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In today’s article we will help you choose a product that can be very useful in organizing your home and office: the paper fastener. Extremely practical, cheap and resistant, paper fasteners can have many uses beyond the obvious function of holding paper, from organization to decoration. The modern versions have innovative and colorful designs, being Must Have items for any aficionado of organization and stationery items. Follow us in this reading and check out the best product options, as well as the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of paper fastener for your home or office.

First, the most important thing

  • There are many brands and models of paper fasteners on the market. From the simplest to the most sophisticated, they are available in various colours, capacities and configurations. Choose based on your needs, product design and size.
  • Type, material, colour, details and capacity of the product are some features to be considered at the time of purchase.
  • There is a lot of price variation for the product, which is a function of the brand and model. It is possible to find simple versions for less than 1 a unit, and the most sophisticated kits and with several units can cost more than 50.

The best paper clip: Our Picks

The paper fastener is an item that can become so commonplace in our daily routine at home, school or work that it can go unnoticed on a daily basis. Except when you need one and do not have one, then it is a headache for sure. We will present some of the most interesting models of the product on sale:

Buying Guide

It can be a challenge to keep certain amounts of papers and documents together without marking, puncturing or damaging the sheets. Even more complicated is to make them stay together without them getting out of order and creating a mess. To end with these difficulties the paper fastener is the solution, bringing practicality and security for you to arrange your papers and files. Continue with us to learn all about this indispensable product for organizing paperwork – and other items – at home or in the office.

Moça carrega pilha de papéis organizados com prendedores coloridos.

Paper fastener is the best alternative to fix several sheets without puncturing or marking the paper surface. (Source: Belchonock / 123rf)

What is a paper fastener?

Baptized in English as binder clip, the paper fastener is that type of clip that has two movable metal rods, which form levers that help when opening the body of the fastener to accommodate the paper and can be bent along the sheets for the best fixation and firmness of the papers.

In Brazil it goes by several names, such as paper clip, folder clip, file clip, binder clip, alligator clip, among others

Paper clip: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Besides being one of the most efficient ways to fasten papers and documents without damaging their surface with holes – as happens with the stapler – or leaving marks and grooves – as happens with common paper clips – the paper fastener may have several other uses. Available in several colours and patterns, there are decorated models, with cut-outs and fun prints, which can be used both for decoration and for differentiation and identification of papers and documents.

Sizes also vary, as well as storage capacity.

Paper fasteners have long ceased to stick only to their main function, being widely used for organization in other areas such as kitchen, bedrooms, living room and even as decoration to fix photos, messages, souvenirs and other items. Check the table with some advantages and disadvantages of the product:

  • Versatile: can organize and even decorate various items
  • Affordable prices
  • Various options of sizes and capacities
  • Available in different colours and patterns
  • Maximum capacity is relatively low
  • Plastic models can be fragile

How to choose the ideal paper fastener?

There are a wide range of variables between paper fasteners on the market. To choose the ideal one, consider what you will use the product for, and the main needs it should meet and choose the one that best fits these parameters. Colourful and decorated models are ideal for categorising and differentiating papers and documents when organising them. They are also the ideal option to use with messages, photos and other items for decorative purposes. The more basic models are cheaper, therefore, ideal for those who need to purchase the product in large quantities. Check in the table the comparison between common paper clips and paper fastener to define what best suits your needs.

Common paper clip Paper clip
Uses Keep together small amount of papers Fasten papers, organize wires, photos, jewellery, etc..
Sizes From mini to large From small to extra large
Capacity Small Up to 200 sheets, depending on the model
Differentials Values in account, various options of formats and colours Values in account, various options of formats and colours and utilities

What is the best way to organize using a paper fastener?

The same paper fastener is capable of efficiently holding small and large quantities of paper – up to the limit of its capacity and size. For this reason, the larger models are the most advantageous, as they will be equally efficient with 3-page documents and shreds of almost 200 sheets. Therefore, the way to organise the papers is not much of a mystery. All you have to do is arrange the sheets and align them correctly, using the lever to position them in the middle of the clip. It can be placed either in the corners of the paper or in the centre, either on top or on the side. After fixing, lower the tabs over the sheets, which will give more firmness and support to the material. Make sure you never use your fastener for more paper than the product can handle. Besides damaging the material, misuse can also damage the paper fastener.

Itens de papelaria sobre uma mesa.

Use the paper fastener to aid in your organization. (Source: rawpixel / Pixabay)

What other uses can I give to the paper fastener?

As we have already commented, the uses of the paper fastener go far beyond simply holding paper. The list of possibilities that the product offers is huge, and can range from a support to store without blistering your headphones to a great refrigerator organizer. Check out some tips on curious uses for the product:

  • Elevate keyboards and desk phones;
  • Organize mouse, speakers and printer wires;
  • Fix photos and messages on grids and murals;
  • Create a clothes line for notes and souvenirs;
  • Create a support for mobile phones;
  • Keep bottles in place in the fridge;
  • Hanging small containers on the wall;
  • Organise glasses and jewellery;
  • Protect razor blade for travel;
  • Organiser for mobile phone accessories such as wires, cables, chargers and headphones;
  • Support for knitting;
  • Fixing clothes on hanger;
  • To seal food packages.

Check out Amanda Morbeck’s channel video for more tricks you need to know with a paper fastener.

How much does a paper fastener cost?

It is possible to find paper fasteners for sale on the market with great price variation. The price varies according to the product brand, model, material and capacity. The more basic the fastener, the lower the price. There are models whose kit can cost over 50, but it is also possible to find simpler types for less than $ 1 a unit. Evaluate the prices of the model chosen in the different brands available on the market to ensure that you make a purchase with the best cost benefit.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to Compare Types of Paper Fasteners

To finish our Review, we will give you a little more help to make the right choice of paper fastener for your documents, photos, wires and cables and other uses. Check out the list of characteristics you should pay attention to when comparing the types and brands of this product:

  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Size
  • Colours and details

So that there are no doubts, check out the detailing of the characteristics:


Paper fasteners are generally made with a metal body with enameled paint and metal or stainless steel rods. There are also models of the product with a plastic base. These versions, however, may be more fragile and have reduced durability compared to models made of metal. The quality of the materials will directly interfere in the resistance and durability of the paper fastener. Give preference to renowned brands, which use raw materials of first line for the manufacture of the product.

Prendedores de papel sobre tampa vermelha.

Give preference to paper fasteners made of metal or stainless steel. (Source: lazysheep / Pixabay)


The capacity of the paper fasteners is measured using sheets of regular sulfite paper as a parameter. There are models with various capacities, up to a maximum of 200 sheets (on average), and you can choose according to your needs. The capacity of the paper fastener can change according to the weight of the sheets and the way they are arranged.


The size of the paper fastener is directly related to its capacity. Generally speaking, sizes follow a capacity standard, although there may be differences from one brand to another. The most common values are:

  • 15mm: capacity up to 50 sheets
  • 19mm: capacity up to 70 sheets
  • 25mm: capacity up to 90 sheets
  • 32mm: capacity up to 120 sheets
  • 41mm: capacity up to 150 sheets;
  • 51mm: capacity up to 190 sheets.

Colours and details

Besides the aesthetic effect, the colours and other details on the paper fastener can also have a functional effect. You can use the differentiation between the colours and patterns of the product to determine how to segment papers and documents at the time of organisation, opting for colour sorting. This way of organizing makes it much easier to view and locate the files in folders, drawers or cabinets, for example. (Source of the highlighted image: Readyelements / Pixabay)