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A good night’s sleep is fundamental, but you will only be able to rest with quality if you find the best pillows to accompany you during this period. With them, the comfort you need will be guaranteed!

Even if it seems like a detail, when selecting the best pillow, you should consider criteria that go beyond your personal preferences for the product. Check out what these aspects are in our guide!


  • If you want a good night’s sleep, without insomnia or postural pain, try to choose the best pillow model for you. In this choice, it is always important to consider the position you usually sleep in.
  • A good pillow will always keep your spine aligned and your neck at a 90º angle to the mattress. If there is discomfort when using the product, it is preferable to change the model.
  • Types of pillows may vary in terms of filling material, height, design and other extra features such as breathability and anti-dust mite protection.

The best Pillows: Our Picks

With so many versions of pillows on the market it’s really hard to choose the best option! To facilitate your search, we have created a ranking with the most popular models for you to consider when buying:

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best pillows

For a peaceful night’s sleep, you need to pay attention to details. One of them is in relation to the quality of the pillow. We’ve brought some tips for you to identify the best models without having any doubts.

Mulher dormindo deitada em um travesseiro branco

Do you want a good night’s sleep? Then be sure to analyze all the characteristics of the pillow before choosing a model to buy. (Photo: jcomp/Freepik)

What types of pillow are there?

Different pillow models, at first glance, are very similar. However, they carry certain specificities between them despite having the same purpose in everyday life. We detail some of them:

  • Pillow with springs: These are not popular, but are ideal for those looking for soft pillows that last longer.
  • Pillow with memory foam: Known as “NASA pillows”, they are very adaptable. During use, they adjust to the user’s position and then return to their normal shape. They are made of viscoelastic foam.
  • Latex pillow: With filling that ensures the product is soft, smooth and elastic.
  • Polyurethane pillow: A very firm type of pillow that does not change with the weight of the head, keeping the person upright during sleep. Recommended for those who sleep on their sides.
  • Flocked-foam pillow: Model that provides a lot of comfort, however, it does not offer so much warmth to the consumer.
  • Feather or plume pillow: They are quite soft, so it has a lot of adaptability. Not all people feel comfortable with them. They are models of high acquisition cost.
  • Microfiber pillow: Very soft and light types, being a cheaper option. However, they are overheating models.

What is the best way to use the pillow during sleep?

At bedtime, one of the important criteria which should be observed is the height between the pillow and the head. The ideal is that the pillow is only a support for the body.

So, at the same time, the right product needs to be soft and stiff in the right measure.

What are the benefits of having the best pillow for sleeping?

Your sleeping experience will only be positive with the right products to accompany you at this time. Among them are the correct choice of pillow, essential for a good night’s sleep for the following reasons:

  • Maintains the body’s posture in an aligned manner;
  • Greater comfort and rest that bring benefits to the individual’s well-being;
  • Prevention against postural problems;
  • Adaptation to your sleeping style and physical biotype;
  • Reduces the incidence of insomnia;
  • Antiallergic models.

How often do you need to change your pillow?

The recommendation is that you should change your pillow up to, at most, two years of use. This is because they accumulate dust mites and other excrement that are bad for your health.

However, if your pillow is showing signs of aging, such as stains, irregular sizes or any situation that brings discomfort, it is recommended that you also change the item as soon as possible.

Research says that a pillow accumulates more than 300 thousand dust mites after six months of use

How to evaluate the brand of a pillow before buying it?

Since pillows interfere directly in your health, it’s very important that you evaluate the reliability of the product’s brand before buying a model. In the table, we list the criteria to be observed in the manufacturers:

What should be observed?
Foundation Year Knowing how long the company has existed can be related to brand credibility
Social Networks The more followers a brand has, the more it indicates that it has public recognition
Rating on Reclame Aqui (complain here) Important to evaluate the company’s service
Product Price Remember that not always the value of the product is linked to its quality
Suggestions on research sites Indicates that the company has been suggested as a good brand for the category

How do I keep my pillow clean?

Before cleaning the pillow, the first step should be to check the product label to find out the manufacturer’s guidelines as to the proper way to clean the item.

However, if you’re going to use the washing machine, the best thing to do is to always use the lowest speed, since they are delicate accessories. It is also recommended to let the product dry naturally and only put it away when it is completely finished.

 Cama com dois travesseiros com capas listradas

Pillows also have an expiry date and it is important to change them to avoid the appearance of microorganisms and other diseases. (Photo: Free-Photos/Pixabay)

Buying criteria: What to take into account when comparing the best pillows

If you had doubts about how to identify the best pillow, they end here! We’ve separated the aspects you should analyse in each model to know if the product is really efficient or not. Check it out:

Position when sleeping

The position in which you lie down is essential to define the right type of pillow. This is because the space between your head and the mattress needs to be filled so that it forms a 90-degree angle at the neck.

It is recommended to sleep on your side, so the ideal is a pillow high enough to keep your spine aligned. Those who lie on their stomachs should prefer models which are lower and support the lateral curve of the neck.

Specialists do not recommend sleeping face down, as this posture may cause muscular contraction or loss of the cervical curve


The type of material the pillow is made of will also affect the product’s breathability, making it generate warmer or cooler nights for the user.

Always prefer fillings that promote the pillow’s breathability, especially if you perspire a lot during the night. This aspect also prevents the product from being an ideal reservoir for the accumulation of microorganisms.

Filling Material

Each type of material used in the manufacture of the pillow will give a different consistency to the product. This aspect directly affects the height of the model. For example, a high pillow, but very soft, will be smaller.

The type of material will also affect the pillow’s ability to relieve pressure. This is because a very firm model can cause pressure on certain points of the body according to the position you sleep.

In the market you will usually find pillow models made of the following materials:

Natural Latex Material adaptable to the body, durable, breathable and resistant to deformation
Viscoelastic Ease of adaptation, however retains more heat
Feathers or Plumes Soft touch and breathable, however needs a filling that is well distributed to offer comfort
Synthetic Fibers Less cost-effective, however they last less and do not always have anti-mite treatment


Pillows usually have a standard size of 50x70cm, but it is possible to find larger models. Before deciding on the format, know the measurements of your bed and also of the pillowcase so that they are ideal for the pillow.

Vários travesseiros brancos empilhados

Items such as material, size and height of the pillows are ideal to define the most suitable model for your sleeping posture. (Photo: KakaduArt/Pixabay)


You have discovered that having the best pillows is not just a mere decoration detail. They are important to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep, without problems that affect the users’ physical and mental health.

For this reason, it is always important to look for models that suit your sleeping posture. Relevant points to be observed in the product are the filling material, height and breathability.

However, if even so, the pillow does not provide you with comfort, it is necessary to change the model for one more suitable for you.

(Source of the highlighted image: ErikaWittlieb/Pixabay)