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In today’s article we will help you choose the best model of pet bed for the one who is your companion every hour: your pet. Made to accommodate cats and dogs at night, in naps or in those moments of laziness, pet beds are available in various materials, models and sizes.

The modern versions have innovative and colourful designs, able to leave humans and pets in love. In this review we present the features that you should pay attention to make the best choice when buying a pet bed.


  • Available in versions for cats and dogs, pet beds cozy and accommodate the pets at bedtime and rest. The market offers a multitude of versions of the product, in various colours, shapes and materials.
  • Material, size, model and accessories are some of the main features to be evaluated when buying a pet bed.
  • The prices are quite varied. Fluctuations occur mainly according to the size, capacity, material and model chosen. You can find simpler beds from £ 15.

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If for you your pet is like a member of the family, he deserves to be treated at the height. For you to choose well the bed of your pet, we will help you with more information about the pet bed, so you can identify the ideal product for your needs and your pet.

Gato deitado em cama pet esconde o rosto com as patinhas.

A comfortable pet bed will make the pet enjoy it for moments of rest and not climbing and furniture and sofas for this purpose. (Source: StockSnap / Pixabay)

What is a pet bed?

The pet bed is an accessory developed so that pets can have a corner of their own, to sleep, store toys and rest comfortably and cozily. It can come in different models, shapes and sizes, suitable for different sizes of pets. There is also a great variation in materials.

The most common models are in waterproof fabrics, padded, mattress-style or collapsible. The pet bed can be chosen to match the decoration and style of the house, especially if it will stay inside the residence.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the pet bed?

Pet beds are extremely important for the routine of a house with pets. In addition to protecting the pet from the ground temperature, the bed offers the pet the feeling of security and that he has a special place just him in the house, where he can go when he is tired or wants to relax alone with tranquility.

If offered early in the life of your pet, the bed can be incorporated more easily into the routine of the pet, preventing it from climbing on furniture such as chairs, sofas and beds, damaging and leaving traces of hair on their surfaces.

Older animals may need training to learn how to use their beds. To facilitate the creation of the habit, a tip is to place the bed in the place where the pet usually likes to lie down.

  • Protects the pet from the cold floor
  • Provides comfort and safety
  • Sends a message that there is a place for the pet only in the house
  • May require training for acceptance
  • Requires frequent cleaning

What to pay attention to before buying a pet bed?

Did you know that dogs and cats can spend more than 50% of their lives sleeping? The average daily sleep time is 12 to 14 hours for dogs, and 12 to 16 hours for cats. Therefore, a quality sleep can be more important for pets than for humans, and a good bed is essential! To choose the ideal one, check if the dimensions and measurements are compatible with the pet and its preferred sleeping positions.

The bed should be made with 100% non-toxic components, after all, dogs and cats like to gnaw, scratch and bite, so you should not worry about materials that can harm the animals. Regardless of the material chosen for the bed, make sure that the bottom of the product is made of waterproof material. This will ensure – especially in the case of puppies – that no mess leaks to the outside of the product if the animal makes its needs inside.

The comfort is more important for your pet than the aesthetics. Therefore, prioritize models that will provide maximum comfort, either through extra cushions, mattresses or blankets attached.

Pastor belga preto deitado em uma cama pet cor cinza.

The pet bed allows the animal to have a corner of his own. (Source: MeHe / Pixabay)

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare pet bed models

Now that you have several general information about the pet bed, we list some of the characteristics that you can compare to recognize the best option of bed to meet the needs and expectations of the pet and its owner. They are:

  • Size
  • Format
  • Model
  • Material
  • Cleaning

So that you get it right in your purchase, we will explain the importance of each of these items below.


To be comfortable, the bed of your pet needs to be appropriate to his size. To define the ideal size of the bed also take into account the available space where it will be placed. Remember that the ideal is that it is close to the feeder and drinking fountain of the pet.

The ideal bed should have enough space for the animal to stretch out. Another way to define the correct size is to measure the animal while he sleeps in his preferred position.

The bed can have the measurements of the animal sleeping with the addition of at least 10 cm for movement, to ensure comfort.


There are beds in circular, oval, rectangular and square formats. Choose the format according to the preferred position of your pet to sleep. Round or square models accommodate better pets that sleep curled up. Already the beds in rectangular or oval accommodate well bugs that prefer to sleep stretched.


The models of pet bed also vary, and may be the type of suspended bed or crawl, mattress, hut, igloo, among others. There are, still, orthopedic pet beds, which are special for pets of advanced age or with health problems and locomotion. The beds of the mattress type are more comfortable for Pets of very large size.

High beds should be avoided for puppies, pets of small size or advanced age, because they can make it difficult to access the pet and even cause falls and accidents. Choose simpler models without many details for pets less than one year old to prevent them from chewing and swallowing parts of the product.


The type of material of the pet bed will be crucial to their level of comfort, ease of cleaning, strength and durability. The most common types are various fabrics with or without padding, rigid structures in plastic or wood with the addition of mattresses, leather, among others.

Regardless of the material of the bed, it is essential that it is soft. If the model chosen is not padded enough, consider adding a pillow, mattress or blanket folded.

In addition, some materials may be more suitable for some animal profiles than others, for example. Models in fabric that retain less heat are ideal for furry animals, which do not usually feel cold. Already models in warmer fabrics are ideal for animals that need extra heat during sleep. Give preference to models that have the bottom in waterproof material, which will prevent accidents involving the physiological needs of your pet, especially if he is still a puppy.

Cachorro deitado em uma cama pet confortável.

The pet bed material determines the comfort of the pet. (Source: MiraLove / Pixabay)


The pet bed is where most of the fallen hair will be accumulated, dust and dirt from the paws and body odors characteristic of animals. Therefore, it will need to be cleaned frequently, a process that should be as practical as possible to help in your routine.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and cleaning. Some models may be completely washable, while others will have removable covers that are machine washable. There are also versions that should only be cleaned with a damp cloth. Choose according to the type of cleaning that best fits your routine.

(Source of the highlighted image: tirppala0 / Pixabay)