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Oval dining tables have been ubiquitous trend furnishings for some time now and many households can no longer be imagined without them. With their timeless design, the tables fit into any kitchen or dining room.

In this article, we will introduce you to a wide variety of oval dining tables and at the same time help you make a decision. Finally, we will clarify the most frequently asked questions about oval dining tables to clear up any ambiguities and prepare you perfectly for your purchase.


  • The oval dining table is an omnipresent trend. With its simple yet unusual design, it appeals to a large target group.
  • Oval dining tables are available in many different materials and colours. They adapt well to every household and its needs.
  • Regardless of whether it is a large family or a single household: the oval dining table is available in different sizes. So there is something for every taste.

The Best Oval Dining Table: Our Picks

Below we present various oval dining tables to help you make your choice.

Buying and evaluation criteria for oval dining tables

To help you choose your oval dining table, we have summarised the most important criteria for buying. These are as follows:

Below we explain what you should look for in the individual criteria. This will also make it easier for you to choose your dining table.


The material of oval dining tables plays an essential role in the purchase. You usually have a precise idea of your future table and your expectations should be met.

For an oval outdoor dining table, teak is often chosen because it is a robust and extremely weatherproof wood. It is important to pay attention to the quality here, because not every teak wood can keep up with the weather. Therefore, an oval table made of plastic is also suitable for outdoor use. Tables made of plastic are far less expensive and can also look quite aesthetic.


The size of your oval dining table depends entirely on your lifestyle. Tables of this type are available in all sorts of sizes. Starting from one up to eight people and more. Many oval dining tables are extendable models that can be adapted for any occasion.


The look of oval dining tables is of course an important feature. You can choose from different materials and colours for oval tables. With the choice of your oval dining table, you can also give every room a new visual impression.

The size and colour play a major role in the visual impact. For the interior dining area, a marble look is very popular. It looks noble and robust at the same time. Oval dining tables with a concrete look are also in vogue. These tables are usually made of wooden boards covered with foil.

Table frame

Oval dining tables are also available with different table legs. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from classic table frames, vintage style table legs and other designs. With oval wooden tables, you have a particularly large selection of table frames that are also particularly stable.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about oval dining tables answered in detail

In this section, we explain the most frequently asked questions about oval dining tables to prepare you for your purchase decision.

Who is an oval dining table suitable for?

Oval dining tables are suitable for all those who find them visually appealing. The tables are available in all kinds of designs. They are just as suitable for single households as they are for large families.

Oval dining tables fit perfectly into any living space and its style. (Image source: matt_sawyers / pixabay)

Oval dining tables are also a timeless design. This means that if you value and invest in quality, you will be satisfied with your dining table for many years.

What types of oval dining tables are there?

Oval dining tables usually differ in size, design, quality and price range. Which table you finally choose depends on several factors. Oval dining tables are also available in extendable form. This type is particularly suitable for families or if you often have friends over.

How do you clean an oval dining table?

When cleaning your oval dining table, it depends on the material. Based on this, you can choose from the right cleaning products and utensils and thus find the gentlest variant for your table.

Oval wooden dining tables require special care, as the wood can be damaged by moisture or other external influences. There is a range of polishes and special cleaning agents for wood to keep it in ideal condition. Plastic or metal tables are not as susceptible to moisture and are therefore generally easier to care for than other materials.


To give your dining area a new look, an oval dining table is ideal. With its timeless design, your table will keep you happy for years to come and will always find a place in your home.

Whether you live alone or in a shared household, with an oval dining table there will always be enough space for everyone and nothing will get in the way of a cosy get-together.

(Cover photo: Alexandre Zveiger / 123rf)