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Welcome to the Wellness Guide. In today’s article we’ll help you choose Pie Face, a game that has gone viral with fun videos on the Internet, where players show off the performance of the toy that aims to hit competitors in the face with whipped cream.

Follow us in this reading and check out the best options of the product, as well as the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of Pie Face to entertain the whole family.


  • There are a few Pie Face game models on the market, with the most diverse designs and modes of operation.
  • Brand, age, activation mechanisms and extra features are some features to be considered when buying.
  • There is a wide price range for the product, which depends on the model and brand. It is possible to find options under GBP$ 9, and other more sophisticated ones may cost over GBP$ 19.

The Best Pie Face Games: Our Picks

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for an innocent and fun game for all the family that eschews the dictatorship of electronics, the game Pie Face is the ideal option. Requiring little skill – or luck – the game mixes suspense with expectation, culminating in a pie in the face for the losing player and a guaranteed good dose of laughs.

Stay tuned to learn all about this game that’s guaranteed fun for all ages.

Menino e menina brincam com pie face Sky high.

With Pie Face, two players face each other: one on offense and one on defense. (Source: Disclosure Hasbro /

What is Pie Face?

Pie Face is a game inspired by the classic pie in the face. In it the player fits the face in the indicated place, and activates the mechanisms according to the rules of the game so that he may or may not be hit in the face by the “pie”. The game can be played with a wet sponge or with whipped cream as a pie.

The game is ideal to take to parties and gatherings of friends.

Depending on the version of the game, the player has mechanisms to try to block the pie. They can also duel against other participants. In general, the player who reaches the end of the game with a clean face is the winner. Easy to prepare and transport, the game is ideal to take to parties and gatherings of friends.

Chain Reaction, Duel, Sky High or Cannon: Which version of Pie Face is best?

In Brazil, Hasbro’s Pie Face has four versions available in the market:

  • Pie Face chain reaction;
  • Pie Face the Duel
  • Pie Face Sky High;
  • Pie Face cannon or cannon.

Abroad the brand also has other versions of the game with character themes such as Minions, Frozen and My Little Ponny, which can be purchased through the American Amazon.

As there are several versions of the game, pointing a single one as the best is not possible, nor fair. However, it is possible to choose the version that best suits the intended use of each family, as well as the profile and number of players that the toy will serve.

See below the comparative table between the models marketed in Brazil:

Chain reaction Duel Sky High Cannon
Features Can be played individually or with connected units Has two positions to be played in pairs: the fastest wins Game is a test of strength with hammer and tower over 90 cm high Has cannon that shoots whipped cream and hand to block the attacks
Number of players One at a time or several, with the game connected in chain Two at a time Two at a time: one in attack another in defense Two at a time
Differentials Accompanies connecting rod to link several units and play in chain You can adjust the level by bringing the hand of the strongest player It has difficulty selector The shot is made by one of the players, not the toy

What are the rules of Pie Face game?

Pie Face rules vary according to the version chosen. While some versions have points counting, others simply win whoever has a clean face at the end of the game. Learn a bit about the rules of the main versions of the game:

  • Simple Pie Face: The player spins the crank according to the number drawn on the roulette wheel. Each turn equals one point. The player who gets 25 points without being tortured wins.
  • Chain reaction: Together, the players must turn the crank once. Whoever gets a tart is out of the game. The last one with a clean face wins.
  • Duel: Players repeatedly press the red buttons to move their arm towards their opponent. When the arm reaches the point, it is triggered and someone gets a pie. Whoever does not get tortured wins.
  • Sky High: One player stays in position while another uses the hammer to hit the button. Each time the blow is strong enough to trigger the pie the player scores 1 point. The player who scores 3 points first wins.
  • Cannon: One player gets into position while another spins the spinner, stops and determines the chances they will have to aim and throw. The player behind the mask must try to avoid the spinner with their blocking hand. Points are scored by whoever hits or blocks the opponent. The first to score 5 points wins.

From what age can children play Pie Face?

Pie Face is suitable for children from 5 years old and up. All the toy pieces are free of points or parts small enough to offer a risk of being swallowed by children.

Dois adultos e duas crianças brincam com Pie Face Reação em Cadeia.

Pie Face is guaranteed fun for the whole family. (Source: Disclosure Hasbro /

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different types of Pie Face

Closing our article, we will give you a little more help so that you make the right choice of the Pie Face game to complement your arsenal of games to entertain the whole family. Check out the list of features you should pay attention to when comparing the types and models of this product:

  • Marks
  • Activation mechanism
  • Included items
  • Safety

So that there are no doubts, check out the detailing of the features:


Although Hasbro is the official holder of the Pie Face brand, manufacturing all the original versions of the game, other brands manufacture similar pie-in-the-face games. Estrela, Toy Kids and Polibrinq are among the brands producing games similar to Pie Face Brasil.

When choosing, pay attention to the quality of the product and the brand’s reputation, to ensure the safety and durability of the product. Observe the presence of the INMETRO quality seal, which certifies that the product has passed all the tests to which it was submitted by the regulatory agency.

Activation mechanisms

The activation mechanisms for the pie in the Pie Face game vary according to the version chosen. They are the following:

  • Pie Face Chain reaction: Turns the crank. Random trigger;
  • Pie Face Sky High: Activation by force – hitting the button makes the pie rise until it hits the opponent;
  • Pie Face Duel: Activation by buttons – the player who presses the button faster shoots the pie in the opponent;
  • Pie Face Cannon: Manual activation of the cannon.

Included items

Although the main objective of all versions of the Pie Face game is to hit “pies” on players, the whipped cream used to make the pie is not included in the game, and must be purchased separately.

Some versions, however, include a sponge in the box. When wet the sponge can replace the whipped cream in the game, being a more economical and clean option for the game.


Besides being extremely fun, Pie Face is a very safe game, whose probability of accidents and injuries is very small, even if the children are playing without adult supervision.

As already mentioned, the toy does not contain sharp parts and small pieces that can be swallowed or aspirated by children.

There is also no risk of the pie hitting the child’s face too hard, as the distance from the arm to the place where the face is positioned ensures that there is only a very slight impact.

(Source of the highlighted image: anyka / 123RF)