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Whether in the children’s room or in the garden, for babies, children or adults – a nest swing can be used in many ways. It offers an ideal alternative to the classic swing and makes children’s eyes light up.

If you are looking for the right nest swing for the garden, the terrace or the children’s room, then you have come to the right place!

In our nest swing test 2023 you will learn everything you need to know before buying. We explain the different types, the different shapes and everything else that is important. In addition, we have included some buying criteria that can help you find the right nest swing.


  • When choosing the right nest swing, the age of the user and the purpose are particularly important. On your perfect swing, you and/or your children can either romp around or relax.
  • Nest swings consist of either an open seat made of rope mesh or a closed seat made of PVC mesh. The difference lies in the stability and comfort.
  • A nest swing is a great alternative for you compared to hammocks, baby swings and double swings.

The Best Nest Swing: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a nesting swing

What shape can a nest swing have?

There is a more widespread variant that is particularly suitable for children who play and a not to be despised alternative for quieter hours for two.

There are many different types of swings – from the classic swing to the tyre swing to the nest swing. (Image source: / 7rystan)


The classic is the round model. You’re sure to remember these curves from your fun-filled kindergarten days. You can turn around on the swing as you like and always have a rounded support surface, similar to a neck cushion, for your head.

Disadvantages arise here if you want to lie on the nest swing with another person.

The curves of the plate swings may prevent you from lying comfortably next to each other. On the other hand, this nest swing is ideal for wild romps. To understand this, you only have to think back to your childhood days.


This version is perfect for you if you like it more cosy. With the square alternative of a nest swing, you only get the neck cushion-like feeling described above at the four corners. In addition, you will find a steeper angle, which may not be as comfortable as the round version.

However, the clear advantage of this shape is that you can lie more comfortably with another person next to you. With a bed-like design, you can fit much more comfortably side by side on this swing and enjoy the smooth swinging movements in peace.

What material can my nest swing be made of?

The distinctive design of nest swings influences the materials available. The seat is made of a different material than its frame or the attachment of the swing for good reason.

Of course, you want to be able to sit or lie as comfortably as possible on the swing, as well as have a firm hold. At this point, however, it is particularly important for which age group the bird’s nest swing is intended.


You want your border to provide a comfortable cushion to lean against, as well as a stable basic shape for minimal loss of form when swinging or when children enter and romp around.
The edging of your nest swing is tried and tested and therefore always the same. The soft headboard is made of solid metal for a stable shape, padded with thicker fabric or foam.


The connecting pieces must be stable and tear-proof. Depending on the intended use, the chains should also lie well in the hand. You can choose between a sturdy metal chain or a braided rope. Both materials are tear-resistant and can be loaded well.

The chain does get cold quickly, especially in the outdoors, but it is usually more comfortable to hold over a longer period of time, in contrast to the braided rope. Another good alternative is made of thick plastic and is also easy for children’s hands to grip.

The robust bird’s nest swing

You want your swing to be able to withstand a lot and survive outdoors? Then a netting made of thicker ropes with different densities is best for the nest basket.

If the nest swing is used often, a swing made of a strong, stable rope is best. (Image source: / schuetz-mediendesign)

It may seem a bit hard, but its robust material provides a strong support surface that does not give way much underfoot. By the way, the round basic shape is recommended for this material, but it is not a must.

This variant is particularly suitable for children who are playing. It is important, however, that you take care not to choose too coarse a mesh. Otherwise there is a danger that children’s feet could slip into the gaps. To avoid accidents, please make sure that you test the density of the netting beforehand.

Steel rope link mat

Another robust alternative is a link mat made of steel rope, which, like the rope mesh, is very suitable for outdoors and offers your children many opportunities for safe play. The advantage here is the small mesh of the links.

The cosy nest swing

You prefer to relax and are therefore looking for a cosy version of a nest swing? Then you should choose a compact material that is tear-resistant.

Depending on the degree of tension, this type of swing feels almost like a hammock. Only with the advantage that your swing movements can be much more far-reaching.
A good alternative to fabric would be a seat made of PVC wickerwork or polyrattan, which you know from beach chairs or garden furniture, for example. Here, too, cosiness is at the top of the list.

What price should you calculate for this type of swing?

The price is an extremely important factor that should not be ignored. It also determines how unusual this product can be.

The price of a nesting swing starts at just under 30 euros. For this, however, you get a rather less robust model made of fabric for smaller children. From here on, there are almost no limits to the price.

You can get a stable and big enough net swing for around 60-80 euros. You can also spend up to 1,000 euros on a ring swing. However, such a swing is only really necessary for public playgrounds or kindergartens.

For your normal everyday life, a price budget of up to 100 euros is perfectly sufficient to still be able to expect good quality.

What is the best way to attach a nest swing?

Most nest swings come with a nest basket and suspension ropes with sturdy eyelets. However, your toy is not yet securely attached. There are various possibilities for this, which you can choose individually.

Wooden beam

When we think of swings, we all think of the round wooden beam as a fastening. A wooden swing frame gives the structure a natural aura. It is up to you which wood you choose.

However, you have to make sure that it is of good quality, as the beam will have to withstand a lot of weight later on. You can choose from woods such as robinia, palisades or spruce. You can also choose between round beams and square timber.

If you like, the wooden beam can also be accompanied by a small tower for climbing or a slide.

Metal scaffolding

Metal scaffolding is also often seen on playgrounds or in kindergartens and is therefore also one of the stable classics.

The clear advantage of this material is the unlimited range of colours. By lightly painting it, it shines in any desired colour. In addition, the well-built scaffolding can withstand a lot of weight. It can also compensate for wild swinging movements as long as it is firmly anchored.


Ideal for light ring swings with a low weight load. Here, a swing frame is not required at all.

If you have decided on an indoor nest swing, it is recommended that you mount it in the ceiling. This eliminates the loss of space associated with scaffolding.
But in any case you have to pay attention to how much weight your ceiling can bear!

How do you want to mount your swing afterwards?

The order in which you choose where and how to attach the swing is quite important. Only when you know for sure where you want to mount your new nesting swing can you think about the type of mounting you want to choose.

However, all swings are connected by a carabiner. You can find out in advance which snap hook is the right one for you.

Swing hook

The classic way of attaching swings. The so-called swing hook can either be permanently drilled into the wood of the frame or mounted on a metal frame. Then the eyelets of the nest swing are pushed into the snap hook. Once locked, the swing will safely withstand any romp in its anchorage.

Cardan joint

For an even more unusual play experience. With this suspension, you choose a point mounting that is particularly suitable for indoor use on the ceiling.

But you also like to see this type of mount in playgrounds. It allows a more varied swinging movement in all directions. In terms of height, however, you have to make small concessions with this type of mount.

What are the advantages of a nest swing? Are there good alternatives?

Compared to the conventional board swing, this type of swing offers clear advantages, but the alternatives are not always of equal importance.

Due to the large footprint of the nest swing, it offers space for at least two small children even in its smallest size.

An alternative would be the double swing, where two children sit opposite each other. However, the freedom of movement known from the bird’s nest swing is clearly missing here. Because of this, a completely new version of the swing has also been created.

Here, children can swing together while standing at the edge and move parallel to the direction of the swing. The only alternative is a custom-made version of the usual board swing with prefabricated foot recesses. However, since no reinforced chains are used as suspension here, parents are less likely to see their children standing on the swing.

The net swing offers a nice alternative to the strenuous swinging because of the possibility to lie down. This aspect is especially useful for babies or toddlers. A possible alternative for this are only the previously known baby cradles, which are much more restricted in their movement.

Did you know that a nest swing is a great way for toddlers to practice important skills?

The nest swing is a very useful piece of play equipment for children. Because your children are always out in the fresh air, their sense of balance improves and their coordination improves. But children also learn basic physics quite unconsciously, for example how the swing changes due to a different weight distribution.

For adults, the only alternative is the good old hammock. Here, too, the swinging possibilities are rather limited.

Decision: What types of nest swings are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, with this type of swing, the differences lie in the details. The basic structure is always the same: a large, slightly shaped seat or lying surface, framed by a mostly soft border on which the suspension ropes are mounted.

The decisive factor in choosing your perfect nest swing is the purpose and your age group.

That’s why we differentiate:

  • Nest swings for babies
  • Nest swings for children
  • Nest swings for adults

Which swing is suitable for your baby and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Our little ones enjoy being rocked to calm down or to fall asleep. A great alternative to the usual baby cradles or all the methods we have come up with over the years is a nest swing for babies.

With a soft PVC weave, your baby lies safely on a comfortable surface. Thanks to a slight hollow, there is no danger of it falling out during the swinging movements. Nevertheless, you should of course always stay within reach.

  • Comfortable PVC wickerwork
  • Cradle surface
  • Especially suitable for indoor use
  • Low load-bearing capacity

Due to its light weight, this type of nest swing can be attached to the ceiling at home without much effort. However, it can also be used in the garden during the summer.

Which nest swing is suitable for your child and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Your children will certainly love to romp around. Robust bird’s nest swings are perfect for this.
It is not without reason that they hang in many playgrounds and kindergartens. Since romping is the number one priority in this case, a rope netting for the nest basket is recommended.

  • Sturdy rope netting for romping
  • Improves sense of balance
  • Strengthens foot-eye coordination
  • Great fun factor
  • Uncomfortable lying surface
  • Meshes of the netting must not be too large

Children can therefore not only improve their balance by swinging on this swing, but also their foot-eye coordination. However, the ring swing is less suitable for relaxing on, as there is no comfortable surface to lie on. However, the robust material should still be enough for a short breather for your children.

Which nest swing is also suitable for you as an adult and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

As an adult, you will certainly want to take it a little easier and relax a little. In this case, you should also choose a sturdy PVC netting, which, unlike the rope netting, hugs your back comfortably.

  • Comfortable to lie on
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Swinging alternative to the hammock
  • Not suitable for gymnastics

Of course, you have to make sure that the hammock can bear a higher load than a baby hammock. Because of your size, it’s also a good idea to choose a square nest swing. This way, your body will fit more comfortably on it and you will be able to relax on the comfortable PVC mesh for a longer period of time.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate nest swings

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate a nest swing. This will make it easier for you to decide which model suits you better.

In summary, you can find out on the basis of these factors:

  • Dimensions
  • Load capacity
  • Rope length and height adjustability
  • Closedness of the seat
  • Range of use
  • Recommended from

In the following sections, you can read about the criteria to consider in order to find your perfect swing.

Possible dimensions of bird swings

At this point, the world is your oyster. You are almost overwhelmed by the variety of different diameters of nest swings.

You can choose from the following diameters:

  • 60 cm
  • 80 cm
  • 90 cm
  • 100 cm
  • 110 cm
  • 120 cm
  • 150 cm

The decisive question here is how many people the swing should be usable for at the same time and for what purpose.romping The swing is only for your children to romp on? Then you don’t need a swing that is too big.

Since your children will spend most of their time standing on the edge of the swing and only one other child will be lying in the middle, 80 cm to 100 cm will suffice, depending on the size of the children. If the swing is intended for more or larger children, please also consider a larger diameter.


You want the swing for your baby or a very small child? Then the 60 cm minimum size is sufficient. If you and your partner want to lie together in the nest basket, you should choose a diameter of 100 cm or more, depending on your girth.

Especially with round bird’s nest swings, you should make sure that the length corresponds to the diameter. If you want to lie more comfortably, longer diameters are correspondingly more pleasant.


There are lots of children here, so the double swing is likely to be a little overcrowded.

To prevent major accidents, it is advisable to choose a larger diameter than would otherwise be necessary. This way, no child standing at the edge will accidentally step on one of the children in the middle.

Load capacity of multi-person swings

Once you have decided on the diameter of your swing, the question of the load-bearing capacity is quickly settled. Here, too, the values depend on how many people of what size you want to spend time on your new nest swing.

When it comes to weight, however, we would advise you to choose too much rather than too little. Especially if the swing will be used for romping, you should choose a higher weight class. You can choose from these ranges:

  • 100 kg
  • 120 kg
  • 150 kg
  • 200 kg

Quiet babies/toddlers

Are you looking for a swing for your baby or several babies in your childcare facility? Then a nest swing with a low load-bearing capacity will be enough for you. After all, your little ones are resting on this play equipment.

The lowest weight limit of 100 kg should definitely be enough. Be careful: However, as soon as you plan to lie down with your baby, be it for safety reasons or your little one’s wish, you should urgently pay attention to a higher load capacity! This also applies if the swing is to “grow” with your baby.

Playing children

The age and play behaviour of your children is decisive here. Example: Your two children weigh 20 kg and 30 kg, that’s already 50 kg. Even if they were to bring another child from the same weight category onto the swing, 100 kg should theoretically hold.

For slightly older children or for the future, 120 kg would of course be more recommended. But what if your children really want to swing with you or a babysitter? Then you’ll get far beyond 100 kg / 120 kg pretty quickly. Especially if you take into account the forces generated during the romp due to a high speed.

Cosy adults

You want to use the swing for you and your partner, maybe even take a baby on board? In this case you don’t have to pay so much attention to a buffer in the weight due to the changed use of the swing.

It is therefore sufficient to add up your rough weight and see which weight class (upwards!) comes closest to you. Here, too, you will have to choose at least 150 kg, preferably 200 kg, in case you get a childish push and want to swing a bit more.

Rope length and height adjustability

Another criterion for nest swings is the length of the ropes and their adjustability in height.

The rope length tells you how high your place of attachment has to be. This factor also determines how high your nesting basket will float above the ground. The adjustability can be helpful if you want to switch between different heights.

The following table shows you how high you should set the mounting for your swing. In principle, this depends on the type of user:

Users Ground clearance Ground
Toddlers Low Easy to climb on the swing / Lower risk of injury
Children 7 years and older Medium Higher fun factor / Weight compensation with elastic material of the seat
Teenagers and adults Medium to High Weight compensation with elastic material of the seat

A low height is recommended for younger children. If children fall or jump off the swing – for whatever reason – this also results in a lower fall height. Older children, on the other hand, might prefer a higher distance from the ground to experience a more intense feeling of flying. The possibility of a more variable speed also plays a role here.

Closeness of the seat

This point can also be important depending on the age group of the user. But comfort also plays a major role here. Especially for babies, a closed seat made of PVC mesh, for example, is recommended.

Babies otherwise run the risk of falling through small open spaces or otherwise putting themselves in danger. Even if the nest swing is intended for relaxing, you should prefer a closed seat.
The situation is different with older children. They want to romp and have fun.

This can be done much better with an open seat made of a rope mesh or a steel rope mat. Now they can not only swing wildly, but also train their foot-eye coordination thanks to the smaller surface to stand on. For a short break, the coarser netting is perfectly adequate.

Area of use

This factor is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The nest swings can differ in the material and their attachment as to where they can be mounted. Robust material is of course much more suitable for outdoors than mere plastic.

Even if the latter is particularly tear-resistant, children play outside with sturdy shoes, which additionally attack the fabric. This is why it is better suited for indoors, if only because it is not exposed to the elements there.

In principle, however, swings are offered for indoor as well as outdoor use, which is of course possible with proper use and a little care.

Recommended from

The minimum age of use is set by the manufacturers, who know and can assess their developed product very well. For this reason, it is important to stick to these recommendations. But don’t worry, most nest swings are recommended from the age of 3.

It is usually the more robust bird’s nest swings that are only recommended from the age of 6. Of course, it always matters to what extent you are on hand to keep an eye on your children. This is especially important with babies. Only then can you let them swing without any major concerns.

Facts worth knowing about the nest swing

What additional accessories are available on the market?

Does your child like to play Indians? Or does he love to disappear into his own world? Then a tent cover for your nest swing could be just the thing.

You can buy these tents for different swing sizes and in different colours. Simply pull them over the existing frame and remove them again easily.

Taking it a step further, you could even make an entire teepee tent more fun. An entire “playland” can be built and the children can let off steam in it.

Did you know that there are children’s swings with tents?

This protects your child from harmful UV radiation. Most children’s swings with tents have two closable openings and 1 or 2 windows with mosquito protection. The swing with a tent is therefore a perfect place to snuggle up and play.

Do you want to build your own personal nest swing?

If you are a secret hobbyist, it would of course be a great experience to build your own nest swing. For older children, this could be a great activity to do together.

With the right materials and good instructions, you can assemble your swing yourself and make it much more individual. In this way, you can decide on all the features of your swing yourself.

After all, a purchase is usually only a compromise with your actual wishes. If you prefer a personal connection to things or like to decide about them yourself, this is exactly what you want.

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