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Having a portable video game console is like no other and once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back. The Playstation Portable is a console with a good amount of video games that you will love to add to your collection, so we will show you how to choose them so you can have good levels of fun wherever you go.

As we like to help our readers, in this guide we will tell you what are the details in the games that you should look for the most, as there are many factors that can make a game good, as well as how much you can pay for them and where you can get them easily.


  • Physical PSP games come in disc form and each game requires only one disc, meaning that when you buy a PSP game you will need to change discs if you want to play a different game (unless it comes as a combo). In case you buy a digital game, you will be able to store it on your SD memory.
  • There are different genres of video games that cater to different gamers, all differing in the levels of replayability, content and hours of gameplay offered. It is advisable to alternate between genres in order to always maintain new and fresh experiences.
  • The factors that can make you like or dislike a video game will depend on many factors, from its graphics, multiplayer options, its story and even the amount of additional downloadable content you can add to it. A game with enough content will keep you hooked for long hours.

The Best PSP Games: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about PSP games

When we buy something we’re always going to want to get the most out of it and the same goes for video games, we’re going to want to get as much fun out of our investment as possible. In this section you will learn about the different presentations you can find in Playstation Portable video games, as well as where to find them easily.

A good PSP game will keep you entertained during those slow hours at work.
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What is a PSP game and what are its advantages?

PSP games come in the form of UMD discs and include games for the PSP. These small discs are used because of their portability and the storage they have to accommodate the games. Some other PSP games are sold on Memory Sticks or can be downloaded digitally.

The main advantage of these games is that they are easy to carry around, as they are small enough to fit in a bag or purse, and the amount of games available on the PSP is around 1300 games, a pretty decent number for a small console that you can carry around.

  • High portability
  • Convenient to play anywhere
  • Some incorporate DLC content
  • Support multiplayer capabilities
  • Some games share wirelessly
  • Large library of games
  • Some games are older
  • External memory is expensive
  • Limited to 6 hours of console battery life

Action, Puzzle, Platform, Role Playing, Brawlers and Simulators – what should you pay attention to?

How boring would games be if they all looked the same, right? That’s why there is so much variety in genres, because new experiences attract new emotions and new ways of having fun, there are many genres that can appeal to different players and although there are many more, these are the most common ones.

Action: Would you like to grab a couple of guns and start shooting zombies and robots or enlist as a mercenary spy? Well, then you’ll love this kind of genre. PSP action games tend to focus on thrilling real-time battles with weapons, be it firearms or melee.

You can find sub-genres such as shooters, stealth or survival, and they have high levels of suspense and excitement. These games often have multiplayer options, extra game modes and variable difficulties, thus increasing their replayability levels, i.e. the likelihood of playing a game again after finishing it.

Puzzle: If you’ve ever played Candy Crush or Tetris you’re definitely familiar with this genre. PSP puzzle games are usually based on simple puzzles or logic games that are easy to learn and quick to complete, but are addictive and have high levels of replayability.

They often hook players with invitations to beat the scores, so if you live with a very competitive family you can encourage them to play against each other to see who can get the best scores. It’s hard to find puzzle games that offer more than pure fun, so they can get repetitive for some.

Platforming: When you want a PSP game that has you holding your breath between jumps, wondering whether or not you’ll make it to the other side, get a platformer. These games revolve around characters jumping between platforms while avoiding hazards on the ground and enemies looking to make life difficult for you.

This genre is often mixed with action and puzzle games, which adds a lot more excitement and depth to the games. PSP platform games tend to have good levels of engagement, attractive graphics and good levels of replayability, as they often have collectibles and challenges included.

Role-playing: If sword fighting with magical creatures is your thing, get a PSP RPG. Role-playing games are usually based on characters that level up to become stronger and items that improve your characters’ characteristics. Their main appeal is their deep stories where different endings are commonplace.

Role-playing games are usually divided between real-time and turn-based battle games. In real-time games, battles occur “live” and require quick reflexes. In the case of turn-based games, you will have to choose actions that are then carried out when you finish deciding, you will have to think carefully about each battle.

Fighting: Sometimes there’s nothing like a good session of fighting games for a good time, it may sound a little worrying, but PSP fighting games are usually simple, fun and exciting. They’re easy to pick up and download, plus they have multiple multiplayer options and good levels of replayability.

Simulators: This genre is one of the broadest and most loved by adults, comprising a number of simulations ranging from sports, car driving and fishing, making them good choices for those who enjoy doing these actions in real life.

They have good levels of replayability and their multiplayer capabilities are excellent, just take for example racing or football games, where the thrills come out on their own and the competitiveness between different players is usually very high.

Since we all have different tastes it would be impossible to quantify how much fun each genre is, what we can tell you is the average of the factors that give you the most bang for your gaming buck. These factors can be better understood below in the shopping criteria section.

Action Puzzle Platform Role Playing Brawlers Simulators
Multiplayer Capability Yes Yes Rarely Rarely Yes Yes Yes
Replayability Medium High Medium-High Medium-Low High High High
Average hours of gameplay to complete 8 to 15 Hours 2 to 10 Hours 12 to 20 Hours 30 to 40 Hours 3 to 4 Hours 10 to 15 Hours

Buying criteria

Knowing the prices and where to find games is only half of the shopping guide, now you will know what to look for in games to get the most for your money and your hours of fun, this way you will avoid buying a game that you will barely play or that you just don’t connect with.

Age of the gamer

This is the first thing you should think about before buying a video game, if the games are for you and you are of legal age, you don’t need to pay much attention to it, but if you are going to give a game to a child, it will be better if you pay a little attention to the classification of the games you buy for them, because it will avoid uncomfortable situations.

In Mexico, the North American ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) system is used, which divides video games by age based on their graphic content and is one of the most widely used systems. Below you will find a table to better understand this classification.

E E10+ T M AO RP
Ages All ages 10 to 12 13 to 16 17 to 18 18+ Pending rating

Art style

If you’re used to the latest generation of graphics, PSP graphics may be a little too “retro” for your tastes, so it’s generally a good idea to watch trailers for the games you’re most interested in. Some games, such as those based on anime games, use graphics that look good despite the years.

As a personal recommendation, if a game catches your eye, don’t pay too much attention to the graphics – have fun! It is not uncommon that a game with unusual or alternative graphics turns out to be very interesting, and it may open your mind to new genres and different art styles.

PSP games are ideal for keeping the little ones quiet and occupied.
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Multiplayer capability

It is important to be clear that although the PSP is a personal handheld console, since you cannot add additional controllers to share it with friends, it is still a console with which you can have fun and share emotions with other players (as long as they also own a PSP console).

Some PSP games can be shared wirelessly, i.e. one person with a single game can share it with other PSPs, it is downloaded to the Memory Stick and can be played together. This type of game is an excellent option for parents who have children with different PSP consoles.

Content and replayability

The content of a game is understood as the amount of things to do (such as quests and areas to explore) and collectibles (such as unlockable items, trophies and achievements). A game with a lot of content will give you many hours of gameplay and fun looking for even the smallest details, so it feels like money well spent.

Replayability is the likelihood that a game is likely to be played again after finishing the main story. Many games incorporate additional quests after finishing the story, additional game modes or different endings to increase the desire to play it again. Other games are simply a lot of fun.

Additional features

In general, choose games with great content and fun mechanics, as these are the things that are most likely to ensure hours of gameplay. And now that we’ve covered all the factors of interest, here are a couple of other things that will help you both choose your games better and enjoy them longer.

DLC: stands for Downloable Content and refers to additional content that you can download to a game. This content is downloaded to the Memory Stick and usually comes in the form of extra missions, upgrades or new items or characters. PSP DLC is lightweight and can be easily found online.

Reviews and awards: Like any product, PSP games are often reviewed by various websites as well as youtubers and bloggers, if you want to see what a game is like watch video reviews. Some games often feature the awards they have won on the cover art they are sold on as a sign of their good quality.

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