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When it comes to sleep, having the highest possible level of comfort is a priority. Everything we buy related to this activity should be carefully chosen, from our sheets, pillows, and bedspreads, to the clothes we wear to sleep.

Today we discuss the best nightdresses on 2023, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of this type of sleepwear, as well as the different types that exist. What we present to you here is a buying guide, which will help you choose the nightdress that best suits your needs.


  • Nightdresses are dresses that are used for sleeping. You can find them in different types, designs, and materials. They are great for sleeping because they don’t put pressure on any part of your body, plus they have a soft texture that lets your skin breathe. They are comfortable, beautiful, and lightweight.
  • There are two main types of nightdresses, pyjama-style and lingerie-style. Both are used for sleeping, but have different characteristics that will give them a particular texture and design. Lingerie-style ones are very soft and pretty, while pyjama-style ones are warmer and more comfortable.
  • If you are thinking of buying a nightdress, there are several aspects that you have to consider for your purchase to be effective. Aspects such as material, size, design and length are very important and will determine how much you will be able to get out of your nightdress.

The Best Nightgown: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about nightdresses

While it’s unlikely that buying a nightgown will be a bad experience, there are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about buying a nightgown, as not all nightgowns are the same and some will be more ideal for certain types of people. Here are some questions and variables to consider.

Nightdresses are the most feminine sleepwear, and at the same time they are quite comfortable (Photo: lightfieldstudios /

Lingerie nightdress or pyjamas – what should you pay attention to?

The main differences between various types of nightdresses are mainly noticeable in the shape and material, with two general categories: lingerie-style nightdresses and pyjama-style nightdresses. Here are some of the main characteristics of each type.

Lingerie nightdress. They are quite soft, with very light materials that enhance the figure and give you a feminine and sexy touch to sleep in. They are very elegant or sensual, and often include embellishments such as lace. They are short, strappy, and often do not have much coverage.

Pyjama nightgown. These nightgowns are usually made of cotton or similar materials, are quite loose and have more fun designs. They are pretty, but not sexy, and often include prints or bright colours. They cover more than lingerie.

Lingerie nightdress Pyjama nightdress
Material Soft and light materials such as nylon Comfortable materials such as cotton
Figure More fitted, figure enhancing Loose
Style Sensual and elegant Casual
Coverage Covers less than pyjama nightdresses Covers more than lingerie nightdresses

Where can you buy a nightdress?

It is quite easy to find nightdresses in famous lingerie shops, such as Oysho or Vicky form. However, many times we won’t find affordable prices or the variety we are looking for. In these cases we recommend buying your nightdresses through internet sites, such as Amazon.

Another option is to go to catalogue sales, in companies like Ilusión. Most companies that deal in underwear also sell pyjamas, among which we find nightdresses. Before choosing a shop, however, we recommend that you read our buying criteria guide below.

Buying criteria

As the last section in this article, we present you with a series of criteria that you should consider before buying a nightdress, in order to ensure that your purchase is as successful as possible for your needs and tastes.


When we sleep, it is very important that our whole body is resting, especially our skin. A bad material in our sheets or pyjamas can totally change the quality of our sleep, so we recommend that you pay close attention to the material of your nightdress.

Cotton. In any type of clothing, cotton is the most recommended material because it is very friendly to the skin. This material avoids irritations and is excellent for the skin to breathe and sweat. It is very comfortable and is good for both hot and cold weather.

Silk and imitations. These materials are delightful for sleeping, as they basically slide over the body. They are recommended for warm and temperate climates, although they are not recommended for very hot weather, as they are prone to cause irritation with sweat. This fabric is the most sensual, as it drapes gracefully over the figure.

Polyester. With materials such as polyester you have to be careful, as they are not the best for the skin if they are found in high percentages in the fabric of our nightdress. If they are combined with cotton, there will be no problem and it will give our nightdress a “stretch” appearance.

Nightdresses are good for circulation because they don’t squeeze any part of the body (Photo : Nattakorn Maneerat/


Another important factor in our purchase is going to be what size nightgown we need. Getting the wrong size of nightgown could be quite uncomfortable, because the most important feature of a nightgown is that it falls loosely on the body.

Girls. If you are a petite wearer, consider your bust size as a benchmark for buying a nightgown. Even if you are petite or slim, the bust area is the smallest part of the nightdress. We want our nightdress to be loose fitting and comfortable, so if you are a B or C size we recommend buying a medium.

Medium. B bust sizes are suitable for a medium size, although it also depends a lot on the width of your back. The stomach area does not matter so much in these sizes, but make sure that the width of your back is adequate. In bra size, a medium nightdress fits 32-34 B.

Large. Large nightdresses are for sizes above 34 B, and you should also consider if your hip area is too wide for a large. Normally, problems will focus more on the back area, but if you are a large woman in the buttock area, we recommend purchasing an extra large.

Did you know that nightdresses are the oldest type of pyjamas and have been used throughout history without interruption?


Another important aspect in buying our nightdress is the design, as different types of nightdresses will come in different shapes, colours and prints. Here are three main categories into which these designs are divided.

Casual. Casual nightdresses are generally made of fabrics such as cotton or polyester, often with short or long sleeves. You can also find them sleeveless, but this is less common. These nightgowns are perfect for young people, as they are comfortable and cute. They have fun prints and a loose fit.

Comfortable. Although all nightdresses are comfortable, the most comfortable for sleeping are the cotton ones, with a wide shape that allows enough movement. This will depend on each person, as some people prefer silk nightdresses because of the texture of the fabric. It also depends on the climate, as in extreme climates, silk is not very adaptable.

Sensual. The most sensual fabric is silk, although there are many others that imitate this “slippery” texture that enhances our figure. These designs include lace and other embellishments that make them look elegant. The most famous colours are nude, red and black, although any colour in this fabric is very sexy.


Finally, we must consider the shape of our nightdress. On this occasion, we specifically refer to the length of your nightdress, as this will be a big influence on how mobile you will be in it and how comfortable you will feel.

Thigh length. This length is one of the most comfortable because it allows full mobility, no matter how loose the nightgown is. It is ideal for warmer climates, as it will give you plenty of ventilation and freedom. This is the length you’ll find in most lingerie-style nightgowns, but also in many casual ones.

Make sure you buy the right size

At the knees. These nightdresses are comfortable because you don’t have to worry about sudden movements if you are with other people. The only downside is that you have to make sure you buy the right size so that it doesn’t tighten and restrict your movements.

Below the knees. Long nightdresses are ideal for winter, as they keep the heat we generate when our legs come into contact. The bad thing about long nightdresses is that they restrict our movements, but we can opt for fabrics such as polyester that give them a bit of elasticity.

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