Last updated: 08/13/2020

The team behind THEGOODESTATE is all about finding the best products for you and this is why we want to showcase the best products that were able to make our cut. The result: We award our quality label “Top Product 2021” to the best products.

Products are awarded with our quality label if they meet all our quality criteria.

Selection Criteria

The Most Important Features of Each Product

Every product has different characteristics. For example the exact dimensions, its battery life, its weight or any additional components. By comparing a large number of products, we benchmark each product only with similar products.

Expert Evaluation

Every one of our articles is written after countless hours of in-depth research. Even if this does not always make sense from an economicpoint of view, we encourage our writers to never use shortcuts when researching their articles.

Because of this, we are able to make qualified recommendations, share important advice with our readers and form objective opinions about all the products showcased in our articles.

Price -Performance Ratio

The most expensive product is not always automatically the best choice. This is why we compare the price of each product with its actual properties and performance. As a result, our recommendations always include products with the best price-performance ratio.

Analysis of Customers’ Opinion

On Amazon, new customer reviews are published every second. These reviews are based on real-life experiences these customers had with the product they are reviewing.

We use artificial intelligence to automatically analyze these customers’ opinions and find out whether they are authentic or not and whether they are positive, neutral or negative. We also use this data in our product selection.

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