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Welcome to our big Powerball test 2023. Here we present all the Powerballs we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best Powerball for you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a Powerball.


  • A Powerball works without batteries. It uses the physical law of centrifugal force to generate mass and energy.
  • With Powerballs, you can distinguish between those that are propelled by a rope and those that have a winding mechanism.
  • The most important factors that can help you choose a powerball that is right for you are the maximum possible rotation, material and weight.

The Best Powerball: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Powerball

Did you know that the term Powerball can mean different things? In addition to a piece of exercise equipment, it can also mean a high-energy snack or a US lottery

Who is a Powerball for?

A Powerball is suitable for all those who want to do something for their physical health in everyday life. In addition to fitness training, it is suitable for people who sit at a desk for long periods of time, for example.

A workout with the Powerball can be integrated into your daily work routine at any time and keeps your hands healthy, even if you are busy typing for a long time. (Image source: / Glenn Carstens-Peters)

The Powerball trains the arm, hand and shoulder area in particular and is therefore also used for rehabilitation purposes after an injury to one of these body parts.

What does a Powerball cost?

In our price analysis, we compared 115 different products in the “hand exerciser” category: What is striking about the result is that almost ¾ of all hand trainers are available for under 20 euros.

A few products are in the price range between 35 and 60 euros. This is a fact that we also found for the Powerball as a hand exerciser.

What alternatives are there to the Powerball?

Our previous price analysis already looked at other types of hand exercisers. Depending on the area of use, a classic hand trainer in the shape of a handle, dumbbells or an anti-stress ball can be a sensible alternative to the Powerball.

A powerball is similarly efficient as smaller dumbbells, but it is much easier to transport and is therefore always available in everyday life. (Image source: / Kelly Sikkema)

While the classic hand trainer and dumbbells are intended to appeal to consumers with an interest in sports, an anti-stress ball is particularly suitable for people who sit a lot at work, for example. An anti-stress ball is also much more suitable for children than a power ball or hand trainer.

Decision: What types of Powerballs are there and which is the right one for you?

Powerballs can be distinguished between powerballs with an enclosed launch cord or with an integrated wind-up mechanism:

In the following, we will take a closer look at the special features of each type and what advantages and disadvantages can be identified.

What distinguishes a Powerball with a launch cord and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

With a Powerball with a launch cord, you start the Powerball’s spinning top by jerkily pulling a cord that is wrapped around the spinning top. For a more detailed explanation of the procedure, please read the detailed explanation in the trivia section of our test. This type of Powerball is characterised by a significantly lower purchase price.

However, starting the spinning top is somewhat more complicated than with models with an integrated automatic start.

  • Less expensive
  • replacement cord often included
  • Cumbersome threading
  • loss of cord possible

In the beginning, you always have to wrap the gyro with the enclosed cord, which can be very annoying, especially if you accidentally did something wrong during the previous start and have to restart the gyro every time.

If you lose the string, you will not be able to start the spinning top successfully. However, the manufacturers have usually taken precautions in this respect and include a second spare string in the packaging.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Powerball with wind-up mechanism?

The operation of models with integrated wind-up mechanism is much easier. Here, the spinning top only has to be turned back as far as it will go and then starts by itself.

Here, too, we have included a detailed explanation of the operation in the trivia section, which you should definitely take a look at. Another advantage of the Powerballs with wind-up mechanism is the fact that you don’t have to pay attention to where you put the string. It is not needed with this type of Powerball.

  • Easy to start
  • No string needed
  • More expensive
  • Underestimated health risks

Besides all the advantages, it should be noted that these Powerballs are a bit more expensive than the ones you use with a string. In addition, especially with this type, because of its ease of use, you should definitely look into the health concerns of the exercise equipment. Again, we refer you to the trivia section.

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate Powerballs

In the following, we would like to show you which aspects you can use to find the most suitable Powerball for you. The following criteria should support you in your choice:

  • Maximum rotation and centrifugal forces
  • Material and weight
  • Digital tachometer
  • LED lighting
  • Impact protection

In the following paragraphs we will explain what exactly is important for each of the criteria.

Maximum rotation and centrifugal forces

The maximum possible rotation and the centrifugal forces it generates are central information in connection with a possible training goal with the Powerball. Although Powerballs have a comparatively low weight of 270 grams on average, this weight is significantly increased by the rotation of the gyroscope inside the Powerball.

Remember the following rule of thumb: the higher the maximum possible rotation, the stronger the centrifugal forces.

At a speed of about 10,000 revolutions per minute, the Powerball generates centrifugal forces in the order of 150 newtons, which is the force needed to lift about 15 kg of mass. The current models achieve a maximum speed of about 18,000 revolutions per minute and – taking into account their own weight – can generate forces of more than 22 kg in total.

The Powerball is therefore not a toy, but a serious training tool.

Did you know that Powerballs hardly generate any vibration? With a frequency lower than 150 kHz, they have no negative effects on your bones or joints, so you can train with a Powerball without any worries.

Material and weight

The following two materials are common in the construction of Powerballs:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Aluminium

Polycarbonate is a plastic-like material that has a corresponding lightweight construction. Aluminium is considered more robust and is also significantly heavier than polycarbonate for a comparable size.

The choice of material thus primarily determines the dead weight of a powerball and thus has a central impact on the mass of the training equipment available for training. If we include the previously mentioned factors of rotation and centrifugal force, the result is a certain training mass depending on the material of the Powerball:

material revolutions total training mass
polycarbonate 16,000 rpm 16 kg
18,000 rpm 18 kg
aluminium 10,000 rpm 22 kg

Digital rev counter

Since the speed of rotation has an effect on the centrifugal forces and thus on the training mass, it can be an advantage for you to know the current speed of rotation of the gyro.

Some Powerball models are already available with an integrated tachometer, while others do not have this feature. If you only use your Powerball once in a while to relax your hands from working on the computer, then the tachometer may not be necessary. However, if you use the Powerball regularly in your training, then a tachometer would make sense.

If you are not sure, you can buy a Powerball without a tachometer for the time being. If necessary, this can be retrofitted by simply plugging it in.

LED lighting

Powerballs are also available with LED lighting. There are models that glow in the dark in one colour and are simply intended to make the device more appealing to use. But there are also models where the lighting is multi-coloured and serves as an indicator for the speed.

Depending on the speed, the light shines in a different colour. This not only looks stunning in the dark, but also allows you to easily assess the current speed.

Impact protection

Powerballs are sports equipment, which means that sometimes everything is demanded of them. In the heat of the moment, it can happen that the device slips out of your hand and hits the ground. The manufacturer tries to counteract this by attaching a rubber ring to the Powerball, but it is usually impossible to avoid it completely.

Especially products made of aluminium are always subject to a certain risk of slipping. Therefore, the manufacturer Powerball has equipped some of its devices with a patented impact protection. This is based on a special design that sufficiently protects the mechanism of the Powerball from damage in the event of an impact.

Facts worth knowing about the Powerball

The gyroscope inside the Powerball is similar to a gyroscope. Gyroscopes are also used in aviation for orientation. (Image source: / Caleb Woods)

How does a Powerball work?

A powerball uses the physical phenomenon of centrifugal force, also known as centrifugal force. It is a force caused by rotational and circular movements.

Without the effect of centrifugal force, you would not be able to ride a bicycle.

As a user of a powerball, you make use of this force: The gyroscope inside the Powerball generates centrifugal force through movement. This is noticeable when you feel that the Powerball is getting heavier.

In addition to mass, centrifugal force also generates energy, which supplies power to the device’s LEDs or the digital tachometer, for example.

How do I use a Powerball?

The correct way to use a Powerball depends on the type of Powerball. Depending on whether you have a Powerball with a launch cord or a wind-up mechanism, the actual procedure is slightly different. The following guide shows you how to use your Powerball correctly:

Powerball with launch cord Powerball with wind-up mechanism
1. Roll the top until you see a hole. Take your Powerball in both hands.
2. Put the end of the string into the hole. Place your two thumbs on the spinning top and turn it in the direction indicated by an arrow.
3. Slowly wind the string around the spinning top. Make sure that the string lies on the notch. Turn as far as it will go. As soon as the spinning top stops spinning, stop spinning it.
4. Wind up the string until a sufficiently long end of the string remains. Keep holding the spinning top with one of your thumbs.
5. Take the powerball in your hand. Position the powerball so that the end of the attached string is facing downwards. Take the powerball in your hand. Position your hand slightly downwards. However, continue to hold the spinning top with one of your thumbs.
6. Start the spinning top of the Powerball by pulling the string in a jerky way. Start the spinning top of the Powerball by releasing the spinning top with your thumb.
7. Keep the spinning top moving by moving your wrist smoothly and round. Keep the spinning top moving by moving your wrist smoothly and round.

How long should I train with a Powerball?

According to the manufacturer, training sessions of two to three minutes each several times throughout the day are sufficient to train effectively with the Powerball.

Training sessions of two to three minutes each can already achieve appealing results.

Beginners should use the Powerball at comparatively lower speeds in the beginning.

Basically, you should not train with the Powerball if you feel pain in your arms. In this case you should definitely consult a medical expert.

Where can I find exercises for my Powerball?

With a Powerball you can exercise your hands, fingers, arms, elbows and shoulders. For the individual exercises, it is worth visiting the Powerball website. There you will find numerous tips and videos on various exercises. You should also look for special sports websites on the internet. You can also find hints and tips on popular websites and forums such as YouTube, Reddit and the like.

What do I do if my Powerball is defective?

A Powerball is a technically demanding piece of training equipment. It is therefore hardly advisable to repair it yourself if it is defective. In this case, you should urgently contact Powerball to solve your problem.

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