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Welcome to our big penis enlargement test 2022. Here we present all the penis enlargement products we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best penis enlargement for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a penis enlargement.


  • There are various ways to increase the size of your penis: from natural ones, such as penis exercises or PC muscle training, to unnatural ones, such as surgery. In our penis enlargement test 2022 we take a middle course: we introduce you to various aids.
  • The aids for penis enlargement, lengthening or thickening can be inhaled or smelled (essential oils), applied (potency cream) or, if you want to achieve a lasting effect, ingested. We are referring to the dietary supplements penis pills, penis capsules, tablets.
  • You can also strengthen your erection with the help of artificial aids such as penis rings and penis sleeves. The more expensive penis pumps and medical devices and sets provide effective permanent penis enlargement. The most important buying criteria are: short-term or long-term enlargement, the necessary effort, possible risk factors and the price.

The Best Penis Enlargement: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a penis enlargement device

What are the tips for penis enlargement or extension?

The topic of penis enlargement or lengthening is not new at all. Already several centuries before Christ and in several cultures very far away from Europe, people, especially men, asked themselves how they could pleasure their women more intensively and how they could become stronger, more persistent and better in bed.

That it took a bigger penis to do this was on the surface, although this assumption is becoming more and more controversial today.

In the Taoist philosophy of life (especially in China) and in the Tantric (especially in India) philosophy of life called Tao and Tantra, the art of love occupies a lot of space.

That is why Tao and Tantra adepts invented, among other things, exercises to enlarge or strengthen the male member in a natural way. Today, one speaks mainly of pelvic floor or PC muscle training (without ejaculation).

There are quite a few exercises, but you should take them with a grain of salt, because strengthening the PC muscle, which according to these philosophies is located in the root / sexual chakra, will have an effect on all areas of your life.

If you like to deal with it, you have to deal intensively with these philosophies, not only with your penis length and the circumference of your member, but also read the corresponding books and do the exercises regularly, long-term and above all correctly.

However, there have always been practical technical aids for lazy men.

Some sculptures from Africa, for example, as well as sources from South-East Asia, ancient Chinese and Azek art bear witness to this. This guidebook will mainly deal with such aids.

How does penis enlargement work surgically?

Surgical penis enlargement, technically correctly called penis augmentation, has been around for about 50 years. Modern penis augmentation procedures are changing the previous technique to microsurgical procedures. Similar to many surgical procedures, penile augmentation can now also be performed under local anaesthetic.

To lengthen the penis, its anterior retaining ligament (ligamentum suspensorium penis) is cut and – using the body’s own material – a new attachment is created.

A so-called “swivel flap” is created. The root of the penis with its nerve and vascular entrances remains completely untouched. Basically, one exploits a geometric trick by straightening the front inner course of the member and thus “pushing out” a portion of the inner part.

One result is a slight flattening of the erection angle by about 15 degrees. Penile augmentation is usually performed on an outpatient basis.

In general, the operation causes a greater increase in the flaccid state (in percentage terms), depending on the anatomical conditions, up to doubling of the length.

The increase in the erect state is between two and four centimetres, depending on the initial situation.

What mechanical methods of penis enlargement are there?

Mechanical aids are penis extenders, which should lead to a permanent lengthening of the penis, and vacuum penis pumps, which, in addition to promoting erection by stretching the tissue, should also lead to a permanent enlargement.

In addition, manual methods(stretching to lengthen the member or Jelq massage to thicken the member) are recommended. The use of mechanical methods is risky. Reliable evidence for achieving the desired effects is not available.

Another method consists of attaching weights to the non-erect penis. A success of this method has been ethnographically proven.

Penis enlargement is an issue for many men. You can either do it permanently or use methods that only last temporarily. (Photo source: / 74217758)

Sources report that the holy sadhus in India or the Karamojong in northern Uganda achieve lengths of up to 45 centimetres by attaching weights to the penis for years, starting shortly before puberty.

So-called penis stretching devices can also be traced back to the effect of weights (traction) on body parts. They were originally developed to correct scar contraction after penis enlargement operations and are used worldwide. Scar tissue is a simply structured repair tissue that apparently reacts very well to the permanent application of force.

For some years now, such stretching devices have been offered for penis enlargement without surgery.

How do you naturally lengthen your member?

That depends on what is called “natural”. There is hormonal penis enlargement and penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid. If penis enlargement without aids is meant, then there are various exercises (penis training) described in the old Tao / Tantra texts as well as in the guidebooks on PC muscle / penis training.

Penis enlargement without op is also possible with weights that can be carried practically in everyday life.

There are various products for penis enlargement or lengthening that you can take/inhale orally or nasally or apply directly to your best part, for example:

  • various dietary supplements
  • Penis pills / pills for penis enlargement
  • Essential oils
  • Penis enlargement cream
  • Penis enlargement gel and sprays

But there are also various technical aids:

  • Penis enlargement with penis pump (so-called dick pump)
  • Penis enlargement with penis sleeves (penis stretchers, sleeves, penis cuffs)
  • Penis enlargement with penis rings (cock rings, testicle rings)

We explain the advantages and disadvantages of various means and aids in our penis enlargement test.

What exercises are there for penis enlargement?

THE beginner’s exercise for newcomers: Penis Stretcher! First grasp your penis with the so-called OK grip below the glans. To do this, form a circle around your penis with your index finger and thumb. Squeeze lightly and pull the penis at a 90 degree angle towards your belly, parallel to the floor and away from your body.

At the beginning you need to get a feel for it and not pull too hard. It should feel comfortable. Hold this pull for 30 seconds and repeat 5-7 times. After 30 seconds, please take a short break before pulling again for 30 seconds. It is sufficient to do this exercise once a day.

This can be done while sitting or standing. The exercise will be sufficient for the first time and should prepare your limb for the coming weeks and months of advanced training. If you want to get serious about it, exposure to Tao or Tantra is essential.

How much does penis enlargement cost?

That depends on which method of limb enlargement or penis growth you like to use. Natural essential oils and sprays in small tubes are available for as little as €1, but their effect is short-lived and unproven.

The surgical effect has been proven in a study (but only in one), but costs about 7500 Euro (as of 2008) upwards, including penis thickening. The enlargement of the head of the penis is quoted at about 3900 euros (as of 2008).

In the table below we have compared the prices of dietary supplements and technical aids and summarised them for you:

Costs of penis enlargement and penis extension

Aids Price range
Penis enlargement supplements and tablets 10-175 €*
Penis pumps: from very simple manual to medical and electric sets 8-400 €*
Penis sleeves for limb enlargement 3-60 €*
Penis rings: from disposable to vibrating and high quality 2-160 €*

What is an alternative to penis enlargement?

A good alternative is to accept yourself as you are and leave your best piece alone, at least as far as its size is concerned. Unfortunately, very few people consider this alternative.

Logically-verbally, a penis reduction is the obvious choice. An alternative is also Penis thickening Whether through surgery, nutritional supplements or technical aids. But there is also penis stretching.

Decision: What types of penis enlargement are there and which one is right for you?

The penis enlargement market is extremely diverse. There is everything from natural penis enlargement with the help of dietary supplements and penis enlargement tablets to various effective methods for penis enlargement: penis pumps, Jelg devices and penis extenders, for example sleeves or cock rings.

Basically, you can distinguish between seven different aids to lengthen or enlarge your penis:

Products for application or for ingestion:

  • Essential oils and potency creams (short-term erection/limb enlargement only)
  • Dietary supplements (capsules, penis pills and tablets)

Artificial aids:

  • Penis pumps (usually electric vacuum pumps)
  • Penis sleeves (sleeves, cuffs – penis enlargement with the help of silicone)
  • Penis rings and testicle rings (mainly for penis stretching)
  • Combination devices and sets (medical, serious penis enlargement)

Each type or method of increasing penis girth is different in application. Therefore, each natural penis enlargement or lengthening brings with it different advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation.

In the following, we will try to help you find out which penis enlargement tool is best for you. We will present various types, describe how they work and determine their advantages and disadvantages.

Essential oils and potency creams

Essential oils and potency creams, as well as penis sprays and potency sprays, only increase the size of your penis for a short time, or more precisely, only once. They merely strengthen your erection during the act, although regular use can also have a very small long-term effect.

The effect of aphrodisiacs, for example the so-called “Spanish fly”, has been known for centuries.

  • Inexpensive
  • uncomplicated to use
  • usually no permanent damage
  • mobile, easy and discreet
  • some do not work (individually)
  • can cause allergies and minor skin damage
  • can be addictive
  • can cause headaches

Essential oils, potency creams and penis sprays are usually quite cheap. But you should be careful: Firstly, not all of these products really work. Secondly, they can cause allergies or skin rashes.

Thirdly, some essential oils are addictive and cause headaches, etc. So – enjoy with caution and always rinse your best piece thoroughly with water afterwards!

A tip: the aphrodisiac effect of many spices has been known for thousands of years! If you can cook with lots of chile, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander and cloves, a passionate love life is possible even with a smaller penis.

Food supplements: capsules, penis pills and tablets

There are many dietary supplements on the market today: penis pills, capsules, tablets for penis enlargement or enlargement. A detailed study is beyond the scope of this guide, but in principle:

Not all of them work at all, not all of them work well and many of them have unpleasant side effects. Some of them harm your other organs or aspects of life.

That’s why it’s worth questioning whether you don’t want to accept any effect or even a harmful effect when ordering. However, there are also good, qualitative and useful BADs that, in connection with penis enlargement exercises, can increase your best piece by 2-3 cm within 3-4 months.

  • not very expensive
  • uncomplicated to use
  • long-term effect
  • mobile, easy and discreet
  • some do not work (individually)
  • can cause allergies, skin damage and organ damage
  • can cause (head) pain
  • the quality of the content cannot be checked

The effect of the well-known Maca root, for example, is known from several old and new sources; if this ingredient is really an ingredient, it will most likely not do any harm. Maca contains valuable minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, boron, selenium and zinc. However, its aphrodisiac effect was disproved in a 2003 study.

Therefore, here too: always read the package leaflet carefully beforehand! It contains important information about possible allergies, harm and side effects. And stay away from cheap food supplements from Asia! Nobody knows what is really in them!

Penis pumps

Penis pumps are a good way to increase the size of your penis in the short term, but also in the long term (if you use them regularly). It is therefore a naturally effective penis enlargement. That’s why we’ve included five popular penis pumps in our penis enlargement test.

There are electric penis pumps, which are equipped with a motor, and hand pumps. The hand pumps are cheaper and not necessarily worse, you just have to put in more effort, but you can save on the batteries.

  • verifiable effect (visual)
  • medical kits work in the long term
  • even cheap models work
  • can have a motor and a pressure gauge
  • need to be maintained and cleaned
  • electric versions need batteries
  • are relatively large
  • medical sets cost between 200 and 400 euros

In addition, you can then regulate and distribute the pressure on the member better. Some penis pumps are even equipped with a small integrated pressure gauge.

Penis pumps are relatively large and can cost up to 400 euros, especially if they are part of a medical penis enlargement set. They need to be carefully cleaned and maintained. Always read the instruction manual before using a penis pump!

Penis sheaths

Penis sleeves are artificial devices, usually made of silicone, that are pulled onto your penis to lengthen or enlarge it. Penis sleeves are a practical and inexpensive way of penis enlargement without an op; basically, it’s a simple penis enlargement using silicone.

  • artificial uncomplicated dick enlargement
  • not expensive and not heavy
  • mobile and discreet
  • risk of injury relatively low
  • cheap models break quickly
  • no real dick extension
  • sometimes not easy to put on

A penis sheath can have grooves or nubs, which intensifies the fun factor. They can be used with lube or penis enlargement cream. We have summarised more information about various penis sheaths or penis cuffs in our penis sheath or penis cuff test.

Penis rings and testicle rings

A penis ring or testicle ring can also contribute to penis enlargement by stretching the penis. The function of such a penis ring is relatively simple: the blood accumulates in the corpus cavernosum and your best piece appears larger and plumper.

When you wear a cock ring, you put a little pressure on a part of your erect member. This allows the blood to flow easily into the penis, but the pressure from the outside partially prevents the blood from flowing back.

  • uncomplicated artificial dick extension
  • cheap and practical
  • mobile and discreet
  • risk of injury low and avoidable
  • cheap models are often uncomfortable
  • no real dick enlargement
  • donning needs guidance
  • only one-time/short-term enlargement

The blood flows back more slowly and accumulates in the erectile tissue. This makes the penis bigger and longer. Stimulation is also often more intense and ejaculation may be delayed. Veins may become visible on your best part. As long as the penis ring or testicle ring feels good, it is not a problem.

You can also use a penis ring for glans enlargement in combination with other “penisplus toys”, for example with a penis sheath or a penis pump.

Combination devices and sets

For a short time now there have been medical devices and sets that claim serious penis enlargement, for example Penismaster Pro Complete Set or Androvacuum Premium Penis Vacuum Pump, which we have also included in our penis enlargement test.

  • often multiple methods are used
  • invented in cooperation with doctors
  • long-termeffect thanks to weights, medically proven
  • risk of injury and damage have been minimised
  • components are carefully worked out
  • rather expensive
  • designed for long and regular use
  • costly to clean and maintain
  • needs batteries and possibly additional tools

These devices seem to have been invented in cooperation with doctors and their effect is declared in the advertisement as medically proven. Usually, such a set includes several things: a good penis pump, an adjustable stretching belt, a rod expander, a clip attachment, but above all some weights that actually contribute quite a bit to penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement with the help of such a set of weights is considered “natural”, fast and effective, but such devices are also more expensive. The penis enlargement options from the pharmacy start at around 200 euros and can quickly reach 400 euros and more.

If metal parts made of silver or gold-plated parts are used (it is better for skin and tissue compatibility) – even considerably more. Please be sure to read the penis enlargement instructions when purchasing such a device.

Penis enlargement guide

Recently, countless penis enlargement guides have been circulating on the internet with exercises for this purpose, with many penis enlargement pictures in “before and after” style and, of course, with videos. There are guides in paper form, as e-books, as software and even as apps. As always, many, if not too many, options.

  • a guidebook in itself can’t hurt
  • a good guidebook is also usually cheap
  • informing yourself in detail about a topic is (almost) always good
  • a lot of fraud, esotericism and loose stuff
  • quality control and editing are often lacking
  • anyone can write a guidebook today

We can only recommend that you look very carefully at where all these guides come from, not to mention the tips and exercises that are described there. After all, it is important where the exercise comes from, who tested it, when and for how long, how sustainable and risk-free is its effect. In the internet era, almost anyone can become an author, so, as always, use your head and take it with a grain of salt!

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate penis enlargement products

Do you want to buy a penis enlargement? We show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate penis enlargements and penis extensions. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a certain method is suitable for you or not.

In summary, we have found the following buying criteria:

  • short-term penis enlargement or lengthening
  • long-term penis enlargement or lengthening
  • the necessary effort
  • possible risk factors
  • the price

In the following paragraphs you will find information on the individual purchase criteria and how you can classify them. Then you can buy a penis enlargement or extension.

Short-term penis enlargement or extension

If you only want to increase the size of your penis for a short time, you can use various natural products to apply or inhale, but also some artificial aids. The most affordable products are essential oils to smell or inhale and penis enlargement cream (potency cream) to apply.

To strengthen the erection and make the penis appear larger, penis rings and testicle rings, penis sleeves and some penis pumps are suitable, whereby regular use of the penis pump can also bring about long-term enlargement. These remedies also ensure a quick but short penis enlargement.

Long-term penis enlargement or lengthening

For long-term penis enlargement or lengthening, various dietary supplements (capsules, penis pills and tablets), most penis pumps, and medical combination devices and kits are suitable.

The effect of dick enlargement tablets was discussed in the chapter “Dietary supplements: Capsules, Penis Pills and Tablets”, penis enlargement by pump in the chapter “Penis Pumps” (in the decision section), and the use of combination devices and kits also in the corresponding chapter. All of these means are also well suited to sustainably increasing penis length and girth.

The necessary effort

For short-term penis enlargement, such as with the help of a penis enlargement cream, the effort required is usually very low; for long-term effects, for example with the help of the penis enlargement pump, the effort required is correspondingly high. With the pump, you have to exercise several times a day for a few months to increase the length of your penis by only about 1 cm.

The same applies to penis enlargement tablets or capsules, which you should take continuously for at least three months. You need to have a good idea of the effort involved before you buy penis enlargement tablets, for example, but you also need to consider possible side effects and risk factors.

Possible risk factors

Almost all methods of penis enlargement or lengthening have risk factors, not just surgical ones. These factors are usually quite small for short-term enlargement, which is just for the strength of your erection. The risk of permanent damage with an oil, cream, penis ring or penis sheath is relatively low overall.

The situation is different with the methods of long-term penis enlargement: all methods can, in the worst case, cause years of or permanent damage; after all, we are talking about an important body organ that you want to change permanently!

Especially with dick enlargement tablets you should be extremely careful. Even with the “medical” devices and kits, caution is advised: please always read the instruction manual first and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions!

The price of penis enlargement or lengthening

When it comes to penis enlargement cost, price can immediately be the deciding factor. And that seems understandable: a relatively simple surgical penis enlargement can quickly cost 7500 euros (as of 2008) and more. So it is not cheap.

But even a good penis enlargement pump can cost over 300 euros, especially if it is part of a medical set or contains gold-plated parts. By the way, the lasting effect is not always guaranteed despite these high costs. Therefore, think twice, especially in case of an operation.

Maybe it’s much easier, cheaper and easier on your nerves to buy a good penis pump in the 50-100 euro price range? – That would be our recommendation in any case!

Facts worth knowing about penis enlargement

What should I do if I notice side effects when taking penis pills or penis enlargement tablets?

Stop taking the tablets in question immediately! If the side effect does not disappear or linger after a week, consult your doctor immediately! Your health is much more important than your penis length.

What should I do if I get a rash after using a penis cream or penis capsules (BADs)?

First clean the penis thoroughly with the special detergent (intimate wash). Then stop using the appropriate capsules/BADs immediately! If the rash does not disappear or linger after a week, consult the dermatologist immediately. Healthy skin is much more important than your penis girth or the length of your member when flaccid.

How do I remove a penis ring or sheath?

Removal is in the opposite order to donning, from the testicles to the glans. When removing the ring or penis sleeve, be careful not to pull it off until the erection has subsided, especially if the toy is made of solid material or has no opening mechanism.

As with tightening, be careful when removing the ring or sleeve to avoid embarrassment or injury. To remove it, grasp it on the right and left side and slowly pull it upwards a little. If you have pubic hair, be careful not to pull any of it out (if you are not shaved).

You can also carefully cut open disposable sheaths and rings with scissors. Wherever it is not easy to pull off, you may use a little lubricant instead of pulling too hard.

In an emergency (which can only happen with metal testicle rings or testicle cuffs), you can use cold water or ice to cool the testicles down a little.

If none of this helps, or if you have pain, contact the emergency doctor immediately. However, this can only happen if your size is completely wrong or if you have a severe allergic reaction to certain materials or harmful substances.

Care and cleaning of penis enlargement devices

You should always clean all devices after use to prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

You should always read the instructions for use. There are usually instructions there. It is practical if your toy is made of a material that is as easy to clean as possible. Please clean the device no later than 30 minutes after use!

Other care and cleaning tips:

  • Many devices that affect penis length and girth may well be cleaned with a sex toy cleaner. It is available in most sex shops. It’s quick, but you’ll need to buy the cleaner separately.
  • Plastic penis sleeves and extensions can be cleaned with a weakly concentrated soap. Silicone penis sleeves can even be washed in the dishwasher (but only if you live alone or in a sex-positive flat-share).
  • Penis enlargements and rings made of acrylic, glass or leather are extremely easy to clean: You can wash them with warm water and soap without hesitation.
  • Some leather toys often require additional cleaning. Attention: You need a special cleaning agent for leather!
  • Please note: Penis cuffs, penis rings and parts made of latex can hardly or not at all be cleaned due to this “capricious” material.

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