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Hello and welcome to the Wellness Guide. If you have children or known children up to six years old, this article will evaluate products that are a guaranteed success in this age group: Peppa Pig toys.

With an immense variety of items, Peppa Pig toys enchant the little ones as much as the series of drawings of the little pink pig. With options for boys and girls in the most diverse age groups and development stages, the products are a success thanks to the great variety to meet the needs of all types of children.

Follow our review and check out the best product options, as well as the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of Peppa Pig toys to give as gifts.


  • There are many models of Peppa Pig toys on the market, with the most diverse functions and sizes, simple or sophisticated. Choose based on the age and profile of the child.
  • Function, age indication, quality certifications and product material are some characteristics to be considered at the time of purchase.
  • There is a wide price range for the product, which depends on the type, model, size, brand, etc. It is possible to find simple options for less than $20, while collections, electronics or larger and more sophisticated toys may cost more than $300.

The Best Peppa Pig Toys: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Children of all ages love the pink pig and her gang. The truth is that the character is a worldwide fever, so it is very easy to find a variety of Peppa Pig toys, as you could see in the Ranking above.

So now that you’ve checked our suggestions, let’s go to the Shopping Guide. In this section we’ll present you with lots of information about Peppa Pig toys so you can know what to consider when comparing products.

Crianças abraçando personagem Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is a worldwide fever and has also conquered the Brazilians. (Source: alicephoto/ 123RF)

What are Peppa Pig toys?

A worldwide phenomenon among children, the Peppa Pig character is almost unanimous among boys and girls under the age of 6. With 4 seasons and three specials, the friendly little pig has seen her success go beyond the small screen and onto the shelves in the children’s section.

Produced by several brands and in the most varied categories and models, Peppa Pig toys must be licensed to use the brand. Most of the products follow the line of the cartoon, being didactic and educational, focusing on the cognitive, motor and emotional development of the child.

In general, toys with a Peppa Pig theme are designed for children between 0 and 7 years old, the average age of the cartoon’s audience.

Pessoa segura com dedos das duas mãos pequena bolinha da personagem Peppa Pig

Toys are available in various models and values. (Source: Cris F./

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Peppa Pig toys?

Toys are important allies throughout childhood for cognitive and sensory development, curiosity, reasoning, motor coordination and also imagination. Very popular, Peppa Pig toys are easy to find, in various versions and price ranges.

Following the line of the cartoon, most of Peppa’s toys have an educational content or promote, in some way, the development of the child.

There are toys suitable for the various stages of child development, although the products do not usually attract children over 8 years old, as the character is more popular with younger children.

You can gift your children with a toy that they love, that is positive in their development process and still with their favourite character.

  • There are several models for boys and girls, of various prices
  • Easy to find
  • Meets various age groups
  • Contributes to the development of the child
  • Toys of the character can be more expensive than ordinary toys

Which Peppa Pig toy is ideal for each age?

As the Peppa Pig toy category is very wide, it is neither possible nor fair to point to one single product as the best. But it is possible to choose the best product within a specific category, if we consider that the best is the one that has quality, performs the proposed function and is suitable for the age for which it is intended.

The child’s preference is an important indicator to define the best choice. But the best toy will be the one that besides pleasing also contributes to learning and development of the little ones.

Check out the chart below with the types of toys that please and are best suited to children of each age group:

Age Type Characteristics
0 to 6 months Mobiles, plush, rubber dolls Colourful toys that make sounds and stimulate the senses
6 to 12 months Plush, dolls, rattles, bath floats, stacking pieces, dolls, soft books Toys to stimulate sensory stimulation, squeezing, pushing and shaking
1 to 2 years old Strollers Toys that stimulate coordination and socialization
2 to 3 years old Musical instruments, tricycles, balls, small pots, building blocks, matching games, dolls and cars Toys to stimulate movement, coordination, imagination and creativity
3 to 4 years old Tricycles and roller skates, more complex assembly toys, plasticine, paints, illustrated books, dolls and small panels Toys to stimulate imagination, movement, socialization, memory, creativity, reasoning and motor coordination
4 to 6 years old Games, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, skateboards, puzzles, memory games, Legos, balls, sports equipment, house items, dolls and miniatures Toys with rules that stimulate imagination, movement, socialization, memory, creativity, reasoning and motor coordination

How to choose a safe Peppa toy?

As it is a product designed for children, Peppa Pig toys should be evaluated very carefully before buying. After all, this evaluation can make all the difference to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the little ones who will enjoy the toy.

The first item to be observed is the quality seal of Inmetro, which certifies that the product has passed all the tests to which it was submitted by the regulatory agency.

Second, but no less important, you must check the indicative age classification of the product, to ensure that the product is safe and appropriate to the little one’s age.

Under no circumstances should products with small parts be offered to children under 3 years of age, because at this stage children are extremely curious, which makes the risk of swallowing or aspirating small components great.

If the chosen product requires assembly, make sure it comes with a manual and the necessary items for the task.

brinquedo da peppa pig com fundo branco

It is important to read the indication of the age range for the safety of children under 3 years of age. (Source: Andrii Shevchuk/ 123RF)

How much does it cost?

It is possible to find Peppa Pig toys with great variation in price, especially in times of promotion. The values change according to the type, model, function, size, brand of the product and the items and accessories included in the box.

The more basic the toy, the lower the price. It is possible to buy products of the character for less than GBP$ 4, but there are also versions with values above GBP$ 39.

Compare the prices of the chosen model in the different brands available in the market to ensure that you make a purchase with the best cost benefit.

Peppa Pig toys are easy to find in specialised toy shops. Look in large chains, where there will be greater availability of brands and models.

When you buy online, you don’t even have to leave home, you receive the product at your doorstep and you can still find the best deals.

Purchase criteria: How to compare Peppa Pig toy models

Now that you have general information about Peppa’s toys, we will present some characteristics that you should pay attention to when comparing models, types and brands. In addition to the model and function of the toy you need to pay attention to the following topics:

Check below the detailing of each of the above characteristics to choose without fear.


As Peppa Pig toys are mostly for babies and small children, attention to the materials used in their manufacture should be doubled.

All the material used in the manufacture must be non-toxic and, preferably, hypoallergenic.

The quality of the material is also important, as it will determine the durability of the product. Therefore, give preference to models made of more resistant materials and reference brands in the market, which use raw materials of good quality and origin.

Age indication

The purpose of the age indication of the toys is to ensure that the model offered is safe and adequate to the child’s age. Toys, in general, have a minimum age indication, and the maximum age is free – except in cases of products with height or weight limits for use.

Give preference to more versatile models, which will adapt and offer attractions during more than one phase of the child’s development. They should allow the child to play in several different ways in order to get the most out of them.

Type of stimulation

Although this criterion is related to age, we also want to draw attention to another point. A 4-year-old, for example, can be stimulated in different ways.

Think about what you want to work with your children before you choose the ideal toy. You may even want to buy more Peppa Pig toys that work on different stimuli. Like the puzzle and the scooter, for example.

Ninhos scooters

Choose the toy according to the stimulus you want to provide for your children. (Fuente: Prokudina /

Cleaning and sanitation

Toys also need attention to avoid accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and sanitizing the chosen model.

Give preference to models that are easy to wash or clean, because depending on the type of toy chosen, this will need to be done very often. Especially in the case of babies who keep putting the toys in their mouths.

(Source of the detached image: Iryna Tiumentseva/