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Philips shavers are available in many different price categories. Many of them are suitable for both dry and wet shaving and achieve an even skin texture. They can be used on different parts of the body.

With our big Philips razor test 2023 we want to help you find the best Philips razor for you. We have compared different Philips shavers with each other and provided you with various special features. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • Most Philips razors are rotary razors, which have three elements on the head that move and adapt to the skin.
  • Many Philips razors are suitable for both dry shaving and wet shaving. Whether this is the case is usually stated when you buy the product.
  • Philips shavers often have different attachments that allow you to trim or shave the hair. This means they can be used for many different parts of the body.

The best Philips razor: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria of Philips shavers

Number of blades

The special feature of all Philips razors is that they are rotary razors.

Therefore, there is no exact number of blades. With Philips razors, it is therefore the smoothness and the shaving result that matters.

Nevertheless, there are also different blades with Philips. However, these differ in their sharpness and not in their number.

Philips Rasierer-1

Many shavers from other manufacturers have classic blades:
(Image source: / adga94foto)

Battery power

Shavers are often battery-powered. The battery power tells you how much power the shaver has and how long it runs before it needs to be recharged.

The newer models from Philips come with a charging pad. This allows you to charge the shaver wirelessly. The Philips shaver simply needs to be placed on the pad and it charges itself.

The charging method varies depending on the model. You can choose your shaver as you like.

Wet and dry shaving

Basically, there are two different versions of razors. On the one hand, there are razors that are suitable for wet shaving and on the other hand, there are razors that are better used for dry shaving.

Philips razors are in most cases suitable for both wet and dry shaving and can therefore always be used.

However, some models are only suitable for dry shaving. When buying your razor, you should therefore inform yourself and choose the razor according to your needs.


The price of a Philips shaver depends on several factors. For example, battery life, durability and battery power are among the factors.

Philips shavers that have more factors are automatically more expensive. The better the result that is achieved, the more expensive Philips shavers are.

Shavers Price
Wet and dry shavers 60€ – 300€
Dry shavers 60€ – 70€

Electronic shaving and hand shaving

Shavers differ mainly in the way they are operated. Some must therefore be operated exclusively by hand and are not supported by a rechargeable battery.

However, this is not the case with Philips. All shavers are electrically assisted and need to be charged regularly.

This is done either via a cable or a charging pad, which is included. With a charging pad, you have the option of wireless charging.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Philips shaver

What makes Philips shavers different from other manufacturers?

Unlike other manufacturers, Philips produces almost exclusively rotary shavers. In rare cases, the Philips razor has a blade on the head, which is primarily for trimming a beard.

Philips razors therefore have three elements on the head that adapt to your face shape and provide the cleanest shave possible.

These are usually adjustable in different levels and can move at a different pace.If you prefer rotary shavers compared to other models, a Philips shaver is optimal for you.

What types of Philips razors does Philips offer?

Philips shavers with different blades

Different Philips shavers have different blades inside the head. Some Philips shavers contain sharper or less sharp blades.

Generally, Philips claims that their shavers do not cause skin irritation. So even a less sharp blade achieves a particularly good result.

The sharpness of the blade is stated with the product. The sharpness you need depends on your skin and hair.

  • All blades are sharp enough not to cause skin irritation
  • Some razors are very expensive because of the extra sharp blades

Philips razors for a dry shave or wet shave

Some Philips razors are only suitable for dry shaving. Others, however, are preferred for wet shaves.

Philips Rasierer-2

Whether you prefer a dry or wet shave is something you should try out. Many people prefer a wet shave.
(Image source: / monika1607)

However, most Philips shavers are used for both purposes and can be used for dry shaves as well as wet shaves.

Which razor you buy depends on your preferred shaving method. Of course, the most popular are razors that you can use in both situations.

  • Shavers can often be used for both wet and dry shaving
  • Some people prefer specialised shavers

Philips shavers with cord or charging pad

Nowadays, new technologies are constantly being invented to enable wireless charging. There are also differences in Philips shavers.

While some of them are traditionally charged with a charging cable, other Philips shavers are sold with a charging pad. All you have to do is place your shaver on the charging pad and wireless charging is possible.

Which charging method you prefer is up to you. Just let us know when you’ve found the Philips shaver that’s right for you.

  • A pad is very easy to use. Simply place the razor on the pad
  • Some shavers that are not charged can be used if they are connected to a cable. This does not work with the charging pad

Are spare parts and accessories available for Philips shavers?

With shavers, it is mainly the blades that are regularly replaced. This is because they become duller after a few uses.

Blades that are too dull can cause skin irritation.

They can also cause redness. Therefore, it is important to replace the blades regularly, depending on the model.

Other spare parts such as batteries or charging cables are also available and can be replaced if damaged.

Philips Rasierer-3

Some razors are more suitable for shaving or trimming.
(Image source: / Vagengeim)

What are the alternatives to a Philips shaver?

We’ve picked out and presented some hair removal methods for you. However, most methods are not necessarily suitable for the face, so we recommend using a razor to remove hair from the face.

Shavers from other manufacturers

If you’re not a fan of rotary razors, you should consider whether another manufacturer might be more suitable.

Other manufacturers often use foil razors. It’s up to you to decide which method is right for you.


Waxing is another method of hair removal.

However, this method is rarely used by men because it is more time-consuming.

During waxing, a special, usually warm, liquid wax is applied to the skin and then spread with a stick. A cloth is then placed on the wax and pressed down.

The wax under the cloth wraps around the hairs and dries. Now the cloth is quickly removed from the skin and the hairs are plucked from the roots.

Many women use this method. They use it not only on the face, but also on the legs.


Epilators are small, electric devices that usually have two small rollers on the head. Tiny tweezers are attached to these rollers.

By turning the rollers, these small rollers open and close and pull out the hair in this way.

However, this method certainly requires a certain amount of painlessness on the face and is more suitable for other parts of the body such as the legs.


The laser method involves attacking the hair root. This is done using a small device that emits lasers.

These are directed at the hair roots and attack them. This prevents hair from growing for a longer period of time.

This method is very controversial because it damages the hair root so badly. It is also rather unsuitable for the face.

How can I set up my Philips shavers properly for use?

Philips shavers sometimes come with different attachments. If this is the case, you should first consider which attachment you want to use.

You can then attach the attachment and simply switch on the device. Many Philips shavers are adjustable in several stages, which are responsible for the speed of the movements.

You can set the speed directly on the Philips shaver itself and your shave can begin.

Can I use my Philips shavers for any body hair?

Many men want to regularly remove not only the hair on their face, but also the hair on their chest or back.

Philips has a shaver for every situation. Some even have multiple attachments, so you don’t always have to use a different device.

For back shaving, there are even extension pieces available to make your movements easier.

What guarantee does Philips give me on my Philips shavers?

In most cases, Philips offers a two-year guarantee on care products such as the Philips shaver. The guarantee is usually included with the purchase of your product.

If your warranty is invoked, the original receipt of purchase is required. Repairs can then be carried out by Philips itself.

Sometimes a new device is returned or the purchase price is refunded. However, this decision varies from case to case.

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