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It’s great to see you here on ReviewBox Brasil! Today we are going to talk about the portable blender, a device adapted for individual use and widely used by people who do physical activities and those who want to eat well when they are away from home.

Smaller than a traditional model, the portable blender has a container similar to a cocktail shaker, which serves both to prepare the drink and to consume it. Interested in learning more about this product? Keep reading this article.


  • The portable blender can be powered by electricity or rechargeable battery – comes with a USB cable.
  • The capacity of the container of a portable blender ranges from 350 to 750ml. Some devices come with two glasses in different sizes. The container can be made of plastic, acrylic or Tritan.
  • You can find models of portable blender with 175, 200, 300 and 350W. The appliance can offer two, four or six blades.

The best Portable Blender: Our Picks

We have prepared a list with the best portable blenders on sale in Brazil. Check out the options and choose the one that best meets your needs. It’s a good idea to check the reviews of other consumers when buying.

Buying Guide

Also called an individual blender, the portable blender is an indispensable appliance for those who wish to maintain a tasty and healthy diet even away from home.

The appliance allows the preparation of various drinks such as juices, vitamins, shakes, smoothies and blends with fresh ingredients and in the ideal proportion for individual consumption. Are you interested? Find out more in this Buying Guide.

 Imagem de uma mulher tomando um shake.

The portable blender brings more practicality on a daily basis. (Source: Hamilton Beach/

What are the features of a portable blender?

The portable blender is ideal for preparing individual servings of hot or cold drinks such as juices, vitamins and supplements. To prepare them just press the pulse button – the command enables maximum control of the preparation.

Another interesting feature of the portable blender is that the preparation container turns into a cocktail shaker by simply fitting the lid that comes with the appliance.

This container can be made of plastic, acrylic or Tritan (a material which combines plastic and glass). The capacity ranges from 350 to 750 ml, ideal for an individual portion.

The portable blender has a non-slip base, is easy to assemble and disassemble, easily washable and relatively quiet – it emits less noise than a conventional blender.

What are the advantages of buying a portable blender?

One of the main advantages of buying a portable blender is the ease of maintaining healthy eating away from home, as you can prepare your favourite drinks with fresh, healthy food no matter where you are – gym, work or at leisure.

The appliance is also an excellent alternative for maintaining eating habits while travelling. The appliance fits in any corner of your travel bag

By preparing your own drinks, you will save money. After all, juices and vitamins can be expensive at restaurants and snack bars. The money you save by not drinking out of home will pay for the device in no time. Check out more advantages of the device in the table below:

  • The container capacity reaches 750 ml
  • Options with different styles of operation
  • Some models offer ice crushing function
  • The device is silent
  • Wide variety of models and prices
  • Models with only two blades prepare simple mixtures
  • Most models have only one speed

Bear in mind that a portable blender does not have the same power as a conventional blender, because besides being compact, the motor power reaches 350W only. So avoid using vegetables, nuts or seeds in the preparation of drinks, as these ingredients can jam the propellers.

What care should I take with the portable blender?

As you can already see, the portable blender is a delicate equipment, so it is essential to take certain care during handling, we list the main ones below:

  • Even in appliances with Ice function use a small amount of ice cubes, as the blades cannot process larger quantities. Some models cannot handle conventionally sized cubes, so use a smaller ice cube tray.
  • When using the handheld blender, place the liquid ingredients first and then the solids. The liquid base will ensure the circulation of the fruits that will grind properly.
  • After using the equipment, it is essential to clean and dry it. Food residues may cause damage to the operation of the equipment and, although anti-corrosion materials are used, it is essential to dry the bottle before putting it away.
  • Never place the container of the portable blender inside the microwave, as the bottle will deform or even melt. The same goes for boiling water.

Portable blender or electric cocktail shaker: Which is the best option?

A similar piece of equipment to the portable blender is the electric cocktail shaker. This second option is exclusively geared towards the preparation of supplements, as the equipment has a plastic propeller.

The motor can dissolve the supplement in water or milk quickly and easily, but it is not capable of processing solid ingredients like fruit and ice. Just like the portable blender, you can drink directly from the container.

Still unsure which one is right for you? See a comparison between the two devices in the table below:

Portable blender Electric cocktail shaker
Ideal for Preparation of juices and vitamins Preparation of sports supplement
Mode of operation Electric power or rechargeable battery Batteries
Main difference Charges from two to six blades The propeller is plastic
Capacity From 350 to 750 ml 400 ml

Purchase Criteria: What to consider when buying a portable blender

Do you intend to use the hand-held blender every day or only occasionally? The answer to this question will determine the choice of equipment. It is also important to analyse and compare the following features:

Use the criteria listed above to decide which factors are most important to you at the time of purchase, after all, every person has a different need from the other.

Mode of operation

At the time of purchase, it is essential to analyse the portable blender’s mode of operation. You can find models that work when plugged in or by rechargeable battery.

The most practical model is the one which works through a rechargeable battery – usually the device comes with a power supply. If you choose this model, check the capacity of the battery and the recharging time (recharging usually takes three hours and lasts up to 15 uses).

If you choose a traditional model, powered by electricity, be aware of the voltage of the equipment and only connect it to compatible outlets, because the device is not bivolt. It is also worth noting if the device has an integrated cable rack.

Imagem de um liquidificador portátil.

Some models of portable blender are powered by electricity. (Source: Disclosure: Hamilton Beach /

Size and weight

When buying a portable blender, it is essential to analyze the dimensions of the equipment, because the device is designed to be transported. A larger and more powerful model can fit in a backpack, but will hardly be suitable for a bag.

In addition to the size, assess the weight of the equipment. Some models are light, but others exceed 1.5 kg. This is an important aspect to be considered because it directly influences the ease – or difficulty – of handling the device.

Tip: When you travel by plane, remember to put the portable blender in your checked luggage. Because of the blades, the object is not allowed in hand luggage

Material and capacity of the container

The container of the portable blender can be made of ordinary plastic or Tritan. If you buy a device with a plastic cup, make sure it is free of Bisphenol-A, a toxic component.

Tritan plastic is resistant to impacts, stains and bad odors.

Another option is the Tritan plastic bottle, much more resistant to impacts, stains and bad odors. Regardless of the material, never put boiling water in the bottle, as it may deform or even melt.

Besides the material, check the bottle’s capacity. You can find options with 350, 400, 450, 600, 700 and 750 ml. Some models offer two glasses in different sizes.

Quantity and quality of the blades

When buying a portable blender, pay attention to the number of blades of the device. You can find the following options: One propeller with two blades, two propellers with four blades and three propellers with six blades.

Appliances with only two small blades are suitable for simple mixing. Appliances with four or six blades are effective for preparing more elaborate drinks.

The blades are as important as the motor in the performance of the appliance.

Another feature that should be observed is the quality of the blades, as these parts are as important as the power of the motor in the performance of the hand-held blender.

Poor quality blades can neutralise the power provided by the motor, so a portable blender with lower power and better blades may outperform a device with the opposite characteristics.

Stainless steel blades are the best on the market. Another option is Teflon-coated blades, which are not only more resistant, but also keep their sharpness longer.

The quality of the blades also influences the question of cleaning the equipment, as these are the most difficult parts to clean. In this sense, it is worth buying an appliance with removable blades.


The motor power is directly related to the portable blender’s ability to prepare your favorite drink. You can find options with 175, 200, 300 and 350W.

The appliances with low power are only good for preparing simple drinks, whereas models with up to 350W are efficient in crushing fruit and ice and are good for preparing more complex drinks.

Imagem de um conjunto de liquidificadores portáteis.

The more powerful devices can process fruit and ice. (Source: Disclosure /

Most portable blender models feature only one speed option, but you can find models with two speeds and a pulse function.

Extra features

When buying a portable blender, note whether the equipment has any extra accessories such as a sieve to retain the solid waste left over after the preparation of the drink.

Another interesting accessory is the silicone handle which makes it easier to carry the bottle. Another interesting option is that some models come with two containers instead of just one.

Although it is not an accessory, we must not fail to mention the Ice function, which can assist in the crushing of hard foods, including ice – hence the inspiration for the name.

(Featured image source: Decdeal/ Amazon)