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What kind of outdoor bed fits in my garden and what kind of outdoor bed can I take on a camping trip? The choice of outdoor beds is vast and can seem overwhelming at first glance. Inundated with countless brands, sizes and features, it is often difficult to make a choice. But how do I know which outdoor bed to choose?

With our big outdoor bed test 2022 we want to present you with everything you need to know before and after buying an outdoor bed. We will list all the important criteria and provide you with all the information you need on the topic of outdoor beds to make your purchase decision easier.


  • Outdoor beds allow you to have the same sleeping comfort on the road or in the garden as at home.
  • Basically, a distinction is made between outdoor beds with and without a roof, whereby both differ mainly in their use under sun, rain and wind.
  • Outdoor beds for the home come in many variations and can inspire with design and extra functions. Foldable outdoor beds are especially useful on camping trips and as a foldable guest bed in the house.

The Best Outdoor bed: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for outdoor beds

In the following, we present the aspects you can use to decide between the large number of possible outdoor beds.

The following criteria help you to compare the outdoor beds with each other:

Size and weight

The dimensions of outdoor beds are usually the same as normal bed dimensions. Sizes such as 90/100/120… x 200 cm are all represented and can therefore be used by children and adults. If you want to sleep with two people, there are also many brands of outdoor beds that specialise in models with a higher load capacity.

There are also outdoor beds especially for pets such as dogs and cats. These offer a place to lie down outdoors and can be equipped with a roof.

In the next section, we will introduce you to some outdoor bed models and their usual dimensions:

  • foldable camping bed
  • Garden lounge beds
  • Air mattress

Foldable camping beds usually have a weight of 5 to 10 kilograms and are therefore very easy to transport. Since the folding frame is made of metal tubes, they are light and yet very robust. In addition, outdoor camping beds offer the possibility of taking up a very small size when folded, which is mobile and uncomplicated to take along.

Garden lounge beds belong to the more luxurious outdoor beds. These offer a large lying surface and XXL dimensions up to an oversized bed. There are also models in which the outdoor bed is combined with a pavilion. These models have a more massive size and a heavier weight to withstand bad weather.

The air mattress is possibly the lightest outdoor bed. With an average weight of less than 5 kilograms – even for beds for two people – it is easy to transport. However, you must bear in mind that you need an air pump to inflate the air mattress, which also adds weight.


The material of your future outdoor bed depends mainly on your wishes for use and your available budget. The material used has an impact on the quality, the weight for transport and the visual beauty.

When buying your outdoor bed, make sure that the materials are weatherproof.

While the frame of camping beds are made of metal and polyester, garden outdoor beds can be made of wood (such as pallets, special types of wood like teak etc.), rattan and/or metal. Air mattresses used as outdoor beds are made of nylon, vinyl and other man-made fibres that are extremely tear-resistant.

Transportable outdoor beds must primarily contain materials that are light in weight and have a high degree of durability. Outdoor beds for home use, such as garden furniture, may use materials that are heavier but of higher quality.

Shape and variations

In the criteria above, we have already touched on the fact that there are many different shapes and variations of outdoor beds, all of which fulfil the same main function but differ greatly in their special features.

Below we have listed for you a variation of simple and special outdoor beds. However, there are many more specific designs for outdoor beds that are adapted to each function and special wishes.

  • Outdoor lounger
  • Swing Outdoor Bed
  • Lounge Outdoor Bed
  • Sofa Outdoor Bed
  • Camping Bed
  • Outdoor Air Mattress

Outdoor beds also differ greatly in shape. Depending on taste and aesthetics, you can even buy outdoor beds in a round shape, which offer less usable lying space, but look very nice in the garden.

Guide: Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Beds Answered in Detail

Are you planning to buy an outdoor bed, but don’t know exactly where to start? In our guide section, we have summarised and detailed the most important factors for you.

What is special about an outdoor bed and what advantages does it offer?

The outdoor bed is the ideal companion for travellers and offers various uses outdoors and at home. It can be used in many ways, which is why we want to introduce you to the most common areas of application and present their advantages:

  • Mobile Bed
  • Garden furniture
  • Guest bed

Since an outdoor bed is easy to fold and takes up little storage space, it is the perfect bed to take along on trips and excursions. But also as garden furniture, the outdoor bed is not only very practical, but it can also beautify your terrace. At home, you can use it as a guest bed, which you can set up or stow away as needed.

Outdoor Bett-1

A thickly upholstered outdoor bed with a colourful cover not only offers you a lot of comfort, it also beautifies your terrace and shows your extraordinary style to guests.
(Image source: Quang Nguyen vinh / pixabay)

As you can see, the areas of application of an outdoor bed are very diverse and can be of use both outdoors and at home. With just a few simple steps, you can have a place to sleep anywhere in no time, and it’s comfortable too.

What types of outdoor beds are there?

Since the use of an outdoor bed is primarily intended for the outdoors, buyers will ask themselves whether they should buy an outdoor bed with or without a canopy. In the following section, we will give you more detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of the two product types.

Outdoor bed without canopy

Outdoor beds are often used as mobile beds that can be set up and taken down quickly and easily. Therefore, they have to be small in size and light in weight. Easily transportable outdoor beds and their foldable versions often come with the disadvantage that they do not have a built-in roof.

  • light in weight
  • easy to transport
  • cheap
  • no protection from rain, sun, wind

Thus, an outdoor bed without a canopy is especially good for prospective buyers who want an easily stowable outdoor bed that does not contain any expensive extra features and can therefore be purchased at a reasonable price.

Next, we present the outdoor bed with a canopy for comparison, which offers additional protection. This way you avoid having to buy expensive accessories.

Outdoor bed with roof

Outdoor beds with a roof are more expensive to buy, but they also offer more functions than an outdoor bed without a roof.

One of the most important features of an outdoor bed is that it offers a place to sleep and rest outdoors. Even if you plan your trip perfectly according to the weather forecast, you may be exposed to rain, sun and wind. If you want privacy, then a canopy with a curtain can also offer you privacy.

  • Rain protection (waterproof)
  • Wind protection
  • Sun protection
  • expensive
  • heavy

In contrast to an outdoor bed without a canopy, an outdoor bed with a canopy allows the buyer to stay outside even in sun, light rain and wind.

Who are outdoor beds suitable for?

Outdoor beds are practical companions for anyone on the move or at home who is looking for a place to rest and needs a suitable sleeping surface.

When camping or travelling, a mobile sleeping surface is mandatory and belongs on the checklist of items that are important to have with your gear. Especially on cold and uneven surfaces, it is important to have a bed that protects against moisture and cold.

At festivals you have to park your car a bit further than the concert area and are therefore forced to carry your outdoor bed in your hand or in a transport bag and it is exactly for situations like these that outdoor beds were created.

Our tip: If you want to buy an outdoor bed for your child, we recommend a bed with folding poles. With this, your child can set up the bed on their own, as it doesn’t require much effort.

You can use the outdoor bed not only on the road, but also at home. On the balcony and on the terrace, it becomes a practical piece of garden furniture and you can also use it as a stowable guest bed in the house and set it up when needed.

Here is a summary of the activities in which you can use an outdoor bed:

  • Travel
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Festivals
  • Beach
  • Garden, balcony or terrace
  • Guest bed

This shows you how multifunctional an outdoor bed is and that it has many possible uses.

What does an outdoor bed cost?

The prices for an outdoor bed are very different and depend on size, material and equipment. As a buyer, you should decide for yourself which brand you would like to buy your outdoor bed from and how many built-in functions and extra accessories you would like to purchase.

With a quick search on the internet, you will find a wide range of prices, from low prices like 20 euros to prices up to 1,000 euros.

Type Price
Outdoor bed without canopy from 20 – 30 euros
Outdoor bed with canopy from 100 euros

Do you really need a built-in roof or is an external roof sufficient? If you are not sure whether you should buy an outdoor bed with or without a roof, you should first consider which function an outdoor bed has to offer.

What are the alternatives to an outdoor bed?

If you are still not sure whether an outdoor bed is the right choice for you, we have picked out four alternatives in this section:

  • Folding mattress
  • Air mattress
  • Camping mat
  • Sleeping bag

These alternatives also fulfil the function of mobile sleeping and easy transport and can be stored at home to save space. Of course, they also come with advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before buying.

In terms of price, all of the alternatives mentioned are in the same range as an outdoor bed without a canopy and are therefore not necessarily a cheaper alternative. You should pay particular attention to where you want to use your outdoor bed and whether these alternatives are suitable for outdoor use.

Outdoor Bett

A sleeping mat or sleeping bag are space-saving alternatives to a conventional outdoor bed. (Image source: Yastremska /

You can also combine a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag directly with your outdoor bed to increase your sleeping comfort.

Are there also outdoor beds with mosquito nets?

If you want to spend the night outdoors in the warmer months, you also need to think about insect protection, as they are everywhere in nature. There are many ways to protect yourself from insects when staying outdoors, such as camping or at festivals.

For buyers who plan to use their outdoor bed a lot outdoors, we recommend that you also purchase a mosquito net at the time of purchase. This not only protects against annoying mosquitoes, but also other insects such as flies and bugs. As mentioned above for outdoor beds, you can also buy a mosquito net on the same online sites and from the same retailers.

If you have decided to buy a mosquito net, you should also pay attention to the dimensions. They must be large enough to fit your outdoor bed without any problems. There are foldable mosquito nets that only come in fixed sizes, but you can also buy a flexible mosquito net that you have to attach to a tree or similar with a rope.

What accessories should I buy for an outdoor bed?

You can buy many outdoor beds fully equipped, but there are also some models that need extra accessories.

Especially if you value comfort, you may want to consider using customised pads and bedding. In a short list we have summarised for you which types of pads exist for your outdoor bed:

  • Mattress: various degrees of hardness and linings
  • Padding: (note dimensions, elastic band recommended)
  • Camping mat

If you decide to buy a mattress for your outdoor bed, then you have the possibility to adjust the padding and the degree of firmness as desired. This way you can have the comfort of a home bed even outdoors. The pad should have the same dimensions as your outdoor bed and if you don’t want it to slip, we recommend one with elastic bands to attach it to the bed.

You should also have a pillow and blanket that you can use outdoors. There are special bed linen that are especially suitable for camping and outdoor activities.

Photo source: Alena Ozerova /