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It is no surprise to anyone that nature brings with it a myriad of benefits. There are a number of components that, if we use them, bring excellent results in our health, without the need for synthetic chemicals involved.

Personal care is undoubtedly an important element of the day. It consists of several areas, such as hair care, dental care, skin care, among others. Nature has the perfect product for this, and this is neem oil.

It is normal that you feel confused when buying, that is why we are always happy to help you, so that you can choose the ideal product. In this case it will be no different, so we will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing oil and how to know which one to choose.


  • Neem oil is one of the most recommended natural oils for personal care. It is obtained from the fruit of the neem tree, and has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties that help to eliminate problems such as acne or dandruff.
  • Neem oil comes in different forms, such as drops and spray. Each, while offering the same product, facilitates different uses. The drop dispenser is preferable for skin application, and the spray for hair care.
  • There are certain factors that will help you make a decision when buying, such as how you will use the oil, the scent it has, the natural purity you are guaranteed, or the quantity you are being sold. If you analyse these elements well, you will choose the perfect presentation.

The Best Neem Oil: Our Picks

Neem Oil: Shopping Guide

After looking at the aspects condensed in the ranking, you can understand a little better how neem oil is handled, in which presentations you can find it and what benefits it offers. However, it is imperative that you clarify this information in more detail, and we will help you with that through this buying guide.

Neem oil can revitalise your skin, making you look fresher and more radiant. (Photo: Chelsea Shapouri / Unsplash)

What is neem oil and what are its benefits?

Neem oil is the pure extract of the fruits of the neem tree. It is one of the most widely used natural oils in personal care, and one of the best alternatives to chemical products. It has a variety of properties, including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties.

This product is loaded with benefits, mostly oriented to personal care. These include deep hydration of skin and hair, elimination of infections, reduction of blemishes (acne), and even elimination of dental plaque (when adapted to natural toothpastes).

As with any product, there are advantages and disadvantages that you should evaluate, as not everything can be perfect. It is important that you take this list into account when purchasing the product, so that you can evaluate all the variants (positive and negative) of the product.

  • Deep hydration
  • Fights dandruff and lice
  • Removes dental plaque, dead skin cells and acne
  • Difficult to rinse off as it is an oil
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Can be expensive

Neem oil in drops and spray – what to look out for?

As you have already seen in the ranking, this oil comes in different packaging and presentations, either because it adapts to other uses or because it facilitates its application, the most common ones to see, for example, are in drops and with the use of a spray bottle. This raises the question, which is more convenient?

Although both formats only modify the method of delivery, you would be surprised to see how much the ease of use can change with one or the other, according to the need you plan to satisfy with neem oil.

Drop dispenser: This presentation is the most common, and while it can be multifunctional, it is really intended for use on the body or face, i.e. the skin. This is because, as it is supplied in drops, it is easier to apply to very specific areas of the face, where there are imperfections or infections.

If you want to moisturise the skin, the same applies. You do not need more than about four drops to be able to massage the skin (this could increase according to the area), in the case of the face, for example, it would be enough with the T zone, since the oil, being so nourishing, does not need to be used in large quantities to generate results.

Atomiser dispenser: Using this dispenser is very practical, as it generates savings that the drop version does not. However, beyond the obvious savings in content, the spray dispenser is excellent when applying neem oil to the hair.

Keep in mind that when you have to apply it from the scalp to the ends, more oil is used, so using a spray bottle allows you to apply it to the entire length of your hair without wasting extra. In addition to this, it makes the task easier, as with the dropper it could become very cumbersome.

Dropper dispenser Spray dispenser
Use Recommended for skin Excellent for hair care
Saving level Low, releases the liquid in small but dense amounts Very high, only use as much as necessary
Ease of application Preferable for small areas Applies the oil perfectly on large areas

Neem oil for oral hygiene or for the skin?

This product is completely natural, and therefore it is not common to see side effects, as it is very friendly to our body. However, the uses placed on each presentation should not be disregarded.

While it is true that the oil has multiple functions, it is adapted to the areas where it will be applied, to avoid the risk of toxicity. In addition, the quantity should be adjusted to avoid an excess that could be wasteful or counterproductive.

Neem oil for oral hygiene: It is very delicate to use the oil for this area of personal care, as only approved products can be used. This is due to the risk of ingesting it without proper control and adaptation, since, although it is a natural product, its properties are not exploited when consumed in this way.

Because of this, the use of pure oil for these purposes is not recommended, as it is not known what the consequences could be. Similarly, toothpastes containing neem oil usually have other ingredients that improve the effectiveness and feel of the product, making it more pleasant.

Neem oil for skin: If it is to be used for moisturising, removal of imperfections or treatment of infections, neem oil can be used pure, which means that you would not necessarily need any cream or soap that is designed for it, since by itself it generates great benefits and without risks.

Did you know… Neem oil is strongly discouraged or even banned when a woman is pregnant? It has been proven to produce effects in the body that can lead to miscarriage

A similar situation happens with the hair, because it is absorbed into the scalp and generates hydration, it is not completely necessary to look for a product that adapts it to this use. Its qualities are used directly by the skin. However, something to take into account in this case is the scent of the oil, which is not very pleasant.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different presentations of neem oil

As a final point, you should consider some factors that are vital in the selection process, so that you can choose the right form of neem oil to suit your needs and your budget.

Therefore, we will present you with 4 of the criteria you should evaluate when making your purchase. Each factor helps you to determine the benefits that neem oil will bring you with its use, so keep your need in mind.

  • Use
  • Quantity
  • Aroma
  • Purity


As you may well know, neem oil is multifunctional, but not all of its functions are adapted in its pure state, some must go through a process to avoid counterproductive effects. You should take into account what neem oil can be used for and choose the right presentation.

Moisturising the face: This is perhaps its best and main quality. It can be used in its pure form without fear of side effects. Neem oil is naturally very well absorbed into the skin, and generates better results in this case.

All nutrients are better absorbed if the oil is pure and you apply it in drops, massaging it around your face, arms or legs. It is therefore recommended that the oil is certified 100% organic, that its strong aroma is retained and that its consistency is as oily as any oil.

Elimination of imperfections: Among its properties are anti-inflammatory and bactericidal qualities, which help to eliminate acne. In this case it is best to use a soap for this purpose (although it is not obligatory). Soaps with neem oil have components that facilitate skin exfoliation.

Removal of dental plaque: In cleaning, this oil is amazing, but in this case you should be cautious, and only use products that are authorised. Toothpastes with neem oil are the only formulation that can be used for this purpose. The oil in its pure state is not easy to rinse off and ingestion can be risky.

Lice and dandruff treatment: Shampoos using neem oil will give excellent results against these hair infections. While pure oil can be used, it is not the best option, as it can be cumbersome to rinse out, and the smell is not pleasant.

Neem oil shampoo, among its many nutritional benefits, helps to eliminate common hair problems such as dandruff and lice. (Photo: Social Butterfly / )


As it is a liquid, it is measured in millilitres. When the oil is pure, it is not marketed at more than 30 or 60ML, as it is a product that does not need to be used much to see results. Therefore, when you buy it, you should not be surprised that the bottle comes in such a small quantity.

Also, keep in mind that if you buy it in large quantities it can become cumbersome. For example, if it solidifies due to low temperature. It is important to understand that the amount of neem oil you use is not very much, whether it is for skin or hair care. They even sell it in droppers.

That said, if, for example, you find a neem oil that is sold in an exaggerated presentation (200ml, 300ml…) it is very likely that it is neem extract, and that it is not pure oil, but combined with other natural components that help its function.


Believe it or not, one of the methods to detect pure neem oil is through the aroma. If you are looking to acquire the oil without any other natural components, you can detect it through its peculiar fragrance which is strong and somewhat unpleasant.

This is one of the reasons why, in hair and mouth care products, the oil is mixed with another natural component to give the product its aroma, as the common aroma of neem oil is not to the liking of many. It is even compared to pure garlic.


The purity status of the oil helps you understand how much benefit you will get from it. In the case of pure neem oil it is fine, as you will receive all the benefits directly; however, when you buy a product such as toothpaste or soap, it is obvious that there will be other components.

In the case of such products, before you buy them, check that they contain a seal certifying that they are 100% natural, thus guaranteeing that there are no chemicals involved that could harm the action of the neem oil.

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