Last updated: 08/13/2020

The team behind THEGOODESTATE is all about online shopping and this is why we conducted a detailed survey of online shops. The result: we decided to award the best online shops with our quality label “Top Shop 2021”.

The best online shops are awarded our quality label if they meet all our quality criteria.

Selection Process

Step 1: Identification of candidates

First, a list of all online shops is compiled from various data sources such as We then eliminate all online shops that are marketplaces, portals for B2B customers and shops in foreign languages.

Step 2: Relevancy

We then also eliminated all remaining online shops who only offer digital goods or are focused on a subscription-based business model (such as telephone providers). In addition, shops with a very low monthly traffic are also sorted out.

Step 3: Detailed investigation

The remaining online shops are then thoroughly investigated by experts from THEGOODESTATE on the basis of objective criteria. We section the different criteria in 4 categories. With the help of a point system, the winners of the survey are then determined.

Evaluation Criteria

The award is based on an evaluation in four areas:

  • UX / Usability
  • Data Protection & Security
  • Payment
  • Services & Communication

UX / Usability

  • What is the quality of the layout and the page structure?
  • How functional and easy-to-navigate is the online shop?
  • How practical is the search function of the online shop? Is there an auto-completion function?

Data Protection & Security

  • Is personal data only collected, processed, used and passed on to third parties if the customer has given consent?
  • Is information about the use of personal data provided in a comprehensible and easily accessible manner?
  • Are there any references to data security (e.g. SSL) for potential customers?
  • How much trust does the online shop project?
  • Is there an imprint and a data protection declaration available and if so, are they linked on the homepage?

Payment & Price

  • What payment methods does the online shop offer?
  • Is the price of a product easy for the online shopper to understand?
  • Are only products offered whose sale is not prohibited by law?
  • Is it easy to find an overview page of all available payment methods?
  • Is the purchasing process clearly structured and does it provide information on return options?

Services & Communication

  • Does the online shop communicate directly with the logistics partners it works with?
  • Is there the possibility of free delivery?
  • Is the consumer informed – before entering his personal data – about the right of revocation and about any exceptions?
  • How and when can the online shop be contacted?

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