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You’ve been thinking about getting a set of plates for dishes like pizza or similar at home for a while? Then pizza plates are the perfect solution for you. They come in many different sizes, colours and shapes and have become very popular, especially in Italian restaurants.

In Italy, the plates with the large surface are a must-have for serving food and they are also very popular. Design is very important to you and you want your product to be unique? Then you can easily design your individual pizza plate online and have it delivered to your home or design it yourself at home. To help you choose the right pizza plate, we would like to give you a few valuable tips in the following article and show you what to look out for.

The most important facts

  • Pizza plates come in many different shapes and sizes. They are particularly practical for large dishes or cheese and sausage platters.
  • There are also good products for a reasonable price. Don’t be put off by the prices.
  • Always pay attention to heat resistance. It must not break or crack at high temperatures.

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Buying and evaluation criteria for pizza plates

To help you decide which pizza plate is right for you, we have listed the most important buying criteria. These are as follows:

If you take all the criteria into account, you are guaranteed to find the right pizza plate.


There are many different sizes of pizza plates. They start at a diameter of approx. 25 cm, which is intended for really small pizzas. If you prefer a larger plate, you can also find offers of up to 37 cm. In any case, the plate should always be slightly larger than the pizza that is served on it. With some suppliers, you can have the plate made especially for you and thus decide for yourself what diameter it should have. Here, for example, you can go far beyond 37 cm.


Pizza plates can be made of many different materials. Most plates are made of ceramic or opal glass. These materials are particularly heat-resistant and resistant to cuts or notches made by pizza cutters or knives.

There are also pizza plates made of many other materials such as clay or wood. However, the choice of material also depends very much on your desired design. In any case, it should ensure good stability of the plate and be heat-resistant.


A pizza plate can be designed in many different ways. You can decide for yourself which design you like best. Should it be a plain plate without motifs? Do you want the plate to stand out with colourful, unusual colours or patterns? Or would you prefer to design it yourself?

Some pizza plates, for example, have notches in the shape of pizza pieces, which makes cutting pizzas easier and prevents unwanted cuts on the surface. There are many different pizza plates and manufacturers. You just have to find the right design for yourself. Let your creativity run wild.

Heat resistance

Heat resistance is an important consideration when buying the perfect pizza plate. If you want to put the plate with the pizza in the oven, it must withstand the high temperatures without cracking or breaking. Small cracks must also be prevented by the heat. A pizza plate must be able to withstand at least 250 degrees Celsius without any changes in stability or shape.

The heat resistance depends on the material chosen, as each material has a different heat resistance. Therefore, you should also avoid strong temperature fluctuations. If you have just taken the plate out of the fridge, leave it outside at room temperature for a while and then put it in the oven. Of course, the plate must not catch fire at high temperatures, but this cannot happen with the materials of the pizza plate and the achievable temperatures of the oven.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about pizza plates answered in detail

To help you decide on the perfect pizza plate, we have compiled the most important questions about the product in the following section and answered them for you:

Who are pizza plates suitable for?

Would you like to eat your pizza on a plate instead of in a cardboard box from the delivery service or simply arrange your home-made pizza nicely on your own plate? There is definitely enough space on a pizza plate. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a plain plate or a fancy design.

There is something for everyone’s taste. Thanks to the large diameter and the flat shape, you can also use the plate for many other dishes. The heat resistance ensures that you can put it in the oven without any problems and it won’t break. You won’t see any scratches after cutting with sharp knives either, as it was designed for pizza cutters and is therefore very sturdy.

What do you have to keep in mind when cleaning the pizza peel?

When cleaning the pizza plate, the material is the most important factor. If your pizza plate is made of porcelain, for example, there is not much difference to other dishes. You can either put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand. However, you should first remove stubborn food residues. Be especially careful with the porcelain when putting it in and taking it out of the dishwasher so that it doesn’t break. A wooden pizza plate, on the other hand, should be washed by hand because the wood can soften in the dishwasher.


Pizza plates with handles are particularly suitable for easy serving of pizzas or similar dishes. (Image source: Getúlio Moraes / Unsplash)

If you have painted your plate yourself or if there is a special pattern on your plate, it is advisable to wash it by hand and be very careful. This way, the colour will be preserved and will not fade or flake.

How much does a pizza plate cost?

The cost of a pizza plate is very different and can vary greatly. In the following table you will find an overview of the approximate prices and which criteria influence the price range.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (2,50 – 10 €) Mostly white, classic ceramic plates
Medium-priced (50 – 150 €) Higher-quality materials, partly with design
High-priced (from 150 €) high-quality materials, noble design, brand quality

As you can see above, you can buy pizza plates of high quality and fancy design already from a medium price range. With high-quality plates, you pay above all for the name of the manufacturer. The pizza plates in the lower price range are also recommendable. However, these are usually classic white ceramic plates without a special design. In the medium price range, you can also find white ceramic plates with a fancy design and special motifs.

Can you design your own pizza plate?

With some suppliers you can design your own plate. You can do this directly on the website by uploading a photo or motif of your choice. You can upload any number of motifs and design each plate differently or use a single template for several pizza plates.

You can also buy an unpainted pizza plate and design it yourself at home. When doing so, make sure that the paint is waterproof and does not peel off when exposed to heat. You can have wooden pizza plates engraved, for example. All you have to do is specify your desired engraving. All ordered plates can be delivered directly to your home.


Pizza plates are particularly suitable for pizza lovers. They come in many different sizes, colours, shapes and materials. To find the ideal pizza plate for you, you should therefore ask yourself what exactly is most important to you in a suitable plate. Do you want it to be rather plain or do you want it to be particularly eye-catching with bright colours and motifs? Do you want to use the plate only for serving pizza and the like or also for other dishes?

Of course, you can also design your product yourself and adapt it to your ideas. You should also pay special attention to good stability and high heat resistance. There are many brands that offer pizza plates. You can also find high-quality offers from a low to medium price range. To choose the right pizza plate, you should therefore decide before buying what you want to use it for and what is particularly important to you when using it.

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