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Summer is finally here and what better way to end the evening than on the terrace. Add to that a glass of wine or a juice and the day can come to a relaxing end. However, for this you also need suitable and comfortable furniture, including a patio table.

In our guide, we want to show you our personal recommendations for your perfect patio table and inspire you a little. Maybe we can help you with your choice of patio furniture.


  • Garden furniture is essential when the weather is nice. Who doesn’t enjoy enjoying the weather outdoors or winding down in the evening in comfort?
  • Patio tables come in different variations: Bamboo, aluminium or a glass top for easy maintenance. Depending on your taste, there are different types, sizes and materials and you will most likely find the right one for you.
  • Different manufacturers mean different prices. But an expensive patio table does not mean high quality. Comparisons and customer reviews are good advice here.

The Best Patio Table: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for patio tables

In this section of the guide, you will be presented with various criteria that you should pay attention to when buying a patio table. Various features of the patio table can guarantee you long-term use.

In this step, the criteria listed above will be made more specific so that you know exactly what to look for when buying the table.

Quality and material

Quality guarantees long-term use. For most customers, there is nothing worse than having to buy a new table for the garden or terrace every year. The weight plays a big role, because it reflects whether the table is resilient or not. Depending on the material, it is important to check whether the table can stand outdoors and whether rain will damage it.

Load-bearing capacity

The load capacity is usually specified by the manufacturer and is one of the most important criteria when buying a new table. The bottom line is that the table should be able to withstand a lot, especially if it is used as a dining table. With many people, there is quite a bit of weight that the patio table should be able to withstand with the dishes.

Price-performance ratio

Value for money is also an important purchase criterion. The range of prices is individual and varies according to the manufacturer. For a good garden table, all the criteria listed here should usually be taken into account to ensure long-term use.


Adjustability is also a useful criterion, but in this sense it is not a must. Many prefer a table without adjustability, as this allows the garden chairs to be easily adapted. This means that this does not have to be considered separately and the summer evenings outdoors can begin.

Water resistance

Water resistance is important when the table and furniture are placed outdoors, as rain, hail or strong winds can damage the furniture. So if you plan to put your patio table outdoors, make sure the manufacturer uses water-repellent material.


The colour of the patio table is optional and should be adapted according to taste. Most tables are offered in different colours. Thus, this criterion can also be adapted to the other furniture of the garden equipment.

Most buyers prefer neutral colours such as white, black, brown or a wooden look. This makes it easy to combine the chairs and gives a coherent impression in the overall picture.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about patio tables answered in detail

In this part of our guide, we want to answer the most frequently asked questions about patio tables. In addition, a table is provided for orientation so that you know how much a patio table costs.

Who is a patio table suitable for?

Barbecuing in the garden – in perfect summer weather – on the perfect garden table. This is how the barbecue season can start. (Image source: Lee Myungseong/Unsplash)

A patio table is suitable for all those who have a balcony, a patio or a garden. Depending on the size, the patio table can be chosen. For smaller balconies or terraces, a smaller model should be chosen so as not to fill up the small area. For example, a larger model fits in a garden and the seating can be better adapted.

For a small balcony, a small table with two chairs is recommended to have a nice evening with your partner or friends. A little decoration never hurts – a few plants, a nice tablecloth or fairy lights – and the whole thing looks much cosier straight away.

What types of patio tables are there?

The following paragraph explains the extendable and foldable garden tables in more detail.

Extendable garden table: As the name suggests, this type of patio table can be pulled apart. This can give you space when you need it. So you can have a cosy coffee party on a small table and a dinner with the whole family on the extended table.

Folding garden table: You don’t always need your table or it takes up too much space in the long run? Then a folding garden table is definitely a good option for you. You can set up the garden table quickly if necessary and take it down again just as quickly.

On the whole, the patio tables differ in most cases by the material. So it’s best to consider beforehand which material suits you and your lifestyle best. Materials like granite or glass are very easy to maintain and are highly valued by many consumers. Materials such as bamboo or other types of wood can be a little more difficult to maintain, but are still a real eye-catcher.

What does a patio table cost?

Patio tables can be found in different price ranges. The table indicates from which price one can find low, medium and high priced tables. In this case, the table is oriented towards patio tables made of aluminium, as these are also water-repellent in most cases. In addition, the table is based on the size 150 x 90 x 74.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (100 € – 150 €) Simple aluminium patio table without certain functions
Medium-priced (170 € – 250 €) Aluminium table with special water resistance and adjustability
High-priced (300 € and more) High-quality aluminium tables with glass and height adjustability


It’s easy to decide whether you want a large or small patio table. Because you can decide depending on the size of your balcony. The only important thing is that you feel comfortable and can enjoy beautiful summer evenings outside. Make sure that your new patio table is waterproof when it stands outdoors, so that you don’t need another one soon.

You can also make even a small terrace look very cosy with a little decoration. You can place your snacks and drinks on the small patio table and enjoy the end of the day!

(Cover photo: Jisoo Kim / Unsplash)