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A dishwasher from Neff makes everyday household life much easier. There is also no shortage of models to choose from at the German manufacturer. Dishwashers are available in many designs, models and shapes. However, the dishwashers from Neff only differ in price and functions, because from a technical point of view they are absolutely identical.

Here is a brief overview of what you should look out for before buying a Neff dishwasher. With our large Neff dishwasher test 2022 we would like to help you find your personal test winner. To do this, we have compared several models and types with each other and filtered out the advantages and disadvantages for you. We hope that this will help you with your purchase decision.


  • Cooking up a big meal would only be half the fun if you had to wash everything by hand afterwards. Luckily, Neff dishwashers take care of that. For over 140 years, the manufacturer has placed great emphasis on high product quality and first-class service from highly qualified staff.
  • Neff offers three different types of dishwashers. So there should be something to suit every room, large or small.
  • Neff dishwashers are available in 45 cm or 60 cm widths. All models are offered with a height of at least 81.5 cm, some also with a height of 86.5 cm.

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Neff dishwasher

What distinguishes Neff dishwashers from other manufacturers?

Dishwashers from Neff are designed for enthusiastic cooks, so you don’t have to wash encrusted pots, full-splattered frying pans or delicate glassware by hand after a meal. As the manufacturer often emphasises its “cleanliness programme” with the manufacturer Neff.

Neff Geschirrspüler-1

With a dishwasher from Neff, your kitchen will always shine! (Image source:

Did the manufacturers Bosch, Siemens, Miele, Bauknecht, Gaggenau and Neff exist together? That’s right, they are all well-known manufacturers of household appliances, but the different brands often hide one and the same group. This group is called BSH Hausgeräte GmbH and is Europe’s largest manufacturer of household appliances, with a renowned brand portfolio.

Since the company was founded in 1877, the manufacturer Neff has relied on MADE IN GERMANY for the production of dishwashers in order to meet the high quality standards. Thus, all appliances inspire in best quality with easy operation, a preferred design and optimal integrability.If problems or questions should arise, you can rely on the manufacturer’s all-round service, which will certainly always be at your side for advice or assistance.

Are there spare parts for Neff dishwashers?

The manufacturer Neff stocks a comprehensive selection of original spare parts for up to ten years. Here too, the manufacturer emphasises that nothing fits as well as the original. That’s why you should buy your spare parts and accessories directly from Neff. This way you can be sure that your appliance works exactly as intended by the manufacturer and, above all, that you can enjoy clean dishes more.

If you are not quite sure which part fits in your Neff dishwasher, the manufacturer offers great help on its website: Simply use the appliance diagrams for this. Simply enter the E-number (model number) so that the corresponding diagram is displayed and you can find the right part for your machine.

Neff Geschirrspüler-2

Your dishes won’t wash themselves? With a dishwasher from Neff they do! (Image source: unsplash / jade-seok-7bg49375bVE)

We have also compiled a brief overview of the spare parts offered by the manufacturer. In addition, we will go into more detail about two parts, so that you know exactly what is meant by them.

  • Push-in basket
  • Seal
  • Rinse tank (opening for filling rinse aid, salt, etc.)
  • Electronics
  • Filter
  • Housing flavour
  • Dish rack
  • Heating element
  • Basket roller
  • Drain pump
  • Switch

Neff spare part: Drain pump

A drain pump pumps the water out of the dishwasher. This important part is usually located at the lowest point of your appliance so that the water can be completely pumped out.

Neff spare part: Filter

Dishwasher filters retain food debris and cutlery so that this does not clog pipes and cause drainage problems.

What do I need to know before installing a Neff dishwasher?

Before installing your Neff dishwasher, there are a few important steps you should follow:

  • Make sure that all the catalogue technical connections are in place: water inlet, water outlet and a power socket.
  • Turn off the main water connection.
  • Connect the hose for the water supply to the corresponding valve under your sink.
  • Connect the waste water hose to the drain of your sink.
  • Plug the dishwasher’s mains cable.
  • Turn on the main water tap and check if everything is tight or if water is leaking somewhere.
  • If everything is tight, you can start the first rinse cycle.

It depends on your personal requirements and how you want to install your dishwasher. All Neff dishwashers can be installed high up. This is of course an important criterion for people who no longer want to bend down when putting the machine in and taking it out.The outdated image that. The outdated image that a dishwasher has to be installed under a worktop has thus been superseded. Although not every kitchen offers enough space and possibilities to implement this.

Should work in your kitchen, a VarioHinge for the installation of your Neff dishwasher serves to constantly expand and improve the installation options.

Because even though modern fitted kitchens are increasingly leaving the built-in dimensions behind and long fronts, lower plinth heights or even a high installation make the installation of dishwashers more difficult, there is a solution for everything.This hinge is the ideal solution with maximum flexibility for complicated installation situations.

When choosing the height, it is important to ensure that the upper basket can still be reached easily. A rule of thumb is 40-50 cm between the floor and the lower edge of the dishwasher. Here is a brief overview of the appliances with which the Neff VarioHinge is compatible:

  • N 90 Neff dishwasher fully integrable 60 cm
  • N 70 Neff dishwasher fully integrable 45 cm
  • N 50 Neff dishwasher fully integrable 60 cm

Decision section: What types of Neff dishwashers are there and which is the right one for me?

We distinguish primarily between three different types of Neff dishwashers:

  • Fully integrated dishwasher from Neff
  • Neff integrated dishwasher
  • Undercounter dishwasher from Neff

In the following, we will go into more detail about each type and show you the advantages and disadvantages of these dishwashers from Neff, which will give you a better overview.

What distinguishes a fully integrated dishwasher from Neff and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A fully integrated dishwasher from Neff is covered with a furniture front that is no different from your kitchen furniture range. Generally, these are located on the upper side of the appliance door and are only visible when the door is open. Even a handle is not absolutely necessary thanks to the sensor door opening. A light push against the door is enough for the door to open. A fully integrated dishwasher from Neff is also perfect for any kitchen where the machine should not be visible.

  • Easy to clean
  • Appliances are not visible
  • Optics
  • Display cannot be seen during operation
  • Price-intensive

What distinguishes a Neff integrated dishwasher and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The front of a Neff semi-integrated dishwasher is also covered with a kitchen front. However, these appliances differ from fully integrated machines in that the controls and display are also located on the front. This means they remain visible.

  • Display cannot be seen during operation
  • Rest time can be read off
  • Easier to operate
  • Optics
  • More expensive

What distinguishes an undercounter dishwasher from Neff and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Undercounter dishwashers from Neff are equipped with a stainless steel front. This dishwasher offers the option of removing the appliance panel so that the top appliance can be easily slid under the worktop. The dishwasher is also visible at first glance.

  • Display cannot be seen during operation. Rest time can be read off. Easier operation
  • Fingerprints are more visible. Optics

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Neff dishwashers

Neff dishwashers are available in many designs and models. So that you are not put off by the wide range, we have compiled a brief overview of the factors you should consider before buying, so that you can ultimately find your personal test winner:


The range of programmes available for Neff dishwashers varies according to the model you choose. The manufacturer offers dishwashers with a maximum of 8 different programmes:

  • Cook 70 ° C
  • Auto 45-65 ° C
  • Eco 50 ° C
  • Silent 50 ° C
  • Short 60 ° C
  • Glass 40 ° C
  • 45 ° C
  • Pre-rinse

A basic distinction can be made between normal programmes, automatic programmes, eco programmes and quick programmes.

Normal programme

Like all other sectors, dishwasher technology is constantly evolving. The terms normal programme and standard programme should not be confused: Standard is defined by the manufacturer himself as the setting that performs best in terms of consumption for the dishwasher in question.

This is why the standard programme is no longer offered so often today. However, if it is available, it washes the dishes at a sufficient temperature of 60-65°C and removes normal soiling and even slightly dried-on food residues.

Automatic programmes

If your Neff dishwasher supports an automatic programme, the names are: Load Sensor, Aquasensor, Auto Programme, Auto Sensor, Eco Sensor, Green Intelligence and more) indicate that your model supports an automatic programme. These use smart and advanced processes when washing your dishes.

Using sensors to examine the load weight of the appliance and the degree of soiling of the dishes, this information is passed on to a microchip and the programme selection, running time, temperature and water quantity are precisely adjusted.

This is a very practical feature for every household! One tip here is to keep an eye on the price-performance ratio when buying a Neff dishwasher, as the really good automatic programmes tend to be integrated into a higher-priced machine.

Although an automatic programme washes faster than an economy programme, it is behind in terms of power consumption.

Eco programme

An eco programme, also known as an energy-saving programme, uses a longer soak time, so the runtime of this rinse cycle is logically longer. This saves energy and water during the actual cleaning of the dishes, the environment and even your wallet. Make sure your Neff dishwasher is always equipped with an eco programme!

Short programmes

This programme is designed for situations where time is a little tighter than usual. However, tests have shown that ‘fast’ does not necessarily mean ‘economical’ when it comes to dishwashers. To give you a brief overview, we have compared the Neff programmes in a table:

Programme Description
Cook Programme for burnt-in pots and pans. No more soaking overnight. By using zeolite (naturally occurring mineral), dishes are washed efficiently, saving energy HygienePlus completes the rinse cycle with extra hot water
Auto With the help of a sensor, programme selection, running time, temperature and water quantity are precisely adjusted.
Eco Energy-saving programme
Silence Dishwashers from Neff are no louder than 42 decibels.
Short When things go bad, they have to go faster. Approx. 85-90 min running time
Glass Fine programme for delicate glasses and plastic items.
Fast Very fast. Approx. 29 min running time
Prewash Suitable for small amounts of dishes.


The height-adjustable upper basket with RackMatric creates space after each meal. Thanks to flexible elements, which are built into many models, plenty of dishes can be placed in the dishwasher after every meal. Thanks to RackMatrick, you can adjust the height of the upper basket by up to 5 cm if space does get a little tight.

Another useful function is VarioSpeedPlus The manufacturer offers this special function for those in a hurry, when things need to go a little faster. The machine can shorten the programme length by about 20-66% with increased water and energy consumption. However, the dishes will be just as clean and dry as with normal programme times. This special function is available for all programmes of Neff dishwashers except for pre-rinse and the quick programme.

Neff Geschirrspüler-3

An undercounter dishwasher from Neff can also be an eye-catcher in your kitchen (Image source: unsplash / jason-briscoe)

EasyClean is another useful function. If you expect bright and shiny results, you should also give your dishwasher a treat. This Neff cleaning programme dissolves limescale and grease deposits in the tub of your dishwasher.Zeolite is also an efficient technology. As mentioned above, your pots, pans, cutlery and glasses will get clean and dry much better and faster thanks to this sustainable feature. Zeolites are naturally occurring minerals that absorb moisture and convert it into heat. The manufacturer Neff offers dishwashers in which these minerals in the bottom of the appliance renew themselves. This means that they never need to be replaced.

Dishwasher dimensions

Neff dishwashers are available in 45 cm or 60 cm widths. All models are offered with a minimum height of 81.5 cm, some with a height of 86.5 cm. Before buying a dishwasher, you should be aware of how much space you have for installing the machine and what quantities of dishes would be involved.The manufacturer offers various appliances with different dimensions:

  • Fully integrated dishwasher 45 cm wide, 60 cm wide
  • Integrated dishwasher 45 cm, 60 cm wide
  • Undercounter dishwasher 60 cm wide

The number of place settings can help you decide which capacity is ideal for you.The required capacity depends on your cooking habits and general living conditions It is conceivable that one person alone will not produce nearly as many dishes as a family of 6. For a one-person household, the narrower model is usually sufficient. However, if you like to cook and you don’t live alone in a household, you’d be better off opting for a 60 cm wide dishwasher from Neff.

What are dishwasher place settings?

This term is used to compare how much cutlery and crockery can theoretically fit in your dishwasher It defines the capacity of a dishwasher and is regulated in the European standard EN 50242. Built-in dishwashers from Neff with a width of 45 cm, for example, can hold 9 to 10 place settings, dishwashers with a width of 60 cm 12 to 13 place settings.

Energy efficiency class

When it comes to energy consumption, you should look closely because, logically, appliances with a higher water consumption use more litres of water and this will take longer to show up in your wallet. To make it easier to compare the energy consumption of appliances with each other, they are classified in energy efficiency classes A to G.

Did you know that Neff dishwashers achieve brilliant results with around 7 litres of water?That’s less capacity than a normal watering can. The most energy-efficient A +++ dishwashers from Neff reduce their energy consumption by washing: if you extrapolate the consumption to a whole year, the energy consumption of only 211 kWh / year or water consumption of only 2156 litres / year.

The most energy-efficient A +++ dishwashers from Neff (S527U80X5E and S517U80X5E) reduce their energy consumption. Thanks to the zeolite drying already mentioned, these appliances consume only 0.73 kWh per wash cycle. They also excel in water consumption efficiency: only 7.7 litres of water are used per wash cycle (consumption per wash cycle in the Eco 50 programme with cold water filling).


You’ll never have to interrupt a programme again out of sight. With the practical Timelight function, Neff offers with some suppliers, the remaining time is simply projected on the screen. This is stylish, modern and practical at the same time. This function is particularly practical for fully integrated dishwashers, as there was previously no way to can the remaining washing time.

Dish rack systems

The manufacturer Neff offers its customers different basket systems so that there is a suitable appliance for everyone.

Flex 3 dishwasher basket from Neff:

With this practical basket system, the upper and lower baskets offer enough adjustment options to accommodate changing space requirements. The lower basket scores with extra space for plates with a large diameter. In the upper basket, you have the option of adjusting the height by up to 5 cm – thanks to RackMatric.

The retrofittable Flex drawer 3 simplifies handling even more: lowerable storage areas on both sides, fold-down spikes and an additional cut-out in the cutlery drawer create extra space for cooking and baking utensils, larger press or cutlery.

Flex 2 dishwasher basket from Neff:

The flexible upper and lower racks open up new possibilities for you to use your Neff dishwasher even more effectively. For example, you can fold down two rows of plate holders in the upper rack, and even up to Fr. in the lower rack.

Flex 1 dishwasher basket from Neff:

This basket system also helps you to store all your dishes well after a festive meal. The two plate holders in the lower basket can be easily folded down if necessary, so that even large items can be accommodated.

Facts worth knowing about the Neff dishwasher

As with many other household appliances, it makes sense to clean your Neff dishwasher from time to time by doing this, you can ensure that your dishwasher continues to give brilliant results even after many years of use.Follow a few tips to ensure that your Neff dishwasher always leaves a spotless impression:

  • Use only use dishwasher cleaners specifically designed for dishwashers.
  • Wipe the door seals regularly with a damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid. This keeps the seal clean and hygienic. Don’t forget to wait a while before closing the door again. This will prevent mould from forming.
  • Leave the door ajar for longer periods of time to prevent unpleasant odours and mould from forming.
  • Clean your Neff dishwasher with a steam cleaner.
  • Avoid Sponges with rough surfaces and abrasive cleaners. These will only scratch the surface.
  • Avoid sponge cloths for dishwashers with stainless steel fronts or wash this thoroughly several times before first use. This prevents corrosion.

It is also advisable to check your filter for residues after each wash cycle to prevent the build-up of coarse and stubborn dirt. To do this, turn the filter against the current to unlock it Now you can remove it and clean it under running water if necessary.Then reinsert the filter and lock it in place so that the arrow marks are opposite each other.

What do the symbols and error message E15 mean on a Neff dishwasher?

Neff dishwashers all have one thing in common: Numerous features can be found on the dishwasher, which are important for the correct operation of the machine. It should be mentioned that the more modern the machine, the more signs you will find on the front. But don’t worry, in most cases they only mean symbols that indicate that certain products and detergents should be refilled when.

We explain the most important symbols here:

Symbol Description
“S” made of two curved arrows The sign tells you that the container should be refilled with salt so that you don’t have to completely descale your dishwasher in a few weeks
Sun with broken rays This symbol indicates that you need to refill the rinse aid. The rinse aid IS important to make the water softer when washing
Tap The water tap is a warning sign. This indicates, that there is a problem with the water supply and the dishwasher cannot put water into the machine for this reason. This means that it cannot wash the dishes because there is no water available
Aquastop For this sign, first check if the tap is turned on properly or if water is leaking, for example due to an incorrectly connected hose. Hose blocked, pump blocked or damaged, electronic defect in the machine.

Error message E15

Error message E15 on a Neff dishwasher means that there is water under the dishwasher and the float has been activated. To solve this problem, you should first drain the water from the machine. Normally, this problem is caused by a leak. To find out exactly where the leak is, it is best to try the following steps:

  1. A leak often leaves traces of limescale. Therefore, check your dishwasher for limescale.
  2. Error code E15 can be due to a broken seal in the dishwasher, so you should also check the bottom door seal.
  3. The error code may be due to a broken hose.
  4. The error code can also occur due to a cracked water tank.

How long is the warranty on a Neff dishwasher?

The manufacturer Neff attaches great importance to high quality and the longest possible satisfaction of their customers. Therefore, you will receive a manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months, which begins with the delivery of the Neff appliance. If two years are not enough, Neff offers a warranty extension for another 36 months.

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