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Welcome to the site with the best technology reviews on the internet. Today we bring to you a complete analysis about PC gaming and how to enter this world. T

he PC offers more robust configurations, which allows developers to take their games to the max when it comes to mechanics and graphics. Follow our article to understand a little more about them.


  • PC games have a minimum system requirement to run properly on your PC, so check this information before making the purchase.
  • When it comes to PC games, physical media is all but extinct, making room for digital media.
  • Some older games are no longer compatible with the new operating systems and may require adaptations and specific software for them to run.

The Best PC Games: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best PC Games

Between exclusive and multiplatform games, PCs reign absolute when it comes to quantity and quality in its titles. It is a platform where you can find excellent RPGs, MOBAs, FPS and RTS strategy games. But, with so many options available and more and more launchers emerging, acquiring, installing and managing games is becoming increasingly complicated. Get more tips and information with everything you need to know in our buying guide.

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The possibility of performing online matches has always been one of the strengths of PC games. (Source: ChristianaT/

How do PC game launchers work?

A launcher is basically a PC software that works mainly as a game distributor and shop, offering some extra features such as forums and gamer communities. Unlike before, where you had to purchase a physical media to install the game, today you can purchase the game from one of these launchers, installing and playing through them.

With the success of Steam, which was one of the precursors of this new wave, many developers have launched their own launchers, with their main titles. Among them, we can mention some like EA Games, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, among others.

The Epic Store also arrived strongly to the market, as well as Microsoft, with its subscription service Game Pass, which works similarly to a video store. It is also worth noting that many companies require you to install their launchers so you can run their games, then it is worth checking all the settings and customizations so they do not overload your computer.

Did you know that Valve launched Steam, one of the main launchers in the market, to help the distribution of games, offer more competitive prices and more financial incentive to developers?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PC games?

Especially when compared to console games, PC games offer some advantages. In most of them, for example, you don’t need to pay extra subscriptions to play online. You can choose between several graphical options according to your PC.

The variety of mechanics and themes are also usually much larger and more diverse. Guaranteeing endless hours of fun, either alone or with friends, the games help improve your motor and cognitive coordination. And, on top of all this, many don’t require an internet connection. However, there are some drawbacks.

Older games are harder to run on modern PCs. Some have more robust graphical requirements, especially in the case of new releases. And finally, factors such as connection speed and even your hardware can hinder performance in online matches, such as the famous lags.

  • In most games, you do not need to pay to play online
  • You can choose several graphic options according to your PC
  • It is possible to find games with different themes and mechanics
  • PC games help improve your motor and cognitive coordination
  • They guarantee endless hours of fun, alone or with friends
  • Many games do not require internet connection
  • Old games are difficult to run on modern PCs
  • Some games have more robust graphic requirements
  • Factors such as connection speed can hinder your games

How to install and uninstall PC games?

As we explained about launchers, there are now different ways to install and uninstall a game. In the past, all you had to do was place the media on your computer and run the installation program.

This is still possible, of course, but with the prevalence of launchers, both processes can be done through them and it is very easy to find these options, with step-by-step instructions. If the game does not belong to any launcher, just access its folder, the installation is usually named Setup or Install. Uninstalling follows the same principle.

Once installed, you can delete it through the launcher , and it will still be available in your library if you want to reinstall it in the future. The game also creates a folder for itself on your computer. Many offer an uninstall option in these folders. And, if you want to make sure the game has been completely deleted, you can opt for your operating system’s software uninstall system.

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Games are getting simpler and simpler to install and you can start playing in a matter of minutes. (Source: 11333328 /

Which categories of multiplayer games for PC are on the rise?

Currently, there are four categories of multiplayer gaming that are a real fever. One of the first to emerge, and also one of the most iconic, is the FPS genre. Known as First Person Shooter, the famous first person shooter games have revolutionized the way to play online, with war themes and the dispute between compact teams, ranging from 5 to 15 players in fast and competitive matches.

More recently, MOBAs have among their most famous games DOTA and League of Legends, following a similar style to tower defense, where teams, usually of 5 players, duel for supremacy of the map. Another experience that exploded among PC gamers were the MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online), where worlds were filled with players competing against each other or against the machine, forming guilds and gathering friends around a common goal.

With themes ranging from fantasy to Sci-fi and with the capacity of players limited only by the power of the servers, this category is still today one of the most played, with classics like Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Eve Online and many others. Finally, the Battle Royale style arrived with full force, with its theme centered on wars and armed conflicts. The highlight here is the mechanics, since the matches usually start with 100 players facing each other until there is only one winner.

FPS MOBA MMO Battle Royale
Thematic War Fantasy Fantasy/Sci-fi Mainly war
Dynamic The dispute is between teams Tower defense style between teams It is possible to play PVP and PVE All against all on a single map
Number of players The teams are more compact, ranging from 5 to 15 players The teams usually have 5 players The MMOs are massive and the amount depends largely on the server capacity The matches usually start with 100 players until only 1

How to be sure that a game will run well in my PC?

Every PC game has a minimum system requirement that encompasses factors such as graphics card, RAM memory and processing power. It is a matter of checking if you have what is required.

Running at the minimum system requirements will cause you to miss a number of graphical elements.

And of course, running at the minimum system requirements will cause you to miss a number of graphical elements that are configured to run within the capabilities of your hardware. On physical media, this information is contained on the packaging, while on digital media, you can find it on the developer’s website or in your preferred launcher.

What do I need to play online with my friends?

The big advantage of PC games is that you have access to the servers almost always without having to pay a subscription. One of the exceptions are the MMOs, which have a monthly subscription system for you to have access to their servers. On the other hand, they usually offer free updates with new content. Leaving aside now the software issue, it is important to talk a little about the hardware.

In addition to meeting all the minimum requirements, you will also need a good internet connection to avoid lags. And, to play at a competitive level, you will certainly need a nice gamer PC, as well as peripherals that help you get better results, such as a good monitor, headset for communication, mouse and keyboard.

Finally, companies usually segment their servers by continents, that way they facilitate not only the language and communication issue, but also ensure that the connection is more stable.

Purchase criteria: What I should consider before buying a PC game

PC games allow people to explore worlds, themes and experiences that lead to hours of fun, socialising and competition. We now have an e-sports scene that has everything to grow, offering better prize pools and even the possibility of professionalisation. But, in a universe full of options, it is necessary to consider some factors before buying a PC game. Here are some criteria that we have separated for your evaluation.

Media type

With the emergence of launchers and digital media, physical media are increasingly being left aside, but it is still possible to find them. And, they still have their advantages. Besides the collectability, beautiful packaging and manuals, you can be sure that the game is yours, a fear that usually terrifies younger gamers.

After all, what happens if one day Steam disappears? But, they also have their drawbacks. If you scratch, damage or even lose the game, you’ll need to purchase a new copy. That’s not the case with digital media, of course. Once purchased, they will always be in your library for you to install and uninstall whenever you want. Here, instead of beautiful manuals, developers often offer giveaways such as special missions or unique skins to attract players.

Another problem when talking about physical media is that it is increasingly rare to find computers with CD/DVD/ players, which can mean an extra cost, especially on newer PCs.

Imagem de jovem jogando no PC com um headset e três monitores

Despite being an excellent option at first sight, with more launchers, we face a greater segmentation of players and communities. (Source: ExplorerBob/

Type of game

Throughout our review you could already know some categories of games, such as FPS, MOBAs, MMOs and the latest Battle Royales. But games are not limited to that. Here are some other well-known categories:

  • Sports: This category includes the main sports such as football, basketball, American football, etc.
  • Racing: Racing games usually identify themselves as Arcade, where the gameplay is more fun, and Simulators, which are more realistic and seek to emulate real life.
  • Simulators: Speaking of real life, simulators allow you to live a virtual life, either by managing a farm or the life of characters you have created yourself.
  • Construction and management: Almost everyone knows the famous games of construction of cities, theme parks or zoos. Here you are the administrator, responsible for managing resources to overcome challenges.
  • Role-Playing Game: Role-Playing games allow you to create your own hero or villain or live as one, making decisions that affect the game as you progress.
  • Fighting: Fighting games are also quite famous, with franchises such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and many others. They are a great option to challenge your friends.
  • Platform: One of the best known genres, and one of the first, platform games are still on the rise, following the legacy of titles like Super Mario, Sonic and Mega Man.
  • Shooters: Shooter games can be first or third person, encompassing single or multiplayer campaigns. The Shot’em ups follow a more arcade model, as in platform games, where you must face the challenges that arise on the screen.
  • Puzzles: Nothing better than a good puzzle to challenge their logical skills. This is a genre more quiet and quite explored on the PC. A great example is the great Portal series.

Game size

Every game occupies a physical space on your HD, and this can vary a lot according to its graphical elements, map size and whether the campaign is limited or is a massively multiplayer. While the older games used to take up a floppy disk, today digital media has become the best form of distribution, since even when we talk about Blu-Ray, some titles would need several discs.

You can find the total size the game will take up in the specifications and during installation. Usually there is a pre-installation, with the vital files, and then the installation itself, when these files are unzipped. So before installing the game, check that there is the necessary space on your HD.

If not, you will need to uninstall some games or software to finish the process. And remember that games receive more and more patches and updates to fix bugs, which will end up requiring extra space.


Besides the mouse and keyboard, there are other accessories that help improve the overall experience and gameplay itself. While it is harder to aim with a traditional controller, in racing games, the controller, or even a steering wheel, are take the fun and performance to another level.

Most next-generation console controls are compatible with PCs and are very convenient to set up. The computer also offers more options when it comes to controls, steering wheels and even more complex simulators, such as those that emulate the cockpit of an aircraft. And, with virtual reality walking in stride, the VR glasses are also evolving and gaining more and more games developed especially for it.

Imagem de controle de Xbox One ao lado de um teclado, mouse e um action figure

The mouse and keyboard are great, but some games are better when adapted for the controls. (Source: FOX/

Expansions and DLCs

As we mentioned earlier, many games rely on pacthes and updates to fix bugs and improve performance, but that’s not all.

More and more developers are betting on expansions and DLCs, which are additional content that extend the life of the game, either through new mechanics, additional maps and even entire narrative segments. They can be sold through subscriptions, as in MMOs, or separately. And, be aware that expansions and DLC require the base game to work.

(Source of the highlighted image: jusuf111/