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With the new console generation in sight, we can say that we have gone through a time filled with good titles, especially when it comes to PS4 games.

Check out the full review prepared for you. Possessing a wide range of exclusive games, the Playstation 4 has a passionate fan base. No wonder it remains the best-selling console of its generation. And, fortunately, it doesn’t live only on these exclusives. Check it out!


  • You can choose between physical or digital media, but both will take up space on your PS4’s hard drive.
  • Unfortunately, the Playstation 4 does not offer the option of backwards compatibility. Instead, they have invested in remasters and remakes of their main franchises.
  • It is possible to purchase games and expansions from the PS4’s online shop, the Playstation Store, using a credit card or gift cards.

The Best PS4 Games: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best PS4 Games

Since its launch on November 15, 2013, Playstation 4 has invested heavily in securing a large number of exclusive games and offering the widest possible variety of titles for its players. There are more than 200 in the catalogue, and more are sure to come until the launch of the console’s next generation. See more information in our buying guide.

Imagem de homem jogando uma partida de luta em um quarto com decoração gamer

If there is one thing in which the games of this generation did not disappoint it was in graphic quality, taking the Playstation 4 to its maximum. (Source: StockSnap/

Is it worth investing in the PS4 for its exclusive games?

Yes, after all there are more than 20 exclusive titles available for PS4, many of them not being available even for PC. Among them are series like Uncharted, God of War and the famous racing game Gran Turismo.

Not satisfied? How about Siperman or the highly acclaimed Bloodborne? That’s just to name a few. There is no indication that this will change, as this is one of the main factors that attract a legion of fans to the Playstation 4 side, especially when Microsoft took the time to invest in exclusive games to justify the purchase of its console.

And if you are the lucky owner of a 4K TV and a Playstation 4 Pro, you can enjoy these exclusives in an even higher graphic quality.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PS4 games?

When we are talking about PS4 games, there are several advantages. For starters, you can choose between a physical or digital media. And in the case of digital media, you can get it directly from the Playstation Store.

Guaranteeing hours of fun, more and more titles are offering the cross-platform option, where you can play multiplayer matches that use other platforms, such as other consoles and even against PC players. And, when acquiring a physical media, you can still resort to the old tactic of lending to a friend or even sell if you get tired of the game.

But, you have to be aware of some disadvantages. In the case of physical media, for example, there is no way to resell or even lend. And, unfortunately, the Playstation Store does not make installments in the card, then you need to buy the game in its full value, in cash. What is a big disadvantage taking into account the high price of games.

  • You can choose between physical or digital media
  • It is possible to acquire the digital media directly from Playstation Store
  • Some games already offer cross-plataform
  • The titles offer hours of fun
  • It is possible to borrow physical media
  • It is not possible to borrow digital media
  • Playstation Store does not make installment payment for the games

What do I need to play PS4 games in multiplayer matches?

Playstation 4 has a number of games for two players, either to play in versus mode or in co-op matches, where two players work as a team to overcome the challenges presented. However, here we will focus on the games that have the multiplayer function, where you can face friends and opponents from all corners of the world to test your skills.

In this case, the first step is to have an internet connection. And, the faster it is, the better your matches will be, with less lags and crashes. To further improve the connection of your server to the videogame, you can use a network cable or a good gamer router, thus avoiding some wires. Also, for the overwhelming majority of games, you need to pay a subscription service known as Playstation Plus.

They offer three plans: Monthly, semester or yearly. Through this service, you can access the servers and play with other PS Plus subscribers. Fortunately, the service usually offers a few titles every month so you can play while you’re paying for it. Just remember to add them to your Library.

Imagem de dois jogadores disputando uma partida de futebol em um Playstation 4

There’s nothing better than playing some good football matches with your friends. (Source:

What is the average size of PS4 games?

The size of games is an ongoing concern, especially as it continues to increase. With huge open worlds and the graphics quality that every gamer craves, it’s only natural that the size of games has increased greatly in recent years. If before a game had from 2 to 5 GB, today the average is more in the 50 GB range.

And, with patches and updates, many games exceed this average. Some even occupy more than 100 GB of internal storage. Even the physical media are not free, since much of the content still needs to be installed for the game to work.

As versions of Playstation 4 came out with 500 GB and 1 TB, a good option is to invest a little in an external HD, since the total capacity of the console can reach up to 4 TB. That way you do not need to delete a lot of games to install that release that you bought on pre-sale and is dying to play soon.

Did you know that the full version of Red Dead Redemption with all its updates takes up more than 100 GB of your HD?

How can I keep my PS4 games up to date?

If there’s one advantage of our consoles being almost always connected to the internet, it’s the possibility of receiving the latest updates for your favourite game. Unfortunately, many games receive update patches right on launch day to fix bugs or perform minor fixes.

And after that, it is natural that there are updates with new maps, missions, etc. Unless these updates are part of a DLC, they are free and you can choose to update the game manually or automatically. All you need to do is connect your PS4 to the internet. In these situations, there is also no need to pay for the Playstation Plus subscription service.

Is it true that I can play PS4 games on PC?

Yes. In 2014 Sony announced a streaming service called Playstation Now, allowing its subscribers a large catalogue of games from previous generations, allowing you to play them on PC or PS4. Unfortunately, until the release date of our review, this service is not yet available in Brazil and there is no information yet that the service will work on a global scale.

Purchase criteria: What to consider when choosing a PS4 game

Whether for casual gamers or the more passionate, the Playstation 4 is sure to have a game that will fall to your liking, after all the options are immense, from RPGs to simulators. However, before making the choice, it is necessary to understand a little more some factors that are determinant for your purchase.

Check out the topics we have separated for your evaluation.

After carefully evaluating each one of these topics, you will be prepared to choose the best PS4 games and spend endless hours having fun, either in offline games or against your friends, without leaving home.


Unfortunately for Playstation fans, this generation was not able to offer the option of backwards compatibility, which would allow you to emulate or just run games from past generations. The problem here was due to the hardware architecture of the console, completely different from its previous versions.

This limited the PS4 to its own catalogue of games. But, there is still a hope. With the announcement of the next generation, it is very likely that the problem of backwards compatibility will be resolved, at least between the PS4 and the 5.

Imagem de um Playstation 4 com controle DualShock

A recent partnership with Microsoft, Sony promises to improve its game streaming service. (Source: InspiredImages/

Media type

Another important factor to consider before choosing a PS4 game is the media type, and here there are advantages and disadvantages in both cases. In the case of digital media, you don’t need to buy the game in a physical shop. Just download it directly from the virtual shop, the Playstation Store.

Another advantage of digital media is that once purchased, it is part of your library. You can delete or reinstall the game whenever you want. The big disadvantage here is that, besides not being able to lend or sell the game, is that it will always be necessary to download the game again, and the time can vary greatly according to the size of the game and your internet plan.

This does not happen with the physical media, which you can buy at the shop of your choice and even make an installment purchase. The installation time here is dictated by the console hardware, not your connection.

Many physical media also offer gifts such as maps, posters and even digital codes so you can redeem exclusive extra content.

If you lose, scratch, or damage the physical media, it’s over.

However, if you lose, scratch, or damage the physical media, it’s over. You will have lost your game forever. So before you buy, think long and hard and consider the pros and cons of each media.

Hours of play

There is no denying, games are expensive. So when we make an investment like this, the least we expect is to be able to spend a good amount of time before exhausting all the possibilities of the game. And here, there are some options.

Games with a strong multiplayer element fell in the taste of players and developers for its great ability to play indefinitely, until the servers die. Still, many still prefer single-player campaigns, such as the famous open-world RPGs. While some bet on a compact story that last around 10 hours, others offer campaigns and side quests that extend the game for quite some time.

A good example is the famous The Witcher 3, or GTA 5. Other games take the repetition to another level, like Nier: Automata, where you have to complete the game multiple times to get more bits of the story and even watch different endings.

And that’s just one example. Regardless of what your favorite genre is, it is worth considering the cost/benefit, where often the biggest benefit is the duration and possibility to repeat the experience without getting tired.

 Imagem de uma pessoa segurando o controle DualShock do Playstation 4 diante de uma TV

Always remember to take regular breaks between one game and another to stretch. (Source:


Like most consoles, Playstation 4 has also invested in new technology, testing and perfecting what will be the future of gaming. We can highlight here mainly the Playstation Move, which are control with motion sensors, and VR, its virtual reality glasses technology.

With this, many specific games have emerged for these platforms, seeking to exploit their full potential. So, be careful not to buy these titles if they are exclusive to the Move or VR. To play online, a good headset is also essential for communication with other players. And finally, we have some accessories that are licensed, such as steering wheels, which allow you to enjoy your favorite racing games in an experience closer to reality.

Imagem de um volante Logitech para Playstation 4

Can you imagine racing around the world’s top tracks in front of a steering wheel? (Source: Lyrrad_Skynyrd/

Remakes and remastering

As we have dealt with in other topics, the Playstation faced a big problem by not being able to offer backward compatibility, something that has become a highlight of its most direct competitor.

To get around this problem, developers have invested in remakes and remasters, and it is important to understand the difference between them before making the purchase. In the case of remastering, the game receives only a graphic treatment and some mechanical improvements to work on Playstation 4, taking advantage of all the potential of the new generation.

Already the remake is a game reimagined. In addition to graphical improvements, they almost always have improved mechanics, camera changes and even new elements in the story. So before you buy, be aware if the game is a remake or just a remaster.

(Featured image source: Jaroslav Nymburský/