember that buying a video game console, whatever it is, costs a considerable amount of money. Even more so, when the console is no longer manufactured and there are only remnants of production available.

The cheapest PlayStation Portable (PSP) you can find is between 5,000 MXN and 7,000 MXN depending on the PSP model. For example, the classic model is under MXN 5,000 while the go version goes up to MXN 7,800. Please note, we are giving prices for original items and not replicas.

On the other hand, the most expensive PlayStation Portable you will find is around 10,000 MXN. This is due to the model (it is the most recent) and also to the best technology and accessories that it can have, such as cameras, resolution, digitalisation of games, to name a few. What do you think? Do you want to buy yours?

Where to buy a PSP?

But the big question is, where will I find a PSP if it is a discontinued product? Well, don’t worry, there are sites like Amazon that offer a wide range of options, even if the desired product is no longer in production. So there will be no excuses that you couldn’t find it anywhere. There are also sites like MercadoLibre, E-Bay or even Best Buy where they may have some PSP models in stock but we do not guarantee that this will be the case.

As we explained before, being a discontinued console, not every shop is going to want to sell a product that is not as in demand as others. On the other hand, if you like adventures and quests, you can go to a local video game shop and ask if they have a PSP for sale. This can sometimes result in a surprise. But do avoid looking for physical PSPs in department stores and supermarkets because there you are not likely to find a single model.

So if you want to save yourself from tiresome searches and buy a PSP very easily, we recommend you to turn on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, start Amazon, type PlayStation Portable in the search engine and choose yours. That way, you’ll only have to walk from your bed to the door to receive your console.

Purchasing criteria

Finally, we will explain the factors and criteria that will allow you to compare and rate the PSP, its models and its advantages. This is very important because sometimes a purchase is made that does not live up to expectations. Please read the following section carefully to get a general idea of what to consider.

Model and year of release

This is the most important factor of all and the one you should not overlook. When purchasing a PSP console you need to ask yourself the following two questions: What games are available, and how many years of life can the console give me? And we say this because these are the two reasons that will make the use of the console to your liking or not.

Games available: The PSP has several models and therefore, different games for each model, keep in mind that the older the model, the games will also be old and sometimes tedious. For example, playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories on PSP is not the same as playing Grand Theft Auto V on PS Vita.

Years of life: The other tricky point is the remaining years of life. Keep in mind that the older the model, the fewer full years it has left. For example, a video game console is designed with a lifespan of 8-10 years, if the classic PlayStation Portable came out in 2004, you do the maths. h

Storage type and capacity

Another important point to consider is what type of storage the PSP you are interested in has, as well as the capacity it gives you. It’s very simple, here you have two options, the first is a memory card that will allow you to store physical game data and internal memory that allows you to store entire games.

Memory cards: Memory cards are mainly used in consoles prior to 2007, this because in those years the downloading of games was not finished, so an external card was used to save the game information and be able to continue without losing the progress. The classic PSP uses this storage.

Internal memory: PlayStation Portable devices that do not occupy a memory card use something called internal memory. This means that the storage is internal and that the console itself allows you to download content and save it on its own. In PlayStation Portable you can find consoles with a capacity of 16 and 64 GB.

Screen type and resolution

An extremely important factor, which is directly related to the experience the PSP gives you, is the type and resolution of the screen. It’s not just the colours that matter, but the graphics it is capable of delivering, and when you buy a video game with highly rated graphics, what you want more than anything is to be able to enjoy them.

Standard resolution LCD screen: For those of you who are not experts in terms, what you need to know is that the LCD screen is the one we have all been familiar with for over three decades, it is the same screen used in calculators and provides a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels making the graphics look crude.

HD resolution LED display: Unlike the LCD screen, the LED screen has a much higher capacity to notice colours and most importantly it provides a resolution of 960 x 544 pixels which means that the graphics will be viewed in high definition, also known as HD. Without a doubt, the user experience is greatly improved.

Type of games

The type of video games available for PlayStation platforms is highly relevant when purchasing a PlayStation Portable console. The PSP is a console that distinguishes itself by having multiple ways of accessing games, via UMD disc in the case of the classic PSP and via download in the case of the other models.

Access via UMD: This access is located on the back of the classic PSP, it is a slot in which a small disc known as UMD is inserted. This has the characteristic of being able to play its content. This type of physical game is useful when you have very little memory and no internal memory to store data.

Access via download: Downloading the video game is the fastest way to get the title you want. Have you ever wanted to buy a video game but it is already in stock? Well, with online downloading you can access any game. You can do this with PSP Go consoles and upwards.

Backwards compatibility with other consoles

Finally, we have backwards compatibility with other consoles in the PlayStation family. You’re probably wondering, what’s that? Well, it’s nothing more than the console’s ability to run games from other platforms, for example, the PS Vita being able to download a PS4 game. This backwards compatibility is only available for PS Vita and PSP Go as both consoles have an online shop where you can download games and transfer data.

In the case of the classic PSP this is not possible due to the reliance on a UMD disc to run any kind of video game. Anyway, we hope that this review has been to your liking and that above all, it has guided you in your purchase. Remember that on ReviewBox you can always find the review you need and we are happy to help you buy the products that best suit your needs. See you soon and happy shopping!

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