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Welcome to our big pizza oven kit test 2022. Here we present all the pizza oven kits that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the Internet.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best pizza oven kit for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a pizza oven kit.


  • Pizza oven kits are available in two materials – metal and stone. Metal kits are pre-assembled and ready to use without much effort, but with a stone kit you can prepare the classic stone oven pizza in the traditional way.
  • Make sure that the base of the kit is made of fireclay. Fireclay is fire and heat resistant and retains heat well. So you can bake several crispy pizzas in a row.
  • Pizza oven kits are not only suitable for baking pizzas. You can also use them to cook vegetables, fish and meat.

The Best Pizza Oven Kit: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Pizza Oven Kit

What is a pizza oven kit?

If you want to enjoy an Italian-style pizza, then a pizza oven kit is for you!

With a pizza oven kit you can prepare pizza professionally. The pizza oven kit is also the easiest and safest way to build your very own pizza oven in the garden. Unlike a classic pizza oven, this is an affordable alternative.

You don’t have to go to a pizzeria to enjoy a delicious pizza. With a pizza oven kit, you can also prepare your favourite pizza at home. (Image source: / Cathal Mac an Bheatha)

Depending on your preferences, you can assemble the kit and put it to use right away. Or you can build it into your own pizza oven, garden kitchen, etc.

What should I look for in a pizza oven kit?

Before you buy a pizza oven kit, you need to think about where and how you want to use it. Do you want it outdoors or indoors, do you want it to be built into a pizza oven, garden kitchen, etc. or not?

Depending on this, you can then decide on a certain material, size, etc.
If you buy a pizza oven kit, you will often have to assemble it yourself. Follow the instructions to avoid mistakes. Also make sure that you do not have to insulate the pizza oven kit yourself.

Before you use it, you should also consider where the pizza oven kit should be placed. Consider the distance from the dining table and the possibility of smoke.

You do not need permission to build a pizza oven in the garden. However, be careful not to place it directly against a building or under a roof. It should also be far enough away from the neighbour’s property.

Your pizza oven should not be placed directly against a wall, as this can cause soot residue. It should also not be placed near trees and bushes, as there is a risk of fire. It is also recommended that the pizza oven is accessible from all sides to facilitate future maintenance work.

How much does a pizza oven kit cost?

The price of the pizza oven kit depends on various factors, such as the material and the size.

Pizza oven kits made of steel are usually cheaper than those made of stone. In addition, larger kits, which have two baking chambers, for example, are more expensive than smaller versions.

Furthermore, the price of pizza oven kits differs depending on their workmanship. For example, kits with integrated cast-iron doors or with cladding have a higher cost point.

In the table below, we have briefly summarised the price ranges for the two most important variants of pizza oven kits.

Pizza oven kit Price
Steel kit 200-600 €
Stone kit 700-2000 €

Did you know that you can also rent pizza ovens?

Some suppliers not only sell pizza oven kits, but also rent them out. So if you only make pizzas for special occasions, like family gatherings, it might be worth renting a pizza oven kit for just one day instead of buying it.

What are the alternatives to a pizza oven kit?

You don’t have to buy a pizza oven kit to bake a delicious pizza. You can also build one yourself. You can find building instructions on various websites on the Internet and thus assemble your own individual pizza oven.

To do this, you need some materials, which you can easily get at a DIY store. You should make sure that your pizza oven stands on solid ground, which is why we recommend concreting the foundation.

Before you start building, you should make a plan with measurements. This will ensure that you have all the materials you need in sufficient quantities, and it is much easier to follow a plan than to just build as you go.

What Types of Pizza Oven Kits are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to buy a pizza oven kit, you can choose between two types:

  • Steel pizza oven kit
  • Stone pizza oven kit

We would now like to discuss these types and present their advantages and disadvantages. In this way, you will be well informed and find the most suitable pizza oven kit for you.

What distinguishes a steel pizza oven kit and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The steel pizza oven kit is the simplest type of kit. It is a dome made of metal that can be purchased or delivered completely pre-assembled.

You can either place the steel kit on a worktop or install it in your own baking house. Therefore, this kit is ready for use without much effort.

  • Ready for use without much effort
  • Cheaper than kits made of stone
  • Combination of pizza oven and grill possible
  • Does not store heat so well
  • Not particularly temperature-resistant
  • Not a classic “stone oven pizza”

Another advantage of steel kits is that they are usually cheaper than stone pizza oven kits. You can buy a good steel kit for as little as 200 euros.

Furthermore, nowadays there are also combinations of pizza oven kits and barbecues. Such devices are particularly practical because you don’t have to buy a grill and another pizza oven kit.

In addition, kits made of steel are lighter and therefore easier to transport than those made of stone.

What distinguishes a stone pizza oven kit and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The direct-fired dome oven made of stone is the classic among the pizza oven kits. It is delivered in prefabricated parts and you have to assemble it according to the instructions.

Fireclay stone in particular is known for its fire and heat resistance, which is why this material is often used in oven construction. Kits whose baking surface is made of fireclay also store heat very well, which is why several pizzas can be cooked in succession.

  • Heat-storing
  • Fire- and heat-resistant
  • Crispy pizza
  • Must be assembled by hand
  • More expensive than steel kits
  • Not transportable

In addition, firebrick has proven to be an ideal material for baking classic “stone oven pizzas” with a crispy base.

It is important to bear in mind that these kits are not easy to transport and you must therefore first think carefully about where you want to set up your pizza oven for a longer period of time.

Buying Criteria: You can use these Criteria to compare and evaluate Pizza Oven Kits


The size of the pizza oven kit you choose depends on the space you have available for a pizza oven. If you have a spacious garden, size does not matter. However, if you want to install your kit in your garden kitchen, you should measure everything thoroughly in advance so that you can buy the pizza oven kit in the appropriate size.

What you should consider with the size is the diameter of the kit. If it is larger, you can cook several pizzas in it at the same time.

If you only want to prepare pizzas, an oven with external dimensions of 100x100cm is sufficient. For bread or larger baked goods, however, the oven should be at least 120x120cm outside.

There are also larger kits on the market that have not one but two baking chambers. This enables the preparation of even larger quantities of meals.

Place of use

Before you buy a pizza oven kit, you should also consider where you want to use it. Should it be used in a brick pizza oven or just placed on a countertop? Will it be used outdoors or indoors?

Whether it’s prepared indoors or outdoors, pizza always tastes good! (Image source: / Emily Austin)

If the kit is to be installed in a masonry wall, then you need to plan the installation in advance in order to choose the right size and material for you. You should also learn how to install a kit properly.

If you want to use your kit indoors, in your kitchen, then you should rather buy a smaller, lighter and transportable pizza oven kit.


Although many people think that you can only get proper and crispy pizzas from a wood-fired oven, there is also a gas pizza oven kit variant available today.

You can simply switch on a gas pizza oven kit and after a few minutes the desired temperature for preparing your favourite pizza is reached. You can also switch it off again just as quickly and easily.

With a traditional wood-fired oven kit, however, you get the atmosphere of cooking a classic stone-oven pizza, just like the Italian way. In addition, most kits are wood-fired and are also cheaper than gas kits.

We have summarised the most important advantages of wood-fired pizza oven kits and gas kits for you in the table below:

Wood-fired oven Gas oven
Traditional stone-fired pizza Quick and easy to use
Particularly heat-retaining Temperature can be precisely controlled
Cheaper Easier to clean


The insulation of your pizza oven kit is very important because it is crucial for heat retention. A well-insulated pizza oven can even maintain high temperatures for several hours.

Good insulation of the oven allows the baking temperature to be reached quickly, saving wood or gas.

For a crispy pizza, your pizza oven should ideally reach a temperature of 350 °C.

Rock wool is recommended as an insulating material, as it has very good heat storage properties and minimises the number of hairline cracks in a dome oven. Alternatively, ceramic fibres can be used.

If the kit is installed in a bakehouse, an insulating fill is required between the oven dome and the bakehouse wall.

Possible uses

Before you buy a pizza oven kit, you should also think about what you want to use it for.

Most kits are not only suitable for making pizzas, but also for baking bread. You can also cook vegetables and meat.

However, if you also like to grill often, a combination of pizza oven kit and grill might be suitable. This is an optimal solution because you do not have to buy both appliances separately.

Facts worth knowing about the Pizza Oven Kits

How do I clean a pizza oven kit?

It is recommended to clean the pizza oven kit after each baking cycle. First of all, you should remove food residues from the stone, preferably with an oven brush. Afterwards, you can wash the fireclay brick with water, but be careful not to scratch the brick when cleaning.

You should also clean your pizza oven intensively a few times a year. To do this, heat the oven to maximum temperature and let it burn through at maximum heat. This burns off both food residues and dirt.

You should also remember to clean the inside and outside of the chimney.

How do I protect my pizza oven kit from rain?

To ensure the longevity of your pizza oven kit, you should protect it from rain, among other things. You can do this, for example, by using a rain protection roof, a canopy or a covering that protects against rain.

You should also position the stove so that the wind cannot push the rain into the inside of the stove. You can avoid this by installing a cast-iron door, for example, if you don’t already have one.

What should be considered when insulating the pizza oven kit?

For good insulation between the base of the pizza oven and the bottom bricks of the pizza oven kit, a 10 cm thick layer of aerated concrete bricks or calcium silicate bricks is recommended.

When it comes to the oven dome, ceramic fibre should be placed around and on top of the entire dome for insulation. If you have a dome-shaped pizza oven, the ceramic fibre is laid in four layers. If you have a square oven dome, double insulation is sufficient, as the rest is filled with vermiculite.

The insulation layer of the ceramic fibre pizza oven is extremely important, as it can withstand heat up to 1300 degrees.

A well-insulated pizza oven kit retains heat longer and allows you to cook several crispy pizzas in a row. (Image source: / Jamie Goodwin)

If it is a dome oven, building wire is placed around the ceramic fibre. An exterior plaster a few centimetres thick can be applied on top of this. When painting the pizza oven, be sure to use breathable silicate paint.

The vermiculite fill mentioned earlier is only used for a square oven house. This is poured directly into the cavity between the walls and onto the entire dome up to approx. 1-2 hand widths above the crown of the dome.

How do I regulate or avoid smoke development in the pizza oven kit?

If you have a gas-fired pizza oven kit, you do not have to worry about smoke. However, the situation is different with wood-burning ovens.

To minimise smoke in the wood-fired pizza oven as much as possible, you should not use hardwood, but dry, small-sized softwood. Also, use a good lighter and not paper or shavings.

To avoid trouble with your neighbours, it is recommended to place the pizza oven far away from the neighbour’s property. This way you avoid possible complaints about smoke and fumes.

What can the pizza oven kit be used for?

Although the name suggests that the pizza oven kit is mainly intended for the preparation of pizzas, you can prepare different dishes with such a kit.

These range from bread and pastries to vegetables, poultry, fish and steaks.

A temperature of approx. 160°C is ideal for preparing vegetables, 230°C for rolls and 370°C for steaks and meat skewers.

Image source: tcameliastoian