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Panasonic shavers are quality and effective personal care appliances. At an entry-level price, the electric foil shavers meet every styling requirement. Both wet and dry shaves can be carried out gently thanks to their modern technology. Depending on the device type, the compact shavers can either remove and trim hair highly effectively or even be used as hair designers.

With our big Panasonic shaver test 2023 we want to help you find the shaver that meets your expectations and supports you in creating your desired style and fulfilling your ideal of beauty. We have compared the Panasonic devices, summarised characteristic features, collected the most important distinguishing features and usage tips, and listed the advantages and disadvantages of the device types. This should make your purchase decision easier.


  • Panasonic’s electric foil shavers offer the highest quality at an entry-level price. Due to their current technology, they shave gently, effectively and precisely.
  • The devices are suitable for wet and dry shaving and are mostly powered by a rechargeable battery.
  • Panasonic’s shavers combine different hair styling functions. Because of this, a distinction can be made between devices that shave and trim or shave, trim and style. Furthermore, the shavers can be distinguished by the design of the shaving head.

The Best Panasonic Shaver: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Panasonic shaver

To make it easier for you to find the right shaver for you, in this section we present the characteristic features of Panasonic devices and their alternatives.

What makes Panasonic shavers different from other manufacturers?

Panasonic produces high-quality electric shavers mostly at entry-level prices. Both the standard and premium models offer the highest level of comfort and promise barbershop quality for the home.

Panasonic Rasierer-1

Panasonic’s electric shavers bring barbershop-quality wet and dry shaving to your home.
(Image source: / Guus Baggermanns)

The devices with shaving head system and various clever functions offer precision, maximum cutting performance and a particularly fast and close shave. They can be used flexibly and are gentle on the skin. Body hair is removed reliably and comfortably. The combination of functions, long-lasting batteries, cleaning convenience and elegant design complete the hair removal products.

Panasonic is a specialist in the production of shavers for men.

All electric shavers from Panasonic are suitable for both dry and wet shaving. This allows you to choose between practical and time-saving dry shaving and pampering wet shaving every day.

Overall, Panasonic foil shavers have the following advantages and disadvantages compared to other products:

  • Very good value for money
  • Gentle and efficient shave
  • Wet and dry shaving possible
  • Less high-quality design
  • Less local distribution

What shaving heads does Panasonic design into their shavers?

Panasonic offers shavers with different elongated foil shaving heads, which contain shaving foils and blades.

Shaving heads are characterised by their movement options and the number of shaving elements.

The more flexible the shaving head, the more it can adapt to the skin areas. In the area of hair care for men, in which Panasonic has specialised its shavers, various movement options are offered:

  • 0 D
  • 2 D
  • 5 D
  • 8 D
  • 16 D

Accordingly, the shaver with the most flexible shaving head can be bent in 16 directions (16 D). Gentle soft glide rollers additionally support the movement in some devices. They are located between the shaving elements and glide smoothly and gently over the skin.

Panasonic Rasierer-2

Panasonic’s flexible shaving heads enable gentle styling of beards and prevent irritation. Both the hair and the skin therefore look irresistibly well-groomed. Any styling can be achieved.
(Image source: / Jonathan Borba)

The only electric shaver Panasonic offers for women is completely fixed and can therefore only be adjusted to different areas by its posture. This is equivalent to a 0 D shaving head.

Furthermore, shaving heads are differentiated according to how many blades they have. Panasonic sells variants with 1-5 blade-shaving foil combinations.

Which shaving foils and blades are used in Panasonic shavers?

Panasonic shavers are foil shavers. The blades of the devices are therefore hidden behind shear foils or protective foils. Although this prevents the cutting elements from having direct contact with the skin, a very close shave can be achieved. The surface of the arc-shaped foil ensures that the hairs are positioned and aligned. The blade block then cuts off the hairs. The method is gentle on the skin.

To intensify the precise removal of unwanted hairs, Panasonic uses different variants of the shaving foil. We have compiled an overview of them for you here:

Shearing foil type Function
Springy shearing foil Increase adaptation to the skin
Fine cut shearing foil Captures short and unruly hairs even in difficult areas
Quick-lift shearing foil / ultra-contact shearing foil Captures close-fitting hairs

The blades under the arc-shaped foil are made of ultra-sharp, nano-polished Japanese stainless steel and are 30° pointed. This makes Panasonic shavers among the sharpest electric shavers. Precise, smooth shaving and less skin irritation become possible. The majority of Panasonic devices have nickel-free blades.

How are Panasonic shavers powered?

Panasonic uses a linear motor in its electric shavers. Depending on the type of appliance, this motor oscillates 10,000-14,000 times per minute and generates the cutting movement of the blades. This rotation removes the hair.

The fundamental motor is largely powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery of the device is charged with a charging station or a mains cable. The operating time varies between 21 minutes and 50 minutes.

The only shaver Panasonic offers for women is battery-operated.

How heavy are Panasonic shavers?

Panasonic aims to design its shavers as ergonomically as possible to make use as comfortable and effortless as possible. The weight of the devices depends on the type of shaver.

Device type weight range
2-in-1 Panasonic shaver approx. 120 – 215 grams
3-in-1 Panasonic shaver approx. 155 grams

Panasonic shavers that both shave and trim have a wider weight range than the all-in-one device.

How much do Panasonic shavers cost?

Panasonic shavers cost different amounts depending on their features, functions and the type of shaving head. We have summarised the prices for you:

Type of device price range
2-in-1 Panasonic shaver approx. 40 – 400 €
3-in-1 Panasonic shaver approx. 90 – 150 €

The prices of 2-in-1 Panasonic shavers have the widest range because the number of units produced in this category is large. They include the cheapest and the most expensive electronic shaver. The 3-in-1 Panasonic shaver costs more than the cheapest but less than the most expensive 2-in-1 product.

What are the alternatives to Panasonic shavers?

Panasonic is one of the smaller companies in the hair care sector. Because of this, there are entry-level prices, but also a smaller selection of devices. Panasonic shavers are all electric and suitable for both wet and dry use. Only foil shavers are manufactured.

Besides these, electric shavers also include rotary shavers. To give you an overview of the features of both types and help you choose the most suitable device, we will briefly introduce them in the following sections.

Foil shavers

Foil shavers work with shearing foils. These pick up the hairs, which are then shortened by vibrating blades. Since the blades are hidden under the foil, they can be very sharp and work intensively without damaging the skin. Due to the elongated shape of the razors, they are particularly suitable for precise shaves.

In summary, foil razors have the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • Powerful cutting
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Small areas are easy to shave
  • Louder buzz and stronger vibration
  • Slower shaving of larger areas

In addition to Panasonic, Braun, for example, offers foil shavers. As the manufacturer of the best-selling electric shavers, a company with a long tradition and official partner of FC Bayern Munich, the product range includes not only the mid-price segment but also more expensive, very classy devices.

Rotary shaver

Rotary shavers work with 3 flexible rotary heads that shave quickly and over a large area and adapt to the contours of the face. The blades have direct contact with the skin.

  • Strong adaptation to the shape of the face
  • Fast shaving due to large-area approach
  • Quiet and low-vibration
  • Low precision
  • Possible irritation of the skin through direct contact

The best-known seller of rotary razors is Philipps. The company produces a variety of hair removal devices with a wide range of features. Less well-known manufacturers are ProfiCare and Remington.

Decision: What types of Panasonic shavers are there and which one is right for you?

Panasonic’s foil shavers are available in different variants. They differ in their range of functions. To give you an overview of the individual versions, we present them to you and list their advantages and disadvantages. This will make it easier for you to choose.

What distinguishes Panasonic’s 2-in-1 shavers and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

For the most part, Panasonic produces 2-in-1 devices that combine a shaver and a trimmer. This makes it possible to achieve precise and efficient hair removal as well as shaping. Precise, fast and with maximum cutting power, you can create your well-groomed appearance with the hair removers.

The product range includes standard and premium versions. Panasonic thus makes it possible to purchase men’s shavers for all requirements.

  • Shaving and trimming with one device
  • Highest quality and latest shaving technology
  • Further styling of hair not possible

What are Panasonic’s 3-in-1 shavers and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

With its 3-in-1 shavers, Panasonic offers the possibility of shaving, trimming and styling in one device. This is implemented through attachments that expand the existing functions.

The 3-in-1 versions allow for every variation of styling. With them, nothing stands in the way of your individual look.

  • Shave, trim and style with one device
  • High-quality shaving technology
  • Very limited choice of appliances

In addition to the 3-in-1 shaver, Panasonic also offers 3-in-1 trimmers that perform the same functions but do not have a shaving foil covering the blade.

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate Panasonic shavers based on these factors.

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many Panasonic shavers.

The criteria you can use to compare Panasonic shavers include:

In the following paragraphs, we explain what matters in each area.

Shaving head and blades

The Panasonic devices differ on the one hand in how much freedom of movement and how many blades the shaving head has. The dimensions available depend on the type of device.

Type of appliance flexibility of the shaving head number of blade/shaving foil combinations
2-in-1 Panasonic shaver 0 D – 16 D 1 – 5
3-in-1 Panasonic shaver 0 D 3

While the shavers with long hair trimmers (trimmers) allow a shaving head movement of up to 16 directions, the 3-in-1 version has a fixed shaving head. Here, the guidance of the shaver is unsprung and dependent on the hand movement.

A similar picture emerges when looking at the number of blades. This varies less in the Allrounder (3-in-1) than in the other versions of Panasonic shavers. In the versions with 5 blade-shear foil combinations, soft glide rollers increase the protection of the skin.

Different styling projects can thus be implemented gently.

Furthermore, the blades differ in that some of them are nickel-free, making the respective shavers suitable even if you are allergic to nickel.

Panasonic meets every shaving need with a variety of devices.

Beard density sensor

In addition to the design of the shaving head, a beard density sensor also contributes to the protection of the skin. This is built into some Panasonic devices.

It measures the density of the beard hair and adjusts the vibrations of the blade to it in real time.

This results in high performance when the hair is dense and reduced work in already shaved or less hairy areas. The skin is effectively protected.

Wet / dry use

The decisive factor for buying a shaver is often whether the device supports dry and/or wet shaving. Both variants have various advantages and disadvantages. For example, the speed in the case of dry hair removal and the thoroughness in the case the shaver is used under wet conditions.

Panasonic Rasierer-3

Panasonic shavers are the right choice for both wet and dry shaving enthusiasts. The devices are designed to be waterproof and support both variants of hair removal.
(Image source: / Supply)

Panasonic’s electronic versions are all-rounders in this area. Each model is waterproof and can therefore be used both with and without moisture without hesitation. This gives you extreme flexibility in deciding which shave you want to perform in different situations at any given time.

Turbo cleaning mode

Shavers need to be cleaned to keep them in good working order. (We explain how to clean them in the trivia section “How to clean Panasonic shavers”)

To minimise the time and effort required during the cleaning process, Panasonic offers some of its shavers with a turbo cleaning mode and/or cleaning station.

Both turbo cleaning mode and cleaning station make cleaning the shavers easier.

The turbo cleaning mode is characterised by the fact that the device can be cleaned through a cleaning window with running water and liquid soap.

In the cleaning station, the appliance is cleaned automatically at the touch of a button. The blades are kept sharp for longer in this way.

Power supply

Panasonic’s electronic shavers are powered in 2 different ways:

  • Battery charging through a charging station
  • Battery charging through a mains cable

Regardless of the type of energy supply, the devices can only be used when they are not connected to the power supply. This means that the shavers only work when they are not in the charging station or connected to the power supply and they must be charged before use.

Panasonic shaver batteries are long lasting and can be used for approximately 20 – 50 minutes when charged. This means that you can always achieve 100% of your shaves.

Whether a charging cable or a charging station is most suitable for you is up to your preferences.

For ladies, only battery operation is intended.

Facts worth knowing about Panasonic shavers.

To make it easier for you to use your Panasonic shaver, we have put together some operating instructions and other facts about repair, the warranty and the Panasonic company.

How do you operate Panasonic shavers?

The compact Panasonic electric shavers are operated differently depending on their functions. Therefore, there is an instruction manual for each device, which can be viewed on the website by presenting the model number:


The shaving procedure can be generalised. Panasonic recommends the following steps:

  1. Charging the battery / Inserting the battery
  2. Press power button and shave (vary the force of pressure of the appliance on the skin)
  3. Press the switch-off button

How to clean Panasonic shavers?

The manual cleaning of Panasonic shavers is described by the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the shaver from the charging station
  2. Apply liquid soap and water to the shaving foil
  3. Switch on the shaver (activate ultrasound mode if necessary [siehe: “Was bedeutet das Wasserhahnsymbol auf den Rasierern von Panasonic?”])
  4. Switch off the shaver after 10 – 20 seconds
  5. Remove shaving head
  6. Switch on the shaver, clean under running water and switch off
  7. Clean shaving head under running water
  8. Dry shaving head and shaver completely
  9. Put the shaving head back on the shaver

What does the tap symbol on Panasonic shavers mean?

The water tap symbol lighting up on the display of a Panasonic shaver means that cleaning in the cleaning / charging station or in ultrasonic mode is necessary. The appliance enters this mode by holding the power button for more than 2 seconds.

How to oil Panasonic shavers?

Oiling the razor makes the blades move smoothly and makes shaving more comfortable. Peter Birkholz (project manager of Stiftung Warentest in the area of electric shavers) recommends using oil 1 x per week to prevent wear of the blades.

Panasonic shavers are oiled in the following way:

  1. Apply a drop of oil to each shaving foil and cutting element (trimmer)
  2. Switch on the shaver and let it work for about 5 seconds
  3. Switch off the shaver and remove excess oil with a damp cloth

How to repair Panasonic shavers?

If the functionality of your shaver is reduced, this can have various causes. A central aspect is the wear of the shaving head, but other minor defects can also occur. So that you know how to react, we explain the procedure below.

How can I change the shaving head on Panasonic shavers?

The shaving head is attached to the shaver by a click mechanism. To release it, press the release buttons and lift the shaving head.

The new head is locked in place by snapping the replacement part into the device.

Depending on the wear of the shaving foil and the shaving blades, these should also be replaced. Panasonic recommends changing the shearing foil once a year and the shearing blades once every 2 years. The following procedure is recommended in each case:

Replacing the shearing foil
  1. Gently press the release button on the shaving foil and pull it out downwards
  2. Align the mark on the foil frame with the mark on the new shaving foil
  3. Push together until you hear a click
Replacing the shearing blades
  1. Remove the shearing foil
  2. Remove the blades one by one
  3. Insert new shearing blades one after the other
  4. Attach the shearing foil

How do you help yourself with minor defects?

Many problems that can be solved manually are listed in the user manual of your Panasonic shaver, as well as suggested solutions. We have collected some of them for you here.

Problem Procedure
Device does not charge -Check the connections of the charging station / mains cable

-Unlock the device

-Keep mains switch pressed for more than 2 seconds

Short operating time after charging -Apply oil

-regular cleaning

-Functionality of the battery decreases

Loud noise level -Apply oil

-Check the blade position

-Clean the shearing foil

Cut hairs fly around -regular cleaning

-Clean the shaving blade of beard residues

What does a flashing red light on Pansonic shavers mean?

Panasonic uses various signals with a red light to make it clear what state the appliance is in:

  • Red light (The unit is charging.)
  • Flashing red (The unit is charging. Charging is complete.)

How to change the battery of Panasonic shavers?

Panasonic estimates the service life of its batteries to be about 3 years. It is not advisable to replace the battery on your own, as this may result in the shaver no longer being waterproof and therefore not working properly. Authorised service centres will replace the battery of your devices without any problems.

What guarantee does Panasonic give on its shavers?

Panasonic promises a 2-year warranty for shavers throughout Europe. A valid warranty card (enclosed with the device) and proof of purchase are required to claim under this warranty.

With the warranty card and proof of purchase, Panasonic shavers are covered for 2 years.

With these documents, the damage can be reported to Panasonic customer service. The addresses of local sales companies or representatives are listed in the “Product Service Guide”.

If the shaver was purchased outside the EU, a “Tourist Warranty Card” must have been issued with the appliance in order to justify a claim.

How to contact customer service in case of persistent defects?

If serious defects occur or you want to make a claim under the warranty, you can use the online service centre and the online repair information of the Panasonic repair service.

On the other hand, you can make use of a pick-up service (from a device price of 75 €) or visit a local service centre.

Where are Panasonic shavers manufactured?

Panasonic Corporation is based in Kadoma, Japan. The company’s European headquarters are located in Ottobrunn (Bavaria). Shavers sold in Germany are produced by the company in Pfaffenhofen (Bavaria).

In addition, manufacturing takes place in 3 other main manufacturing centres in the EU. Panasonic manufactures products in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria.

How long has Panasonic been producing razors?

Shavers were first produced by Panasonic in 1955.

What products does Panasonic offer besides shavers?

Panasonic is one of the leading companies in the development and production of electronic technologies. Apart from shavers, the brand offers solutions for various areas:

  • Television
  • Home Entertainment
  • Photo and Video
  • Personal care and health
  • Kitchen and Household
  • Telephones and mobile phones for the elderly
  • Solar panels
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Batteries
  • Business Technology

Since 1918, the company has been committed to improving the everyday lives of its customers and thus to its motto: “A better life, a better world”.

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