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Founded in 1877, the craftsman’s business is now an internationally renowned manufacturer of built-in household appliances. Alongside refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, ovens are at the heart of the company. From the original coal cooker to today’s innovative all-round oven, Neff has always impressed with its quality.

In our big Neff oven test 2023 we go into questions before buying, about the different types of ovens and criteria that help you when buying. We also present our favourites. Neff offers the right product for everyone, from hobby cooks to professional chefs, and we will help you make the right decision.


  • Neff offers built-in ovens, CircoTherm® ovens, compact ovens, ovens with microwave function, Slide&Hide® ovens and steam ovens. Some ovens combine several types.
  • A unique selling point of Neff is the completely retractable Slide&Hide® oven door, which makes it easier to get the food out.
  • When buying a Neff oven, you should pay attention to the heating modes, the oven door, the cleaning, the operation of the oven (display) and the energy efficiency class, these criteria will help you to compare the ovens with each other.

The Best Neff Oven: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria of Neff ovens

Due to the many different models, choosing the right Neff oven can often be difficult.

The following criteria will help you:

In the following, we will give you detailed tips on each of these areas.

Heating modes

When buying, you can decide which Neff oven is right for you by looking at the different heating modes. To do this, you should first consider what you want to use it for.

Do you cook a lot of fancy dishes on a regular basis? Do you cook more occasionally? Do you want to bake a lot of pizzas and breads? Do you need a grill function?

You have to answer these questions for yourself. Neff ovens have up to 15 heating modes. As a rule, the price increases with the number of functions.

In addition to three standard heating modes, two gentle (eco) heating modes are also possible, as well as three grill heating modes, two proofing heating modes and five other special heating modes for pizza, bread and defrosting, among others.

Oven door

With Neff you have the choice between a standard oven door, a Slide&Hide® or a Hide® oven door. We explain the differences.

Type How it works
Standard oven door You can open and close this door. When open, it stands out in front of the oven
Slide+Hide® When you open it, you can lower it completely into the oven housing. The handle turns with it so that it fits comfortably in your hand.
Hide® This works like the Slide+Hide®, except that the handle does not turn away.


When you buy your Neff oven, you can choose whether and which cleaning programme you want to have integrated. Here we have explained how they work.

The advantage of pyrolytic cleaning is that you no longer have to scrub stubborn residues by hand and they do not burn into the oven.

Keep in mind that you still have to make some preparations, such as removing the water tank in a steam oven.

However, you do not need to use any chemical cleaning agents.

EasyClean helps you with minor soiling for quick cleaning in between. This programme saves time and energy compared to pyrolysis, but cannot remove stubborn grease residues. In return, however, all baking utensils (baking tray, rack, etc.) can be cleaned as well.

Operating the oven

With Neff ovens, you can choose between five different displays. There are graphic, text, LCD and LED displays. Here you should consider whether you prefer to control the oven by touch or classically with buttons and knobs.

Display Name Functionality Advantages
5.7″ TFT colour and graphic display FullTouch Control fast control by tapping or swiping possible, good readability
4.1″ TFT colour and graphic display ShiftControl simple operation, haptic control element
2.5″ TFT colour and text display ShiftControl simple operation, haptic control element
LCD display LCD screen (white symbols) with electronic or mechanical device control selection between the control elements
LED display LED screen (red symbols) with electronic or mechanical device control selection between the control elements

Energy efficiency class

When buying a Neff oven, you should pay attention to the energy efficiency class. This provides information about the energy consumption and consequently the electricity costs.

This regulation has been valid since 2014. Old appliances were labelled with the classes A+++ to G.

The European energy label ranges from A+++ to D. For example, the energy consumption (and therefore the costs) of an oven labelled A+++ compared to A is only half.

All Neff FullSteam steam ovens have an A+ energy efficiency rating and many Neff built-in ovens also achieve this rating without sacrificing any features.

Decision: What types of Neff ovens are there and which is the right one for you?

Here we show you what types of ovens Neff offers and what characterises them, so you can get a good overview.

Neff built-in ovens

A Neff built-in oven has a niche width of 560 mm and is equipped with a 71 litre oven.

Neff Backofen-3

A built-in oven must always be installed in a cabinet. A freestanding oven, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. (Image source: Mike Gattorna/Pixabay)

In addition to the basic equipment, this oven can of course have some extra functions, but is otherwise the “classic” compared to all other ovens and fits into any kitchen. The built-in ovens are self-sufficient and you therefore have greater freedom in the appliance combination.

Neff CircoTherm® ovens

Neff ovens with the patented CircoTherm® system guide the hot air around the individual levels. This allows you to prepare food on up to four levels without the flavours mixing.

Thanks to the special EfficientDrive motor technology, the oven is much quieter in operation.

These ovens are characterised by being particularly energy-saving, quiet and clean. When the oven door is opened, the unique system means that less temperature loss can be expected than with a conventional appliance.

Neff compact ovens

Neff compact ovens are well suited to small kitchens as they are only 45cm high. With up to 15 baking settings, there are plenty of cooking options here too.

The advantage is that the oven still offers many functions and can prepare almost any dish. Compact ovens from Neff have between 45-47 litres of volume for your culinary ideas.

Neff ovens with microwave

A Neff oven with integrated microwave saves space and time because it combines two appliances in one.

This is a particular advantage for kitchens with limited space, as there is no need to accommodate a second appliance, but you don’t have to forego the convenience of the function. With up to 13 different heating modes, these ovens are absolute all-round talents. With the microwave function, food is ready much faster than in a conventional oven.

Neff Slide&Hide® (ovens with retractable door)

Neff ovens have a unique selling point and that is the Slide&Hide® function. Here, the oven door, which is otherwise always in the way, can simply be pushed into the oven housing and thus disappears completely.

Neff provides a special damping mechanism for easy and almost noiseless use, which makes getting food out of the oven more comfortable. The door handle always moves in the opposite direction to the hand movement, so there is no need to reach around.

Neff steam ovens

A Neff steam oven (also FullSteam steam oven) is a combination of a normal oven and a steam cooker.

“Sous-vide” is French for vacuum cooking,

A large selection of programmes enables optimal preparation for every dish.

In addition to conventional steam cooking, “sous-vide” gentle steam cooking is also possible here.

How long has Neff been producing ovens?

Neff has been manufacturing ovens since 1877. At that time, they were still coal-fired ovens. The first built-in ovens were produced in 1961.

Did you know that Neff was founded by the master locksmith Carl Andreas Neff?

Master locksmith is an old term for the metalworking profession. Carl Andreas Neff founded the company with his six journeymen in the former Zähringer Hof.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Neff oven

To help you make a better purchase decision, we would like to conclude by giving you some additional information.

What functions do Neff ovens offer?

Neff offers countless functions in the various ovens. Each appliance is equipped differently. Here is a brief overview of which functions are possible.

  • Standard functions:
    • Hot air – simultaneous baking/cooking on several levels (40°C – 200°C)
    • Top/bottom heat – for baking and roasting on one level (50°C – 250°C)
    • Bottom heat – for re-baking and cooking in a water bath (30°C – 250°C)
  • Soft functions (formerly eco):
    • Top/bottom heat gentle – For gentle cooking of food (50°C – 250°C)
    • CircoTherm® gentle – For gentle cooking of food on one level without preheating (40°C – 200°C)
  • Fermentation functions:
    • Gentle cooking – For gentle cooking of meat pieces (70°C – 120°C)
    • Proofing stage – for proofing yeast doughs and sourdoughs (2 stages)
    • Sous-vide – for cooking “under vacuum” at low temperatures and with 100% steam (50°C – 95°C)
  • Grill functions:
    • Thermo grill – for roasting fish and pieces of meat (50°C – 250°C)
    • Small-surface grill – suitable for grilling small quantities and gratinating (50°C – 275°C)
    • Large-surface grill – suitable for grilling steaks, sausages or toast and for gratinating (50°C – 275°C)
  • Special functions:
    • Defrosting stage – for gently defrosting frozen food (30°C – 60°C)
    • Preheat dishes – For warming dishes (30°C – 70°C)
    • Keep warm – For keeping food warm (60°C – 100°C)
    • Regenerate – For reheating food or baked goods
    • Bread baking level – ideal for baking bread and pastries (180°C – 240°C)
    • Pizza level – For baking pizzas (50°C – 250°C)

Neff Backofen-1

The pizza level is a combination of hot air and bottom heat for optimal pizza baking.
(Image source: Engin Akyurt /Pixabay)

What distinguishes Neff ovens from other manufacturers?

Neff stands for very high-quality products. What makes Neff ovens unique, however, is their Slide&Hide® technology. Here, the oven door can be completely lowered into the oven housing when opened. No other manufacturer offers this patented technology.

What is the price range for Neff ovens?

The price depends largely on the features of the oven. Neff ovens cost between €370 and €2700.

Type Price
Built-in ovens from 370€
CircoTherm® ovens from 650€
Compact ovens from 1000€
Ovens with microwave from 1000€
Slide+Hide® (ovens with retractable door) from 700€
Steam ovens from 1600€

How does the self-cleaning function work in Neff ovens? (Pyrolysis and EasyClean)

Neff offers two cleaning functions for “self-cleaning”. One is pyrolysis and the other is EasyClean.

Pyrolysis is basically nothing more than a thermo-chemical process in which organic substances are decomposed at very high temperatures. In this case, all “leftovers” in the oven are decomposed to ash and can be simply wiped away afterwards. This means that no chemical cleaning agents are needed and there is no need to spend ages scraping off residues.

A special oven programme heats the oven to over 500° Celsius for this purpose.

EasyClean is the additional cleaning aid that can be used quickly in between. Here, the oven is cleaned with water, washing-up liquid and the “EasyClean” cleaning programme. Afterwards, it only needs to be wiped out.

What alternatives are there to Neff ovens?

There are many alternatives of microwaves with cooking function and/or grill function, as well as microwave ovens, stone ovens or mini-electric ovens.

It depends on your needs and what you want to use the oven for. If you just want to make a quick casserole now and then, a microwave with oven function might be enough. Do you have a large free space in your garden and are you an enthusiastic pizza maker? An outdoor stone oven might be the right choice for you.

Neff Backofen-2

The “baking chamber” of a stone oven is made of refractory brick, concrete, stone, clay or plaster.
(Image source: paparazza/Pixabay)

Neff ovens are high quality and usually last a long time, so it may be worth your while to look for a second-hand oven if you find the new ones too expensive.

My Neff oven lamp is defective. How can I replace it?

If you want to replace your defective Neff oven lamp yourself, you can do this yourself using these six simple steps.

  1. Switch off the fuse: So you don’t risk an electric shock.
  2. Loosen the glass base: You can usually remove it with your bare hand. Otherwise, you can put on a rubber glove for more grip.
  3. Unscrew the bulb: Turn out counterclockwise.
  4. Insert new bulb: Turn in clockwise.
  5. Fix the glass cover: Just turn it back in.
  6. Switch on the fuse and check whether the new lamp works.

Are spare parts and accessories available for Neff ovens?

There is a special search function for spare parts on the Neff website. You can use the model number (also E-number) to find the right part. The corresponding spare parts for your appliance are available here for up to ten years.

If you already know which part you need. You can also search for the corresponding part on other online platforms, such as Amazon. Be sure to check for compatibility.

What is the warranty on Neff ovens?

Neff offers its customers the statutory manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months when they purchase a new appliance.

In addition, a warranty extension for a further 36 months can be purchased for €99 when concluding the contract.

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