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What could be better than a homemade pizza? But the bad thing is that it takes time to make your own dough. Fortunately, there is a remedy, namely a pizza dough. Thanks to a pizza dough, you can cook your own pizza right away.

In the following article, we will introduce you to various pizza dough alternatives. In our criteria you can choose the right pizza dough for you.


  • Pizza dough comes in different varieties, including some that are suitable for allergy sufferers and those on a ketogenic diet.
  • pizza dough can save you a lot of time and effort when you want to make a pizza.
  • Pizza dough can be made from a variety of flours. These have a strong influence on the taste.

The Best Pizza Dough: Our Picks

In this section we have compiled our favourites for you, which can help you to make a purchase decision. There will be a suitable pizza dough for every taste and every need. This can then also be ordered very easily.

Buying and evaluation criteria for pizza dough

To help you choose your next pizza dough, we have summarised the most important criteria so that you can find the best pizza dough for you. These criteria are as follows:

Now we’ll explain what to look for in these criteria so you can make a well-informed decision.

Package size

The package size of a pizza dough gives information about the price-performance ratio and how many pizzas you can cook with it. Pizza dough pack sizes range from 100-2000 grams. The larger the pack size, the lower the price. With large pack sizes, you may have the problem that you don’t like the dough or it doesn’t taste good, but because you have bought so much of it, you have to use it up first.

We therefore recommend that you don’t order too much pizza dough, but rather several smaller pizza dough pack sizes. This also gives you the opportunity to try out other types of flour and find your favourite pizza dough.

Flour type

The type of flour is especially important for the taste and if you have a gluten allergy. The type of flour can also make your pizza dough healthier. Also, the nutrients change due to the different ingredients.

The standard flour in most pizza doughs is white flour with yeast. Alternative flours include spelt flour, coconut flour and golden meal which are healthier than white flour and a good alternative if you have a gluten intolerance.

Baking mix or ready-made dough

Pizza dough is sold in two types, mixes and ready dough. With mixes, you need to follow the instructions on the packet to make the pizza dough. Ready-made mixes are quick to prepare. But if you use a ready-made dough straight away, you can save yourself some time and there is less chance of things going wrong.

On the other hand, there is not quite as much choice in ready-made dough as in ready-made baking mixes and the ready-made dough usually costs more than the baking mix. So if you have time and want to save money, we recommend a baking mix, but if you need it quicker and don’t have to pay attention to the price, a ready-made dough is the right choice.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about pizza dough answered in detail

In this section, we explain the most frequently asked questions about pizza dough so that you are sufficiently informed when you want to buy a pizza dough.

Who is pizza dough suitable for?

A pizza dough is suitable for those who like to cook their own pizza and do not want to order it. The big advantage of a ready-made pizza dough is that you can save time on the dough.

Thanks to a ready-made pizza dough, you can immediately top your pizza. (Image source: Pixabey / Felix_W)

This makes cooking much faster and you can spend more time on other ingredients of the pizza.

What is pizza dough?

A pizza dough is a ready-made baking mix or a ready-made dough that is there to be simplified for cooking pizza. These already contain a baking mix, yeast and salt and are therefore directly ready to cook a pizza. This saves a lot of time when preparing a pizza.

How much does pizza dough cost?

The price of pizza dough is usually determined by the type of flour and the size of the package. Therefore, there is a price range from cheap to expensive. This table should give you a little more information about the possible prices of a pizza dough:

Price range Available products
Low-priced 2-10€ baking mixes made from white flour
Medium-priced 10-15€ low carb and gluten-free baking mixes, ready-made doughs
High-priced 15-20€ all baking mixes largest package sizes, ready-made doughs and baking mixes

It turns out that you can get a good pizza dough made from white flour for little money. If you are more concerned about the type of flour and the size of the package and have to do without gluten, then you will find many good pizza doughs in the medium-price category, even without gluten.


To save you time buying or ordering ready-made pizza, pizza dough is a cheaper and healthier alternative. Due to the many different baking mixes and package sizes, there is a pizza dough for everyone.

We hope this article has given you some inspiration about different pizza doughs.

(Cover photo: Pixabay / Mrdidg)