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Footwear is something basic for everyone and there are many different types and models. This time we bring you a review of the best Nike tennis shoes for both men and women. We are sure that after reading this you will want to buy more than one pair for your collection. Are you someone who prioritises comfort in your footwear? Are you not a big fan of the casual-formal style?

Or maybe you play sports and don’t know which shoes suit you best? Well, don’t worry because below we’ll explain in detail all the information you need to know to buy your favourite Nike shoes. We care that you are always informed about the products that interest you the most, therefore, you can always count on a detailed review so that you can guide your purchase. Without further ado, are you ready to learn all about Nike shoes?


  • Nike tennis shoes are sports shoes, mostly ultralight, which serve to facilitate the movement of the user in physical activities such as practicing sports or in everyday use. The main advantage they provide is the comfort they offer when worn.
  • There are multiple types of Nike tennis shoes, but the most important ones are those designed for football, basketball, running and casual use. Each type has different soles and sizes and it is important to wear them on the suggested surfaces.
  • The most important factors you need to consider when buying your Nike shoes are the purpose of use, the size of the last in relation to your foot, the pattern of the sole and others.

The Best Nike Tennis Shoes: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Now we will explain what Nike tennis shoes are and what the main advantages of wearing them are. In addition, we will mention the different types and uses that users usually give them and we will tell you how to get yours. You will also find out how much you need to invest in order to make a safe purchase.

If you like a sporty style, there’s nothing like a pair of Nike trainers to keep you looking cool. (Photo: Free-photos /

What are Nike trainers?

Nike trainers are predominantly sporty shoes for women and men and are characterised by being ultra-lightweight because they are worn for exercise, sports or long-distance walking. These shoes usually have laces or elastic bands that adjust to the foot.

This product is extremely popular with users because of the technology it implements, for example, cushioning the footprint by reducing the impact of the foot on the ground thanks to the thick soles of the shoe. They are also extremely useful for on-the-go activities as the foot will not sweat due to the constant perspiration.

What are the advantages of Nike shoes?

The main advantage of Nike shoes is the comfort they provide to the foot when doing physical activity or just walking. For example, unlike a conventional shoe, Nike shoes allow you to walk long distances without feeling pain in your feet. This is very useful when you travel and intend to see places on foot.

Another advantage of Nike shoes is that they can be worn with any outfit and you will still look good. For example, they are the shoe to wear with sportswear for obvious reasons, but they can also be combined with jeans, cotton trousers and in recent years they have started to be worn with dress trousers and suits.

  • Maximum comfort when walking and exercising
  • They are very light
  • Easy to combine with different styles
  • Easy to take on and off
  • They get dirty very easily
  • High price
  • Some don”t approve of their formal use

Football, basketball, running and casual – what should you look out for?

Nike shoes have different types and therefore different uses. The most popular types are football, basketball, running and casual. As you can guess, this makes for many different shapes and designs so we will explain them one by one below so you know what to expect from your purchase.

Football shoes. Nike football shoes are the ones you will see the most in commercials and sponsoring players thanks to the popularity of the sport. These shoes usually have studs or non-skid soles depending on the surface of the game such as grass, synthetic grass and floor. They are lightweight and above all slim.

Basketball shoes. Basketball shoes are the opposite of football shoes as they are the biggest shoes you will find. As basketball is a sport where you jump all the time, the shoes cover and support the ankle to avoid injuries. The sole takes in air from the environment to give you more momentum.

Running shoes. As the name implies, these shoes have no other purpose than to provide comfort to the foot during long distances of use. They have a medium size and the support is in the heel. These shoes have very good breathability and the sole moulds to the curvature of the sole of the foot to prevent fatigue.

Casual tennis shoes. These are the so-called sneakers that are used to wear casual or even semi-formal clothing. These trainers have the characteristic of having more elaborate designs than sports shoes and in some cases they can be heavier. In some cases they do not have laces, making the adjustment by means of an elastic band.

Football shoes Basketball shoes Running shoes Casual shoes
Sole Varied with studs, conical studs and non-slip Non-slip with circular pattern Non-slip with irregular lines pattern Non-slip with tri-star lines pattern
Usage surface Grass, synthetic grass, cement Stave and cement Tartan track, cement, concrete Anything but grass
Fit Laces and elastic band Laces Laces Laces
Wear Exclusively sporty Sporty and sometimes casual Sporty and sometimes casual Exclusively casual

How much do Nike tennis shoes cost?

Nike tennis shoes are a high priced product as they have always been known for their high quality models, so it is good to be prepared for your purchase. The price of the tennis shoes can vary depending on some factors such as the technology included and the year in which the model was launched.

Buying criteria

Now we will explain what factors you need to consider before making any Nike tennis shoe purchase. This is super important to remember as it can mean the difference between being happy with your purchase or not, so we recommend you take note of everything you read.

  • Purpose of use
  • Weight
  • Fit
  • Sole pattern
  • Last and foot size

Purpose of use

Why is the purpose of use the most important factor to consider when making your purchase? Quite simply, this will determine the type of tennis shoes you should buy. Remember that tennis shoes are such a useful product that you can wear them with practically any outfit, from sporty to casual.

Sport use. Nike tennis shoes for sports use include all those models for football, basketball and running. These shoes are designed for constant movement and exploit all their features when playing sports. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with jeans, eh?

Casual wear. Basically, trainers can also be worn as an accessory to a casual outfit, whether you want to look relaxed or just because you like the comfort they provide. Combining them with jeans or cotton trousers, shorts and shorts is a great option if you want to feel lighter in your day.

Travel wear. Yes, you can also buy a pair of trainers just because you have a trip planned and you are going to walk long distances. If this is the case, runner’s shoes are optimal because of their irregular sole. Take our advice and never go sightseeing in shoes other than trainers, we tell you from experience.

Football shoes have studs to fix the foot to the grass and to be able to kick safely. (Photo: flooy /


Weight also plays a role when choosing the right model of tennis shoe. Why? Because there are people who don’t like to feel weight when walking. Have you noticed that walking in shoes with very hard soles makes you get tired faster? This is because the constant raising and lowering of the leg makes you carry extra grams.

That’s why we recommend that you look for shoes that don’t weigh as much, especially if you plan to go running and want to improve your times or if you play basketball or football and need to be light at the start. An average weight that is considered light is around 300 grams. If it’s heavier than that then you might get tired while doing your activity.


Fit is another very relevant factor to consider in your purchase. Let’s see why. There are users who hate having to tie shoelaces all the time and it’s understandable considering that when you untie them you have to bend down to adjust them. However, there are multiple types of adjustment that solve this issue.

Spring adjustment. Also known as an elastic band, this fit is made by inserting the foot into the shoe and the shoe automatically moulds to the wearer’s ankle or instep to provide a firm fit. This adjustment is used in football and casual models, it is extremely comfortable, but with the passage of time unstable.

Velcro fastening. Velcro has been one of the most popular materials used in tennis shoes throughout history and to date you can find adjustments of this type. Although they save time when adjusting the tennis shoe, they don’t fit as well over time and after a year or so they no longer fit as tightly as they did at the beginning.

Lace-up fit. Finally, the most famous fit of all is the lace-up fit. We know they can be time consuming to lace up, but they have proven to be the best for fitting tennis shoes of any kind. But, if you don’t want to have problems, you can tie a second knot to prevent them from untying easily.

Which type of fastening do you like best? (Photo: Showmeyourflowers /

Sole type and pattern

Have you ever thought that the pattern of the sole is an important thing about tennis shoes? We are sure that more than one of you omit this detail when buying tennis shoes, but after this review you won’t be able to overlook this detail. The most important thing to understand is that the type of sole pattern is what is going to make you move safely.

Tri-star pattern outsole. The tri-star pattern outsole is most commonly used for casual shoes that are used on surfaces such as cement, concrete or wood. The lines make triangles and stars in a way that gives the shoe flexibility no matter what cracks or irregularities you encounter and your foot won’t slip.

Sole with circle pattern. This is the pattern used for basketball and fast football shoes, sports that are played on smooth, hard surfaces. The circular shape of the lines allows the foot to move in a pivot shape without the need to lift it, and at the same time prevents it from slipping. Cool don’t you think?

Studded sole. The sole with studs of any material is the one used for football shoes played on grass. The studs allow the foot not to slip and to kick the ball safely and firmly. They are a little uncomfortable at first, but once you get used to them you won’t want to take them off every time you play football.

Basketball shoes have a circular pattern for greater mobility on a smooth surface such as a court (Photo: jeffjuit /

Last and foot size

Last but not least, we can’t overlook the last size of the shoe and the size of your foot. Many times users are not happy with their purchase because of this detail. We recommend that you keep in mind when choosing shoes that it doesn’t make a big difference to order them half a size bigger.

This will ensure that, if the last is tight and you have a wide foot, you can wear them comfortably and also for sports such as football or basketball, wearing very tight shoes can hurt your nails, so it is also advisable to order models half a size up. Comfort comes first, don’t you think?

So now you know, the next time you go shopping for Nike shoes, remember what you learned in this review. We hope that soon you’ll be wearing yours and that you’ll get a lot of use out of them. We say goodbye but not before inviting you to keep reading.

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