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Today we will talk about plastic table, a very useful piece of furniture for you who want to gather friends or family in your home, or even for your bar or restaurant.

There are advantages and disadvantages of plastic tables compared to other materials. As much as the overall look is usually not so pretty, the convenience and cost benefit can make up for it. We will go into more detail about this shortly.

We will also talk about the different shapes, sizes and possible benefits of plastic tables. Do you know how to choose the ideal one for your home or business? Stay with us and receive valuable information in the next few lines!


  • Plastic tables are cheaper and less sophisticated than those made of wood or other materials, but they also have their advantages. Space optimisation and ease of transport are among the main ones.
  • There are plastic tables in various shapes and types. Each one meets different needs and so it is important to know how to choose which one best suits your environment.
  • You can find quality plastic tables starting at £50, but they will be square and with limited seating. The models, depending on what they present, can reach up to close to £500.

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As you have already noticed from the previous section, there are several styles of plastic tables. How to choose the best one for your environment? And is it really the ideal material?

It’s time to go into more detail on all these subjects!

Imagem mostra um grupo de pessoas tomando bebidas sobre uma mesa.

Plastic tables have advantages and disadvantages compared to other materials. (Source: Helena Lopes/

What is a plastic table and what is it used for?

A plastic table can be useful for both your home and for businesses such as bars and restaurants. It accommodates a varied number (often four) of people seated, allowing for situations such as eating and social interaction.

For the home, the plastic table facilitates meetings with family or friends. It can be placed in internal or external areas. Its material is usually sun resistant and does not suffer so much from natural impacts.

If you have a bar or restaurant, the plastic table does not give a sophistication to the environment as great as wood or metal, but if simplicity is your idea, it is perfect.

In any case, you may need to buy a large number of tables to receive the desired amount of people.

Did you know that the act of sitting at a table to eat is extremely ancient?

There are records of meals being taken this way since the 3rd century B.C. But wood has always been the dominant material, with the Latin name, “tabula”, meaning “board”.

It was only in the 1950s that plastic started to appear as an option. And it quickly became a best-seller, of great interest to young couples who were just starting to organise their lives together and didn’t have much money.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic tables compared to other materials?

There are other materials, such as metal and woods, which are also very common for tables. Plastic, as we have already mentioned, is less sophisticated, but it also has quite clear advantages.

The ease of transport and space optimisation is the greatest of these advantages. Monobloc tables, in particular, can be stacked. This gives the plastic an advantage for those who don’t have large spaces for furniture layout.

Another issue is resistance. Although the life span of plastic is shorter than that of wood, which can last for decades, it can be exposed to sun and rain without suffering major damage. This makes it a great option for outdoor areas.

It is necessary to pay attention to the state of conservation of plastic tables and chairs: when old or damaged, they can cause accidents. Another significant advantage we need to mention is the lower price than for other materials.

Check in the table below the main advantages and disadvantages of a plastic table:

  • Ease of transport and space optimization
  • Ideal for outdoor areas: they do not rust, nor suffer great damage with sun and rain
  • They leave the environment stripped, some have space for parasol
  • Price below other materials
  • They do not have the sophistication required for certain environments
  • There are not many design possibilities
  • Useful life is shorter than that of wood, they can spoil quickly
  • They can cause accidents if they are not in good condition

Another advantage of plastic tables is that they are easy to clean. However, with time, it is normal for wear marks to appear. To solve this problem and learn how to clean your furniture perfectly, check out this video from the Noca’s Recipes channel:

What are the different types of plastic table and their specifications?

Plastic tables come in different shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, and in some other specifications, such as monoblock or collapsible. All these types also have their own uses.

Starting with monoblock tables, we recommend their acquisition for those who need a considerable number, but do not have space to keep them arranged and need to store them in a small space after use. This is because they are stackable.

We can say something similar about the dismountable ones, although the work is greater when it comes to storing them.

Square and round tables take up less space, while rectangular tables are the ones that accommodate people the most. Paying attention to the design of the room is a good alternative if this is an important feature for you.

Round tables can eventually take up a lot of people since they have no edges. They also help with space optimisation: for the same reason, getting around them is easier.

The advantages and applications of each table format are explained in more detail in the table below:

Square table Round table Rectangular table Monobloc table Collapsible table
Advantages Low price, takes up little space Space optimization, placement of more tables in small places Table usually more beautiful and accommodates more people Possibility of stacking the tables after use, easier storage Same as monoblock, only the dismantling and storage are more difficult
Recommendations Balconies and outdoor spaces, reception of few people Balconies and small spaces that need to receive more people Best table for an indoor space. Defined number of people Reception of several people in limited space that also has other uses Same as monoblock

It is worth remembering that all these characteristics also apply to children’s tables, which are just lower and less resistant than the common ones, besides sometimes bringing some drawings and hobbies in the design.

Buying criteria: what to consider when choosing a plastic table

Now that you’ve decided which type of plastic table you need, let’s talk about criteria that will help you choose the right one for you. We’ve listed a few below:

We’ll talk more about each of these items below.


When we talk about design, we are not talking about the shape of the table (rectangular, round or square), but about beauty and functionality.

The beauty comes from the shape of the legs, the entrances, the design of the piece of furniture itself. If you want the table to match your environment and add a modern or uncluttered tone to it, paying attention to what is offered in this aspect is important.

The functionality arises from possibilities such as a central hole for parasol entry, ease of disassembly and the possibility of removing the feet. All of these can help in certain circumstances.


The vast majority of plastic tables are white. However, it is possible to find variations, and these variations are diverse. Wine, red, orange, blue… all these colours are available on the market.

Here again, the question is to decide how important it is that the table matches your environment. If you value this in your home decor, it may be a point to take into consideration. In a bar or restaurant, it is practically fundamental.


The finish is directly linked to the quality of the table. Pay attention to whether the painting is well done, if the legs are well sanded, if there is no deformity. The furniture will be much more durable when there are no flaws.

Besides, there are some finishing items that can help. One example is additional protection against ultra-violet rays, important in the case of tables that will always be exposed to the sun. You want your furniture to last for many years, don’t you?

Imagem mostra uma mesa e duas cadeiras de plástico em uma praia.

Plastic tables can be found in a multitude of environments, even on beaches. (Source: Michael McCauslin /

Number of seats

While the overwhelming majority of square tables only seat four people, there are variations in size in round and rectangular tables. If you want to accommodate a large number of people at just one table, this is a key issue.

It is possible to put more people on a round table than it could originally support, but this is not a comfortable option. If that’s the case, look for larger models that have greater capacity without a decrease in comfort.

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