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Are you looking for a way to liven up your party even more? A pinata can be the perfect game, besides helping with the decoration. They are very popular with children, but adults also love to play with this accessory.

Welcome to the Wellness Guide. To know more about this party item, stay with us. Today you’ll know all about the origin of the pinata, how to play with it and brighten up your parties even more.

First, the most important facts

  • The pinata is believed to have Chinese origins, and was later taken to Spain and Portugal, but it is in Mexico that the tradition became established, and is an indispensable attraction in Mexican parties.
  • It is basically made of cardboard and shredded paper, which are handmade to take the shape you want. The traditional piñata is shaped like a star.
  • A pinata costs an average of GBP$ 13, and it’s sold empty. You have to insert the items you want inside. Usually people put sweets inside.

The Best Pinatas: Our Picks

Buying Guide

In Brazil we have the well-known surprise balloon, but the pinata is gaining more and more space in our country’s parties. Being more resistant, it guarantees more moments of fun.

If you want to learn everything about the pinata, follow us in this Buying Guide and make your parties even more fun.

Crianças ao redor de uma pinhata de borboleta pendurada em uma árvore enquanto menina vendada tenta destruir o artigo.

The piñata is a game that guarantees fun for children and adults. (Source: Cathy Yeulet/

What is a piñata and how did it come about?

The piñata is believed to have originated in China. Originally, it was used to celebrate the New Year and seeds and grains were placed inside. At the end of the festivity it was burnt and the ashes were collected because it meant good luck.

Over the years the tradition was taken to some European countries such as Italy, Portugal and Spain. Later it was taken to Mexico, where the tradition became established and is still present today.

In the beginning, in the Mexican country, the piñata was used for religious festivities. It represented evil and had to be destroyed. Nowadays, it has gained a new meaning. It became part of Christmas celebrations, New Year’s Eve, and of course, children’s birthdays.

The structure of the pinata is made of cardboard and its external finish is made of shredded paper. Its final result depends only on the creativity of the person who is producing it. It can have any shape you want and nowadays candies or small toys are placed inside.

The use of the piñata has expanded, winning Halloween celebrations around the world and in Brazil it has also become popular to entertain children.

Pinhata de fantasma com crianças e adultos ao redor.

The tradition that originated in China has expanded and today is used in various festivities. (Source: Craig Adderley/

How to play with a piñata?

The piñata can be used to liven up any party you wish and is sure to be one of the big attractions among children, and even adults who take the game seriously.

If it’s for a birthday party, the game should always start with the birthday kid. The piñata should be hung up, and with the help of a wooden stick and blindfolded eyes, the child tries to hit the piñata to destroy it.

Some rules can be set, such as a maximum number of tries, so that more people can participate. If the child does not manage to destroy it, he or she passes the stick and blindfold to another child. Try to follow an age order, starting with the youngest.

If the children can’t free the candy, it’s the adults’ turn to try. Write down some tips to keep the game fun until the end:

  • Hang it firmly: some of the straps are very fragile and end up breaking before you even destroy the pinata, this will end the game and frustrate the kids. Use a resistant rope.
  • Adjustable height: If possible, try to hang the piñata in a way that you can adjust the height, this way you can guarantee that everyone can reach it, from the smallest to the adults. This may take more work, but it is worth investing more time in setting it up so that everyone can participate.
  • Firm strokes: To be able to destroy the pinata, you must hold the stick firmly and give strong, firm strokes, respecting the previously stipulated maximum number of hits.
While one person tries to destroy the pinata, the others can form a circle and help giving directions like “higher up”, “more to the left”… Cheering up the person holding the stick with a chorus is also fundamental

And if the party is for adults only, like a company closing party at the end of a year, the pinata can be filled with other items, such as gift certificates, small gifts and even envelopes with money.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a pinata at a party?

Surely the biggest advantage is the fun it offers. It’s a game that can bring all the guests together, regardless of their age. It can be used in any kind of party, even if it doesn’t even have children.

The piñata is resistant, which makes the game last longer. However, this can also be a disadvantage, since children may have difficulty destroying it.

It’s a cheap game if compared to renting toys. You invest about $ 100 in the pinata and can fill it with candy. And if you want to save money, with a little time and patience, you can produce your own pinata.

Another highlight is that it’s part of the decoration of the party and you can easily find pinatas of various themes for sale on the Internet.

  • Guaranteed fun for all ages
  • For any kind of party
  • Long-lasting fun
  • Helps with the decoration
  • Easy to be found on the internet
  • Children may have trouble destroying it

What is the difference between a piñata and a surprise balloon?

The piñata is a game very similar to the surprise balloon, already used in Brazil for birthday parties.

The idea is the same, destroy the article to release candies and gifts that are placed inside. The main difference lies in its structure and the way it is played.

While the surprise balloon is super fragile, requiring only a needle to pop it, the piñata is a game that involves everyone, a stick and much more effort, as we’ve seen.

The surprise balloon is also cheaper, but doesn’t add to the decoration like the piñata. Compare the table below:

Piñata Surprise balloon
Structure Made of cardboard and shredded paper to cover Giant balloon
Interior Candy and small toys Candy and small toys
Installation Must be hung with sturdy rope Can be hung with nylon
How to destroy Need to use a stick and give firm blows Just need a sharp object to burst it
Recommended For adults and children Only children
Price About $ 100 About $ 30

How much does it cost and where can I buy a piñata?

You can pay from 50 to 150 Pounds for a piñata, this varies according to the size and finish of the piece. A good average price is 100 Pounds. The bigger and more elaborate the pinata, the more expensive it will be.

Finding a piñata ready and the way you want in a physical shop can be a real challenge, so we recommend buying online at shops like Amazon. When buying online, include shipping costs in your budget.

Purchase Criteria: Choose the perfect piñata for your party

Want to liven up your party with pinata fun? We’re almost done with this complete guide of tips for you to make the best purchase. Check it out:

Check out each of the topics to know how to select the perfect pinata for your party.


No matter what the theme of your party, you can find the perfect pinata easily on the internet. Start by defining the shape of your pinata to harmonize with your party’s theme, that way you’ll have the pinata as another decoration object.

There are neutral models, such as stars, which can be used in closing and new year parties. The models for children are numerous, and the success is with unicorns and dinosaurs. But there are llama pinatas, donuts, ball, castle, characters and more.

Pinhata da Masha pendurada.

You can find the pinata of the theme you want. (Source: franvielman7/


It’s the well-done finishing that makes your pinata beautiful to embellish your party. The materials are cardboard and shredded paper, so there’s not much mystery in this choice, but you need to pay attention to its shape and details.

Size and capacity

This criterion is essential for those who choose to buy online. Always check the descriptions and measurements of the piñata, don’t be fooled by the photos that don’t give you a real idea of its size.

Think about the emphasis you want to give it and everything you want to put inside, considering the number of guests.


With about $ 100 you can buy a beautiful pinata to decorate and entertain your party, but there are cheaper and more expensive models. Determine how much you can spend for the purchase, include the shipping and also the candies that will be placed inside it.

(Featured image source: Victor Ballesteros/