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Keeping the workplace organized and functional results in efficiency in the execution of tasks. And a simple object, such as a pen holder, can be determinant to establish a work routine with more quality of life.

After all, objects of regular use such as pencils and pens should be grouped and positioned within easy reach to optimize time and simplify the execution of daily activities.


  • The pen holder is a practical object that facilitates the organization and visualization of pencils and pens.
  • You can find the pen holder in different sizes, shapes, materials, colours and designs.
  • Besides the simple pen holder, you can find multifunctional models, with space to put papers, clips, and other office supplies.

The Best Pen Holder: Our Picks

Buying Guide

With the rush of everyday life, your desk can become a mess. This disorganization can negatively influence your productivity. To keep the environment organized, you can bet on a functional accessory: the pen holder. To help you choose the ideal model, we have prepared this Buying Guide, with everything you need to know about this object.

Imagem de uma mulher desenhando.

With the pen holder, you can better organize your stationery items. (Source: Bruce Mars / Pexels)

What are the benefits of having a pen holder?

Keeping your desk organized doesn’t have to be a challenge. You can keep the accumulation of office items under control if you use the right accessories. A pen holder is one such object. Able to make all the difference to the organisation and decoration of your work or study environment, the pen holder goes beyond its obvious function and allows you to store other accessories such as:

  • Clips
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Self-adhesive notepad
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

You can also place a pen holder next to your phone, so you don’t have to look for a pen around the house when you need to write down an important message. You can find pen holders in different shapes. The traditional model is shaped like a round glass. You can also find square models and even with holes to insert pens, pencils and mechanical pencils.

Tip: position the pen holder to the right side of the computer, if you are right-handed, or to the left side, if you are left-handed

An interesting option is the pen holder with support. This model has more than one compartment and is an excellent option for storing other objects such as paper clips, sharpeners, erasers, stickers and other office items.

  • Helps you organize your work or study desk
  • You can find models with several compartments
  • Makes it easier to see your materials
  • You can organize your pens the right way (increases durability)
  • When you want to pick up a smaller object from the bottom of the pen holder, you have to take everything out
  • Glass or acrylic pen holders may crack or break if they fall on the floor
  • Accumulates dirt on the bottom

What is the correct way to store the different types of pens?

Pencils and mechanical pencils should be placed with the point up, because the contact with the bottom of the pen holder can wear off the graphite. The ball point pen should be placed with the tip down. The porous point pen (felt tip ) has a refill soaked in liquid ink, so place it with the tip down, this way you can guarantee that the pen is ready for use. The liquid ink pen should be tipped upwards. The gel pen, on the other hand, should be placed with the tip down, because the ink takes a while to travel through the tube.

Imagem de um porta canetas aramado.

The wired pen holder is one of the most common models in offices. (Source: webandi / Pixabay)

Pen or pen holder: Which is the best option for me?

The use of pens is normal in the daily lives of students and professionals from different fields. In some professions, such as designer and draftsman, the pen is a working tool, expensive and should be stored in a suitable place, which can be a case or pen holder. The case is an excellent option for those who use several pens and usually take and bring the set to work or college. The only downside is that if you forget it at home, or lose it, it can compromise your activities. If you are in doubt about which model is best for you, check the table we prepared below.

Pen Pen-holder Case
Ideal for Who wants to organize the workplace or studies For those who have many pens and usually carry them around
Advantage The pens will always be within reach You can carry your pens in your purse or backpack
Disadvantage Other people have access to your materials You can forget the case at home

How much does a pen-holder cost?

You can find models starting at 5, many options around 20 and more expensive models, up to 90. If you prefer a sturdy piece, with more than one compartment, you will find models starting at 10, many options around 30 and more expensive models, reaching 80.

Imagem de uma mesa de trabalho.

With the pen holder, your work desk will always be organized. (Source: Willian Iven / Unsplash)

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare pen holder models

Working or studying in a clean, organised and well-decorated environment increases your productivity. That is why it is important to invest in accessories that help keep the environment tidy, such as pen holders. But to choose the ideal pen holder according to the environment where you want to place it, you must evaluate and compare some features that change from one model to another, they are:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Colour
  • Design

We will explain each of the items throughout this section.


If you are buying online, check the dimensions of the product.

You will find pen holders in different sizes. When choosing a model, observe the following factors: the quantity of objects you wish to keep and the size of your desk. Buy a pen holder with proportional dimensions to the size of your desk. If you are buying the accessory online, check the dimensions of the product.


The acrylic pen holder is easy to combine with other elements of the desk or table. You can find models in several shapes and colours besides the traditional transparent one. If you prefer a sophisticated, elegant and timeless pen holder, you can bet on a wooden model. The piece is ideal for formal settings like offices and meeting rooms.

Imagem de um porta canetas de madeira.

The wooden pen holder is an elegant model. (Source: JamesDeMers / Pixabay)

If you prefer a cheaper model, you can buy an MDF pen holder. Generally, the MDF pen holder is a handmade piece, hand-painted, covered with fabric, decorated using the decoupage technique, etc. You may also find pen holders made of leather. Besides the traditional model, you can find a case-shaped version, which can be used to carry your pens and pencils in your purse.


The colour of the pen holder should be related to the decoration style you have adopted for your workplace or studies:

  • Rustic: go for nature-related shades like green, brown and beige.
  • Romantic: use white, pink and lilac.
  • Minimalist: use sober colours, pastel shades or metallic.
  • Childish: use playful colours like yellow, blue, red, green, among others.


When buying a pen holder, analyze the furniture and other objects on your desk and buy a model that follows the same pattern. You can find models in modern, vintage, rustic, romantic, minimalist styles. If you are looking for a wildcard piece, buy a wired pen holder. This model is versatile, adapts to different decor styles and gives a modern touch to your desk. You can find this model in several colour options.

(Featured Image Source: Congerdesign / Pixabay)